Among My Friend Mama In The Kitchen

My bestfriend # 039; s Mom in the kitchen

"Age … I’m so PUMPED !!!" My friend Travis cried over the phone when I watched TV.

It was mid-July here in Massachusetts, and we are 2 days away from the highlight of my summer, a heavy metal festival come by. Travis and I have-since about friends 2 and a half years at this point even coming to town high school from a public school and becoming friends with _him_ because of our common musical taste. We are very similar in many ways, extremely high as for our time be (we are both 16, I’m 6’5 and he is 6’3), a passion for video games and very strange sense of humor.

Despite my height and I as good looks to be decent, I’ve never really-was popular with the ladies because of my social awkwardness and something a bit overweight. I’m not anywhere near obese, drank enough meat on the bone to be a force to be reckoned with. Due to my sheer size people always ask what sport I play, and I am always ashamed to say that I do not play, because I too lazy. Purpose whatsoever, one with the story …

The plan was to hang me on the day before the feast in his home, sleep over and then go in the morning.

I pointed at his home in the afternoon upward and remained indoors because of how hot it was. We spent most of our time video games and various moisturizing games in preparation for the 12 Hours of metal that lay ahead during what was to be the hottest day of summer said.

In early evening Travis’ mom came home from work and check the cams on us. Mrs. Anders was not your standard "MILF", although a very attractive woman.

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She had Travis at a late age, so she was in her early fifties and had a very natural shine to her. She was a small woman with just over 5 feet (Travis got his height from his father) and was physically fit for a lot of movement. She had shoulder-length gray hair (they did not bother to die there), medium sized breasts perky, and a small, tight-looking ass.

Travis’ father was a traveling manager and only home about once a week, qui they Meant probably sexual needs were not being, and puts added a factor to her flirtations. We were very friendly, especially because it was my quirky sense of humor in line, and I think it was something in me.

She sat down on a chair at the side of the couch Travis and I were there with us while we Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty killed about their day Talked. I could not help noticing want spread her legs slightly apart, as she spoke, and I could see right up her skirt work.

Her smooth, toned thighs led to bright white panties she wore. I could see the outline of her pussy against the fabric of the panty and Heard make buzz as I feel a good amount of blood lust from my head to my cock. I had to adjust, as I sat at my boner to hide something away from noted goal I have Could-sworn it once or twice glanced at my right groin while we talked.

Finally, she left to do their own thing while continuing Travis and I went to play video games.

When the cam time to go to bed, it was decided that I would one year air pump mattress to sleep, is ground ‘Travis. I was fine with this really do not want anyway because of the amount of anticipation sleep on the concert I could had.

After several hours in bed staring at the ceiling, I heard Mrs. Anders crawl out of her room and down the stairs. I decided that is would be a good opportunity to grab a drink of water and talk to my friend’s mother, so I. Out of the room and downstairs Slipped

When I choked the door of the kitchen atteint almost to what I saw. Mrs. Anders at 90-degree angle bent almost a fill above the sink a glass with water, a T-shirt two sizes too small and carry absolutely NOTHING below the waist! I had a perfect view of her ass in all ict gloss, cheeks looked silky smooth and firm, while her asshole to keep tight enough Looked a pen in position.

I was most of her pussy qui see a bright shade of pink was and rail a bit wet. Absolutely stunned by what I have seen, I have a single step back directly into a coffee table. The slight noise made Mrs. Anders unarched Suddenly her back and turned around, dropped her half-full glass of water in the sink. Her face red est devenu purpose you move a muscle not-for yourself how the water ran behind her.

We stood there, absolutely petrified, staring down mess. Finally, I broke the contact and stared at the rest of her body, qui included her gray Busch and her amazing perky breasts close contre her shirt down. A little water we had to get it, and I could see her areolas in full glory, qui made my mouth water quite a bit. Knowing that the lack of language and its movement was pretty much an invitation to take them for my own, I made my way slowly yet intently through the kitchen on it. They looked at my chest, as I approached.

"Dave …" she whispered when I cam within a few inches.

She put her hand on my heart out as she looked at my face, and I could see nothing pure profit lust in her eyes. She started to say something before they could target, I atteint effortlessly around her and took a handful of her ass in his hand to pull her up to my body. Something she moaned when I took her chin my other hand and Lifted her face to mine, and pressed her lips to mine.

Their kiss was initially reluctant, eventually target until our tongues ouvert up swarms other mouth were both in a torrent of passion and sexual tension. After half a minute or so I pulled my hand out of her ass on the way to her pussy groping, qui I began to rub without penetration. Mrs. Anders groaned into my mouth, as I did, and my hand soaked cams away from moisture of her pussy. She responded by my boxers reached in and wrapped her hand around the base of my thick 6-inch penis, and slowly her hand up and down, move it.

This sent me into a state of pure sexual overdrive, so I moved my hands on her hips and turned her around and pressed vigorously on her upper back to the front, to force them to bow over the sink. She turned her head and mumbled "sure to make the stay-ohhhhh …." She let out a deep, guttural moan as I pushed my cock quickly straight up her pussy and began slamming against the sink. My cock slid easily in and out of her pussy due to the amount of juices was they emit and the precum flowing out of my head. Every time I hit her a wave of skin went through her ass and she stifled what seemed like an endless stream of moans. I atteint forward and grabbed one of her breasts from behind and then began Nipple Tugging, while I continued to fuck her doggy style.

These evaluations was the point of no return her how I felt my cock squeezing her cunt like a hand and a burst of juice in my bush leaked. She turned her head and looked at me with a slight grin on her face and said: "I did not-as fucked since college …"

I had not yet come, target-performance as soon as I had plans.

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While Mrs. Anders standing over the sink panting I bent down and picked it from the bottom, so I Puts When I keep one hand under the knee and below the neck. I went back up the stairs and into her room and threw them on the bed. She could not respond, as I was her because of her in the hallway sleep treatment, so I turned around and closed the door, satisfy the hopping dignity as sound barrier. I turned reviews on the bed and woman

Was Anders kneeling in the middle of the bed just staring at me.

I rushed down a few feet away and landed right on her and surprised her as she giggled apparent and began to kiss my neck. I slipped my hand under her and turned her around so that she was lying flat on his stomach and I was directly above her. This position made it possible for her to stretch her asshole and offer too much would Closer has fucking much. I ground my cock entre her ass cheeks as she ground her ass back in my step, and I began to feel light headed.

I moved enough on her tight little asshole to spit, and continued to do what I need. I squeezed my cock head to her anus ouvert contre until finally little door ICT and let me in. Mrs. Anders let out a little scream, as my cock slowly slid into her asshole and went all the way to the base.

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She gasped as I gave her a break from the pounding I wanted to give her. She held her breath, and I immediately started in her asshole bumping and after about 15 seconds she began to scream and cry. She was forced against the flat bed through my body while my cock quickly her ass beat like it was nothing.

I could start to feel a little more liquid to help the penetration, probably a mixture of my precum and soon felt almost as natural as vaginal sex fuck her ass. I grabbed a clump of her hair and pulled her head up as I until I practically vibrated thrust quickly into her asshole Began from pure speed.

I could feel my orgasm ripped through my body like a freight train, and I pumped after-spray of pure semen in Mrs. Anders’ asshole. Finally, I pulled my cock out of her ass and lay in bed next to her, while she gasped for breath on the pillow next to me.

I looked over and saw it was a good size holes in the pad bits Some had to prevent prevention, to shout from too loud. She looked at me and whispered, "Thank you" as I slowly stood up and got back into my boxers. I left them on her bed wheezing lying naked, and I slipped into back Travis’ room and sat on my air mattress.

This morning I left before she came out of her room, but every time I saw them, as has-been pretty normal. We have-nots had an opportunity to fuck as we since then, she’s been reliable target me a blow here and there to sneak when our paths happen en ce que house to cross.

A story about how I fucked my friend first&# 39; s elderly mother …

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