AMD making new CPUs – WAN Show June 1 2018

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  1. Luke, did you forget about the Star Citizen LTT Conglomerate org that has over 3,000 members, that you tweeted about when it started? And the LTT subforum for Star Citizen? And that you have worn a Squadron 42 shirt in a video?

  2. For the school shooting game.

    Let's be fair, sucking virtual boobs is much better than simulating school shooting. The idea of Violence is ok but porn is bad is just downright weird. As for GTA comparison, shooting hooker and get money back is not a thing, but school shooting is. It's like how 911 isn't supposed to be a game, cause it actually happened and it's a tragedy. Sure 20 years later it might be, but you get the point.

  3. Can we start having relevant titles to all of the videos?? This is starting to get ridiculous when you add in a clickbaity title and it doesn't even have anything relating to that content inside the video. Your other videos are titled like "I'm overwhelmed…" and it's just about fucking RGB???? Maybe put that shit in the title? If there was a proper alternative I'd rather watch them; unfortunately you're one of the only channels who sometimes provides decent information but presents it in the most douche style way. I'll put up with your own personal ads being in your video but you gotta actually label the videos correctly.

  4. So you're against that game. I can get that. But what if you show us your Steam library. I'll eat a spoon of wasabi if you don't have at least one game similar to that. You would be a hypocrite.

  5. So you haven't talked much about AMD's new TR CPU…
    Don't worry Dennis, the mainland China warmly welcomes every peace-loving visitor from other side of Taiwan Straits 🙂
    [P.S. Trying to set two sides apart actually violates the constitutions of both PRC and ROC

  6. what about the AMD CPUs ?There wasn't mutch more than the title in on of Linus' sentence at the beginning during these, well, stresstalk .English is not my mother's language. Sorry for some errors

  7. The "it's topical" argument doesn't seem very sound, since it's always topical in there, it's like saying you can't make a war game because there are always war going on in other countries and there are families being affected by it. Not saying anything on favor of the school shooting, just that that argument has no weight unless it only takes on account the feelings of Americans.

  8. It's always funny to me when you contextualize prices. For instance, Gibson sells 22 different guitars that are over $10,000 each. The most expensive one is $23,000. The Star Citizen package is only worth about 3 of the Gibson Byrdland, which is a relatively affordable $9,199.

  9. Shut the fuck up linus. Cut the bullshit talk and get to the point. You annoying twat. Also, your title claims 'AMD making new cpus' but there is no mention of it your pointless jibber jabber. You are a shittel and gimpvidia fannyboy. Keep sucking those blue and green dicks. That is all you are good at.

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