Alice Second Childhood. Second Chance Alice

Second Chance Alice, Alice second childhood.


Mom was a good woman. Dad is a good man. Nevertheless, my little sister, Alice was, at 18, a total of spoiled child and an offender. It could have easily ended up as a killer.

It is certainly arguable that it deserves to be sent to jail.

Now mother does not believe in hitting children and they did not. However, it has to be understood that the word "no" must be heard and understood by the children. It never hit me, but I knew what was right and what wrong.

I knew that I could not have everything I want.

I think I had a brother preferred, but I was very pleased, a few weeks after my 10th birthday, when Dad said:

"Roberta, you have a little sister, we call Joan Alice."

I do not have a conscious memory of my childhood. However, I think that maybe Alice was more his way than I do. I do not think that I was jealous.

But even when Alice was six, I thought there were worrying signs.

Then it happened. Mom was in a bank. Somebody tried to steal it. A security guard fear not properly aligned.

Mom died.

I wore my education. I’ve been good. I am both athletic and academic scholarships, so I am able to get to college and do well in computer without special help from Papa.

It is true that maternal death caused real trauma to the little Alice. It was no picnic for me. Dad responded by trying to be nice to his little girl.

It therefore seemed to face was left alone. So little Alice has everything she wanted. I do not know how many pairs they got through.

I think at the age of 10, Alice was indeed the opportunity to release a hard-working adults, the good performance of the house has, but tries to set limits.

Later I heard that 14 to 17 years Alice with the law had minor scrapes. Dad has always been able to talk the police or prosecution to cause real consequences for Alice.

My aunt Christine, who taught in a state where the pallet is allowed at school had often said:

"To be beaten Does Alice to spare the rod and spoil the child."

When I was 16 and Alice 6, I thought my aunt was crazy. At the time I was 20 and Alice, 10, may have been a total child I thought maybe the aunt had a point.

I was at school. It was at school that I had my first experience with the beating. I thought I had to commit these Sorority mode. Part of the presented to a beating Initiation a few sorority sisters.

I wanted, so I let the status and popularity happened to me.

I liked the idea not to be beaten, but I thought the benefits of membership Sorority worth. It was much worse than what I thought. For starters, there were more than 40 girls drunk college or observed there.

The next thing is that Jane Graham, one of the few women I’ve ever met that was both bigger and stronger than me, has supported. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants. Then she sat down on a chair, which was clearly designed spanked primarily on his knees in the eye.

Next Jane told me to put my hands behind my back. I obeyed. I had heard the rumor like this "slavery" was part of the "Introduction". I was expecting a token effort. I was wrong.

Graham tied very closely indeed my hands. In fact, I thought it would probably worse discomfort than the actual beating. I turned out to be false

The next piece was a big shock. My pants are down. I said:

"Hey, I never said you could do it, stop!"

My words were ignored. A hand held one of my arms tied, I still felt unstable and unsafe. The first Spanking with hands Jane hurt a bit more than expected.

Then she took a hairbrush to huge difficulties.

Whap! It hurts like hell. Whap do more hurt. I began struggling and kicking, but strong and athletic, and although I was there, I was useless. Within a minute, am I crying actually.

I think it was to beat for about three minutes.

I was very happy when it was over. I discovered that no one was allowed to enter this particular sisterhood until they were convinced really crying spanking during a costume. doubt on my spanking that I had the hairbrush has never used her hair to brush around.

Now I’m strong and athletic. I keep my body in good condition. So when Mrs. Graham on I pulled Got called spanking support. Most children who have committed are really nice.

I found it hard to put all my strength to hurt her. Some were incredibly arrogant yuppies who thought they were entitled to all sorts of privileges – I actually thought I loved hurt this girl.

The next year I let the Sorority. I had lost a dozen new commitments. That was normal. After the spanking new commitments a long Eid had to recite.

Now, a daughter, Amy, had a speech problem. She was unable to recite it properly. They told me to spank him again.

I did.

Amy tried again the words to speak. They failed again. I was again told to beat him. She was crying already. I felt a third spanking Amy would be cruel and unjust.

Forty or fifty co-eds sadistic screaming for more. I’m not ready to do so.

I came out of the house Sorority never to darken his door. I held the hand of Amy. I also have with me the hairbrush.

It was an incredibly heavy wooden thing. He had apparently wounding primarily, rather than storing the hair has been made.

I’m back from the sanitized Sorority hairbrush. then I found myself with a brush, err brush my hair.

I participated in the birth of each little sister. Until she was 15, brattily if they behaved, my little sister looked quite endearing. She has these freckles and nice girl, curly red hair.

It was always a pleasure to watch. It combines an angelic face with a devilish behavior.

Then everything changed. Alice wanted A-J, rather than be called his real name.

When I saw the part, was "A-I ” Goth. She got her hair rightly treated. She had dyed black jet. Then she went into the makeup.

Most of his face was bright white. However, the make-up was around the eyes red with blood. Your lipstick was pitch black.

A-J had lower lip breakthrough. The jewelry she wore on her lower lip and ears were solid silver skull.

Most of his clothes were too jet. They usually wore black pants. But sometimes it was a short black skirt and red socks or tights blood.

Dad had financial problems. Some of them had the money he overindulge showered her granddaughter. It looked like it might go bankrupt.

Alice was very poor SAT scores. She did not receive a high school diploma. She did not know what she would do.

Must understand that Alice had not a learning disability, except perhaps laziness. She was not allowed to interfere, if not bother. Everything changed one day in April.

I am shocked that Alice was alcohol so easy to buy. Despite his efforts to push up bras, she had modest breasts. Mom and Dad were some interesting research. She was six feet. It was a little more than five meters.

At the time she was 18, Alice and I were in some remarkable way. I’m a little more than six feet and Alice almost five meters.

Alice had access to Dad SUV. Due to its size, even with skyscraper shoes, it was amazing that the whole bar would admit it, but she managed to get a lot of beer.

God smiled on Patrick and Holly James on Sunday afternoon. Patrick was back on a bike with her son 1 year long. They had no chance Alice car seen speeding the wrong way in a one way street … Alice actually drove his car on the road in a field.

It hit the front wheel of the cycle. Patrick and James were dropped. Fortunately, there was a lot of cut grass. Her injuries were minor.

Alice could have easily died, but a police officer pulled before the explosion of the car.

When she was arrested Alice was, as usual, dressed Goth. She had black pants and a black sweater. This time, her lipstick was red, but incredibly bright red blood. The skull stud money was still in his mouth.

The rest of his face was white as a sheet and made his hair black as coal is dead. Your bra is designed to give an impression that it was more than was the actual case. Silver also skulls hang from the ears.

I heard that his lawyer had problems getting Alice to change his appearance in court, or rather his guilty plea. I saw there. She looked about 14, maybe younger and very innocent.

It shows how the appearance can be misleading.

Now Holly Patrick, the adult victims, deeply believed in his vision of Christianity. He asked for forgiveness. So Alice was sentenced to 5 weeks "time served", in addition to a ban of 7 years. Always, of course, Alice had a felony conviction.

His short time in prison deleted any help Alice High School Diploma. She had no prospect of college and very few receive adequate job.

Dad debt meant that he to sell his house. He found a job at a small hotel in Montana. It included housing, but not for Alice, it was still called A-J.

I was good. I had just bought house in collaboration with Christine aunt, the mother of the widow of Bob’s brother. I made reasonable money, but property prices are very high in the city, where I was working.

Christine had furthermore just found a new teaching post at the same place. It was logical.

The day we signed the papers on our new home Christine tells its nice visit with his friend Brian, a divorced father and his 11-year-old daughter incredibly large, intelligent and nice, Molly. We had nice house and good jobs.

Alice, on the other side; was a homeless, jobless and desperate ex con. You asked me for help. I felt they had their own problems.

Nevertheless, I could not say "no" to my desperate sister, in spite of his behavior. So she moved. Christine and I made it clear that we expect to find a job.

A-J lost his first job as a waitress and did not seem to work too hard to find another. His room was a tip. You behaved like a child in total for the first week of the summer.

I was relieved that she has the image "Goth" abandoned. However, they quickly found almost as frightening alternative. It was the look ‘Bimbo’. His arms were more tires.

Her beautiful red curls had already removed all the black dye. However, it has again organized the hair to give a false impression of height. And it was again this time colored blond.

The Bimbo gaze was less unpleasant to look at the Goth release. I was afraid she was more likely to become pregnant to himself (or if using men.). Your skirts and dresses were still well above the knees.

She wore low more often than tights.

Christine studied and prepared his new vice principal at the local junior high. She hoped to write a book.

Tuesdays things seemed to be going perfectly. I thought Alice would take responsibility eventually.

I was able to save the cost of gasoline. Not that it was high, with my hybrid car. Christine has me. In the nearest town

But first we had to go Alice to get to the bus stop. If they in the same way we would, I had, of course, took him all the way.

I have for his lunch and bus ride, so that they can find a job A-J money. I had hoped it would begin to learn the responsibility of adults. It was dressed in fact as a modest, sober job seeker when I dropped at the bus stop.

For example, her skirt was well below the knee.

Christine has done research with books and real documents to a local library. I work on the computer. A job I but less than 6 hours, completed in less than half an hour. Christine had also found the information they wanted quickly.

So we had a nice lunch.

During lunch, I met a woman I knew. It was Dr. Mina Shah. Mina has worked as a general practitioner and pediatrician.

Just before I left for college Mina treated me and the little Alice. She asked for Alice. I tell the good doctor that Alice had behaved very badly, but I thought she had learned his lesson now.

Then Christine remembered a great old movie in the list for TV afternoon. So we drove home we are looking for a relaxing afternoon. Christine and I felt that we drove home.

Once we got home, we had the first shock. Christine car was gone. He had a sentimental value for my aunt. It was also a classic with a certain financial value.

My new companion at home was very intelligent, but not wonderfully organized. There is literally not remember the license plate number. She was also asked by the police when she called.

She agreed to call them back.


I heard a noise loud noise. My Prius was back in the driveway ready. I wondered about the damage.

Then I saw Christine classic car, also easily damaged.

The driver’s door of the car opened Christine. The result was A-J. She was not dressed for a job interview, at least not for all the work that I want it applied. Her dress barely covered her buttocks.

I saw a man who looked in his 20s from the passenger door good.

I was incredibly angry. Thank fate, God, or whatever for something on the table. He was my hairbrush.

I looked at him, as the door was opened. For 7 years I had the tools I used had taken the sorority for my hair. Now I have decided to return to its original use.

I shouted to open the door.

"You stupid brat. You know that it is not legal for you to go for years. How can you?"

Then I took full advantage of the stronger and bigger, and her older sister. I was hanging on the couch and Alice on my lap. I did not have to pull her skirt on the way.

He was so short that my goal was clear.

In a second small sensual sexy panties Alice were around his knees. Then I want to play too many hands with one hand and grabbed the brush with another.

"What are you doing, you …?"

A-J could not think of the right word.

"I’ll spank my naughty little sister. Something that is long overdue."

The young man saw the first half-dozen shots. He saw Christine, who had come down the stairs. The man said:

"I’m sorry, if I’d known she was that young I’ve never been kissed."

Then he left. In a minute, Alice cries and desperate to escape kicks,

"That’s child abuse, you can not …"

I ignored it and beating lasted half an hour. She was almost in tears when I finished. She was also totally defeated.

"Now go in the corner, and let your panties where they are. Oh, and keep quiet!"

Alice obeyed. Then I said to him.

"Alice Joan you are now 18, so I did not could be child abuse. If you want to call the police, that’s fine. I think I’ll have a fine for smaller attacks. But, even if you go to prison to go for illegal behavior and use of a car without permission. "

completely from that day, then changed Alice lives. We did some research. First, we have most of their intimate hair removed.

Then we found a specialist bra shop. A-J was designed to impart worn bras on his chest maximum emphasis. All these bras were at a good shop will be donated.

Instead, we found training bras’&# 39; tends to flatten the stomach. We also found people who would in the ear (and other) Piercings fill.

For the big shopping trip, we chose Saturday because we knew that it will be full. Besides, if we were in the car or Alice was actually in a bath cabin Christine and I held Alice hand very tightly. Much of the time we both held hands with her. A store to store, I went out with this line:

"Alice is old for a 9 year, but still very childish. I’m worried to get them early. I think she thinks that she will be treated as an adult. It’s not like it is mature for his age.

Do you have any suggestions. Think 7 instead of 11. "

The 18-year-old dressed in pink overalls, just quietly.


Aunt Christine and I took our granddaughter freckled half a dozen shops and found some outfits entirely appropriate for them. In the last shop we visited we found incredibly useful when very young saleswoman. Norma Johnson was an African American, who looked as if she was still in school. She suggested a marine type of clothing. It was sized for my sister so, but was not likely to be the first choice for many girls over the age of 4. It was quite short.

I wondered if we would get away with it.

"Do you have a suitable room for children?"

Norma Johnson, smiling with her first job Saturday in effect student was:

"Well, they are mainly for adults, but I would like to see this young woman looks like I’ll take you there."

The room was larger than expected. He had to try the lady, things are observed to a friend or two, before the entrance to the store to commit to the extent that it was always, she tried. Christine helped Alice reluctant in new dress.

I liked what I saw. Alice looked childlike cute in shorts. Christine took a picture. It looked really amazing. I stood beside her.

I wore my hair and heals. we looked like a mother and a pretty young girl, really together with my natural size advantage.

The saleswoman came.

"It really looks like a nice little girl Alice. If your aunt you bought nice clothes like that there is no risk to rapidly grow, despite the size is 9 year old."

The clerk said. There was a small problem. Christine saw more clearly than I.

"Yes, but it is something that concerns me. The dress is so short. People noticed his Heiney and cute panties. Now are so many men who have entirely false idea of ​​girls".

I was thinking along the same lines. There was an element of truth. I had a suggestion:

"Christine is correct. It is true Alice, but some guys see short dresses as sexually. Could it in the same style, but just a little longer?"

The writer had a different idea:

"I see your concern. I have an idea, you can give me a minute."

The lady went. She returned with tights. They were pink and ribbed.

Christine and I smile. They seemed an ideal solution. The reaction was different Alice

"Are you blind, you make f **** n ***** ing, bitch. I’m not a baby, I do not want to wear baby clothes."

I was secretly glad that his performance was like a toddler so, even including Alice punching. Christine apologized.

"We are really sorry. We do not tolerate this kind of behavior or language."

I noticed a bolt on the door and pulled it locked. We wanted to need some privacy. Then I looked at my still angry 18-year-old sister.

"Alice, I think you have something to ask."

"Not here, not before …"

In 30 seconds, I grabbed my sister, took the comfortable chair and let her on my lap. Did the short skirt of her dress. Down came her panties on them with Minnie Mouse cartoons.

Out came my hairbrush. It was one last piece of challenge:

"You can not, not here."

Then, with all my strength, I landed three heavy whaps on her buttocks. She began to cry. I wore with whaps for about ten minutes.

"Now young woman standing in the corner. Keep your dress and let your pants around his knees, then you have something to ask Christine".

The place had placed mirror so you can see how you looked in the rear. We adapted a. Alice was clear pale pink buttocks left and see a red cheek like a rose.

The clerk suggested that Christine and I try some adult things, so that we keep the locker room. This worked very well. She also noted:

"I want a little more mothers were as good as let the children know what is acceptable."

After 4 minutes, corner time, I said to Alice:

"You know what you deserve challenge your seniors. I think you have to ask something Aunt Christine

Alice obeyed, she asked:

"Aunt Christine, I was very bad please let me spank hard."

Christine is left-handed. She borrowed the same old sorority heavy hairbrush. Again said the 18-year-old.

After 4 minutes a corner. I said to Alice:

"Tell Mrs. Johnson here what happens when you have bad words."

Moderate 18 years old said:

"Wash my mouth out with soap."

I said:

"As it was Mrs. Johnson here, you were so mean, I think you should ask him something."

"Please, please, will you take me to the rest room and wash my mouth out with soap."

Norma was a problem:

"I’d love to do it, but maybe not the business time."

I gave him our address and telephone number.

"So if you came at half past seven, Alice would just ready for bed, she could taste of soap must remember the whole night."

Alice left the store in her new dress and tights. We bought more in the same style. Dressed as she was, with no money or ID, we felt we had us hold hands physically.

We found a children’s playground. Alice had really to do so, enjoyed the swings, slides and the like. Maybe she did.

Christine and I have kept a good eye on it and we discussed our plans.

"You know, my Jane Alice would be 10 if they would not have died."

I remembered. I felt really sorry for my aunt, who had lost her only child and her husband in the same year. With 49, she would now be unlikely to have another baby. The two girls had (to teach a very dangerous work.) Alice in her name because an ancestor that a real hero in the 19th century was not only the fight for the elections, but also former slaves in Mississippi

"So we could say that it was the other Alice. She was could start in school as a child 10 years. It would be credible.

And it still has an incentive to people to believe.

"But I do not think we should talk to him about our plans. And I know Brian Molly worried. She is very mature and responsible, but it is at 11.

He wonders how he will do it. Now my work does not begin in the fall. When Alice came with me, I could keep an eye on both. I think it would be good to tell Molly that Alice 9. "

I had school reports Alice Joan of 8 and 10 years. They showed him as a potentially bright child who was lazy, disobedient and difficult. Honestly, they seemed to fit very well.

They were written by hand, and not good. So change was the appearance of the relevant years not difficult. Christine, of course, had Alice Jane’s birth certificate.

He was going to get difficult not 18 degrees allowed 4, although there seemed to be quite mature. But these were plans for late summer.

After leaving a little the "child" while "playing" we needed other things to buy. Above all, we need suitable soap. I came to security issues. It was an effective carbolic soap, which was really good to get rid of germs and dirt, but surely, even if children swallowed a little.

We have to play our child a toy with a doll Betsy WETSY.

Since Alice was wrong, it must be sent without dinner to bed. I ordered their favorite pizzas, who delivered the goods. We also had the coffee ice cream, both Alice and I love.

She stood in the corner, while Christine silent and I gorged ourselves. Your pantyhose and panties were low enough to show his Heiney, who was still quite red. Her short dress was pinned, just to be sure.

In 19 hours, it was bath time.

Christine was the hour of Alice Bad to monitoring. 7:30 to 18 years old was washed, dried and its new "jamies, with his feet on it, and cartoon characters. I found a large plastic bib. I heard the bells.

It was Norma Johnson, the saleswoman. I drove him straight to the bathroom. Alice knew what she had to say, and she said.

"I used very bad words to you Mrs. Johnson. I must be punished. Please wash your mouth out with soap Fair from?"

Norma made three applications with a soapy washcloth very. Then the child was in bed, stay there until 07:00. She has no chance to rinse his mouth was.

We had to organize things quickly. Christine packed, which would require it. I have a lot of new clothes for Alice. I booked the train ticket.

I double checked. There were two advantages by train go. The first is that it would mean that we would have less polluting than Brian and Molly aircraft go.

The other I’ll come later.

Christine Brian remain for the rest of the summer. I have to be at home Monday. We had breakfast and left shortly after 8 hours. Shortly before 9 am we had to make a visit. I held the hand of my sister.

They knocked on the door.

"Can I have a word to Mrs. Norma Johnson?"

A lady, mother or grandmother had come to the door. she called


Alice leaned wife Norma Johnson. I should add that I believe that Mrs Johnson was probably just a Saturday job. You would have been 16 or 17th

"Ms. Johnson, I forgot to say thank you to wash my mouth out with soap. Thank you. I really need, and you were very good. I would apologize again for my language and behavior."

During the drive to the station, I explained the situation:

"Alice, for the rest of the summer, you’re 9. You can be 18, if we want to call on your past crimes the police. Now, as a child of 9 you refer to me as Aunt Roberta and speak your Aunt Christine aunt . for other adults, you say Mr. or Mrs. or Reverend or as the case may be.

"You should also know that my hairbrush and the rest of carbolic soap is easy to reach the hand luggage."

We had three seats on the train. When we sat down, there was a small table. Alice sat next to the window, and thus furthest from the hallway.

The train was very crowded.

About half an hour into the trip, my sister said:

"Bobbi, I have to get up."

I did not do it. A few minutes later, she said

"Aunt Roberta, please."

Then I whispered in her ear. I made it clear what I thought of them. She changed her tone.

"Aunt Roberta has to go potty Alice."

Christine came out of the outer seat. I took Alice’s hand and held it tightly. I was carrying a bag in his other hand.

She suspected a part of what would happen.

"Roberta, give me some dignity."

The cubic rest room on the train was relatively large. It was developed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, if needed. He was also given plenty of room to sit and Alice on my lap. First, I insisted that Alice wash your hands after using the toilet, and then I said:

"Now we have some disobeying. What you have to say?"

I looked at her. My efforts have worked.

"Aunt Roberta, I was very bad please let me spank hard."

I lowered the top of the toilet seat. I sat down on it. She was again dressed in sailor dress and tights. I pulled her tights and panties and then his caricatured.

I wore on the spanking until she cried. After the beating, I said:

"Now someone learn adult must treat properly. You need to learn what you can say. Just a reminder of your irreverent language."

I then washed the mouth with soap. I had no time, so complete a job to do, like Norma Johnson had the night before, but I think they realized that they should pay attention to what she said.

Once we returned to our seats, I said:

"Why do not you play with the beautiful Aunt Christine toys bought?"

So they had to spend a lot of the power train path and change Betsy WETSY.

I could not stay very long with Brian and Molly. I had to achieve a night train. However, I heard some things explained to both girls.

"Molly, I know you’re only eleven, but your father said to me that you are very mature and responsible for a child 11 years. Alice, I know you’re just a quarter of an inch shorter than you, but mature Molly was much less than most children 9 years.

"So we are even closer to monitor Alice. Molly, we do not want you to know stories for the pleasure of doing it to say, but if Alice is difficult or disobedient, we must.

"Molly, we know that your father is not sure if the right naughty children to beat, and that you’ve never really bad in all cases. Unfortunately, for a long time, Alice was very, very poor, and left with him. So sometimes her aunt will beat him. "

It was Brian who was on the Declaration

"Aunt Christine made love Alice. She is not, she likes to hurt, but Alice needs to learn how a child to behave responsible, or it may never be a responsible adult up".

Molly noticed several things. First, Christine Alice monitored in the bathroom. Second, Alice was a good-night 20 hours, although it was summer, so there is no school.

Third pajamas that were Alice legs very childish.

Molly and Alice had to share a room. I heard that Molly Alice a little annoyed, but is not treated in the enjoyment as responsibility. We discussed how to deal with Alice with her father on the phone.

He thought that what we did was drastic, but something drastic had to be done.


I went to get Alice in late summer. Christine explains:

"Our little girl has as previously behaved much better. I have to give him seven corporal and three soapings mouth. I think Molly was disappointed.

She loves it when Alice is angry because she gets to see.

"Alice had to write about five thousand lines of punishment."

I had a few accounts of what has happened on the mobile phone. To tell the truth, I found it very difficult to read aloud. I had to give a lot of effort. Alice had also found it difficult.

His father had allowed him to try not to.

Now Molly has found high voice play easily, easily, in fact, that the ordinary reading. Of course, insisted Christine that Alice and Molly turns to read near to young children. He made the short freckled 18 up to the level of 11 years feel inferior.

Until this summer Alice wore disposable contact lenses. It is very short-sighted. We thought they were buying.

Christine describes the search for a particularly patronizing optician specializes in the needs of children. Instead letters he used pictures of things like teddy bears, elephants, cars. He also glasses style that focuses on the status of children.

Christine told me what she had said to Alice:

"If you are a very good girl this summer, will again have to go to school. You can undertake in the coming year."

I arrived on Saturday morning. Christine pointed out:

"Alice was evil. She is one borrowed from Molly dresses without her permission. Do you have anything to ask your big sister, Alice?"

Alice knew it was easier to make a beating for a costume and get 1 that seeks to be spanked for not Spanking and be lost for the original offense again.

"I’m a bad girl. Pretty please spank me hard."

Alice had graduated with a jumper-style dress. It was more what you would expect for a girl of eight to ten. He went below the knees.

She wore socks instead tights toddler style. Once I had it in the position that I mean time to her dress and petticoat road took drag and pinning her panties down, still with cartoon characters on them, up to the knees. I noticed her buttocks. On the left side you can see the evidence of what had happened in the last few weeks.

Right cheek was almost as white as snow.

After 10 minutes, they cried like a baby. His right cheek was like a rose red down.

We had a great lunch with favorite things, while Alice. Alice has nothing to eat; she stood in the corner with his pants around his ankles and her dress and petticoat holding.

We said Molly history.

"That’s the stupidest naughtiest girl is really 18."

I smiled and said,

"Yes, it is. You should probably be in jail. And we could still call the police."

Christine then explains:

"You know, my little girl died when she was a baby. My Alice Jane 10. It would begin the fifth grade.

I have his birth certificate.

"In our school district, you graduate, what they call the primary school at the end of the fifth year. We have promised that Alice would get his diploma from the school next year. It was pretty good, then it will be a chance of the school, to complete primary school, when you get good enough test results. "

To my surprise, it was Brian, who informed us of other need to punish Alice:

"I understand that you think that lying is especially bad habit in little girls."

Christine and I agreed.

"Alice has to tell you the truth, when I asked if Molly had said that she borrow her dress?"

The girl answered in the corner.

"No I did not."

Of course soaping mouth was demanded. I made a suggestion that Molly and Brian agreed. So I Alice to the bathroom. I put the plastic bib on. Molly, not quite 12, sits on a chair.

Alice kneeling on the floor. She opened her mouth.

In fact, I think the little hands of Molly made more efficient to wash the lies of the mouth of naughty young woman. At the end of the process Alice bowed, apologized and thanked Molly for what she had done.

The return trip was uneventful process. I showed Alice that I had asked the heavy hairbrush, a washcloth and carbolic soap in a bag that I wore. I put my hand on the bag a few times I have worried.

Alice spent the journey "Little Women", "Good Wives" and other sequels in the series of Louisa May Alcott read.

Alice mounted surprisingly easy in degrees. 5 We had some concerns about whether it is safe to go to school. As happened in primary school, was within walking distance.

Normally, either Christine, Alice, who now addressed as "Mom" or I could make it to school.

It was a particularly effective capacity status. It was the fact that we have always firmly insisted hands on hold when we walked him to school. About a dozen other 5. Quality mothers and their children go to school.

Only another mother insisted on his 10 years hand over the possession, and he had other problems.

We also make sure that Alice was collected from school and went straight home. Most of the time Christine was able to do this. They could do their lesson preparation at home.

Some days I went back. If we could manage any of us Norma Johnson asked clerk the store who admitted to his discipline, the child sits.

PetiteHDPorn – 18 years old redhead likes big cock

One afternoon I was a little late. I’ve heard, including Alice’s voice, sang loudly:

"Cry Baby Bunting, Mom gon hunt …"

And they cried

"How WETSY Betsy, you need your dydees changed?"

Alice and four other girls were picking on a girl who was crying.

The victims of bullying was Jessica Walker. It so happened that his older brother George, Christine taught in class was. We found out the whole story. Jessica’s father had become very ill.

She was worried that he might die. A penalty was enuresis. A naughty girl named Ann, class of Alice saw Mama Jessica buy nites dry.

Until this morning, we thought, Alice has been improved. I thought to take him to the mall as a reward. Now we have that a few malicious Bully discovered that she was out of the question.

We called the mother of George and Jessica. She agreed to our plans.

Christine Alice and I went home from Jessica. She knew what she had to do. She curtsied:

"Jessica, I mean, I’m really sorry for what I did. I want to at lunch time you visit my house, you can know as I regret it."

George came at noon. Shortly before lunch Alice says:

"I am a very naughty girl pretty please spank me and my mouth with soap to wash out."

Jessica has then to observe everything that Alice spent my first round Christine. It has also come to the bathroom and looked at the mouth soaping. I thought Alice had learned his lesson. According to the instructions they Jessica said:

"And on Monday I’ll Mrs. Peters say what I did, and tell him about the role of Barbara Ann and Darlene in bullying."

Jessica forgave Alice. We decided to let Alice eat with the rest of us.

Also on Monday, I am the person that Alice collected from school. I saw her laughing in the hallway chatting with Barbara Ann and Darlene. I wanted to ask:

"Have you had a conversation with Mrs. Peters?"

She hesitated.

"I am wrong, I would but they are my friends."

I said clearly:

"You lied, that there need to be treated now."

I took his hand and pushed Bad ‘the door of the girl open.

"You can not, not here, not now. PLEASE!"

I ignored her pleas. She struggled, but it was not hard to get into the right position. She screamed and to withstand kicks, but continued the beating. Barbara belongs.

She encouraged to join their friends. A first year also came and saw.

Jessica told me what happened the next morning. That when registering Alice her hand. She told Mrs. Peters, the whole class:

"Mrs. Peters, I was very bad. I intimidated Jessica for something that they can not help. I made friends with Barbara, and Darlene Ann that are connected."

Well, as I said, believe that this state to the occasional use of the pallet. Peters has not used before in his twelve years of teaching, but the face of this intimidation they consulted the principal. The four girls paddled.

It got better. I spoke with the mothers of other girls. Other parents do not believe in hitting children. each of them, however, a T-shirt in the next week wearing to say,

"I’m a bully and a brat."

Best of all, it meant that Alice had better make friends.

One morning, Alice insisted that she was very ill and could not go to school. I thought she was. I decided to take her to Dr. Shah. I had to call ahead and was told that would be fine.

We waited the whole morning full of screaming babies and their mothers in a waiting room.

The first thing the doctor said to my sister when she was sitting in the office:

"I have to take your temperature …"

Alice opened reluctantly mouth.

"Not that way. You’d better lie down on the front."

She folded her arms and closed her mouth. I lifted her legs, so she went on her back on the dessert examination region; I pulled her panties road caricatured. It was as if it was time for a diaper change.

This meant that the good doctor could do to put the thermometer in place for an immature person.

I thought I had completed changed to Alice primary school things. She was not at the top of its class. But although there were some very clever people in this class instance for Jessica Walker. I think they tried harder than his first effort degree in primary school, but she has no love for learning, as I would have liked to see

Christine and I also insisted that Alice took her hand in the housework. We were concerned about excessive water consumption, so we did not buy a dishwasher. Since Alice could not drive the market and frankly, could not be trusted to cook, she has a lot of the courts.

Now they also knew that his room is inspected regularly. Alice also learned the proper use of an iron and a vacuum cleaner. She said:

"They are rich, why not commit an au pair?"

This led to one of the few spankings they needed the following spring. Children should not criticize adults and young offenders have no right to criticize anyone.

I have a lot of money. I am able to help Father, start a new business two towns away. He came often to visit his daughters. He never failed to say:

"Alice, you are incredibly sweet."

When she once complained I bought a set of combinations of orange prison jump. Alice decided that Mary Janes and rider looked better on it.

Alice was good in junior high. We opted for a small school that sometimes the children allowed to skip one year. To be fair, Alice, as she approached her 21st birthday, she became obsessed with boys less than other girls at school. She made a school than other girls. (Almost all the boys have as little as possible schoolwork.)

The plan was that the year of his 21st birthday would my sister from college graduate.

We have to have plans for them at a high school in a slightly different area. We do not want to notice the people as it grew.

I am glad that we had a lot of money for a different reason. I met a man named Victor, during a business trip to England. I thought he wanted the marriage.

It turned out that Victor would be especially father. Although his condition did not did not affect sexual function and reproduction had Victor one year only to live.

Victor could see Victoria. He lived only three weeks after his baptism, but I’m happy

I would rather take a couple of years with my daughter, but to work out. This summer, I found that I had to monitor two babies.

Papa had researched. He found a real medical procedure and seemingly sure to help the breasts to grow. It was to have been 21 Alice birthday gift. As things are, other gifts were all purchased.

Actually Alice would need to be treated that much less mature in this summer.

Think maybe Victoria was part of the reason for the regressive attitude of Alice, we had discovered. My own boobies, much bigger than Alice was less impressive. Sure, they have

much better for Victoria requirements in preparing.


Christine and I chatted about his "daughter" Alice. She had a morning. I fed the Victoria spoon approaches its first birthday.

Alice and other junior high child had tests. It would be complete, in fact, from junior high. I found a school where they are not known. The "great 11 years" seems like a short 16 years.

All would be well.

I explained my feelings:

"I must say that sometimes I liked Alice spanking. I do not feel good about it, but on the other hand, I think we had a total of a good thing. If we had not done anything, Alice would ended up in jail."

I must admit that I focused too much on my aunt and had forgotten how long I left Victoria in highchair. I held it some, frankly, to feed not very appetizing looking baby food.

Christine was about to go. She had a job interview for clients. Victoria shoved a bowl right smart gray suit Christine maintenance. It got worse.

Victoria laughed and so did I. Fortunately Christine had just change still time. Then everything changed!

I get a call from the school. Alice had been the leader of a big food fight. It also turned out that they had sold several of his friends vodka and cider. Half of the girls in the graduating class were drunk. All domestic workers, many students and several teachers had been attacked with various foods.

Alice was very drunk.

Christine had rightly observed her cell phone because she had the interview. By the way I think Alice is the only student in his year was forbidden such a device. I had to go to school.

I found it very difficult to get my daughter on the back very drunk by car.

It was a bit of luck. Brian and Molly had moved into our street. Molly will not begin his new school until the fall, so she could keep an eye on Victoria.

Shortly after six that evening I had put Victoria. She had grown thrown over her baby and soggy diaper fabric. I was, of course, used to approaching its first birthday with a baby.

I went to see my soon 21-year-old sister. They also threw wet and his clothes and his bed

The school does not want publicity. It was agreed that the offender a certificate of studies would be allowed, but not go to the ceremony. A report on their behavior would be on their permanent records.

In addition, they would personally apologize to the people each they had thrown the food.

21-year anniversary of Alice Joan was 16 May We initially planned as hard. For some 21 years had at the mouth and spanked soaping to be ready. On the other hand, they had to find much chance of a diploma not only high school but also possibly from the college and a job that seemed imaginable distance 3 years ago.

Alice Ozawa gives a japan blowjob and fucks two …

Before the battle of drunken food, we planned to pay for a longer stay. New Business father was fine. He had an effective and safe way to explore his growing breasts, one of the things that embarrassed his more.

Of course, after what she had learned in April that came out of the question.

Right after breakfast, 16 May, we gave Alice a couple of gift cards. They contain copies of certificates for what would have received it if they had done so. Included were good for a journey across America, and treatment of breast cancer.

All were stamped CANCELLED!

I then said:

"They are not gifts that we would enter, but we bought a lot of gifts."

I gave him the first gift. She opened the package.

"Thanks, but why should I need as many towels?"

I should explain that Victoria British aunt sent me three dozen "of Terry nappies." They are the kind of old-fashioned British fabric layer. They are 24 inches substantially square scarves.

"You are not just the towels, they go with them."

She opened the small package with large safety pins.

"And this."

The waterproof baby pants in size from Alice with a provision for the majority of the layers were transparent.

"I will not put on diapers."

Christine then explained things:

"You should not. Of course, baby diaper not. But 21 years brats need special treatment. What do you say if you were rebellious?"

Alice greeted him and asked for a Spanking, Christine and I obliged. went During his time corner at the door. In many young ladies came.

Molly faced. Another new guest was Jessica. A dozen victims of the struggle were.

These included rosemary, a 12-year-old.

Once the girl arrived, I pulled a string. Down came to say a huge poster:

"Baby Alice shower."

Molly had opened a great gift. It was a diaper changing table. Coincidentally layers of the small Victoria was also damp. I have wet diapers for my daughter.

Just before I begin, I have my 21-year-old sister. On the biggest change table At the same time as I unbutton unique, moist layer of Victoria Rosemary Alice took over. Molly lifted her legs Alice. Rosemary slipped a folded sheet shaped dragon under the buttocks Alice.

Well then pinned layer in place.

Christine then explains:

"Because Alice is a big baby, we will need additional absorption."

Again Molly Alice lifted her legs. Again slipped rosemary from the second layer under the age of 21. He was pinned in place.

Then came a third. It was the plastic panties.

The next gift was a dress and a pair of blue tights. Alice could see that they were identical with those carried his little niece. I think her dress is so short, Alice liked the sticky toddler style with her new underwear covers.

However, the bump allowed to guess under his tights most people, what was underneath.

"I know how Alice loves short dresses."

I tell him that I buttoned in the back

Upcoming donated clothes were different in Victoria. There were several pairs of mittens. They were designed, would even cut the "child" his hands can not use it to say unbuttoning clothes or layers or feed unpin.

bought many other gifts. There were a few adjustments Alice had bed. There was evidence in the end and sticks to the side. It turned into a crib.

If necessary, there was also a section which can be closed on the top.

Alice Bed, Crib now been moved to the Victoria room.

"Molly will help with babysitting, so that they will stay with us. It will be your room."

I told Alice. I also told him.

"Until Victoria starts walking, you will not. They say nothing. How do you always little match except talk baby your clothes Victoria."

Other gifts include an oversized network style park. It was like a lobster pot shaped. Externally Christine Molly or I could pull a lever and the matter would be four feet or we could raise just over six meters.

With a little Alice, his covered with stockings feet and gloves she was as safe as a little like Victoria Park much smaller Pen was beside him.

Our customers have with us in the kitchen with rosemary childcare. The TV tubbies TV DVDs Victoria and Alice to entertain. It was in fact the Victoria favorite. I happened that the Teletubbies deeply irritated know Alice.

This is an entertainment particularly suitable for both.

Some came into the kitchen at half past eleven rosemary.

"Alice on wriggling and I think Victoria has a wet diaper."

I went into the front room. Alice said:

"Roberta, please, I have to go to the bathroom."

I did not at first. Then I leaned toward me and checked the layer of Victoria. It was a little wet effect.

I spoke with my old 1 year long.

"What a little water works Miss blank,&# 39; s get changed. "

I quickly Victoria on her slightly wet coat and into a clean. Then I sent Alice:

"I told you that you had to use baby talk. You can also go to the bathroom whenever you want. BABIES go to the bathroom in their dydees. It’s time for your first feed. I have a couple of spare milk that Victoria does not need.

I put it in a bottle.

"Since you claimed but been naughty and that big words girl you can we will to the place fill your baby’s bottle with soapy water."

Shortly before our meal I was home Victoria. I think even a little, and after the first birthday of a child, it is good for babies are properly fed. Molly was sitting on the couch.

It was Alice head in his lap. It is lined full bottle of soapy water. First Alice as fidgeting everything.

Then she stopped fidgeting. Molly noticed:

"I think the baby Alice has its first wet diapers, I should change it?"

I smiled:

"With real baby as soon as you change their diaper is still a little damp. But Alice acts like a baby. With Victoria, we must ensure that there is a wet or smelly layer for more than a few minutes.

Alice, we can check his diaper every time Victoria has to change, but not at other times. If Alice is wet or smelly, we can make babies together Victoria. Otherwise Alice remain in wet diapers or as long stink. "

Molly was not sure:

"But what this could mean that Alice is diaper rash?"

I smiled:

"If it is the case, it will be an appropriate part of the punishment."

In the kitchen, I showed the girl, like a desert to cook a British apple pie called. It is easy to make and really delicious. I like it. So Christine and of course Alice

However, cooking girls also were vegetables. We chose the most hated Alice. They must be well cooked. Then they had to be mixed.

Shortly after noon, return I make the package on a huge gift. He was a high chair for a baby the size of Alice. However, there were additional straps.

The first of eight girls, all under 16, Spoon began the biggest baby feed. I had, of course, the baby food took Victoria liked then I fed. The two children were sitting next to each other. Molly and Rosemary made sure that Alice was actually to swallow a lot of vegetables, which she disliked.

However, they were able to get a good amount on his face and on his bib.

It rang. The pizza deliveryman arrived. I’m sure he saw Alice next to Victoria in his high chair.

We all ate our pizza and turns in both feed babies. Then we had apple pie and ice cream. It was divine. We fed and little Victoria some of them. She loved it.

Alice got another desert, stewed plums.

Now you can not possibly train toilet a girl of 11 months. But sometimes a mother may notice something. I noticed. Very soon I had pantyhose and panties Victoria and unfixed layer.

I think the cold pot president helped Baby empty his bowels.

"It’s taking much longer until the layer has to change from Victoria to really."

I said, after his tush and repined still completely clean and dry wipe layer on my little.

Christine lifted Victoria in her little compensation Park. I is bigger and stronger, Alice and buckled its buoyancy in the biggest spring. Shortly after I the lever to make sure that the power went over the head of Alice, I could see, hear and feel something.

"I think the baby Alice smelly diapers. Well, it still changes the time."

Now we have enough high fences in our backyard. I pushed to park the Hummer pot in the backyard and Alice is almost three hours in the same layers of poopie left.

It was a beautiful day. We pushed to change the table outside. Alice was spoiled for lying adjacent to the Victoria, I changed.

Molly and Christine lives in Alice.

If I were a judge, I would have sent someone who had led my sister dangerous more than three years in prison. They expected him to summer 22 to spend behind bars. Alice has to spend, in fact, the nights this summer behind bars, or if the bars of the bed

Also, we have to make things easier to Alice River to have wet or smelly for their dydees

How did Victoria suddenly began to go surprisingly well. This meant that Alice does not crawl on their toes permitted.

Unfortunately, Alice had not understood that baby talk was obligatory. You soapy water over my feeds milk feeds. We discovered that it was possible to buy oversized pacifiers. I bought for the baby Alice. That was not enough, Alice has often refused to use his dummy.

Then I got an idea.

We drove Alice and Victoria at the beauty spot we had taken Alice to all these years. We parked a little further away from the store. Victoria has traveled in the stroller.

Both Alice and Victoria wore clothes corduroy style green sweater, the more likely to show their films. They are not sticky, because it was too hot.

Christine pushed my daughter along in a stroller. I stood behind my sister. I’m so close look carefully behind you had the baby to see I kept reins.

The two girls had put their hair in braids with cute ribbon bows. But Alice needs further treatment. When she came to us first she had pierced lip.

We asked the beauty of the place, to remove the piercing.

Now, we have requested that the piercing is replaced. However, there was no need for jewelry. Instead, provided that anchorage for small rings that held the pacifier in place.

Alice spent all treated very well as Victoria. However, there were some differences. Alice took a few small trips on my lap, Christine or Molly. Now Molly was not yet 15 and may not be as strong as I was.

But I think with the power helped to strengthen the status of Alice to spank the shame of such a young teenager.

Now I had a pediatrician luck. Mina Shah had twice care helped to Alice, she was a child the first time. Alice had been difficult and unpleasant. Dr. Shah has also a common practice.

It was therefore possible that the pediatrician after 18 years treated a 10 year old child as 9 years old and search.

Alice second childhood. Second Chance Alice

Dr. Shah was also a friend. She made a phone call from home. She checked Victoria and it was fine. She checked treated on the old 21-year-old than 1 year.

Again, it was fine, but for a diaper rash problem. She was prescribed a cream.

I think the most embarrassing moment Alice was when she was invited to the birthday party of Maria. Maria was the sister Rosemary. Maria was 4. Most children at the party for his age were small. Some of them used as a potty chair, but most of the "big pot used.

They all understand that small Victoria needed layers. Everyone thought that Alice was very pathetic need diapers.

Two weeks before school was to restart we kept the matter to his diet book. A week later, we decided it could be potty trained. We had an oversized baby potty.

For the first two or three days we left him in the actual layers and had asked him for the pot. I think it also helped Victoria Training.

Alice was in fact, almost able to get out of the layers and go to high school on time. But this weekend Alice day accidents. We decided that training pants were needed. We made them specially.

Basically they were plastic pants with cotton terry lining. At night it is absolutely necessary layers until well after his first Christmas in high school. Dr. Shah was a note, so Alice avoid any activity that would be connected before other students exchange.

Jessica went to the same school High School. It was not the most children of his in college. Jessica did not tell the other girls the whole truth about Alice. They did not know about his criminal record.

Jessica did not tell the other children how Alice had spent the summer between junior high and high school. Jessica did not tell them about Alice&special underwear; #. 39

However, Jessica made to ensure that all children know at school, as Alice had done and how little she was trustworthy. All children at school knew that Alice was collected at school and received. Jessica, officially one year younger than Alice actually is 6 years younger announced that the girl in high school with the troubled past to childcare.

Jessica kept secret predamages Alice was quite ironic. Jessica was not to forget, make sure that everyone knew in the class that Alice still drawn on an adult’s lap. Most children of this school had been lost in the past.

I think only one other child in Alice nor I lost.

Alice graduated from high school and at the university. The college was not so much, but too hard to commute. In the summer between school and university Alice had worked in a clothing store. Norma Johnson was in charge of a job,

I felt it was necessary that his employer knew the truth about the past of Alice. I gave him the information. I leaned and her hairbrush.

Mrs. Johnson was promoted to another store nearby had to visit Alice College. Johnson agreed to Alice and accommodation search listing. She clung to the hairbrush.

Alice sees now have a proper career. We ensure that it always has a female boss who knows his history. The old hairbrush Sorority is passed boss to boss.

Alice is doing very well now, he is told.

This story of the international copyright law protected by the author, all rights reserved. If this attached memo written outside found it was published without my permission.

Alice is 18, but acts like a spoiled child. His big sister trade accordingly

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