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  1. You're saying that, yet the English have massacred the Zulus, Pakistanis and each country that rebelled during our rule when we were colonial. We also, until recently, have followed America into a pointless war. I'm English and lived here my entire life. There's a difference between arrogance and what you want to believe. On another note, we're not all like we were. England is still full of decent people and people that wish to correct the past and our ancestors.

  2. Can people in the comments stop speaking for their nation as a whole? Yes, I am from England and there are plenty off idiots knocking about, but not all of us are… Can you guys stop hating on nationalities as a whole and just focus that hate on the actual dicks that gave you that opinion?!

  3. Your country illegally make nuclear warheads, you don't deny you stone gay people, the population of Jews are oppressed, I have never been to Iran and based my argument upon stereotypes, England has a lot of idiots but we're not all cunts and I am definitely not a narrow-minded moron when your judging the U.K. by it's government when we give money to developing countries around the world.

  4. Dude shut up this argument has finished.
    Anyway, you're a narrow-minded moron who is trying to judge a country by it's Government, as most Iranians are quite liberal. You can't deny that your country has just as many idiots.
    Iran has a large Jewish population and since when has Iran been famous for terrorists? Again you're being racist and confusing us with other nearby countries.
    And finally, that was racist to assume that I'm a Muslim, which I'm not, as I stated in my previous comment.

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