A Polaroid By Kristina, Part 1

I found the picture unexpected since one often when you’re not looking for something. It was in the pages of an old book, as it had come to me more than half my life, though, even the presence of the old polaroid It was proof that I had not opened the book, since I as hasty hiding used right before he had to go 25 years before college.

Christina. Kristina. Khrystina? It was humiliating, I did not know the know-how to spell her name. And now I would probably never know.

That struck me as overwhelmingly sad, though, even when I knew I thought que la sadness had about not knowing how her name ran far deeper to spell.

In my mind, at least at the age of eighteen, I had written with K, as that seemed to fit her Obviously European background. I aussi realized to my horror that I did not know where she made, except for a general sense that it was somewhere like Switzerland or Austria, or maybe even Hungary. How could not know, I did not ask?

I shoulds secure. Use Kristina –I’ll spelling– this was my first lover. You never loved me in the friend-friend sense, and I think if I’m not careful tells the story of people might say that they used me. If she did, she did as much as they "took," me and I know that they had a lot of affection for me. That was never in doubt.

For several weeks I had it (or at least I thought I had) loved and I had even mustered the courage to tell it again.

She had become serious, and told me that they never so long forgotten my words, how they lived (I did not know!), The purpose that it is not right that I shoulds love her that I would soon meet as many girls in school, and that it was better that I forget and move on.

And somehow I have both, to my shame.

I had-by injured her words at the time. That I remember. It was the end of the summer and she had had Beens put her head on my chest at her home after-We made love. My move to college was imminent, and the creeping to ang, as I did, to be reliable Kristina, to see it dominated most of my thoughts.

In fact, the fact that I had soon leave, which led to the image.

Kristina HAD Beens no doubt ble to see the HAD Beens hurt my pride by what she said, though, even now I realize you had chosen her words carefully, I had no idea of ​​considering things. So she had chosen to defuse the moment rummaging by jumping upwards and, naked, in a drawer under the bed. She had Emerged with a camera-even in 1989 Looked like antique year.

"So that you do not forget me too quickly, you might want a picture of me to remind me when all the young eighteen year old girl beat your door down." Did she give me the Polaroid camera and told me that they would let me take a picture of her, naked, provides in Any I wanted to keep for me until I showed it to anyone.

I was surprised it had worked their goal level, and the excitement that forgotten by their offer Provoked let me the sting not hear you tell me that she loved me back. I had put them in bed, they return it, we want some of their side and held her head in her hand, qui She had propped up on one elbow. Spread her legs, but not overly so, and her hand nec entre her legs partially covered partially goal aussi her pussy revealed because her fingers were parting her lips ever so slightly.

I had chosen the pose, because it is one of the first images of "erotica" mirrored Had I ever met, and I had always loved the pose as a result.

Kristina had me voluntarily Obliged, and we confirmed had come out right after-que la image, we had made love again.

Looking at the picture than 43 year-old man, I was struck by her beauty, and-as I did, I realized that she was older than fait que image that I was now, more than half a lifetime later.

I shoulds back up even more. Kristina Was probably in their mid to late forties when I was eighteen. I had never been curious Asked goal. Even then I did not feel that it would have a good question Beens. It was not a question of manners gallantry gold rather end the fear that they would actively confronted with our age difference they who decide to terminate necessary to make our cause.

Now That seems ridiculous. Obviously knew that it and would not easily forget, because I did not mention our age difference. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she had no good reasons to Needing about the consequences.

I am in a luxurious residential complex in the city, with my relatives and my two younger brothers. The building Review: had an enclosed rooftop pool, which opened all year, and an outdoor sunbathing area that was opened in the summer months. These were the best features of the building, especially for me during the summer holidays.

I spent countless hours at the pool in the summer, from the year we moved when I was nine years old.

The pool had a crowd of regulars, and by the time I was in my late teens, our family has more than had been assumed-only "new people." There were played each day the old men, the cards, set up to bring a table entre deck chairs on the deck, ashtrays next to ’em crowded. Since the older women were having carefully living room-styled hair, who you be careful, always had, because they would scold mercilessly if you splashed accidentally when their gently floats Nahm. The families with younger children. Take the drunken lady que la Lifeguards occasionally had to ask.

And of course there was Kristina.

Until I was I probably never noticed her in a sexual way seventeen. Her beauty was perhaps a bit too fine, even for a constantly horny teenager. My focus would be taken as a rule of the few Bikini visitors to the pool, always much younger than Kristina. I All the summer changed turned eighteen.

I was seventeen still at high school graduation, not eighteen to early July.

At the risk of repetitive, I shoulds once again secure. In high school, I was not very popular with the girls. There were a number of reasons, extreme shyness and purpose to be a bit were overweight certainly among the top of the list.

So when graduation cam, and the idea of ​​college est devenu always real, I started on a physical fitness regimen. I decided to run, swim, lift weights every day, so if I would be in college I came as attractive as I could make themselves. I saw it as a chance to reinvent myself and start with the people who knew re not me.

So I used the gym, aussi on the roof. I ran on the treadmill every day. I swam round after round in the pool, and I developed a weight-room routine that I stick ble.

I considered it my daily triathlon and-although I never thought I had my goal really achieved well by the search (no matter what Kristina Told me) -Also I low self-esteem and everything could not deny, que la routine something had positive results.

expanded my shoulders and my arms and chest some muscle definition Gained. I lost almost all of the pudge around my stomach, and there was-even the hint of abs. In retrospect, I’m sure I looked very good, but at the time I did not really think that.

What While my fitness craze happened was that I began to notice Kristina. She was the year great swimmer, and she always had a ridiculous amount of time, from the time I had known her. When I started, get in better shape, I started her race, when we happened to be at the time Sami in the pool.

I’m pissed they must have known, purpose she did not vary their pace, and I was finally ble they do not believe in race to beat the thesis at the time I have, have we recognized.

Kristine was tall and slender. Very slim. You and I were the Sami height, 5’11 ", and her legacy were considerably along than mine.

I would say that they. Had dancer Build with no purpose The stringing, which often have dancers Everything was sleek in her. It was rationalized slim rounded target. Fairly narrow hips, profit year even tighter waist and small breasts.

Even as confidently as she was, with so much life experience, they ounce expressed concern That would I like her breasts, not because they were so small.

She had what I-have to be described as elegant, graceful, elegant figure. Why not I had noticed earlier than the summer, when I was eighteen? Because I was probably a silly boy who was likely to notice more big breasts in bikinis than the imperially slim older European lady in modest, racing-style, one-piece swimsuit. She had honey-blond hair, which they get stuck so easily in a swimming cap usually qui on deceit, and startlingly green eyes.

I have seen with piercing blue eyes Many people never target someone because their distinctive shade of deep emerald green. These were always smiling, friendly ever. In fact, she always smiles in my memory, I saw, even if lots of different expressions on her face until the end of summer.

Just as I began to notice in the pool, and the fact that she had a great body, something else happened that was important for me. And if I say, she had a great body, without it because she was so tired of qualify War "for an older woman," at the time, of course, very much "older" for me. She worked hard to stay in shape, end they aussi blessed by nature had been-.

Kristina and I would occasionally run into each other in the weight room, where they that routine Hat has consisted of low weights and high reps. their exercise made me Watching her body noted, of course, the objective thing that changed forever how I saw it, was.

You and I were together in the gym, and she was careful to do biceps curls, watching her figure in the mirror, in qui aussi you could see me. If you had finished her sentence, she waited until I with my finished, and she remarked: "Michael, I do not know if you realize this, for this purpose you have changed your appearance in recent weeks your shoulders. are much wider, and your body is now fully developed. She looked like a man who now, not a boy. "

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Regardless of the fact that everyone else in my life Expired called me Mike, she has never varied in calling me Michael. That always sounded a bit to me formally, as they have English slightly accented, qui than the native speakers as often more right was I knew. Whatever they called me Expired, her words on this day hit me like a thunderbolt.

It was the first time that any woman as my mother had noticed –Other always positive in my looks.

It may sccm like a small thing, you need to understand objective right that I was painfully embarrassed among the girls at school. I would not have allowed any for years, I had not been targeted kissed itself at this point. It never had any signs Beens that every girl or woman who ever found attractive me. These evaluations was the first time, and it was transformed. It made me think that maybe I was not the chubby loser that I thought I was.

They made me feel good-looking, handsome, and not only in a "Mrs. Slater, your little boy is so beautiful!" Kind of way, the way nice profit a man to a woman is handsome.

I mumbled an awkward thanks, and she left to go swimming.

her from that moment on, I noticed the time, and at night I found myself wondering what they trim, elegant face might look like without the swimsuit. I just noticed how long and smooth were her legs, her pert derriere as WHAT. Her neck was beautiful, long and elegant as Audrey Hepburn. I thought about kissing her. I imagined her to offer me.

I congratulated me-even for my infatuation, I knew it Showed exceptional taste on my end, that would not appreciate "typical" guy in my age the fantastically beautiful wife Kristina was.

And so I invented near her to spend as much time as I could. Reviews This was not difficult, because I was always at the pool anyway. Now our goal is to overlap gym sessions began, and our swims always happened at the time Sami, at my contrivance.

My usual deckchair was fortunately in a place where I could watch her as she basked, and I know that I thought that I was their tremendously subtle in my admiration. One or two weeks passed, and my eighteenth birthday cam and went.

I’ve got a theory that women always know when a man she likes the most. And it is certainly no way that a woman who as a secular and Kristina could not have painfully obvious noticed my attempts near them to be and to look at them, -Even though our actual interactions were limited to things like "Good morning, Michael, "and" Hello, Kristina "

A few days later, on the weekend, when my parents and when I got on the roof cam from the pool to go to the deck, I found Kristina in conversations with my parents. These evaluations was unusual in that it-although friendly, they will never be forced to close. Still, it was a good sign, because it would give me a chance to talk to her.

When I got there, Kristina turned to me and said, "Michael, tell me your relatives, you are very skillful with the electronics."

I sighed inwardly. could be my parents’ counted my praise embarrassed to sing and all. Furthermore, I have been nothing more about electronics than anyone else my age, I was Meant qui easily with gadgets than older generations much more comfortable.

"I think so," I replied cautiously.

"I have terrible problems with my VCR. The cable companies REPLACED my box and exchanged a few links, and since they did it, I can not record programs SCCM. Do you think you help could fix it?"

At least at this was something I could do well, and the thought of being in Kristina’s apartment, made beat faster with her my heart. "I was a look at it, I’m really not profit year expert or something."

"Anything you could do would Michael to arrange better than Reviews another visit with the cable company. And I would of course pay for your time."

Thus my mother broke in: "No, we would not hear of it, he will be happy to do it as a favor.."

Normally, this would upset me. My parents were below my occasional odd jobs of revolution, I make as a Means of some spending money freely could use "favors" for different neighbors. I had countless VCRs for older neighbors fixed lined Numerous cats and Walked dozens of dogs, all the favors.

Purpose everything I was important in Kristina’s apartment; That was all the cash I needed.

"When would you like me to come look at them?"

"There is no need to rush Whatsoever, Michael," she said. "Purpose Maybe sometime this afternoon, so I record a program I wish to see later? It airs at 7:00 PM. Take your time, stop exercising. I am in the 26D."

With this, she thanked my relatives again, and the roof area to the left. It was all I could do to finish my "triathlon" that afternoon. Purpose, a part of me thought, foolishly, I could see just a little bit more muscle later if I do not my weight skip routine.

I aussi I did not want to ask my relatives why I was so uncharacteristically eager had to rush one of the tasks to fulfill it turned into a non-paying favor.

I showered and changed, and took the elevator down to 26D, my heart pounding in my chest pleasant, I like the bell rank. "I’m coming!" I heard them call. A moment later, the city person inevitably "Who is it?"

"It’s Mike," I replied. The door ouvert, Kristina and let me in. At first, I almost did not recognize it, and it dawned that I had not even in all her thesis ever seen nec years than in their one-piece swimsuit. I do not think I’ve ever seen her, even in the gold lobby in the street, qui was not so unusual for a building of our size.

She looked stunning.

She was a long skirt, sandals and a white blouse, qui I would find out later called Expired years, was a peasant blouse. To this day, I find that combination of clothing ESPECIALLY tempting all because this afternoon what happened. Before I could think what would come out of my mouth, I said, "You really look different in clothes!

I mean, not in your bathing suit. I mean– "

Your smiling eyes danced, and she interrupted me with an amused arch of her eyebrow. "I take that as a compliment, Michael."

reddened my face, and I did not know what to say. At this point, I still thought that she had no idea of ​​my infatuation and desire for them, and the idea that I on her looks compliment HAD (although I was not sure I had) was very embarrassing, because give it could away my feelings.

"So where is your TV?" I segued smoothly as I could, looked around their one-room apartment. I was not surprised to see a TV in the living room, because in our apartment and that of most of my friends, the TV was year fixed size in the living room. Her apartment was different. Furniture for a was easier, less difficult than what I was used to, mainly of Scandinavian design.

There were books everywhere on the shelves backless and has serious stereo, along with hundreds of LPs and CDs dozens, dominated one end of their living room. The apartment, one floor higher Such as bears, was flooded with light.

"Back in this way, in the bedroom. I do not like to have a TV in the living room."

The bedroom! My breath caught for a moment. Actually, I would be in Kristina’s bedroom! I did not fool myself that all this happen there, aim it was something about the prospect, in the space of Being itself was thrilling for me.

Purpose Then dashed my hopes Shortly before em again to increase.

"The purpose of it is not necessary that the VCR to repair there," she continued, "Because there is nothing wrong with him."

The disappointment I would not see her bedroom was the only thing, the second registered for a split, registered confusion before my soul. "Then why do you ask me to come and-"

She interrupted me with: "Because," at this moment, and she paused, as if they could not find all the right words, she wanted, and she looked for a moment to be embarrassed. "Because," she started over: "I wanted to ask you something in a private location as the pool."

"Sure, anything," I replied, still confused.

"Is it possible Michael, that you might-have developed an infatuation for me?"

I wanted the ground to swallow me up. My face burned crimson, and I was paralyzed with embarrassment. I was not kidding when I said I was painfully shy, and I was talking literally fainted.

My response answers the question. She smiled warmly at me and made me feel better, so she did it often did. "Because you see, it’s very flattering to have my age, the attention and admiration such a handsome young man and well built." And it seemed to me that they used the word Stressed "man," and it reminded me of her words in the weight room, a couple of weeks.

I was staring at the floor, can not see, astonished, what purpose she said.

"And sometimes you can with a silly woman happen like me," she went thinking there "that a young man finds attractive to me feel in a way beautiful is I have not really felt in a few years, and it has me aussi _him_ notice even more. Even more than I already had. and I’ve found, how broad his shoulders and how his trim waist and how powerful his legacy.

And I have seen aussi that he is polite with the old men, playing cards and patient with the terrible women and their precious hair, and he is a kind of brothers à son, and loving with his parents. And maybe I aussi a little infatuation develops itself. "

Despite my embarrassment, her words made me shocked look. Was that possible? This had to be a dream, but no, it had happened. Kristina was with a strange expression on me. Her face was still smiling, goal There was a bit of sadness there that I would not understand too much later.

And I imagine that she was a little nervous, despite their European aplomb.

She went there, I continued to have even-have to make a hard time her gaze. "The aim of course I felt on that debt. After all, I said to myself, ‘Kristina, you are also more than twice that of young manhood. Such things are not right.

They are closer to the age de son Mother as a son. (Having had my mother at this point in their mid-fifties, had me and my brothers rather late, and she looked nothing like Kristina, and so the idea of ​​any connection entre em rail absurd for me). ‘ "

"Goal Then I realized que le young man is now eighteen, and labor are other times. And-" she made again a break, I did not realize the importance of objective, what would they say next. "–life Is short, and it is best to enjoy it. And so, Michael, I have to my apartment invited to tell you all this, and ask them to let me kiss you."

Here I looked at. She looked at me still, and her term HAD returned to normalcy. Her eyes sparkled, and she looked younger than she had a right to.

She took a step toward me, and I could smell her perfume, light and intoxicating. I was entranced by her eyes: green, mesmerizing. Passed an eternity, and nothing happened.

I felt obliged to kiss her, instead of having to kiss me, to be the "man" she had several times I called Expired. The aim for this moment, that there is little time, even if not a lot together, I was a boy, and I could not act. She took Reviews another step forward and took my face in her hands – We Were la même height– and she bent over and kissed me.

It’s a cliché, aim it was as if a current Sparked and then ran through my body at her touch. She kissed me tenderly at first, lips soft contre Mine. I had agonized over this kind of time before when I had dared not to kiss girls in the past.

I would worry about bumping noses, or where to put my hands, and things like that, and as a result the time pass and would it would not kiss.

Once our lips met, something changed in me. There was no along any fear. My hands went instinctively to her waist and her arms went around my neck. And as good as it felt there was a little part of me watching from the outside, think with relief and amazement: "She has to kiss me!

She wants me actually! "At this time, my ego, a few sizes too small, Grew closer to where they are needed.

As her lips contre Mine felt so soft and tender, I felt begin to stiffen my penis and-as did, shot her tongue in my mouth and found my. We kissed so, magical, passionate for life and everything in an instant. They broke the kiss and looked at me carefully, with a little care Maybe, though, even her breathing was coming quickly and somewhat amateurish.

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"Michael, I do not think you believe me, I enjoyed this goal more than you ever know is possible. BUT I shoulds now ask if you want to stay or leave. I think I got this … responsibility.

Destination if you stay, you shoulds I know you intend to seduce. "She said the last hand in a way that both matter-of-fact was incredibly erotic and (perhaps as a result of how they spoke openly).

Five minutes past, such words would my views had glued to the floor, leaving me paralyzed, unable speech. Goal that was before Kristina had kissed me. "I’d like to stay, Kristina," I answered, perhaps not Confidently, at least acoustically goal, and right, looking at her.

beamed the smile is on her face broke one that I shoulds never forget, although I took too long for all until I found the Polaroid like a messenger from the past, because the smile in the Polaroid was the Sami they smile at me at this moment.

She kissed me again, this time INSTEAD goal put her arms around my neck, she slipped em under my back of my shirt and on the way to my shoulders. She stroked my back, and the feeling of her hands contre Was my skin heavenly. My penis stiffened again, and I foolishly worried that it would interfere with her or her offending, in spite of what she had just said.

I tried my hips to tilt away from her as I had done in an unwanted erection at school so many dances When came.

Kristina HOWEVER pushed her hips contre me, and when her body cams in contact with my erection, she murmured: "Oh, yes Michael, you’re fast hard so," as they broke the kiss to kiss my neck, earlobes , em kiss and gently nibble on ’em, chills to send over the back.

Your hands slide back further up and down, and as her hands roamed, she whispered in my ear: "Your time in the gym has-been well spent." She took the hem of my shirt and pulled it quickly over his head, and left me standing there in my shorts. I felt confident for a moment, she took aim a step back and examined me hungry. It was starting to dawn, slowly but surely, that for some strange reason PHYSICALLY she found me attractive.

She ran her hands up and down my smooth chest, kiss me hungry again, and she has me on the couch abruptly. She followed me down to sit on my hips, and she went back and forth her pelvis contre rocking my erection. I quickly started, and I met her hips with my hips my hands placed as contre grounded me to close their eyes in delight.

The feeling of her body contre my cock rubbing, by even our clothes, was like nothing I had ever felt before.

When she felt my hands on her hips she ouvert her eyes, and took my hands in hers, bringing her blouse, "touching my breasts, Michael, please!" Pleaded her as she lay on her breast one of my hands literally , over her blouse. I did not need to be told again, and I eagerly Placed at her breast and-performance my other hand. It was obvious that they did not was wearing a bra, qui surprised me at first I looked up that they do not need a hat probably most of the time.

Even through the fabric of her blouse, her nipples were erect and hard, and I could feel my palm on one side contre em and my fingers were l’autre. Kristina sat her pussy contre to rock me, because by then we had dawned on me that it is was what really to do, rub her pussy contre my erection. The I even had to become full even though my brain was racing, it was not always the things from all that quickly that out day.

I wanted to unbutton her blouse, I did not dare object. Also, I do not know why, I guess I thought the purpose that each "forward" effect on my hand could break the spell. Soon BUT she unbuttoned it even as she rode me, and when she jerked out of it by the shoulders, she briefly breasts with her forearms and hands covered. She looked a little worried, and paused in her movements and said: "I’m sorry … I do Especially young men like breasts from, and I are so small."

You have not already-make long worry, I somehow found the strength to pull her hands from her breasts. (I was to find that was easier than saying do). I stared at her chest, before I greedily surprised leaning us from the front and both take one of her small, hard, erect nipples in his mouth, and reviews the other breast in my hand cupping gently to pull the nipple on it. Her breasts Mai-have-been small, but they were perfectly formed, not-even bagging with a touch of. They were the most beautiful breasts I can Could-imagine.

You come up a little, and they were tipped with small, somewhat dark, nipples, which made a nice contrast with its honey-colored skin.

I sucked gently on her nipple, and held her hands on my head and cams it there. "Suck it harder, Michael, please!" I did as she and soon the question, I realized something really did when she moaned with pleasure. I dared to take his teeth and split entre gently, qui Provoked a gasp. Then she sat down on aussi Abrupt and I cursed myself for my stupidity.

I had hurt her, and she wanted to leave me.

Instead, she stood up and annoncé: "We are both too much wear clothes," and she pulled me to my feet and unbuckled my belt. Once she unbuttoned my shorts and decompressed, it was easy now my narrow hips down and on the ground. My erection was through the hole in my boxers Slipped and pushed eagerly and insistently.

"! My goodness," she said: "You’re not just a man, you’re a whole person!" For all of my insecurities about the rest of my body, I knew my cock was quite wide. I knew that this comparison from the furtive, that all the boys to make in the locker room, and from the few aussi porn tapes I had beens occasionally reliable to provide and watch. (In those days, pornography more ingenuity purchase necessary than it does for young people today. Hiding it as much ingenuity aussi necessary and as soon as I would any kind of Acquired "Stash" I do in the fear ‘has usually my parents that would it find. "it dispose" usually result it passed to a grateful friend in school.)

When she moved her hips up her skirt, she atteint and caught the shaft of my cock in her little hand. For all that she was as tall as me, she was slightly built, and their hands and wrists were small. Once she did, it feels a shiver through my body. It was power and ecstasy all at once. These reviews were to touch the first nec hand as my own my penis, and it was delicious.

I closed my eyes and shook with pleasure, and she giggled.

I ouvert my eyes completely naked to see you before me, and it was glorious. Your midsection was slightly paler than her arms and legs, due to their swimsuit, purpose she was always careful about sunscreen-even in 1989 and her tan lines were not too dramatic. Her body was indescribably beautiful, albeit reviews some of the complaint was undoubtedly the fact that it is the first "naked lady" I had seen in real life. Her stomach was flat and taut, and in their nakedness I saw that her hips flared more than they appeared to be in her swimsuit. She kept her pubic hair into a neat triangle trimmed as this before most women talked partially or completely bald.

I felt as if I could-have looked all day, and my eyes wandered over her body, her face, to between her breasts, her stomach, her legs and thighs and the secrets.

We admire both the body of the other were lost, that has them even took my cock in his hand. Soon she squatted in front of me and began to pull my boxers over my erection and down my legs. When she did, the fabric of my underwear is caught accidentally on the top of my erection, is pulling down a bit before they jump back the release and takes up hitting my stomach. "Oh my goodness, I hurt you?" She asked worried her, "I’m sorry!"

I shook my head no. It was not hurt, even the smallest bit. I have since learned that many women think sccm that penises are far more sensitive than they are in reality. Nevertheless, she looked embarrassed, and she leaned over and planted a tender kiss on the head of my member, qui made me shudder-even more. I had a feeling of unreality pervades The still my memory of that day.

A feeling that ran like a thread for the afternoon through the head. "That’s actually happened! In fact, she has just that! It is actually about to …"

She pushed me backwards again, take me few steps make my balance to the back to keep my legs, press the front of the couch, and I sat down greatly. She landed on me again, kiss my hungrily once more, her tongue enter my mouth and dance with me, qui lays her mostly disappeared with tension, with the shyness. Soon, however, they make their way down my chest kissing, a little break to lick my nipples and suck, qui I never be enjoyable, so I might had imagined.

I made involuntarily noises of pleasure, and she continued her, kissing my belly down progress, and if I thought they would take my cock in her mouth, she stopped to kiss my thighs, and then my hips.

I had had my eyes closed in pleasure as her I had kissed my body ouvert goal em, eager to see that they take me into her mouth. It was the knees on the floor in front of me, my legs entre, and when we make eye contact, she looked at me as if to say, "Are you ready?"

There were no actual words, however, and looked me straight in the eye she lowered her head and licked from the base of my cock all the way to the head. When she atteint the tip, they ouvert her mouth and took me in. The sensation was heavenly.

Words can not describe what it was like, both in terms of physical feeling and the joy that I felt that a woman was ready and happy Actually me to do this. Even though my self-esteem was so far repaired by the events, there was a lot to fix the damage of years, and I think a part of me that this will never happen Suspected dignity, or at least not for a long time.

The feeling of her tongue swirling around my head, and her mouth sucking gently, along with the sight of her with my penis her mouth, was almost too much, and I felt the tingling inside that annoncé This year orgasm there way soon ICTS. My body stiffened in shame. What would you think if I came so quickly ?!

I have tried to clamp on the feeling of purpose It was a losing battle. And as soon as I thought that maybe I stopped the blade, at least a little, she began her lips move and down my erection and pumps it to her mouth with her right hand.

The battle was lost, and I felt that it was just a matter of seconds. Despite my inexperience I had read as much as I get erotica Beens Had BLE in my hands, and I knew enough to know that it was bad form in a woman’s mouth without warning or permission cum. "Kristina, stop, I’m going to cum!" I warned her.

If you had not done what she did, I would cum-certainly at this time they took their goal mouth and reached just below the head of my penis very firmly welded to squeeze pretty hard. She looked at me with an amused smile. She was laughing at me, as it seemed, gently purpose. "Exactly, Michael. This is the point of what I do. So you cum.

I would like very much cum. Soon. And in my mouth. I have for tasting Several weeks fantasizing about you. "

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Your words themselves could by an orgasm Encouraged, if not phrasal adverb for the fact that her fingers were still clamped around my cock. She went there: "Would you cum in my mouth so?"

"Yes," I said in a choked manner.

"No, Michael, that will not do. Being a man shoulds condition for safe operation to his wishes. Tell me what it is that you want.

Perhaps, using my name. I find it a great pleasure to receive your voice tell me to hear my name. "

"I want …" I swallowed. say the words was much more difficult than I thought. Somehow it made it more real even to let it be your dreams come true. Goal she had said "man," and I found that I very much liked Kristina a man call me (and yes, treat me like one as well, qui understood).

So I had to go there.

"Yes …?" You Inspired laughing green eyes.

"I would like to cum in her mouth," I was there, "Kristina," Add at the end, as I had asked Beens.

Her whole face smiled, and she let my cock from the tight grip of her fingers. "Your wish is my command, Michael," and again she swallowed my cock in her mouth. She took, where they had stopped, his head bobbing up and down to her tongue swirling When she got up, and with her hand to stroke the shaft in time with the movements of her head. I atteint the brink of orgasm in less than a minute, and this time I dropped me, and I came harder than I ever had in my young life, pumped jet after jet of cum in her mouth, -Even when they suck on and I could see twice swallow as she sucked me through my orgasm.

It was finally over, and after they teased me by her tongue with my whole body start and shake in the extreme post orgasmic sensitivity to make, she pushed my body, and ugly short her head on my chest, along with a hand up , I saw that there was a small drop of semen on the corner of her mouth, where I had tasted a bit at the end, while she was teasing me with her tongue. The sight was incredibly erotic, and after a few seconds, let me to recover, they rebelled and kissed me tenderly.

"They even tasted better than I thought Michael. Thank you."

She thanked me for what had just happened? It Does SCCM does not make sense because it HAD goal not as a question rail, I said nothing. And always I still recover, catch my breath, my mind swirling with what had just happened.

She continued: "Well, it’s all too many years ago that I have had a lover, and more than half a lifetime since I-been with a man close to your age, I aspire sccm to remember that men your age have extraordinary powers of recovery. Assume that you want to stay, and make love to me, once you are reliable? "

I knew that this time better than just saying yes. My heart pounded in my head at both the prospect and the words I had to say.

"Yes, Kristina, I’d like to stay and make love with you."

To be continued.

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