Amy Winehouse – Wake Up Alone

Mature Amateur

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  1. This will always be Amy's best song to me. She was a lyrical mastermind dude. All of the words relating to liquid (alcohol i like to think) like, flood, soak, swim, bay, pour, spill, drown, bathe, drip. Shit dude.

  2. None of her surroundings took care of her, nor the parasite of her husband and not even the useless ones of her parents, what anger! we have lost her for their fault, his father only wanted his money, a disgusting person, he should be ashamed of himself!!

  3. Hoy hace 6 años nos dejaste. Te fuiste dejando letras increíbles que por lo menos a mi me permiten expresar mis sentimientos a través de tu música que es magia. No hay un día que no te escuche, llenan cada espacio vacío los acordes más lindo. Te extraño y me arrepiento de no haberte escuchado antes. Por siempre Amy❤

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