"Hey! What&# 39; s up?" I heard a female voice.

I had to mow just my backyard lawn. I turned to my left neighbor with her over-the-head wooden fence to see, smiled at me.

Emily is a pretty brunette in her early twenties. A student who comes to stay in the summer back home with their relatives.

I turned to the fence, pulling away from me to wipe the sweat from the face and neck of my shirt, like I did. "they&# 39; re looking at what&# 39; s going on." I’ve told her. "I&# 39; m Mow only across the yard in the 120 ° heat, like an idiot man."

I saw her eyes glance over my chest when I closer to the fence Walked. Emily was obviously on to something in order to peek the top of the fence. She had her arms resting on the top of the fence and her chin was balanced on her hands.

Her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders, hiding what I suspected Would the straps of her bikini gold shirt.

I was always a little jealous of the pool next door. You could use the water sometimes smell, and to reflect sunlight away from their dignity during the heat of the day. Whenever I heard people in it on a hot day like this splash, I wanted to hop in the fence and jump.

"Yes," She answered, "it&# 39; s too hot to do that. they&# 39; re going from heat stroke to die."

"So what&# 39; s wrong with you?" I asked, hopping to change the subject to something –Other than the heat.

"I&# 39; m just hanging out. Mom and Dad left this morning for their annual trip to Colorado." She told me.

"you didn&# 39; t want to go? Or you were not invited?" I teased.

She shook her head and laughed, "No, I didn&# 39; t want the third person to be in a hotel room. This really isn&# 39; t my idea of ​​fun, you know, a room with my parents."

When she shook her head, shifted a bare right shoulder revealed her hair. I took Was she wearing a type of bikini top, the goal bare shoulder made her look naked. my cock stiff feel in my shorts I started.

"Yes, I think you could make your relatives spasm&# 39; style" I answered. "Of course you can maybe-have disturbed in aussi ang manner."

I left the meaning of this statement hanging in the air. She looked a little confused for a second, and then replied: "Ohhhh, great! that&# 39; s the last thing I want ’em to do image!"

I laughed out loud. I always have the small cats I. With Emily over the years She was always kind and funny, and she laughed at every stupid thing I said. I was three years older than she was to graduate and only about college.

Back in high school, I was amazed at how she became a young woman. Today, to look over the fence, I again how beautiful realized that she had become.

"Now," I said, "I think I&# 39; ll hit the showers and cool off."

"You can at any time over the fence and jump into our pool hopping, if you want." She said with a smile.

"They mean?" I asked her.

"Naturally!" she replied with another smile reviews. "You can come at any time."

"OK, " I said, " I won&# 39; t that dispense. it&# 39; s just too damn hot." I went closer to climb in the preparation over the fence.

"Be careful," they warned me. "Don&# 39; t you land this bucket I&# 39; ve been standing on." behind the fence disappeared Her head and arms under my eye level, as she stepped back.

I also laughed and said: "No problem, with a little luck, I&# 39; ll land right in the pool."

I heard her laughing as she stepped away from the fence. I made my hands on the top, to raise me and over. When I was lifting my left leg on to the top of the fence and pushed it, I glanced at Emily over.

She was walking away from the fence. Was her back towards me. I almost fell over the fence.

Emily wore red thong bikini bottoms.

that&# 39; s everything we had, only the bottom of the bikini. The thread of the back was lost forever in the most perfect ass I&# 39; ve seen. Her hair flowed over her bare back.

From my perspective it was tanned all over her body. As she walked away from me, her ass cheeks with every step rocked. When she atteint the edge of the pool, she took a fast running pace and dived into the water.

"Damnnnnn," I whispered out loud when I saw them swimming underwater. I stumbled his way to a chair and began to take off my shoes.

Emily pulled on her dive and stood up. She was in about four feet of water. Her hair combed back, we had the head, and she smiled as she approached me.

As she got closer, Cam her breasts in view. I sat there with a shoe in her hand and stared at her as she approached.

The water rail to melt away from her body. I watched droplets en ce que bottom to collect sweet curve of her breasts, then to drip slowly to her stomach from.

She giggled and said: "Are you going only all day staring at me, or do you want to undress in the pool and get?"

I awoke from my stupor and Said, "Um, yeah, I&# 39; ll be right there." I joined my other shoe, threw my socks on the floor and stood up.

While I did this, Emily was reaching into the water. They came holding her bikini bottom to the fingers and twirl it in the air.

"I won&# 39; t wear me if you won&# 39; wear t you" She said with a mischievous grin. "I&# 39; m going to get a beer, you do want one?"

"for sure," I answered, watching étroitement as she climbed out of the pool.

Emily was naked, standing before me, with water cascading her body down. Suddenly she stepped forward and slid my shorts and underwear in a downward motion. The way she was bent forward, while doing that, she was beat almost in the face of my cock as it slipped free of my pants.

"mmmmmm," she whispered. "Why donate&# 39; t rinse all these sweaters in the pool and then come over there and-have your way with me." She was pointing to another Reviews lounge chair that was in the shade. She gave my cock a soft tug and turned away from me, going to the house.

Afternoon Delight 1

"I&# 39; You ll have your beer waiting for you," she said.

I watched her ass wiggle as she walked away from me.

She turned her head and knew I was watching her, and smiled.

had so hard to do it, I turned from the perspective of Emily walk away, and I in the pool pigeon. The cool water felt so wet and refreshing. The coldness of the water does not change the rock hard erection to decrease, causing Emily HAD.

I swam around for a minute to rinse off the dust, sweat and dirt that I had picked up, while the Court mow. When I finally got up, I the first thing did was to see and to orient myself, so I was able to see Emily.

She was there, stretched out on the chair. The chair was in a slightly reclined position, and she was on her back, watching me as I swam. She had her nice legs crossed at the ankles. Her breasts were so perfect.

Emily&# 39; s breasts were smooth and tanned, topped with slightly erect, reddish nipples. Her long brown hair flowed behind her, over her shoulders and across his chest a little. She was perfect.

If you&# 39; ve ever naked towards a woman lying Walked, you know how embarrassing it is to approach it with a hard cock. Seemed to my cock point the way, Trying to get it before I did. It bounced and beckoned with every step.

I heard a few steps away from her and her Admired beautiful naked body.

Emily giggled as she saw my hard cock on. "I&# 39; m glad you Brought to your friend," She said with a smile. "I can he say&# 39; s amused."

"I can&# 39; t I think&# 39; m-also ask that, during the question in a beautiful naked woman looking down" I told her, "This goal you have beer? I&# 39; m really hot from mowing and I really need to get something to drink."

Emily sat up in the chair. "I&# 39; m sorry. I was watching in the pool. Let me put it to you," she said.

She was already sitting. Now she spun her legs away from the lounge to me. The movement put her feet on the deck beside me.

Her face was now inches away from my dick.

She saw it for a second a few and then ever so slowly, she looked at me.

Is there a man alive that doesn&# 39; t jelly easy to melt when he looks down and sees a beautiful woman near his cock back up search _him_? This look is all so innocent and naughty at the time Sami. There is a view of the survey, permission to do the search for what you know you want to do it.

I don&# 39; t think my facial expression changed, she saw goal deep into my eyes and she knew a screaming the answer was positive.

Emily moves forward slowly on her soft pink lips kissed the red and pink tip of my cock. I stared in total disbelief as her lips gently the head of my cock to allow parted to push into her mouth. It was like my cock slide into her tight, wet pussy.

Her hands went out into the back of my thighs and slowly slid the cheeks of my ass mug upwards. She pulled me gently forward when she swallowed a few inches of my cock. I could her tongue working magic ict along the underside of my cock feel.

Emily&# 39; s left cam back around and took it the base of my cock as she slowly slipped it out of her mouth. Again she repeated the whole process. I looked back as the head of my cock her lips pushed past in her hot little mouth.

"Emily" I whispered, "I can&# 39; t take much of it. I&# 39; ve been dreaming about for years. It feels so good that I&# 39; m not last long."

Emily looked back at me, and slowly slid my dick out of her mouth.

"Then gift&# 39; t," She answered.

She went back to suck my cock. Your hand and mouth began working together, slide back and forth. She had my cock so wet and her hand and mouth were so tight. I began to feel my orgasm, long start before I ever thought it would.

I had to get going and come hard.

My hips began to pump uncontrollably. Emily felt this and increased their attention to me.

"ohhhhhh," I groaned. "Emily … Emily …. I&# 39; m to come over, baby." I wanted to warn them before I ended my load down her throat shoot.

To their credit, Emily moaned deeply. That did it. The vibrations of her moans, not to mention the incredibly sexy way that Heard, pushed me over the edge.

I cam. I came so hard I think my heart stopped for a second or two. Emily took the first ever large spurt in the mouth and throat.

Then she quickly pulled gently target my cock from her mouth and pointed it downward.

"Ohhhh, baby," she whispered. "Come on my tits. Come all over my tits. I want to feel it."

I felt like I come over and over again as I pumped my cock through her hand. Jet after jet of my hot liquid shot out on her breast. I was in the fast cramps shoved in her hand.

Finally I Slowed my hip movements down, but my cock is only maintained pumps. The last episodes trickled slowly through her fingers. She relaxed her grip on my cock, aim at your hand continued to slide, the rub on the head there with her thumb.

"Unnnnh," I groaned as my cock est devenu too sensitive to touch them. I finally had to pull away from her hand. I collapsed on the chair beside her, breathing heavily and thought I was to pass.

"soooooo," She said with chuckle, "are you ready for the beer?"

I looked at her. The most beautiful girl I&# 39; ve ever sat me next known. She had a bright smile on her face.

Huge drop my cum slowly sliding goods make their way across her breasts. Incredibly, a load had just landed above the nipple of her right breast and slide slowly across the pink aureole. Emily atteint with cum covered her hand and slid his fingers through the sperm on her chest, sliding it around.

She looked at me as she worked on the sperm over her nipples. "I think I need to clean up a bit," She said with a grin.

She got up. There was a reversal of the positions of previously. Now my face was inches from her belly. I was staring directly at her belly.

She was closely trimmed pussy hair to my mouth so close that I could see moving the hair from my breath. I could smell her arousal.

I saw her face when she saw me down. She knew what I was thinking. You atteint and stroked the close-cropped hair on my head.

"Not now, baby," Told me it. "Let me clean up and you beer. Then we are&# 39; ll see what happens."

She turned around and walked away from me, going to the back door of the house. I sat there, still breathing heavily, watching me, they walk away.

Just before they arrived at the back door, she turned and looked back at me, knowing I was watching. She smiled at me.

This time I followed her. I stepped into the cool of the house and found her in the kitchen. She had a damp paper towel and slowly wiping away was the rest of my cum.

You heard me coming through the door and closed it behind me, end it was in a trancelike state, mesmerized by what had just happened.

Let me paint the picture, if I can. A beautiful tanned brunette named Emily is standing in the middle of her kitchen. She is completely naked, leaning against the broad butcher block center island. There is a door leading into the dining room behind her.

The window in the dining room provides just enough light to show their profile.

You will wipe her breasts slowly with a damp paper towel. When she catches up, her hand wipes on the underside of her breast, sliding over her erect nipples, and then her hand have icts continuous upward movement, her chest falls freely, jiggling softly. I can her nipples are proud to see a combination of voltage and of the cool air conditioning.

I&# 39; m standing in the kitchen, watching all this. Emily turns her head and smiles at me. You wad the paper towel and throws it into the sink.

"What about the beer?" ask her. She turns away from me and opens the refrigerator door. The bright light inside the refrigerator is like a beacon on her body. As if she knows me the effect this has, she leans forward slightly apart at the waist with her legs.

The light allows me to see the lips of her pussy as she leans forward. They found the beer bottle and then slowly stand back up.

She sets the beer on the island counter and closed the door of the refrigerator.

I go over to her, rocking my cock already hard again, what the way. I open the bottle of beer, and offer it to her. She takes a sip.

As she does, I can&# 39; t help que la notice condensation aimed at the beer down to the bottom of the bottle HAS collected. When she slides the bottle tops, a water droplet lands on her left breast and quickly over her skin.

Emily jumps over the unexpected cold droplets. I smile at them. She smiles at me and gives me the beer.

I take a big gulp and swallow. It was exactly what I needed to update from the hot lawn mowing.

I put the bottle on the counter and step forward to her. Their lips meet mine in a hugging crush. Our lips and our tongues around hand, teasing tip to tip.

I work my way down her face to her ear and breathed heavily as I nibble my way up to her neck.

She stretches her neck to me the next hot flesh on my lips and tongue. I enjoy the salty sweetness of her skin. I push myself to the knees and each nipple to suckle on soft, the hardness of them contre enjoy my tongue.

I saw her with a nipple in my mouth, it hard to suck freely crossed. She smiled at me. I slowly let my tongue do the walking and working me over her stomach.

Her hands Went to the back of my head to lead me gently. I could her excitement, the closer I smell got her pussy. She smelled good.

It hit me somewhere deep inside and made me just want to exactly take her.

I got up. She looked into my eyes with a sort of disappointed look. It didn&# 39; t last long, as I quickly picked up and placed on the island counter in the middle of the kitchen.

I sat naked butt on the edge, and she fell back to the island, which flows freely and her long hair hanging down.

You Brought her legs, ankles at the corners of the counter only calm as I rushed for my goal is.

She was wet. Hot, humid and energized is clear. Her pussy was free of hair, with the exception of light brown mop of you is held étroitement trimmed.

The lips of her pussy were full and her clitoris was just peeking out the top.

No matter what they say, no one is really an expert on licking pussy. Round We Go at it, we fumble the right spots to hit on. Finally, with a little luck, and guidance from a willing partner, we learn what to do. I&# 39; m not a professional, goal I get by.

I was, however, reduced to a pure amateur, overwhelmed by what I had the access is given to. Undaunted, I dove right in.

"Ohhhhhhh," She moaned as I slowly ran my tongue from the bottom upwards in her pussy. Your swollen lips parted as my tongue stiff Worked icts way through their folds. She was so wet. Was quickly my face wet.

I took my time, Licking, slides, my way probing until they atteint down and grabbed my head to guide my mouth on her clitoris.

"Oh yeah," She moaned as I directed my focus on her little nubbin. I flicked my tongue back and forth quickly. When I did that, I Brought my left hand up and inserted a finger in it. I could feel her pussy clench around my finger.

I began a fast in-and-out motion.

Her hips began to move up and down. She continued to keep my head on her clit to get her grip tighter and tighter, pushing me into her pussy.

"Oh. Oh oh!" Practically, they shouted, followed by a deep, "Unnnggghhh!" as she came hard and beat her hips up and down on the counter.

Her hands pulled my head hard, and I pushed my tongue contre her clitoris and have still kept the spasms passed through it. My fingers clenched in her several times through the walls of her pussy.

Slowly relaxed and then pulled me quickly away from her clitoris. When I pulled back, I flipped my tongue over it one last time, so their reviews and other cramp sixteen to jump on their bodies.

I slowly slipped from my fingers, and she tore this off to her body too sensitive as waves of pleasure through its continuation.

I was full and put my chest slightly above her. I held her as she continued to shiver. She wrapped her legs around my back for a second goal it fell down after weak-a few seconds.

I got up and took this beautiful woman in my arms. She wrapped her hands around the neck when I cradled. She buried her head in my chest, her breath still coming in hard knocks.

"You need …. you …. me …. need you." She whispered whispering in Shorts

I which they carried into the cave.

In what felt like one fluid motion, I put it on the floor, get my body on her down. Ouvert her legs wide for me and I leaned forward, meet my hard dick her hot pussy. I leave it to her a few times contre nudge parting her lips and the coating of the head of my cock with her juices.

Her hands slid to my lower back and pulled me into her.

She was hot. She was wet. She was tight.

I came into it four times and cams. Four strokes. that&# 39; s needed it.

I&# 39; m not ashamed. She felt so great. Besides, I knew it would be more to come later.

I cam hard, my sperm deep injected into her.

She moaned as each jet of hot cum in her Lancé.

"I can feel it," she whispered softly.

"I can feel you come inside me."

It offers the use of their pool in the heat

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