Alex Gets A Surprise Museum

When Alex steps in the Uffizi in Florence went on, she said goodbye to her husband Max. Previously they had agreed that they would spend several hours in the museum, while in the city on foot.

Most museum visitors were obviously tourists or students, as they have bought their ticket, Alex soon realized that she was probably the only unaccompanied woman in the museum.

By security, Alex handed her purse to the young handsome security guard, and when he told her returned, she noticed that he gave him a little smile that gave him other visitors. For Alex watched the first 30 minutes of collection of paintings Caravaggio. But when she entered the next corridor, she saw a sign saying it was a special exhibition of the male mold on the top floor of the museum.

"That sounds interesting", Penza Alex when she quickly climbed the stairs to the upper floor.

The entry of the long room, Alex was surprised that the image after the image of the naked men to see, and many statues of muscular young men in various stages of undress.

Most of the paintings seemed of ancient Rome or Greece to be, but there were also some new exhibitions. When she paints existed, Alex could not help to watch on the screen all the different types of tail.

Fortunately, there were not many other visitors at the museum, so Alex was able to take his time, each study shirtless.

As she sat on a couch downstairs leather soon for the presence on the corner of her eye brought a special painting, his opinion about the old times.Alex repelled the study, they saw a large guard walking in the lobby .It was only when he gave her a smile that she realized that it was the same security guard who had searched her purse.

"He seems to have taken a shine to me "Alex thought as she him.Returning his gaze on the painting was beaming back, past Alex took a deep breath and stretched out his legs, around the guard had a better look at his long, thin legs and full breasts.

Alex could not resist the opportunity to tease and might arouse the young guard and they felt very happy when they closely studied its realsied with itself.

"I like a nice man in uniform", Covered Alex, and in color in the reflection of the glass you are looking for that the keeper could take could not see his eyes off her.

Alex knew that they look good today when she wore a white dress that showed her tanned body and Max had also noted that, as she had gone to the museum he had seen many men who take lustful glances torn home ,

After a while Alex got to leave the room and when she reached the entrance of another room, she saw a message that read,

"Warning …. this piece contains pictures and statues of naked men, which can interfere with some of our visitors",

Below this regard was also a smaller characters, members of the public consultation, which was CCTV entire Museum into operation.

Alex then noticed that the security guard watched them. The room and went into the new showroom left

slowly walk into the room, Alex was glad that no one else was in the room when she patted the small muscular buttocks of a marble statue of a naked man.As she walked the statue Alex was could not resist, surprised that the statue of the man was a giant statue had erection.As the size of life, Alex was even more impressed when they charged at least ten inches long, that should be the tail!

Look around the room and see that the room was empty, Alex could not help the long tail hard and smooth strokes, as if she masturbated the man of marble!

Alex knew it was a chance they could be seen on CCTV, but n&# 39; t care.

She even put her left hand under the statue&# 39; Balls, as if their weight. Alex For a brief moment his eyes closed and put them stroking a cock and while she stroked an inanimate object, Alex felt her pussy tingle as she then imagined a cock that size in him.

Suddenly the sound distracted without sound and quickly removed his hands from the statue and stepped back. He was his handsome young guard.

Alex noticed again that he smiled, but this time his smile was different this time made his smile clear he was attracted to her.

"it&# 39; s come to me … it will say something"Alex thought as the guard slowly walked toward her.

Alex&# 39; The heart was the guard stood before her and smiled, began to speak to him in Italian.

"God, he’s sexy", Covered Alex when she saw the deep brown eyes and heard his beautiful Italian accent.

Unfortunately, Alex could not speak Italian, but it contains the four letters CCTV, and when the guard up to the ceiling with a camera, she realized that he was watching CCTV stroking as they have been the statue&erectile # 39 ;!

Alex felt her face go bright red, but before she could apologize an exhibition to touch, custody gently took his left hand and drive in a small side room.

Alex gets a surprise Museum

"Where it is me?"Alex thought, but she did not resist and just held his hand.

Alex felt the warmth of his hand on her and the uncertainty of what was to come began to excite.

When Alex saw the guard close the door and lock it, she knew that something was absolutely right. The guard approached her and put his right hand behind her head.Alex felt his heart suddenly, as she was the guard to kiss her realized starts beating. Alex is not the nice guard move gently kiss on the lips and leave.

Alex felt his whole body with the desire almost trembled as he began, with his arm to explore his mouth to his tongue.Placing custody&# 39; the broad shoulders of Alex pulled his body closer to her and feel her breasts against his chest crushed.

"He needed to know, I felt randy when he looked at the statue stroke"Alex thought, and his thought processes were interrupted when she felt a hand on her thigh.

Alex felt his hand slip under her dress and as he slowly his way, that she was wearing no underwear to the leg and on her background, she remembered.

As her hand was on bare buttocks guard stroking continued to kiss and whispered in his ear.Alex he took was that she was not wearing pants to the fact. She felt he was very pleased with his discovery. Soon Alex felt it to rock and now both hands cheeks her buttocks were squeezed.

As the guard pulled hard against the front of his pants, Alex could feel his erection against her pussy press.

When Alex was always more excited, she pointed to the actions of protection no resistance, and to realize that he had a very receptive and sexy lady in his arms, the guard took a step further.

Alex felt like the Guard&# 39; Hand gesture on his thigh to her pussy, she spread her legs slightly, so it had better access to her bare and swollen lips. Alex knew that her pussy was juicy with enthusiasm, and this was confirmed when she felt the guard&# 39; Finger to slide easily between the lips of her pussy and in her.

Alex pushed a bunch of deep slow "arhhhhs", As the guard started his finger in and out of her wet pussy and push vibrant. The strangeness and speed what appeared to the intensity of the passion felt they happened to increase, and soon felt Alex his orgasm building. Just as they succumb to her body let her orgasm and enjoy the thrust of the guard&# 39; Fingers in her pussy, Alex felt as if her body was lifted into the air!

He opened his eyes, saw Alex, that the guard had picked up and now has her laying on a leather sofa back. When she looked at the police station, Alex felt the pain of longing in her pussy, and knew she needed this stranger in uniform&Hahn in her; # 39 Alex smiled the guard, when she saw him reach down and unbuckle his covenant.

In what only as seconds seemed Alex was pleased to see that the guard was now to talk about it in his hand his huge erection.

Alex then noticed the small CCTV camera on the back wall, and to know that it could be on the film again, makes the whole experience even more exciting.

Alex saw the guard between the legs kicked and lifted his legs in the air. Alex felt a shiver of excitement course through her body as she expected what would happen. Since the guard is placed between the legs, Alex felt his hot hard cock rest so sensitive to her labia oh.

Since the weight of the tail began to press down on her, Alex saw the smile guard and whispered to her in Italian. Although they did not understand what he said, that she felt that he asking for permission to continue.

Alex smiled at her and slightly forward her hips and pussy slide on the tail.

Alex gets a surprise Museum

"Oh yes, please do", She said.

It is clear that the guard had understood what she had said, as he immediately grabbed his cock and started him in Alex to lead&hungry pussy; #. 39 "God, it feels great"Alex thought, as the guard slowly and gently eased his hard cock in her pussy welcome.

When the guard was holding her legs in the air and started leaning forward on it, remarked Alex, as the guard was watching closely his face. Alex felt the wonderful cock go deeper and deeper and soon she felt fantastic feeling bulbous tip touch the deepest part of her pussy.

Alex could not resist her pussy muscles with the valve in an almost vice like grip to tighten. The guard has its tightening effect to speak of him and then start slowly thrust in and out. Only the sound of his sexy Italian voice made him feel even more uncomfortable.

Alex felt the closer guard step, then his hands began further to bend his legs back so that his feet were resting almost on his shoulders.

With her pudenda completely exposed and protruding between her thighs, knowing Alex, that the guard now was able to push his cock in her every inch. A long, deep thrust engorged cock seemed to ignite her orgasm, and the guard began to grow faster, Alex felt his orgasm building.

When Alex her orgasm overwhelm leave her body, she felt the cock swell in her and begin to beat. Suddenly, the first of several powerful spurts of hot cum shot against the walls of her inner pussy was so that they cry when she arrived and she wrapped her legs around the guard instinctively&# 39; s back as he continued to pump into it.

When her orgasm subsided, Alex heard the sound of the sexiest Italian and opening her eyes, she saw the guard smiling. As the guard leaned forward and kissed her, Alex felt his softening penis withdraw, and when he got up, he quickly saw his pants pulled up and tucked his beautiful tail. easy feeling emabarrassed lying on his back, Alex immediately closed her legs, pulled her dress over, and stood up.

After a big orgasm, Alex was not surprised that she felt a little unsure on his feet and saw that she was still a little groggy, Alex was very pleased when the guard thought was. Again the guard said something in Italian to her and unlocked the door.

Alex saw the guard looked around the door to see if the coast was clear, then led back into the room. Close the door behind him, gave the guard Alex a little kiss on the lips and before walking away, he smiled and said something to him.

All alone in the room, Alex felt a warm feeling in her pussy satisfied and tingling, and sitting on the couch.

Visit the statue with huge erection, smiled Alex and said to himself: "I know I rubbed, I n&# 39; not even a wish",

When she left the museum, and the security office over, smiled, another security guard and spoke perfect English speaking, "My colleague Paulo said you could like this in memory of your visit to the Uffizi Museum. As you know, we have cameras in all galleries and small rooms",

The guard handed him a DVD in a small package, then pointed at the ceiling to another hidden camera.

Alex suddenly realized the significance of what the guard was told. Everything in the small room with the beautiful young guard, which they now knew was named Paulo was saved!

After POVLife Alex TWERKING in the parking lot …

Alex had known, there is a chance, his movements in the museum had to be saved, but she was very pleased to discover that she had now his own admission his staff "special" Museum guard.

Remove the DVD, Alex smiled and said: "thank you",

When she left the stairs of the museum and went, Alex saw her husband Max, and wondered what he would think of his souvenir DVD.


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A mature lady meets a young man in a museum

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