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  1. Love the vid… but please don't put those CPU's in the "affordable" range…

    It may be 1999$ in the US, but the rest of the world needs to cash out at least 2500$… and i don't see how you can consider that "affordable" no matter the application.

  2. I love linustechtips but come on the ending of this really lame.. you guys got it to work and that's awesome! But next time include some fun footage of your office using it.. Having fun.. to make it look like it is worth it instead of "look we did it! K thnx bye" and video over.
    Keep it up guys! Still my favorite tech channel but I LOVE the vlog style videos.. because the LMG staff and their humor.. intertwined with the tech.. not just tech..

  3. birthday is around the corner and i wanted to build a gaming PC but i cannot get a gpu because the prices are very high and my dad cannot afford it . If you could give me a 1080 or 1080ti or even a 750ti it would be awesome.i participate d in all your giveaways but i cannot win anyone of those as my luck is very bad.and i want to build gaming PC from years.by the way your channel is awesome and i am paring that gpu with i5 8600k even a 1070ti would be great.

  4. I'm just orgasming at all the money that could be saved by using AMD stuff and ESXi instead of that cheap knockoff version. Hell you could use Proxmox if you really want to use KVM. Jesus Linus, I hope you don't use this stuff in your personal life.

  5. Seriously after all that work you showed us almost no actual games. NO shots of the guys playing the VR games with this setup. Worse the video was terribly high level. There was absolutely no details of any note.

    Its like building your own Lambo, and showing us a about 10 seconds of the actual car.

  6. And to think this channel used to be helpful and provide consumer advice. Now it's just a Intel tunnel bear lovechild mouthpiece…


  7. For those who are addicted to watching Linus tech tips videos, STOP watching them as much as you may think these are entertaining to watch they aren't helpful in the long term, seriously when is the normal consumer ever going to be buying a computer which is capable of running 3 graphics cards ,these videos negatively affect the economy because people waste their time watching videos about hardware they most likely wont afford, I unsubbed about a month ago and check back once a while to see if there are any actual helpful videos and there are a few like the dust build up in pc one, I try to not let these types of video's distract me from the real world, and YOU SHOULD TOO.

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