Alex And Vicki: Love Thy Neighbor

This morning, and let’s say from midnight on, has-been all target typical Saturday morning. Now do not get me wrong, I’m not complaining wish now I can not wait to see what happens for the rest of the day.

It was shortly before 11.00 am At Vicki and Tara for the Mall left. I had to prepare some work customers more I wanted to finish my sunroom first designs for the expansion of our. Was my goal ’em to send to some local architects early next week the ball rolling.

Once upon a time the project done, I wanted to my new lawn tractor and mow the lawn fire-up.


While I worked on my designs, Vicki sent me these text messages with a picture …

Text: Hi Hon ‘- In the DD – Tara and I bought thesis black panties and white crop top shirt, but my shirt barely covered my breasts, so that you will love it – Ginny and Amber have’ em too – Ask all from us prancing around our house in them, when they come, and wait to see to Bernstein, she lost her baby weight target its milky breasts are still huge!

Okay, so today would be a normal day. I feel back Vicki text to tell her that I can not wait, and that I love them. After that I continued to work on my sunroom designs. It was about half an hour after-Vicki me sent her first message, when she three within a few minutes sent me several text messages …

Text 1: Hon "wish you were here – on Tara to what is to try a new pair of shorts, I said to seduce Amber Tara in the locker room – and did it – Amber Tara by surprise, licking her pussy When She her shorts to pulled down!

Text 2: Hon ‘Then Tara and Amber got naked and had a quickie in the dressing room – Ginny and I saw – as Tara Amber big Momma milked tits, and she’s never Momma milk had previously, Tara splashed when she milked’ em, and then Tara Bernstein got to splash when she came – now I am a horny mess!

Text 3: Hon ‘- Ginny says that they together will soon get us – Maybe next Saturday night when Ginny and Amber can find a babysitter – Okay with me, you? – LY!

I sent my wife a text back: Whatever you decide for me is fine ladies. And Babe, stop at home, on the market on the way to get to grill something just call in advance, will John have what you want and ready wrapped for you – LY!

read Vicki’s last text: Okay Hon ‘- LY2!

No, today it was not about an ordinary day to be by any stretch of imagination, and now I’m horny as hell. Goal that I managed to finish my sunroom designs despite my diminished mental capacity.

gt; gt; gt; gt; gt;

It was shortly before 13:00 When I went into the shed and started on my new riding lawnmower. It did not take long to fall in love with him, since it had a lot of power and could make a dime. My neighbor gene was mowed outside than I, and he gave me a thumbs up when I rode at _him_.

While I cut the grass, I thought about Vicki’s text messages. Suddenly I imagined Vicki, Tara, Ginny and Amber run in matching black panties and sexy shirts around the house, the particular milky cover hardly her tits Amber with her Momma breasts. Fuck, this vision rush of blood feels in my cock, so much so that my cock was now hanging out of my pants when I cut the grass.

And no, I was not wearing underwear Any.

Now, within half an hour I had made the forehead, and then I put the drive near the porch door. I went to take a leak in the house, and I finished my cock pumping up a bit, because I was so horny, I do not want to have cum. Before I do the backyard Went I got a drink of water, and then I took off my shirt, because it was quite hot outside.

Needless to say, when I finished extinguished as hell was cool the lawn. How do I mowed, I thought about fucking oven and Hotties milking tits Amber Momma. Actually now I was horny. How do I mowed, I began to rub the head of my semi-hard cock.

ALTHOUGH I knew Gene was out, and that he might be ble to play with my dick to see, I did not care. Frankly, I was hoping kind, which he did.

Seeing as my new driver a lot of strength and agility, it did not take long to finish to the backyard. Once I was therefore hosed I the driver, and then I put it in the shed. Now I wanted to take a nice long shower, and beat my meat to relieve my horny state of mind, just so I could just think again.


As I turned off the driver, Gene went to see in the shed of the new machine. Gene was aussi shirtless, and as I was all he had a pair of shorts. I could not help manually target that his shorts were much closer than mine. In fact, his tight shorts made his tail is to be quite impressive seem and that made me wonder what his bulge when phrasal adverb would look hard.

And from the looks of genes huge cock bump, I think he was also Commando and that completely turned me on.

While I was sitting on the rider Gene and I have talked about: the size, the shape, this kind of shit. Purpose It was not long before Gene me of the day, the question When Vicki around the yard topless ran, and then he aussi asked why naked she went outside to pick her bikini top.

To answer Genes question, I said, "Vicki face with her was sunbathing down a top-addicted and then she jumped up and pretended bee or wasp has has her Chased within. Gene, believe it or not, she did it just so you can see her big fucking tits. you knew you were staring at them and rub your cock. "

"You’re kidding, right?" Said Gene.

"Oh, no bud, I’m dead-ass serious … And I know this to be true because I happened to be in the conservatory when it happened. Well shit, when I saw her big titties bounce as in ran – I just had to fuck her, especially after-said me why she did it, "I said.

"No shit," said Gene.

"Yes Gene, no shit, and it was a hot fuck, no less … So somehow to punish in her ass to my wife what she was doing, I told her slowly walk outside naked and her fucking top. I do not think that they would do it, it has target -. you saw it, you can be a little sloppy, if she wants, too, "I said.

Well, I said after-Gene what he really happened began to rub his cock, and then he said: "Damned if Vicki my wife I was in her hot ass would all the time, and these huge fucking tits – You damn lucky you dog! "

". Yes, I think I’m … But you have no idea how it wears me out And now that we have Tara live with us, well, I can only say it’s a good tired" I said that I rubbed my cock.

Gene rail a bit shocked by my answer, and he slowly time immediately seek Said, "Vicki and Tara can you fuck?"

"Gene, it’s not so that they can fuck me, we sleep all together … Will Tara as a second wife to me," I said.

For the next few minutes Gene and I talked about our wives, and Tara. He said that his wife (Tammy) has-been now for a while working out, and it is close to the size it was when she married first. I explained gene that was great, and I had Tammy not seen now for a while.

You remember yourselves when I moved for the first time in many years. Tammy used in a courtyard their skimpy bikini prancing around as does my wife. At that time I thought Tammy a small blonde hottie with a nice body was, and because she has lost her weight, I’d like to see what she looks like now.

At this time my cock was peeking just out of my pants when I was sitting on the rider. from my shorts while Goal Gene and I continued to talk about Vicki’s hot ass and big tits, blood gushed into my cock, and how they got hard hung there. began to look as genes on my cock, I moved around on the seat to let it hang out. Once locked his eyes on my dick, I said, "Go ahead – Application."

Without hesitation Gene leaned in and grabbed my cock, and then he began to pump. And as he unbuttoned his pants he has done, and then he unpacked em. Now, Gene cock only inches away from my hand, so I grabbed her, and then I started to pump it. When I did that, I said: "So Gene, you jack-off did after-you my wife big tits saw that day?"

"Fuck yeah I have … I have my beat your wife over meat hot tits fucking more times than I can count," said Gene.

While we continue each other’s cocks’, a few minutes later Gene Said, "Alex, I might not shoulds tell you this … but one day your wife went out to sunbathe, as it always does to pump . It was really hot out, and Vicki had a real skimpy bikini on, one that hardly her tits and pussy covered, and then she began to rub her pussy when I saw, and she knew damn well that I was watching. "

"Really?" I said.

"Just Listen" Gene said … and then he went on to say: "She looked at me as she fingered her pussy with one hand, and then took one of her big knocker from its upper side and with a nipple played only to tease me. honestly, it looked like she wanted to fuck, so I went to her. "

"That’s what I-have thought … So then?" I said that I have pumped my cock a little harder.

"As I mentioned her was, I pulled my cock out and began to pump it. Once, as big and thick looked my cock, she had her bikini took off, and then she began her clit fingers as she stared my cock" Gene said.

"Holy shit," I said as I continued to pump my cock. Now I was a bitch fucking mad at my wife, because I knew she wanted damn good now Gene fucking years, I was aussi goal hotter than hell out hear Gene history.

Gene continued: "Alex, shortly after your wife-a finger deep into her pussy Slipped and then licked her finger, she asked me," Gene can your wife to see us here? "I told her, ‘No, she’s not home,’ and then she said." Then fuck me "

"Fuck, I had no idea that she fucked you," I said.

"No Alex, she has not the only one of my favorite Jack-off fantasies … I have a few others -. I hope you’re not mad," Gene said.

"Holy shit genes You had me going there for a minute … And no, I’m not mad," I said. I’ll admit that I’m history just a fantasy Was Facilitates Genes, listen was because that would talk to my wife have real ugly, and fast.


After Gene His fantasy share finished, I sat slowly pumping my cock as I sat in the driver, then I said, "Gene, let me get away."

Gene sat to pump his cock as he took a few steps back and then I got from the trip and took my shorts. Now, as I stood beside _him_ naked, I knelt down and began to suck his dick.

It did not take a few seconds, completely To suck target genes in big cock. As I sucked and sucked, he said, "Oh shit man, that’s good. – I had no idea you liked sucking cock" I can not reacted to Genes as INSTEAD held just me that huge cock sucking his and then I grabbed his low-hanging balls, balls sexy; Fucking bull balls.

About now, I had a serious head put Gene cock want then abruptly said Gene, "My turn." Although I did not stop, I let his cock slip out of my mouth. When I got up, Gene had to quickly get to his knees. Before he stuffed my cock in his mouth, he said, "I swallow," and then he grabbed my cock and began to suck.

Gene was good sucking cock, really damn good. While genes sucked and sucked, I thought about his fantasy with Vicki. And the more I thought about it, I could my wife like a bitch looking picture. Finally, as in our farm my wife damn I genes in the picture, I could not my burden retain more, and I said, "Holy shit Genes’ll make your fantasy cum man, suck, they suck."

When I turned my burden, Gene sucked literally the sperm from my cock; He was like a vacuum. And when he milked he continued my seed to pump his cock. Then, after he-he was drained me dry long to keep ble again enough to stand up for _him_ and feed me his hot load.

Sensing gene was about to shoot, I knelt down and put his cock in my mouth. I swear His cock was only in the mouth for a few seconds, when he said: "Oh, suck, suck, suck, oh fuck yeah" and then bam, bam, bam – he threw the back of my mouth with rope After cable de son salty load, so much so that it can drain Began my chin. Gene ounce shot the last load de son, I stayed on his tail and milked it as it is my milked.

Right after we-our burdens shot we put our shorts, and then we went into the yard. While we were there we talked about old times, and the times, we along with our dignity women. And then we remembered a night not to-if you were moving went into their air conditioning long.

Damn that was a wild night.

Shortly before Gene to what to go home, he said, "Alex, I must tell you now that Tammy lost her weight and looking hot again, it is a little sex machine … And wait until you see – but it might ‘t be today evening, they went to the house of their relatives "now I could not wait to see them..


Well, let me tell you a little about this wild night at least fifteen years …

Since it was very hot out that night, we invited Gene and Tammy, to spend the night in our house when we found their air was not working. Were their children away for the weekend, as bears were. By the end of the night, we were playing all kind of drunk and horny as hell of Twister.

While we played the game, there were a lot of touching and playful feel it. This is usually what happens when you drink and play Twister. Plus, since neither my wife nor Tammy had a bra on, only thin cotton V-neck shirt; Gene and I were ble cop a lot to lose.

And indeed, both Vicki and Tammy rail to love the attention.

It was well after midnight when we finally decided to call it a night. Vicki and I put two mattresses on our living room floor, and once the lights were we saw some porn. Not too long after-ended the film, we ended up having sex with our women up.

Since the room was dark, we could mess Fick not see only hear Gene goal and Tammy go there, and I made Vicki as hell, and I screwed the hell out of her. This was the first time we had sex with Sami Reviews another couple in the room.

A few weeks later of When All Were our children away for a weekend, we got back together to celebrate. While we drank and played cards, we talked a lot about sex. Tammy made a comment she wonders what to be sometimes, as it would be in an orgy or swap partners.

Tammy comments a sizzling hot chat entre all of us on the way.

I’ve always said that my wife was "the good girl with smoking hot body." But when she was still a little too much drinking, there is a lot of luck that her naughty side will make an appearance, and it did. At some point in our chat when she and Tammy we were rolling, my wife said: "Hon" why we tonight try swapping not – we do not-have to tell someone, "and then Tammy said:" Yes Gene I Alex will do, do Vicki. "

Needless to say, Gene and I both our wives were shocked that were ready to swap, we were to target. After-goal that we set up the mattress just like last time, talked about again both, pinched women out immediately, and was never swap.


It was a little after-three-thirty in the afternoon, when I went in the house. I had a quick beer and then I went for a shower. As I turned on the water, I thought, "How am I supposed to my wife about Gene and I say to the shed?" I was not sure what would be her reaction when she is otherwise the hots for genes for years.

In fact, it was about ten years ago now when my wife thought I was not my young secretary screwing, and I. So come with me, she tried to seduce genes behind our shed. On this day my wife Gene helped an evil weed tree digging while I was at work.

Vicki told me that they had on a skimpy bikini while they are working, and if it admis genes that had responded to her blatant sexual advances, she would _him_ fucked behind the shed have. Tor, which is a whole ang story, and it landed us in brief Fast divorce. In fact, our wedding was touch and go lay for several months after that, and that aussi the kibosh on our drinking sessions with Gene and Tammy.

Not long after, I finished my shower, Vicki and Tara came home from the mall. When I saw ’em my eyes popped nearly out of my mind. They were both wearing denim shorts squeezed identiques, and damn Have look hot!

In fact, I told Tara that her new nickname is "Sweet Cheeks" Because her ass looked so hot. Well, she seemed to like it, because she turned around and gave me a big smile.

stopped on the way home from the mall, my wife on the market, as I had asked. She had some food in the car, and they make aussi Bought barbecue mince their substance Swiss tasty burgers tonight. Since the shopping Hat, I Brought the food in and put it helped her away. After we were done, I grabbed a beer and then I sat down at the kitchen table.

While we Vicki and Tara Talked got busy and began to stuff for dinner the burger. How stuffed burgers, I went ’em about Gene and I tell in the shed.

Now, put that on the brakes on your prep work and then each grabbed a beer and sat down with me at the table. I started with ’em genes say, and I jacked off together in the hall, and then we sucked each cock. I told them aussi what woman

Told me Picard, gene was bi man that she had sex with. Finally, I told my wife about genes imagination.

As expected, genes fantasy turned totally there my wife. During our discussion continued, Tara was quick to say that she has no interest in sex with genes that target that both Vicki and Tara said they’d made love suck watching each other’s tail. My wife thought it would be hot aussi one of the genes fantasies come true, or a screw only the shit out _him_ Now that they can, just to get it out of their system.

I saw that one coming.


After our conversation about Gene and I ended up in the shed, and Tara Vicki stood to finish prepping the burger. Once the burgers were ready, they sat down at the table to have a beer with me. As we sat and talked, I said, "Babe, MENTIONED Gene Tammy who today went to their relatives, and they will tonight no later home to up. As I was Gene invite for drinks after dinner, and then the Some point to you on the terrace seduced _him_ and let Sweet Cheeks and I see you two in action? "

"Hon", you can go ahead and invite _him_, goal I am not sure if something will happen. I am not nearly as hot for Gene, as I used to – but we’ll see, "Vicki said target Then she asked:" Did you two really want me to see him fuck "?

"Babe, I just want safe, if you want," I said and then Tara resist my feelings.

With my wife green light, I called Gene _him_ in an hour for drinks to invite, and he accepted. Right after I-I called up Went to put on a pair of my tight shorts with no underwear. Again, I had no idea whether any Hahn game would happen between us, I knew Tara goal and my wife would love it if it was.

Actually, I really did not know if anything would happen.

It really was a perfect night to have dinner and drinks on the terrace. Since genes in an hour to be, was going here, I Brought the burgers on the grill em on the terrace. Everything else inside aim was ready to serve.

Once the fire had hot I, the burger was cooked in a matter of minutes and then Brought out the ladies the rolls and the side dishes.

To my surprise, while we ate, we talked about things, and not a word about genes were told. That seemed a little strange for me because I knew my wife, Gene wanted for years to screw. Just before we were finished eating, I said, "Babe, I know how long you have to have sex with Gene wanted, so this one time when Gene bang alone in our bedroom, want to watch with no one – I will understand . "

"Thank you Hon ‘goal I’ll never have sex with a man in our bed when you’re in it with me are not," Vicki said.


After dinner, I helped the ladies clean the table, and then I sent a text he could to let Gene _him_ now know at any time pass. Vicki and Tara said they would all be put away, and then take a shower and change clothes. I went outside snifters with a fresh bottle of rum and oven, waiting for Gene.

As I sat on the terrace, I had a beer and remembered Reviews Gene and Tammy some fun nights we used to have. Then all of a sudden genes scares me when he arrived. I grabbed a beer from the cooler for _him_ and then we sat and waited while we talked for the ladies to join us.

Gene and I were on the terrace for about ten minutes, as Vicki and Tara cam to join us. Sometimes I swear These are two sisters. They were both bent on their new denim shorts and sexy white crop top shirt, white along with a new pair of sandals.

The crop top T-shirts are the thing is that my wife a picture of this morning sent me when she was DD, and my wife was right, has her shirt barely cover their large piles of joy.

While Vicki and Tara way Walked, both Gene and I stood to greet em Up. Tara gave Gene a friendly "hello", and then she pulled up a chair next to me and sat down. The goal was my wife that. The tone for the night

Alex Gonz Teen Sex

When my wife Gene approached to greet _him_, she took off her shirt and tossed it on the table. Gene looked as stunned as Tara and I were. Then let my wife totally accept their lust.

While they kissed genes, she grabbed his cock bulge and emphasized in his shorts Gene cock until he was hard. And it was not long.

It was my wife obvious that to give Decided what they have genes both craved: a fuck overdue. Gene responded quickly to my wife lusting action by his shirt and shorts undress. Then in a very short time he had his hands and mouth all over my wife big tits, and then he literally ripped my wife already battered denim shorts just enough to put a finger in her pussy.

After a short finger intensively fuck purpose robbed genes my wife shorts, and then they shared set of fucking hot kisses. As you kissed my wife stroking his cock as he massaged her clitoris. After a minute or so intense stimulation my wife had her first orgasm because Tara and I could her juices run down her leg to see.

For my wife too fast that cum, she had to have-been hot that hell.

Now that my wife was primed to fuck her stud, she sat wide open on the edge of a terrace chair with her legs spread. Now, to make their sexual intentions clear, they showed exactly genes where she wanted her labia kept as wide open ou ordinary tap. And then she just said, "Fuck me."

Gene Can not waste a second as he stuffed quickly ou ordinary cock deep into my wife’s pussy hungry. While genes the hell out of my wife fucked, I told Tara to wait here while the bottle I ran inside to grab anal lubricant. When I returned, Gene was now fucking my wife on the lawn next to the patio, doggy style.

And to my surprise, Tara HAD next knelt down on ’em, and she rubbed her pussy as she watched. I undressed and put it on my flesh.

Before I lubed my hard cock, I went over to Gene and stuck my dick in your mouth. He sucked it for a little while he fucked my wife and I pulled it out and put it in my wife’s mouth. Since she was fucked hard, so hot, it was that they sucked the hell out of me.

While she sucked me, I handed the bottle lubricating Tara, then I pulled my cock from my wife’s mouth.

Tara instinctively my new intentions and smeared my cock. Once my hard cock I was smooth walked behind Gene. Once he entre my cock his ass cheeks felt embedded, it kept my wife pounding just long enough to slide me in my bare cock. Then, when Gene crawl my big cock felt all the way in the ass he said, "Oh shit man, fuck the ass."

When my wife Heard genes say. ‘Fuck that ass, "she was so hot that she screamed and splashed all over his cock while Tara looked me in the ass pounds Gene, I told her, her bikini, and put me in front take my wife, and she did it. now, with Tara sweet pussy my wife stared into her face to lick Began Vicki Tara sensitive clitoris.

When she did, Gene continued his flesh in my wife to pound, and I beat Gene donkey with long, hard strokes.

"Oh Vicki yes, oh yes, you got it my love … I’ll cum," and seconds later Tara let lose a huge gusher that: After he had some time passed, my wife found Sweet Spot of Tara, Tara said Weil made my wife back from her pussy.

It seems that gusher Taras was contagious, because it triggered a chain reaction of orgasms. Only seconds after-splashed Tara, my wife splashed again Gene tail. Then when my wife felt Gene cum hard all over his cock and balls, he said, "Holy shit Vicki, Vicki oh fuck, holy crap woman", and then Gene His shot load with a series of hard knocks.

Well, I was so hot that I could not hold back any longer. I buried my cock as deep as I could in Genes ass and just held there as he pumped my wife. I let my load shooting in his ass off without his ass pumped while he pumped his load into my wife’s pussy.

Right after I the last of my seed in felt bare ass Genes shoot, I pulled out and then genes have also. Vicki lay down on the grass, snuggling with Tara on. Gene went over his clothes to pack, got dressed and decided to walk home and take a quick shower. I explained _him_ he showered to come back and have-an after Actually few drinks, target He said: "I’ll take a rain check." Before he left he gave Vicki and Tara quickly "See you later."


A few minutes after genes left, Vicki and Tara joined me at the table for a shot of rum. I toasted my wife on her magnificent performance with their imagination large piece. Now, after watching the toast made my wife sarcastically said, "Oh thanks Hon ‘, and it is already stopped, it is not my imagination hunk, you’re … And look at you – you really need a shower."

More to cum …

This fictional story was written by Alex Foremen and `may not be copied or re-established.

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