10/29/17 | Private Land Bowhunting | Iowa Vlog 33

Mature Amateur

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  1. When that little buck silhouetted you in the skyline that is something that the best camo out there want fix ( that's life ) ,  I dont think they see you its just not normal to see a blob up on the side of a tree and its makes them uneasy ! One thing about it your are in a good place .  Press-on

  2. I will be hunting public land for my first time ever next month. What are some tips you have for me as someone that's hunted private land my whole life? We just recently lost the property due to my drunk father not paying taxes 😡

  3. do you giving up on public land hunting ? you got picture /tralcame a lot of shooter in public ground before the season opened. don't give up where you spot alot of shooter maybe this time of the month /rut they may definitely headed back to where they ware in 6,7,8,9,months in the past :-p

  4. Just watched your latest vlog this early morning before I'm heading out to my stand! What a fun morning you had watching all those deer 🦌. I think your right about that doe coming into estrus, she was prancing around like a nervous nelly hahaha. Surprised to still see the fawn tagging around with her but it will soon get driven off when Mr. Big shows up to breed. Love your videos, good inspiration, education, and entertainment!

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