AMD’s 32 Core FU to Intel

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  1. a typical gamer or pc-user has no need for 28 or 32 cores.
    but it could be usefull for a server, with many requests (high load),
    or some special software like boinc or video rendering.

  2. Kind of wish that HP was available in a non-x360 model. Not really a fan of 2-in-1s. Also, what's up with having to go to manufacturer websites to actually find models with the Ryzen 7 chip? Retailers are only selling Ryzen 5 models >.>

  3. I would not buy a high core count CPU until ram prices are reasonable again, and that is regardless of cpu brand. If electricity is no problem i'd rather go with old used server parts and get ultra cheap ram at $1 per gig.

  4. ADD THUNDER FUCKING BOLT!! None of those AMD laptops have it and being able to charge my laptop and phone from the same charger is so much more useful than it sounds. 2x thunderbolt and 1 USB 3.1 is how laptops should be made.

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