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  1. Boys boys. Only wee dicks can't touch the sides, come away up to Glasgow ..we invented comatose.
    Love your song by the way, Dolly Parton the Sheep…do you do hair transplants?

  2. Who wrote this rob newman! I bet they support him on tour which doesn't include playing manchester after his little comment on stage in 1991 in the shaftsbury theatre!! I was going to buy a fucking cd of theirs but they can piss of now beephobic arseholes!! Are women may or may not be a bit easy but it's better than their stuck up poncey anorexic bitches, who would split completely in two the minute they get a bit of a REAL northern fat wide sausage portion in them! Instead of southern scrivelled up tiny whelk!!!!

  3. They didn't mention Durham. I think that means there's a chance that people from Durham aren't riddled with disease. I'm SO FUCKING IN THERE.

  4. You're confusing Yorkshire with the North lads. That place is a shithole, stay on the west of the Pennines and you're fine. I agree the south is full of fairies though!

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