A VERY Different Galaxy S9/S9+ Review

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  1. why ppl keep comparing the 2.4 and 1.5 aperture wrong? u need to set manual iso and manual exposition, this way u can see the diference, else phone will auto set iso and sensor light when u change aperture and dont notice any diference!!! -.-'

  2. What a crock of shit because you never addressed the Dolby and even if you did you wouldn't be able to demonstrate it with your monophonic audio.
    So do you ever plan to start recording your videos with Stereo Microphones?

  3. Give me an updated/faster version of my S5 and I am good, who cares how thick it is, that it has glass as a back, if I am only going to put it in an otterbox anyway, and yes I want that removable battery backm and a light plastic frame.

  4. Meh, just run LineageOS. Semi- professional and finished feel, only modifications to stock Android are really good features, security updates weekly, Oreo already shipping for many phones including my OnePlus 2 (think about that!), Google apps and play services optional, easy to root with official patch zip, free and open source (excluding firmware and drivers as usual), super wide device support coverage… Downsides: rarely needs recovery mode maintenance, can have confusing april fools.

  5. Some reviewers love to exaggerate, "unusable fingerprint scanner" on the Note 8, I have small hands too and it was perfectly usable, unless you have serious damage on your hands

  6. Pros: Great features including new side panels, awesome camera, fantastic screen, excellent headphones
    Cons: Biometric data violates privacy, all glass construction makes it vulnerable to cracking and the slick surface is slippery,
     Bixby kinda sucks.

  7. I still love my S5. No need for newest version until the memory stops letting me install things I need. Plus, unless the battery is removable I want nothing to do with it.

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