Amateur Dance – You Give Me Butterflies

Mature Amateur

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  1. This track really fits an end of a set, when the energy has reached a plateau and needs some melodic, chilled but also subtly hefty beat to keep the crowd entertained (kinda like the encore that Jody played at the end of his Anjunadeep Edition 100 set!). I think it illustrates AD's trademark sound really well, but can't say that this is my favourite in the compilation… nice and clever work if that was the intended output of this project though!

  2. Anjunadeep Explorations 01 was astounding, which is one of the reasons why I was looking forward to Anjunadeep Explorations 02 (another being that it's Anjunadeep!), especially Amateur Dance (name recognition).
    I don't enjoy any mix of Tuesday Maybe (it's catchy, though not good), yet I was really looking forward to this.
    Unfortunately, every mix is trash, especially AD's. I nonetheless look forward to their next releases.
    This song is trash.

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