A Show of Scrutiny | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 2

Mature Amateur

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  1. I have to say, I love how they characterize each others' characters, even if they don't know them very well. It feels so authentic! For example, Molly's use of the line, "Yasha… Yasha-ed." to indicate this is something within Yasha's character and therefore unsurprising. Same thing with Beau saying, "I don't think I've seen you eat anything but sweets" to Jester. They just build off each other so well! It's amazing.

  2. I can't get over how at level 2 the stats on these characters are all insanely high. Either everyone rolled incredibly well or there was a crazy generous point buy used.

  3. Grog: I'm afraid her younger sister was attacked in a similar way"
    Also Grog: I was trying to say she had a little sister that had a similar incident

    Jester: You didn't make that clear at all.

    It becomes pretty clear when you use your ears.

  4. caleb @ 52:30 : don't con anyone nott, it's too risky

    caleb @ 1:06:54 : hey everybody, we've got a pot that turns copper to silver,* buy it today for only $19.99,** free shipping and handling,*** we have limited availability so please call 1-800-SCAMMIN to get your own personal money pot today

    *we do not guarantee successful transmogrification
    **additional fees apply
    ***in-store pickups only, additional fees apply

  5. Where the hell do you come up with all these stories..? These specific "tailes" are very interesting. I want my brain to work like this so bad I can taste it.. Too bad my brain and taste buds do not work together like whoever came up with these story lines.

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