5 Seconds of Summer – Amnesia

Mature Amateur

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  1. I left this fandom quite a while ago, just before Luke lost his quiff actuall heh. but I just remembered this song and decided to look it up and now I'm on the floor in a ball crying my eyes out because I just remember how much things have changed for me and how I wasn't in a great place back the And how most aspects of my life have changed, most for the best. better friends, school mates, teachers, outlets and how many more opportunities I have now. I remember how I was so stressed and on the verge of depression back then and barely even realised it but was and am so lucky to have such a supportive and amazing family who have helped me through so much without even realising it and I'm crying so much now, happy tears mostly :') because now I have a group of EXTREMELY close friends that I would consider family at this point and I know I can trust them with my life because they are the most amazing people I've ever met and I'm so so grateful because I know now that things actually DO get better, so don't you dare give up!!! I am living proof that even though things will never always be great and my life will always have ups and downs and will never be perfect but alas; I couldn't have asked for anything more than now. I'm so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life so I just want EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT IT MAY FEEL LIKE YOU ARE 100 KILOMETRES BELOW ROCK BOTTOM RIGHT NOW BUT IT WILL GET BETTER WITH TIME AND EFFORT. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS. IT WILL BE TOUGH BUT YOU ARE ALL SO STRONG AND I BELIEVE IN YOU ALL. I hope you have an amazing life and find your path eventually. have a great day, you are loved, thank you for taking the precious time out of your hopefully amazing day to read this. And who knows? maybe we'll cross paths some day because the world is funny like that 😊. you're beautiful and amazing and you're worth it all so don't ever question that. I'm always here if someone needs to talk, just simply ask. Thank you all so much. see ya later mi amigos ❤❤❤

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