Always A Lot Of What She Wants

The thick, glistening shaft slipped Cindy in her mouth like a long, sexy snake. When the swollen cockhead cam she bathed in the view, at ict smooth region while looking at her husband.

Rays large naked body was stretched out comfortably on the living room couch. Curly blond hair cushioned his head against the wall. Those blue eyes that were so much venerated closed. His lips were parted. All this combined in a look of expectation bliss.

It never be a better time than now to bring up the subject.

"Ray, for my Valentine yet, you will be asked what I wanted, remember? Now, what I want more than anything else, it is to do with Carlo."

beam&# 39; s eyes opened, and his mouth snapped shut, and he stared down with a look of disbelief. "You want to do what?"

"She asked what I wanted for Valentine&# 39; s Day." Cindy paused to lick the sensitive spot beneath the flared head. "Now, what I want sex with Carlo to have."

"Carlo Labruzzo? Our landlord? The man for whom we work?

You want to screw a bald headed, middle-aged, married guy? I mean, for his age, Carlo&# 39; s in pretty good shape. _him_ But why?"

"because he&# 39; s to be nice, super sweet and with Anna for the last month in Italy, he&# 39; s horny as hell. But above all, it&# 39; s Because he, well," she paused, then we hurried, "He made an absolutely huge cock. Don&# 39; t get me wrong, I love yours, and you. I want to target really what it to find out&# 39; s it like that big to do with."

Ray Looked totally perplexed. "OK. Mind telling me how you know Carlo&# 39; s like a mule hung?"

"Anna told me. Women speak. The problem is, it&# 39; s so great, and they&# 39; s so small, they have problems, you know, in bed.

as I&# 39; m a nurse, she asked my advice, even Showed some pictures themselves. Very impressive."

Ray shook his head. "The idea of ​​two check-out pictures of Carlo&# 39; s hammer is good, just a little perverse."

Cindy took a slowly the length of Ray licking&# 39; s wave grinned then. "It was for medical purposes only, you pervert. I suggéré a few things, you know, different positions and such. The goal went nowhere.

"Anna says she&# 39; s open to anything that might help, aim Carlo&# 39; s very old fashioned. they&# 39; s not, perhaps because they&# 39; s so much younger. The aim is for someone with her looks great and the face you always drooling over, they&# 39; s so shy and a little naive about sex.

"Anyway, neither of ’em is sure what else they do, much less how to do it. That&# 39; s why they only make love in the missionary position."

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"The cuddly little body of Anna&# 39; s Has a serious object of desire, not ask questions. Then I have a purpose very open-minded appreciation of all forms of female beauty," Said Ray, as he atteint Cindy down and caressed&# 39; s firm breasts.

They kissed and he settled back on the couch. "so you can&# 39; re you say&# 39; re afraid of screwing around with their screws, is not it?"

"You-have a way with words," Cindy muttered as she nibbled on the stiff shaft. "Anyway, I didn&# 39; t want to do anything until Anna got back. Gate last weekend he spent in office pegged, flirt and checking me out. I didn&# 39; t mind, of course.

Align the helpless, horny look on his face almost broke my heart. Ray, no shoulds be alone and horny with St. Valentine&# 39; s Day coming."

"MIT and his super schlong this never crossed your mind, right?"

"Oh, you." Her lips encircled the cock head, then began a sensual slide down the smooth shaft. When it again on the verge of coming, she returned to the subject.

"The way I, Balling Carlo would relieve his misery out there help _him_ in bed with Anna and, yes, let me satisfy my curiosity about, you know, something as big. The problem is, it&# 39; s so conservative, comes wouldn only likely _him_&# 39; t work. that&# 39; s why aussi, do, even if things work, I donate&# 39; t see how you could be."

"I had an idea that came, and I don&# 39; t like it. we&# 39; ve always done everything together. I see your target point."

Cindy smiled at her husband. "Have I told you how much I love you, today?"

"Actions speak louder than words, woman."

The long wave disappeared entre Cindy&# 39; s lips. Her cheeks sunk, as it applied strong suction. If Both Ray and his cock shows signs of approaching climax began, she went back to lick the stiff shaft.

"What I&# 39; m thinking about flirting much at first, then the speech is always to sex. The shoulds be easy. The hard hand is abandoned _him_ me know about Anna Told and your problem is, behind every solution I try. When I past that, I&# 39; act ll true professional and say that it might be possible to teach _him_, like what to use all de son to tear without Anna in half."

"And you think you can handle what can Anna&# 39; t?

Cindy nodded. "I&# 39; m taller than she is and more, also. So when I&# 39; m on, it shouldn&# 39; t be a problem. we also have&# 39; ve done a lot and you in this way&# 39; re not just a cocktail frank packaging, you know?"

"God bless you for it." beam&# 39; s voice was not stable. "Sounds like you&# 39; ve, uh, have found it."

"I hope so. Ray Look, I know this sounds strange. the aim is&# 39; s kind of meaning for me.

Not only because of what I&# 39; do d, purpose, because, well, I&# 39; ve always done everything you wanted, when it comes to sex, and I always will. This goal is something I really want in a way to also-do. The goal is just for me, so I won&# 39; t do it if you say it&# 39; s okay."

her infomercial completed, Cindy Caressed the effort shaft with her lips to Ray&# 39; s body began to tremble. She paused and gently licked the purple head.

Ray shook his head and smiled. "Wife, you’re a funny woman, goal I loved by you Love."

"So it’s okay with you?" She asked, before the entire wave to swallow in a long, languid movement.

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"you don&# 39; t play fair," Ray groaned. "Purpose yes it&# 39; s, oh, oh, okay."


Had Carlo and Anna share owners and managers of above-scale apartment complex where Ray and Cindy lived. The three, two-story brick units were built, the full cam with banana trees and fountains around garden courtyards.

Even with her nurse&# 39; s content, it was a bit pricey for ’em. Align the perfect location, in a quiet area entre about halfway les hospital where she worked, and the law school he attended, made it hard to resist. In return for a large cut on her rent, DID Ray repairs while Cindy who worked the evening shift at the office … Helped

The following Saturday was Valentine&# 39; s Day. Cindy Ray woke up early with a sloppy blowjob that become in a long session of lovemaking. Then put together, cuddle and talk about their &# 39; date&# 39; This evening.

She had brought the weekend from the hospital. This evening you wanted for dinner with another couple reviews and then a private family check-out&# 39; s only party to be promis, very interesting.

The subject changed what they hoped with Carlo to do. Said Ray Heard, as a lot more fun than his morning research in the law library, and that he expects a full report.

The office was a nice place to work. Prints of Italy filled the white walls of the converted, one-room apartment. Potted plants were everywhere.

A door HAD Beens entre cut it and the larger Carlo and Anna used next door.

It was a cold, rainy day in the middle of the month and very slow. Cindy was accept as the morning alone, a few phone calls, take a late rent payment, to view the site and erecting. At least they would have beens alone when Carlo hadn&# 39; t stop by Kept.

That was fine, because it gave her flirting ample opportunity.

As usual on Saturdays, you closed at one. She then moved Carlo in his apartment for the end-of-the-day glass of wine, he always insisted on serving.

Cindy had never been-impressed with her own appearance. Granted, Ray said he loved her face her breasts and the people especially always crossing her legs on wanted. brown-eyed brunettes target were not her idea sexy.

Nevertheless, they couldn&# 39; t miss Carlo&# 39; s look of lust and longing as she spoke.

By their second glass of wine, he gasped practical. So she edged the conversation to Valentine&# 39; s Day, then love, followed by gender, and finally the "problem" Anna had mentioned.

Carlo blushed to the tip de son Bald, this goal admis à son by talent and Anna so small was their sex life is very limited. "Anna has learned to endure the pain. You know how it is with a man with me. And we wanted children. Align the doctor&# 39; s say that&# 39; s not to be.

Anyway, I do not try too much to say, you know, in her so it won&# 39; t hurt. Still …"

Cindy nodded with genuine sympathy. "You know, when Anna and I talked about it, told her I could be possible that you have two sex without her bread All DAR. She said I could would do anything to be a blessing. If you want, I can show you how it can be done."

The implication that Anna this offer beneficiaries might not be quite right. Then Anna hadn target&# 39; t objected When Cindy MENTIONED sexual surrogate therapy and Volunteered to see what they might be ble to do about the problem.

The smile on Carlo&# 39; s face seemed a good sign, so Cindy is pressed. "What I&# 39; talking a technical and scientific called Expired sexual surrogate therapy. There are ways you can and Anna have normal sex without bread. I&# 39; ll be happy to show you how. The goal&# 39; s only if it is&# 39; s all right."

As Carlo hesitated, she sat quickly. "Sexual replacement therapy works best in familiar, comfortable environment. Your bedroom would be well. And believe me, we&# 39; d therapy do not cheat on our spouses. Ray knows all about replacement therapy and I&# 39; ve said what Anna said."

From the look on his face, it was obvious sexual replacement therapy to Carlo sounded good. When he nodded, Cindy&# 39; s smile widened. "Good. Let me a few things from my apartment. Why donate&# 39; t, the us some wine and try to relax until I get back."

A few minutes later she returned with a shopping bag, the glass of wine took Carlo offert her, then went into the bedroom. Family pictures thronged the tip of two dressers. An old-fashioned, dark wood, four-poster bed in the room dominated.

It looked perfect, cozy and comfortable ..

Then Cindy saw the crucifix hanging above the bed. Her family was, at best, lukewarm Unitarians. Nevertheless, given the bleak symbol was a jarring what they had hoped to do soon.

When she came out of the bedroom, a white, buttoned-up lab coat and white shoes had her sweater and jeans REPLACED. She regretted not white hose. That would be a nice touch Have-been.

Align the only white stockings, they were tights owned, and something told her that she would not appeal to their audience.

The new dresses surprised Carlo purpose to calm your professional appearance rail _him_. "You look so beautiful. Thank you to do this, for Anna and me."

"it&# 39; s my pleasure. Goal that we really need to get started." She smiled and walked étroitement followed by her first sexual surrogate therapy patients in the bedroom.

Once inside, Cindy Carlo sits on the edge of the bed. She paused, and _him_ said that Began before the primary therapy, significantly, it was the patient in a receptive mood was to ensure for the treatment. "it&# 39; s was critical therapeutic step. The aim of the process is used to therapist therapist, and patient to patient.

Process I&# 39; ve is picked up a bit personally want shoulds be effective. And, well, it&# 39; s aussi a thank you for all kindnesses and Anna-have shown me and Ray."

With this, she began to unbutton her lab coat. When the last open cam, she turned her back to Carlo and let slip the jacket shoulders. After he threw on a chair, she turned nothing casual footwear and a slightly nervous smile transmits back. Carlo gasped as he looked at her naked body riveted.

When he just look on, Cindy moved closer, placed Took ou ordinary hands in hers and em on hips, then _him_ Encouraged something to enjoy he saw and liked. When he hesitated, she said in a teasing voice that could hurt her feelings if he didn&# 39; t try all the things to their bodies had to offer.

In consideration of this authorization, Began Carlo act with a fabulous new toy as a child. Shy at first, then with more authority, he caressed her breasts and bottom, played with her inner thighs and explored the patch of curly brown hair that adorned her pussy. As Cindy he suggéré might like to taste her breasts, he quickly took her invitation.

After a few minutes always dreis petting, Cindy leaned away and looked down Carlo "The aim of this isn&# 39; t fair, I&# 39; m all the fun. Why donate&# 39; t you relax for a minute and let me have a turn?"

Carlo grinned, leaning on his hands back, and watched as Cindy knelt His muscular legs entre. The large bulge in his khaki pants, her Valentine&# 39; s are the, unpacked was inches away, finished. She tried not to rush, trying to take their time and failed to be seductive, goal.

The cock was too long and stiff pull through the open zipper. If Carlo&# 39; s pants in a heap on the floor were, she still had to unsnap his boxers before they reliably extract a price. When it jumped into view, Cindy Knew HAD beens well spent their time.

Ann&# 39; s Photos hadn&# 39; t done the monster of justice. It was enormous, Target was there it was more than just size, but that’s almost intimidating. The long, thick shaft curved gently upward until, many inches later, on a big uncut head ended demanded that practical attention.

As they studied this trophy, Cindy&# 39; twisted s stomach churned with excitement.

She took a deep breath and tried professional, goal couldn sounding&# 39; t nor the excited tremor in her voice. "Carlo, I think it&# 39; s time, the, uh, to start therapy. The first thing to do, both manufactured by us to obtain. OK?"

For the next few minutes Cindy Carlo tries to give a blowjob. Align the faucet&# 39; s oversized dimensions done their job almost impossible. Just get the gigantic head entre her lips and teeth was a struggle.

It was once secured in the mouth, it was still hard it more than make small movements to do with the head. It was a long way from the big bubbles, they&# 39; planned d, target Carlo rail happy.

The churning in her stomach and the burning Had in her snout not be followed by the displacement of their rendezvous with Carlo&# 39; s massive member. After a last, licking a long time, she stood Carlo helped and remove his shirt.

Although built on the short side, it was like a wrestler with a big box and well-muscled arms. Only the occasional white hair hinted at his age. It was easy to see how he&# 39; d to the much younger Anna Attracted.

"Part of the therapy your includes a new position shoulds learn that make you and Anna help of natural love. Instead you The big deal in her always to be at the top and driving, I&# 39; will show you how you can be on top. as soon as you&# 39; ve taught her how it&# 39; s done, they&# 39; ll be more comfortable and you shoulds be ble back and enjoy the ride to place. Now I want to put you on your back in the middle of the bed."

Carlo Looked skeptical goal Followed orders. Cindy took a tube of lubricant from her bag, then crawled into bed beside _him_. "The first thing we need to do both, we ready. As big as you are, this is very important with Anna.

there&# 39; s no reason you could not&# 39; t do this for themselves. The goal could be more fun if I do it for you. OK?"

There were no objections. As Carlo watched with growing excitement, Cindy filled her palm with lubricant, and began to spread it over the massive cock. It trembled in response to her touch.

The cock head so large it filled her hand, got an extra thick coating.

As Carlo shrank the favor when returning, Cindy decided not on the print destination _him_ very clinical Will. She knelt on one knee, her pussy only inches from his face. "Carlo, this is very important. When Anna&# 39; s too shy to do it yourself, you must help her. So pay attention to what I do to."

It was a senseless command. Carlo gaped as Cindy itself lubricates Began. When a big glob in her pussy Slipped he gasped and she worried he might have a heart attack-or right then come.

Anxious to avoid disaster either, finished them quickly. "that&# 39; s about all there for the preparatory part. Of course, some couples spend much more time on it than we do. Whatever you and Anna feel comfortable with is fine.

Anyway, if you&# 39; re ready, I think it&# 39; s time we stopped prepaid and began to practice. Don&# 39; You t?"

Carlo Swallowed and nodded, staring Cindy have spread His hips. A sudden booking via swept them than they on the big cock like some giant snake entre her legs poised looked down.

She shook her head, as if he were to break the spell, and then Looked at Carlo "Are you ready?"

It was a stupid question. Carlo was very willing. Without taking his eyes off her body do, he nodded and emphatic, yes.

"All right, let&# 39; s start, then. Why donate&# 39; t you help by your erection to me the objective?" Within seconds, Carlo had its tail pointed Towards her pussy.

"Fine. Now, let me, uh, do the rest." Cindy wondered if Carlo had noticed the tremor in her voice. From the look on his face, he&# 39; d not heard for some time.

After one last look at what she expected, she took a deep breath and moved Began down towards the huge cock.

Later she wasn&# 39; t how much sour Carlo received therapy aimed Cindy sure was what they&# 39; d get – one hell of a fucking. It started with the fingers around the slippery, flared cock head wound, performing it. Towards her pussy churning As soon as the head touched her pubic hair, it seemed a life of icts to develop their own, rooting entre her labia for the way of searching.

Once the opening was, pushed the head icts way past her lips in her anxiously goal stretched oh so eager body.

Both with fear and excitement, Cindy felt the walls of her vagina stretch as the great head forced icts way deeper into always. It felt like a huge log was run to her.

Cindy est devenu banned as after-inch inch thick shaft sank deeper into her pussy. Although she sat on the Carlo, whenever it is to pull up trying to pull rail some force her back to his huge pole. Each time and slid back, she took more and more of this incredible cock.

It was merciless, open Splitting always’ wider and triggers waves of erotic agony and ecstasy. There was no pause, no terrain, until the entire length was somehow become in her trembling body embedded.

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Before Cindy could catch her breath, Began Carlo in their inflation. Each deep and powerful boost with the huge cockhead ended contre slamming her cervix, setting out explosions of sharp pain. Cindy UNLESS realized that she could out of control, could Carlo bruise or maybe even damage their organs.

"Uh, tell Carlo, oh, oh, you know you&# 39; re about as deep as I can, oh, how I can stand. Just, ah, relax and uh, lay back and let me do all that – Oh, God – all the work. OK?

You’re welcome." After this pussy-wrenching last thrust, he met.

Now that she could pace, it wasn&# 39; t that hard to find a good rhythm. up and down on his huge cock There were a few, stunning to false starts she leaned the best position Discovered so far forward, Carlo could nibble on her breasts while her hips Kept pounding. There was in this position, no pain, just a steady onslaught of incredible sensations.

Each jump back, the long, thick shaft was a sensual adventure. The huge head felt like a fist up and down to move into her vagina. Carlo could be middle-aged and balding, thick shaft His goal she was beyond belief, while the huge cock went head stretching where no had ever gone before.

Two quick, intense orgasms rail her body to contract the large pole. They left their hot, sweaty, panting and more purpose want. It was on the way.

With a strangled cry, arched Carlo go up His cock back into new depths within Cindy. The shock of that wild thrust ignited Reviews another highlight. My body jerked upright, pressure on them, even more battered pussy.

As Cindy groaned under the force of their own heartbreaking orgasm Carlo Emitted year animal-like sound and pumping began his long pent-up load deep within its curving body. They merged in a lover&# 39; s nodes sharing mess&# 39; s passion. Then still sighed one last gentle push by Carlo and collapsed back on the bed.

Moments later, Cindy shook like a rag doll, then collapsed on the exhausted Carlo.

Some time later, she began to gently descend from Carlo. deep with a loud plop, now being still pliable long goal Hahn Emerged in her body and then sat on his stomach. There was a favor, sleepy, claiming look on his face.

As she dressed, Cindy looked at _him_ and smiled. "You SCCM enjoyed the therapy. I&# 39; m glad. I&# 39; d never done it."

"They were wonderful," Said Carlo. "Now I can&# 39; t wait for my Anna to come back."

When she shaky to her own apartment Walked, Cindy touching her belly, the feelings still in her amazement. She hoped that Ray wasn&# 39; t home. it&# 39; d give her time to clean up and composes himself and think about _him_ to tell what.

But of course, Ray was home.

When she saw come with a glass of wine from the kitchen _him_, Cindy leaned back against the door. The carrying bag with the coat and white shoes slipped from her numb fingers. She closed her eyes.

How could Ray to respond?

"here," He said, it offers wine, "You must have probably a little more, this goal-do."

She took a long drink, Said, "Thank you. That I needed," Then her husband studied&# 39; s face over the edge. he&# 39; s trying to be nice, but I think he&# 39; s hurt, or angry.

After all, he can only guess what just happened. I&# 39; m not me-even sour. Target I’m upset my pussy still throbbing from Carlo&# 39; s tail.

And the whole thing was all my idea, not his. Carlo&# 39; s a sweet man, and perhaps what I will really have to help _him_ and Anna. The goal was all that I wanted to find out what it felt to get something that big pushed me into it. Well, I found everything from fine.

Boy, have I ever ordered out. She smiled at the memory, and finished her wine.

Ray atteint for the glass. "so, how&# 39; d it go?"

"There were a few times I thought it might be more than I could handle. But I think it was worth it. No that&# 39; s not true.

The whole thing was just amazing. Not that I want to repeat. No thanks. Something big that limits what you can do, at least what I could do. As Anna has managed to keep everyone happy _him_ thesis years, is beyond me.

Purpose perhaps, what I did today is’ em help. I don&# 39; t know."

Ray nodded. "I suppose, to take a sexologist Its a lot of or person, in this case, have a lot in. All That target after-meat, well, things here could sccm fairly tame."

The sudden scores of uncertainty in Ray&# 39; s voice made her heart leap. Told her it louder than any words, how much they _him_ Meant. And it reminded how much she needed his love. "Ray, would you please," Knew that she begged didn target&# 39; t care, "Hug me and say you still love me."

Ray smiled and wrapped her in his arms. "Okay, I love you. and I&# 39; m sorry about that smile, I can aim&# 39; t ask help if some other guy ever that a son woman said in this particular situation?"

Cindy giggled and snuggled closer. "Who knows? something&# 39; s possible to Valentine&# 39; s Day. Which reminds me, you have not&# 39; t your gifts get even."

"Gifts? So where are they, woman?"

"Don&# 39; t impatient. I threw you a give this evening shoulds you really like. They aim&# 39; ll have-to wait a few weeks on the special gift." Cindy looked at her husband with a big, knowing smile. "You see it&# 39; s in Italy. Anna gave us a Valentine&# 39; s card with a note.

She says if all went well with Carlo&# 39; s treatment, and it did,&# 39; d like to try some one-on-one therapy, want from you.

"Happy Valentine&# 39; s Day, my dear."

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Carlo middle-aged and balding could, thick shaft she was his goal beyond belief Stretching …

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