amazing knock out 25 seconds amateur boxing will slater

Mature Amateur

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  1. Very nice haha why all the haters he hit him with a right upper curt with a left hook.  He would have practiced that combination over 500 times minimum over months of training before that fight why are you not giving him props?  What weight are these guys londonk9academy1234

  2. How was that impressive ???? The only thing impressive about this is that he Knocked the kid down with padded gloves and head gear on lol You  Must not had known that during a Match you should keep your chin  IN . His chin Was much more than exposed while he Was finishing kid …. 

  3. Why all the haters? Considering the kid in the blue was just swinging wildly, I thought the dude in the red stayed pretty composed until he saw some openings and just let them fly.

  4. Amateurs rarely slip punches you fucking twats. When you first start out its all about trading punches, but none of you ignorant cunts would know anything about boxing now would you?

  5. left right left right left right left right,

    Nice combinations bro, minus the fact that you threw the exact same shots the entire time.

    Not taking anything away from him in the sense that it was two 15 year olds amatuer boxing but someone who can bob and counter left is going to fuck that kid up

  6. Yea even tyson was walking up and down the street and felt like running away when he was about to have his 1st fight. BUT the title of this video is AMAZING KO which is fucking bullshit both these nigga suck the big one! FUCK YOU

  7. Both have heart for fighting but the trainers should know when to put their boxers in the ring and when their not ready. That trainers a dick for throwing in the towel like that lmao .

  8. What the heck are you guys talking about. The kid in blue obviously got freaked out and started doing random punches and flailing around but the kid in the red had straight punches and the left hook he took the kid down with was a thing of beauty. Pause it at 2:13 and you'll see his front foot has pivoted and his waist has twisted with it. A beautiful hook!!!! How bout we encourage instead of automatically rip down aye ya dickwads.

  9. Get in the ring, and tell me a different story. I'm sure they trained hard, but even coaches agree that the first fight is haymakers. Once the cobwebs are shaken off, than you can start harbouring boxing skills. Its not "professional" boxing, it's "amateur". I had my first fight last saturday and I tried my best to keep the boxing skills going, but the other guy was just throwing haymakers.

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