An Erotic Las Vegas Trip, Part 1

This review was not something we planned that. After all, a boss shoulds never an affair with a subordinate. Target it happened, and I can&# 39; t say that I regret it.

Let me start with the situation. My name is John Eltimon, and I&# 39; m the director of a small food distribution company in Los Angeles.

This story During a trip I had taken at random at a sales exhibition in Las Vegas recently. Show This is the people, the food sold in vending machines to sell and try to convince serve thousands of small businesses that the machine to buy their food. It is one of the shows more beautiful, because you can try a supplement of ten pounds in just a few days before going.

Like most industrial fairs, but you are on your feet eight hours a bag dragged literature, talking to salespeople and after booth babes lusting.

I flew to Las Vegas Wednesday Evening Review: had an uneventful flight (except for TSA These assholes an expensive set of headphones to steal from my luggage) Took a taxi to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and checked. Quite a comfortable room: Large king-size bed, granite bathroom with a glass shower and a hot tub, large flat-screen TV. The only thing that was missing, my favorite beer in the minibar, a six-pack and a burger was determined that a quick call to order in room service.

While waiting for room service, I moved to my skivvies down and lay on the bed. One of the few pleasant things about business is alone in a hotel – my wife treated me very well, purpose Sometimes just a burger I want a beer, and no one around but me and Big John. Most guys understand, although many women donation&# 39; t: it doesn&# 39; t matter how you good sex life is, sometimes a guy just to polish his own sword.

Nobody knows better, what feels good, and in a hotel room away from home, you don&# 39; t worry about having the wife or girlfriend or kids that bother you.

Since the dinner was on the way, I just atteint in my skivvies and massaged the boys a little – always good feels them space to give some breathing space. I turned on the tube to see what the hotel was offering porn. A few "pairs" Flicks (way too much dialogue!) And has "Best of Asia Carrera" Compilation.

I love this dark-haired Asians purpose of beating only $ 19.99?

Room service arrived, so I threw over some shorts and a T-shirt, then opened the door. A cute Latina Brought in my dinner and beer. She had on tight black pants – what a nice ass!

I have for dinner, you tipped well, and pretty much drooling, as I saw it go cute butt out the door.

jumped to a beer, slugged it down ouvert other reviews and ate my burger and fries. Now to the point. The cute Latina butt me brown meat want something, so I thought, "what the hell is my usage charged the $ 20 to climb my rocks." Moreover, the hotel&# 39; s system can start and the movie for 12 hours of not more, when you order it, so I thought I could be a pair of out jollies from it.

I the Asia Carrera Flick ordered, stripped to nothing down and sat against the headboard of the bed – completely naked, a beer in one hand and Big John in the other – life could be worse!

gift compilations&# 39; t waste time on gold stud dialogue, Asia as soon sucking a dude&# 39; s tail that looked to be about ten inches long. I&# 39; will not lie about my size – I&# 39; m pretty average – so this guy looked to me like he had a salami hang in there. I started my balls massaged when I saw Asia give a great blowjob – first slowly around the head de son lick cock, then lick up and down the shaft.

You would His penis run every few minutes, leaving their nice and tits bounce up and down his chest. After pausing for some lotion on her tits so it was nice and slippery.

Tell the guy could be in his mouth, was dying, tease _him_ goal to lick Kept, sucking and then his balls in her mouth. One could I-just explodes think about how much that must have felt. Meanwhile my tool was purpose with full attention, I teased me not to touch my cock through my nuts just to massage.

If Asia and finally the mouth over the head ouvert went down de son cock, I began lightly on the bottom of my shaft rub. Meanwhile, a bead of precum would come out of my dick.

Then Asia started to do this guy, what I think is the best of all. Not the cleaner suction that some women think feels good – it&# 39; s a penis, no detergents! No, the slow, torturous, up-and-down of a woman&# 39; s lips on my shaft, The&# 39; s, what feels good.

Asia wasn&# 39; t suck, slowly moving her head up and down the guy&# 39; s thick, sometimes your mouth from time to lick at the top, gold Sometimes sucking on a de son balls.

Just like the guy who get the bubbles from Asia, I was fucking getting excited. I finally wrapped my hand around my cock and started to pump. Slowly, not too tight, target all the way up and down, while my other hand massaged my balls.

I was trying to try this as long as I could be protracted, goal I was always close to Cumming, and it wasn&# 39; t for 15 minutes in the film, which cost twenty US dollars!

I want to say that I survived the guy on the screen – hell, it was just me and my hand, and he had this gorgeous babe sucking on his knob! But I was getting close when the camera panned down entre Asia&# 39; s long, dark legs, and focused on her hand to massage their own treats. Man oh man!

Nothing hotter than a woman to do, and they slowly caress her own slot feels to see me right over the edge. was in a few seconds I squirted guy goo all over my body, my hand, my chest and the quilt. I&# 39; m old enough 50 That can I&# 39; t the ceiling hit more (ok, I cam only close-as a teenager), purpose It was a damn good orgasm.

completed shortly after Big John makes me feel good, the man let go of the screen. I hate this crap today where, like a man near Cumming gets, he jumps up and kicks to the woman from. The ain&# 39; real life t – if a child wants to make a lollipop from Big John, I expect that they enjoy the creamy center!

Fortunately kept bobbing Asia in this film his head, and when he cam she let it expire only at the sides of her mouth. After Reviews another fifteen seconds or so, she pulls her head back and that gives _him_ beautiful smile with cum dripping her chin down. Very very nice!

I turned on the TV and tidied my mess with the top sheet from. After a long day and a satisfying orgasm, I turned off the light and fell asleep.


I work in the morning as usual – Rested refreshed, and with a hard-on. A quick trip to Bath has nothing to calm my best friend. So simple I lay back down, again began the porn film out, I had enough time for a repeat performance.

I won&# 39; t bore you with all the details, but this time Asia and some blonde chick it wanted: Asia was on the edge of a couch, legs outstretched, and the blonde was kneeling on the floor in Asia lapping away&# 39; s twat. The blonde had broad, fake tits Obviously qui no turn for me, their goal observe tongue up and down Asia&# 39; s cute little cunt manicured WAR. Asia was massaging her own breasts, they pull and lick her nipples and obviously enjoy.

The blond licked slowly up and down the full length of Asia&# 39; s slot, stopping every few strokes to wiggle her tongue to the left and across Asia&# 39; s love button.

I was pretty busy the Sami last night and stroking my cock slowly massaged my balls with the other hand and let to build the tension. Two girls together something that people like MOST, it aims&# 39; s I imagine more difficult for me to me,&# 39; m in the image if its offer two women to. Still, I was always stroking much pleasure from my cock while watching some serious carpet munching.

Within about ten minutes more I was very excited, and then the girls switch positions: Asia lick on his knees Some blonde pussy.

A few minutes of this, and in turn swung the camera around behind Asia and enlarges on her own frigging. Would she run her slit with a finger up and down, then it is in slip, then pull it out and try again, and looked it acidic enough to wet me! Few seconds of this and I was cumming again, making a mess on the leaves.

What a great way to start the day!

I got up, made my morning ablutions, and went out to the fair.


It was a useful day at the fair, although very long and tiring. Some I help connections with a torque of companies that could some of our operations, PLC reviews and tried a variety of new foods sales. I learned to just go to the food samples years ago – as good as it sounds to have an almost unlimited supply of candy, chocolate, dessert cake, and so on, if you everything they eat you offer, you get sick of lunch.

So I was picky about what I ate, called Expired Few beef my lunch remain samples and remained on the ground for a solid 8 hours,. About half of the show Must have nearly two hundred stalls, Talked visited so many people. When I Hotel shuttle left and took back, I was lost.

I have from the shuttle and opted for a skin magazine pick in a hotel shop. There is no point in spending reviews more $ 20 for a porn movie if $ 7 buys a magazine that doesn&# 39; t expire in 12 hours. I scooped the title and took a Club International up – one of my favorites because they have hardcore images frequently, the more typical softcore stuff.

Flipping through I have a toy pushing on their back a view of a gorgeous brunette – the&# 39; s my kind of picture!

I took the magazine added and further reviews Six-Pack (much cheaper than the store through room service) and went on at checkout. I was waiting for the guy in front of me to pay when it happened.

"Hey, John, looks like you&# 39; re prepared for the evening!"

I spun around. , , oh my gawd – one of the women who worked in my office standing behind me, check my beer and porn like, and grinning ear to ear!

"Ginger. , , what. , , what the hell are you doing !? here" I stammered, trying to try my purchases, my hands to hide by my back individual, as I could feel my face red. Ginger Pacer is a cute brunette gal who works as a warehouse manager in my company. I hadn&# 39; t have a clue what they are doing at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Oh, John, gift&# 39; t be embarrassed – a six-pack and a girlie like for a guy are typically away from home. I&# 39; m on vacation this week, and I&# 39; m flying to Cincinnati tomorrow to visit my mother. My friend Sally would come with me, so we opted for a day in Las Vegas, her goal and she noticed several ribs broke last week to play, so she had to stay at home. So I&# 39; ve a day to myself had in Sin City."

I think, it&# 39; s not surprising, it is viewed with a shit-eating grin my position. She works in a warehouse with a bunch of rather coarse delivery truck driver, and takes their language and dirty jokes and occasionally dirty magazine in motion. Not that she doesn&# 39; Invite t reviews some of them, often wearing her tight jeans and a cleavage powerful showing attractive.

I&# 39; ve always thought she liked the attention and I am sure that it is fully capable of the series, every man of putting Who gets back in its place.

"So you are in this hotel?" I asked, as I crawled my way back into the magazine rack.

"Yes, I went in this morning and visited the Bellagio just to see it, and only checked in my room here an hour ago."

Meanwhile, I was close enough to put my magazine back. When she saw how I achieve it back up to, she grabbed my arm and said: "Well, John, I didn&# 39; t mean to put you in embarrassment. Buy your magazine, and if you buy me a drink in the bar, I won&# 39; t anyone tell at work!"

"no, I can&# 39; t now – I&# 39; d think this every time I saw you at work," I told également beer again put in the cooler. "leave&# 39; s go to the bar and I&# 39; ll buy this drink."

"Oh, Christ, John, gift&# 39; t be such a wimp!" You atteint up, grabbed the magazine from the bar, walked over to the cashier, ouvert her purse and paid for it. I played pretty much the fool, mouth open, watching her. She came back and handed the brown paper bag to me and said: "Alright, now you owe me a couple drinks."

We went out in the middle of the casino. The hotel is so wide (something like five thousand rooms), that there are numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs inside, and you really need never leave. We opted for a bar that was like the other not quite so loud, found a table and sat down. In times waitress was very scanty attire wearing it take our order.

I have made it, while Ginger her Jack Daniels ordered straight up. I ordered a Guinness Stout.

Party Strippers Las Vegas

"Not many women drink liquor like," I told her to refer.

"Well, I guess that means clustering Not many women have as good of taste as me."

"Is that all you drink?"

"that&# 39; s my favorite, purpose if it&# 39; s not available I&# 39; ll drink pretty much what it is. All alcohol is better than no alcohol."

"A woman after my own heart. So, what are your plan for the evening? I&# 39; m here alone for the vending exhibition, so maybe we could go to dinner at a restaurant here."

"Maybe later. I had checked in a sandwich after-me, so I&# 39; m not really hungry. For food, at least – let&# 39; s check your magazine!"

"Here? Right in the bar?"

"Oh, don&# 39; t be silly. This is Vegas. There are complimentary newspapers with pictures of naked women in magazine racks along the strip. Nobody cares."

"I&# 39; ll be embarrassed look at this with someone who works for me."

"Well, that might surprise you, John, I aim&# 39; ve seen before naked women! let us now&# 39; s have a look!"

I was still a bit uneasy, I took the destination magazine of the paper bag, and Ginger scooted to INSTEAD of me from across sitting on my right. We started every few Ginger the pages, flipping would some how make, or ask what I thought.

The first complete layout was a gorgeous blonde beside a pool – big tits, long legs, and very often in girlie magazines. "that&# 39; s a beautiful woman," Ginger cried on the first distribution.

"It is they airbrushed as objective and flawless and perfect that it&# 39; s not real. The setting, the pool, the trees, the blue sky is so perfect, it doesn&# 39; t really exist."

"So she doesn&# 39; t to you?"

"Yes, some, I think I tend to aim at the "girl next door&# 39; Sections of the magazine or the amateur sites on the internet. it&# 39; s kind of like I am with those women easier than with thesis can imagine perfect models."

"You mean like when you&# 39; re from beating?"

Geezus. , , I&# 39; m sitting in a bar with a woman who works for me, and they&# 39; s answer ask me from falling over! I just sat there and looked at her, my mouth was open.

"John! Pull yourself together! We all do it, and it&# 39; s nothing to be ashamed!

you weren&# 39; t sums that you could Magazine so read the articles were, you buy it because you are horny, and they wanted to see naked women and jerk. I know, you know, the cashier-even knows – Stop now embarrassing!"

"Ginger, I&# 39; m a happily married man and you work for me. We shouldn&# 39; t be having this conversation."

"they&# 39; re right, John. leave&# 39; s take a look at the pictures." At this point I thought I had won the fight – but it was just little further ahead than I think.

The next pictorial was the beautiful dark-haired woman I glimpsed when I flipped to the store by the magazine. She was slender, with small breasts with tight, dark nipples and a neatly manicured "V" the pubic hair. The first page was a rather modest image.

"they&# 39; s Reviews another of too fake-to-be-real models, isn&# 39; t it," Asked Ginger.

"Well, yes, I much prefer brunettes goal, so I think that she is very beautiful. Moreover aren her breasts&# 39; t broad, purpose you are real." I atteint over and turned the page. Several additional photos, a bit showing her slit some, and a beaver shot.

I said, "She may be faking goal that I wouldn&# 39; t they step out of the bed to eat crackers. What do you think?"

"Oh, they&# 39; s a very beautiful woman. The problem is, beautiful women often have big egos and high maintenance costs. You want to take care of yourself ’em, and donation&# 39; t worry about taking care of you, because they have a number of guys willing to do anything to get into the pants. So I&# 39; ll bet I&# 39; m a better sexual partners than they."

"Well, it&# 39; s not as half the drivers that you are working with wouldn&# 39; t to get in your pants!" I was finally catch on to their banter. We had our first round now completed, so I signaled the waitress for another round reviews.

"Yes, and you&# 39; s all fall in a heartbeat for one of these models to me. You can&# 39; t getting around the fact that men are shallow creatures." You atteint over and turned the page.

"Ummmmmmmh," I groaned involuntarily. It was the image of this gorgeous brunette a vibrator up her butt shoving thin.

"Oh, you want that, right?" Ginger said with a grin. "Is it yourself you do, or the anal thing?"

"Some of both, I think it will&# 39; s on a great turn." I have shoulds not this discussion let things get that far, I have to aim admitted que la real turn-on with this attractive woman was talking, that works for me about such intimate things.

Ginger leaned over to whisper to me as the way to her hand on my leg and my crotch slips. I froze.

"I can find a turn, too." Very easily they brushed her hand over the bulge in my pants. "So is the gold of the pictures from our little chat?"

"Ginger," I said, pushing back her hand, "a sexy I enjoy talking to you and looking at pictures to have thesis, I try&# 39; m a married man, and this has gone far enough. They are young, attractive, sexy, and all that, and if I don&# 39; t put a stop to this now, I can regret it later."

"Oh, John," She said and leaned back, "relax." Our second round of drinks appeared. The waitress noticed the brunette in the photo magazine, and said grinning, simple, "Very beautiful!" She set the drinks down, and stalked away, give me a good look at her cute ass let down.

Ginger continued, "Primarily, I Qualify barely as young. I&# 39; m forty-two, and&# 39; re all fifty, right?" I nodded.

"Second I&# 39; m single and harbor&# 39; t-more than a year put in, and so I&# 39; go just about anything to make this pants wears. As it happens, I know&# 39; re a nice guy, you don&# 39; t women fighting over, and I know you’re horny," She said the magazine shows. "Since this is a completely unexpected encounter what&# 39; s wrong with us get some jollies Both, then go on the road?"

"Ginger if I Single&# 39; d on the back in my room to be right now, and my tongue would explore your goodies. I target&# 39; m married, and it would not be right. Moreover, if that didn-even&# 39; t matter how we would each other next week at work from?"

"Now," she says, as she again put her hand on my thigh, "we look at each other and grin dignity, and remember the good times we had here. What your marriage, know that I think your wife Debra, and that they&# 39; s a great woman. If she were here, she would undoubtedly be the one to get the massage tongue, and I&# 39; d alone in my room even frigging while the large pieces Watch on trade BowFlex."

Your warm hand on my thigh Moved, she stopped short of target my now-throbbing bump. I swallowed most of my second beer and was entre want to continue this cunning hand, and are willing to stop him.

"John," she continued, quieter, "I have no interest with your marriage in disarray, goal that I want to get laid, and you happen to be here, and I know you and like you, and you are available." you didn&# 39; move t her hand on my thigh, leaned target slightly forward. Then I stare into her eyes, with her atteint nec hand up and opened her top button blouse and pulled the fabric back a few inches. I couldn&# 39; t stop me from lowering my eyes to see what had just inches away.

Her breasts were contracted from her bra, Handsome make your mouth water cleaving, and they clearly wanted to see me there.

"Geezus, Ginger, you know what you do to me?"

"Well, actually," She said her hand over now quiet on the bead slightly to rest, moves in my pants, "I do."

They squeezed my cock through the fabric, ever so slightly, and I let out a soft moan from. "What room are you?" She asked.

"If I let this happen, ginger, promise that there will always remain entre les two of us? You can&# 39; t tell your friends-even, because it could get back to my wife."

"John, I know that Debra is a pretty good trap shooter, and I really wouldn&# 39; t want them. for me with a twelve gauge Gunning Also I want to lose my job. The remains you and me entre forever."

She almost had me, goal I hesitated, the conflicting feelings about fighting in my head. She felt that she still still not set the hook. Leaving her left hand resting lightly on my bump with her and-performance hand she gently lifted my hand, pressed it to her chest and then pressed.

Was ready to explode on my cock, my head was turning, the liquor was help her break my resistance, and I was in a public bar a woman pressed&# 39; s warm chest.

I have in.

"I&# 39; m in room 2025 – it&# 39; s really nice. It has a separate bath and shower." Type a stupid thing to say, I was not objective&# 39; t think straight.

"I&# 39; ll be in 15 minutes at the door." With as fast as she stood up and walked out of the bar, before I could change my mind. I, l’autre hand had to sit for a few minutes, so I didn&# 39; t walk to the elevator with a bulge in my pants.


I have in my room, went in and sat down on the edge of the bed. I&# 39; d slept with several women before marriage, and I know Ginger and liked, so I wasn&# 39; t particularly nervous about the sex. Goal This was a new position for me, and I wasn&# 39; t sure what to do next. Go take a shower?

Some up dinner from room service?

a beer from the fridge (always a good thing grabbing to do when you donate&# 39; t know what else to do), I went to the window and looked out at night Las Vegas. What a city – the electricity bill for casinos reviews some of contention is probably more than what sells in a year my company.

I have been lost in thought, a bit later, because I looked over at the clock – it was almost half an hour, because Ginger had said they would show in 15 minutes. Was I to be taken for a fool?

I hadn&# 39; t When asked what room she was in, or I would-just mentioned. Fortunately, as I asked again what do the hell, there was a knock at the door. I ouvert it, and there was ginger, looking exactly like I saw the last time in the bar as they ordered, with a shopping bag in hand.

"Unfortunately, I took so long, had to run to the store, and it took a few minutes to find the right shade." She handed me the bag. "These shoulds help to make the evening even more exciting!"

I ouvert it: a box of condoms and a bottle of sexual lubricant. "If you have some sexually transmitted disease, we don&# 39; t this need," I said to throw the condom on the table. "I had cut my mother five years ago – I&# 39; m sterile as a eunuch, and I can assure you, I am free of the disease."

"Now," Replied ginger, "that&# 39; s good to know I didn target&# 39; t want we take a gamble missing the fun. I&# 39; m free of the disease, so we can use for water balloons. Except I got the kind with small rubber fingers "for her pleasure,&# 39; and we might have to try-just so I can see how it feels."

"What&# 39; s the lube for?" I asked. "Do you think I&# 39; m not good enough to get you excited?"

"My goodness, John, a successful businessman, you can be sure close! If I do not misunderstand completely in your response to the image of gorgeous brunette that a vibrator pushed her butt up, you are in the anal thing. Correct?"

Back to feel like a total idiot, I stuttered, "Well, I like that goal would not expect it to be a share of one-night fling."

Laughing, Ginger looked at me and said, "Well, then, maybe I want to use it on you!"

I stood staring, again can not intelligently respond. After a second couple took pity on me Ginger. She came and put her hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said: "John to relax.

I just wanted to be prepared. we&# 39; ll evening take leave us where it leads us – no expectations, okay?"


And that I can take with enough of my senses Regained her face in my hands, they bring close to me, and give her an almost platonic kiss on the lips. Nothing too sensual, target more than a peck. "Ok I&# 39; ll relax and enjoy the evening. And since we&# 39; ve Both Beens on the run all day, I suggest a few drinks and a relaxing fait que wide soaking whirlpool. Whaddaya think?"

"I knew you had a brain in there somewhere, John. Nothing dampens a girl&# 39; s enthusiasm His more than self-conscious about being dirty."


With this, I pulled her to him again, and this time slowly, very slowly, let my lips just touch her. Before we were really in touch, I pulled my head back and forth slightly, let our lips together and glide over the feeling of friction and heat. I increased the pressure slowly until our lips No slid together.

Her eyes were closed, I aim to look at them further, try try to read her reaction.

I had this contact for something held until I felt her body start to relax. I pursed my lips and slowly pulled back so that only I could gently kissing her mouth on the left, then right, then the tip of her nose, then again on the mouth. I very slowly and gently this, for their after-Every kiss is ready feel to absorb.

After a few minutes I pulled back a little and turned very slightly open with my lips. With the tip of my tongue, I traced her lips – up, down, between – I didn target&# 39; t let my tongue her mouth, or even separate her lips. They eventually started a little moan, and I could tell she was pleased with what I did.

Time to allow to increase the voltage. I pulled my head back, she ouvert her eyes, and I said: "I&# 39; ll go for drinks, go start the tub. and gift&# 39; t think Taking’any your clothes – that&# 39; s my job."

Without a word, the goal with a look of expectation, she turned and headed into the tub. Then I realized that I had a raging hard on and asked if she had felt it.


I went to the minibar and poured us a couple of drinks – they got Jack straight up, and I had it on the rocks. I kicked off my shoes and the bathroom Walked. Ginger was sitting on the edge of the bath to check the temperature of the water.

"If I could sacrifice part of this bubble?" She asked, holding the small bottle provided Hotel.

"Of course, some in might." I knelt on the floor and began her shoes untying. I slipped em off, then took off her stockings.

"Phew, good thing that we&# 39; re taking a bath," I teased her. "I&# 39; d Some rubbing lotion on the feet, I can aim&# 39; t get close enough."

"I&# 39; ll bet your gift&# 39; t smell better!" she retorted. "And you put lotion on after-bathing, you doofus. they&# 39; re such a male."

"And damn proud of it. Now available." She stood up and turned to me. I put my arms around her, Brought them tight and gave her a more intense, sensual kiss. This time you kept your eyes open, and when we were staring into each other&# 39; s eyes, the sexual intensity Grew-even more.

I run my tongue over her lips graze again, but still more Suppresses nothing.

I stepped back and her jeans shoulds first come off Decided. They were tight, so I felt the knob to the purpose that has been reversed, I pulled down slowly pull a bit the zipper, then began her jeans.

The jeans fell to the ground. "Oh, Gawd!" I called. "Did you know that I love cotton panties is a woman?"

"Yes, doofus-brain, your wife told me last week when I called her and told her I want to jump your bones in Vegas!"

I grinned and lowered my hand on her butt, dressed in gorgeous light blue, full bottom cotton panties. With my fingers I followed slowly the edge of her panties around her thighs down, then wherever they went their legs entre to be careful to touch her skin, as I moved a finger. When I for the small cotton crotch to hem, I followed the well, just a little harder pressed, so she could tell what I was doing.

Then I have my other hand to repeat this on her forehead means qui clustering ran my fingers lightly over the fabric over her clitoris. "Mmmmm, I get turned so on through thesis panties," I told her, "I&# 39; m going to have "em keep."

"Well, you want&# 39; re is me to buy more, then – I&# 39; m not walk around without any panties."

I atteint up and began to unbutton her blouse. At some point entre drinks in the bar and now she had the button, she teased me with doing, so I have to make them all undone.

After the last, I slowly ouvert her blouse to see them in a bra and panties – what a turn on sexy about this woman that dressed only in their underwear! I pushed the coat over his shoulders. The bra was a front-clasp type and she was clearly do- – No. WonderBra® was needed for their cleavage.

"That’s it," I figured, "Undo the clasp and there is no turning back." I atteint up, knowing that I couldn&# 39; t turn back, they kept me purpose.

"Now it’s my turn." first you unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. That bothered me a little, because like a lot of 50-year-old boys, I&# 39; m not in the form that I used, and-have a bit of a belly. But they just ran his hands through the hair on his chest, then she pushed yet bra-clad breasts contre my chest and rubbed back and forth a little.

"I love chest hair," she said. "Once you get off the rest of my clothes."

Next she had me sit on the edge of the bath, so she could take off my socks. She made a face to tease me about the smell, did not target&# 39; t say anything. I stood up again.

"Hmmm, looks like we&# 39; d better thesis pants rise before plugging a hole in ’em with your Johnson!" She laughed. They unbuttoned, slid the zipper down, then pushed em to the ground. Of course, at this point I had quite the biting, and it was against the fabric of my skivvies poking.

"Perhaps you can tease forever, I can aim&# 39; t," she exclaimed, they tore down. My prick jumped out at full attention. You atteint down and put her hand around him.

"Oh my," she moaned, rubbing her hand back and forth, "I need this. . , the bath can wait?"

"No," I said, continue to intensify to let the sexual heat. I atteint and undid the clasp on her bra, then she moved slowly on the sides. Her breasts were just beautiful – big, full, soft but not flabby.

"Oh, my goodness, you-have beautiful breasts!" I called. "I&# 39; ve images of twenty-year-old saw the donation&# 39; t that look good." I atteint over and cupped her breasts very easily in the hand, then gently squeezed em, being careful not to touch aureola Gold her nipples.

"Mmmm. , , That feels good. Kiss it for me."

I bent down and began to kiss her breasts, teased her through the door to kiss at the sides only, not to touch on the more sensitive areas. After a minute of this, I ran my tongue slowly in the middle of the chest, then along the fold at the bottom of a chest, then back and down one for l’autre.

"they&# 39; re teasing me!" she exclaimed, "kiss my nipples!"

"OK," I said, and continued, ‘to ignore em. Straightened and I put my fingers under the waistband of her panties, then I bent could pull them all the way down to the bottom.

When I back up Wing I heard when my eyes were level with their well trimmed pussy. "Oh, gawd, that&# 39; s sexy!" I called the cute tattoo look near her pubic hair had. It was a little reproduction of the highway sign said that "Slippery when wet." I planted a kiss right on the tattoo before erecting.

We finally Hugging, both of us completely naked. Her bare breasts contre my chest pressed. Was my cock pushed down and her contre hill. Were our arms wrapped around each other, and intertwined our lips together.

I don&# 39; t think intense physical contact is possible, and we both responded with commitment in a passionate, deep and Lengthy Kiss, this time with some serious tongue action. When we finally stopped, we were both breathing heavy and hard.

I wasn&# 39; t particularly interested in a long soak in the tub at this point; the only thing I wanted to plant, Big John was welded firmly in Ginger&# 39; s furrow.

"OK," I said, "leave&# 39; s the pan screw for now – how about a quick shower then we jump into bed."

"Sounds good. , , we&# 39; ll soak in the tub after-what you quit&# 39; ve started."

"I started? It wasn&# 39; t me in the bar you molested!"

"Oh, I just opened the door to some fun. As I got in the room, you&# 39; ve Beens the line of action!" We grinned at each other.

I turned on the tub while Ginger started the shower. They entered with a bar of soap, and I followed her.

"Here, let me do," I said, the soap out of her hands. As she rinsed her hair, I soaped my hands on with the soap and began to wash them again. That was when done, I took each of her arms, soaped it and washed it off. I was careful to make the sensitive areas: under the arms, in her wrists. Next Cam her chest and breasts.

I teased her a little run through the soap around her breasts and continued to ignore her nipples.

"You bastard," she exclaimed, when you found out what I was doing. She lifted one breast with his hand, and use reviews, the other hand to pull my head down. "Suck on that – I can&# 39; t take matter tease more!"

Well, I can take a hint. I let my tongue around her aureola and finally began flicking at her nipples.

"Gawd, that feels good," she exclaimed. I spent a minute or so on the first breast, then drew autre to l ‘. Meanwhile, she moaned low, and enjoy it’s clear what I was doing.

I straightened up again and expanded my hands again. I turned around so Ginger was her side to me, and let one of my hands on her forehead, and l’autre down her back. Her forehead I soaped her pubic patch, then pulled my finger her legs entre.

Knowing que le was actually to get point clean, I ran my fingers gently up and down her labia, inside and out. As a person, I’m not sure how sour a woman washes down there, I did my best destination.

I was done there once, I slowly slid my middle finger into her vagina. I really didn&# 39; t Push must because it was mighty powerful warm and humid. I have it as their hill slight pressure while I ran the jump with my hand the middle finger of the other hand down on her butt. As my fingers turned the corner and I touched her anus, I felt her tense a bit.

I bent my head down and kissed her hard on the mouth, as I gently touched so intimate.

After a few seconds, I hate both hands away, she turned to the shower reviews, and Said, "Go ahead and rinse, wash the soap."

She did, then turned to me and took back the piece of soap. You atteint and began my cock and balls soaping.

"Man, oh, man, gift&# 39; t ever stop!" I exclaimed, as she soaped my staff. She has everything really soaped, then turned into the shower and washed me off. As she turned without warning to me back at all she bent over and took my cock in her mouth.

But only a few times back and forth, and she stood up again.

"I think I&# 39; Big John will be like! It fits really well in your mouth!" She put a hand to _him_ and stroked it a little while to look at me and grinned.

"Well, if you think that up, he&# 39; s is really nice on the shower wall, cum," I told her, trying my best to try to keep control.

She let time immediately. "Not yet, he&# 39; d better not. we&# 39; re just the start. I&# 39; go to dry, you’re done showering, and I&# 39; ll meet you in bed."

"OK." Since they had only Big John and the boys washed, I washed everything else, got out, dried off and headed to bed.


When I atteint the bed, Ginger was sitting against the headboard up with a sheet over her breasts pulled upwards. I&# 39; ll never really understand how women decide to point, be modest.

"here," She said, handing a bottle of lotion me "You can now rub lotion into my feet."

I didn&# 39; t say a word, Nahm purpose of lotion and sat down near her feet. Was my cock now half limp, goal I knew he for the fight when the time Cam was ready.

I took her feet, one at a time, and a good bit of massaging lotion into ’em. I started firmly welded, entre les got toes, heel, and so on. After I finished my feet, I pulled up and lotion pulled her lower leg.

At this point I started to get softer.

By the time I got to her thighs, I was more sensual movements and a lighter touch. I have lotion on the outside of her legs, and then on the on the insides. When I moved to her inner thighs, I moved slower even.

When I was within an inch or so, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy, and I could smell the smell of an excited woman.

Carefully I put lotion on the last inch of her inner thighs, never touching her goal labia. You could see that I teased her back, once again demonstrated performer is not a very patient woman.

"The knock. , , I&# 39; m already excited enough a dozen times cum. Do you know how to go to a woman?"

"Now, I&# 39; m mad if I don&# 39; t that I soon learn!" I teased her. I put entre her legs and began her genitals examine, or at least pretending to so I could get close enough to breathe the warm air on her lips without touching em. The musty smell of the female was now intense – and my cock ached was because of it.

Finally, I have my tongue against the side of her pubic hair, and easily one side of her soldiers tracked down, right her inner thighs and her pubic area entre. When I got her vagina near the bottom, I followed on the other side and secure. Then over her pubic mound, directly over her clitoris.

Then down over and up again.

Ginger began louder now groan. "Oh, gawd, John, where did you learn to do that?" It was a clear problem rhetorically, and because my mouth was already busy, I didn&# 39; t bother to answer.

A couple more laps and Ginger&# 39; s hips began to move. Time to enhance heat. When I atteint her clit again, I pulled my tongue slowly right in the middle of her labia, but very slightly. Ginger moaned-louder now.

I moved my tongue up to her love button back, and massaging it gently with his lips.

"Oh, gawd, This feels so good. Keep doing that!"

I love it when a woman helps direct things – it&# 39; s not like I know what’s down there feeling!

So I have the sensual, slow leakage over the full length of its slot upwards and in every third or fourth time I’d massage her clitoris for a few seconds with my lips.

Perhaps ten or 12 minutes had passed since I started the oral care and Ginger finally no longer take May. "Oh, oh, ohhhh, oooohh" she moaned, her hips from one orgasm bucking, and grab my head and hold it steady – to facilitate my idea stimulation.

Her orgasm slowly receded over the next thirty or 40 seconds. I was just where I was when she relaxed for a few minutes. Finally, she pulled me to her, and planted year intense, passionate kiss on my lips, qui were still glistening with her juices.

"Oh, thank you, John. I haven&# 39; t that hard in a long time cum. You sure know how to tease a woman and bring her to orgasm."

"Well, glad to help! I appreciate the feedback you have given me – my job easier makes a hell of a lot."

"I think, it&# 39; s time for Big John to get his reward," She said when she pushed back me. I knew that they are going to go to me, so I pulled her to me, her breasts rest contre let my chest.

"I love a blowjob as much as any guy, goal I tongue just spent some serious time to be all nice and wet, and I want you to cum."

you didn&# 39; t say a word, purpose on his knees has spread me and lowered slowly. I had the intense pleasure to watch these sexy Woman swinging with beautiful breasts than me, slowly insert my cock in her pussy and to descend on her as she looked at her face with nothing of joy shortly me down ,

"Oh, gawd, ginger, This feels so good! You have a mighty tight twat for a 42-year-old! Must not take too long I."

"Cum as fast as you want – I’m sure this is only the first time that you&# 39; ll perform tonight. And what ang 42-year-old twats comparison you are with me?" She said with a grin.

She fell on her hands forward, and when she pulled off my cock up, her breasts were hanging right over my head. I grabbed and pulled em em in my mouth, greedily lick and suck on her nipples.

"Mmmm. , , they&# 39; re finally my breasts give the focus will like them!" She said as she rocked back and forth, her warm pussy push my shaft up and down.

"Mmmmffff, mmmffff," I said as my mouth her breasts was fully soft and warm.

Ginger slowly rode my cock, up and down, up and down. She was wet and tight, and I had on: a nearly continuous hardon, since we were in the bar, so I knew I wouldn&# 39; t take long.

Approached When I orgasm, I squeezed it back up into a sitting position. "Massage my balls – it&# 39; ll send me over the edge."

She continued her up and down and back atteint gently massage on my nuts. It took only a few seconds.

"Ohhhhh, yesss. , , mmmmmmm. , , YESSS," I barely mumbled as I came Several hard in spurts, my hips with every spurt on bucking. Ginger knew Obviously enough about men that they waned Slows as my orgasm, keep income continue my balls in her hand.

"Oh, man, that felt good." I grabbed her arms and pulled her back down, and our lips met again. After a relatively short and passionate kiss, I rolled on my side, so we were side by side, and slipped my cock out of her. We started again to kiss, and she atteint between us and put her hand around my cock.

"I just love to keep your dick while we kiss. Is that OK?"

"Now you can&# 39; re As doofus, ginger," I laughed. "A naked, sexy woman wants Big John hold – would you expect me not to tell?"

She grinned, gently squeezed my penis, and I pulled her closer for reviews another deep, passionate kiss.


We have slept wrapped around each other like, because the next thing I remember waking in the early morning hours and to take a whiz. Carefully I untangled myself from her arms and legs, went and drained the lizard, then carefully crawled back into bed.

When I lay back down, Ginger an exposed l’autre was on their side, the lower chest covered with the sheet, leaving. I could not stop myself from cupping and gently squeezed it. I took the thumb lightly around her nipple, qui was not upright.

Well, not yet, as she moaned a little and her nipple began to wake up.

These reviews started to excite me, so I lowered my head and took my lips her nipples entre. I rolled it a little with my lips, then let go of it and began to run it my tongue, but do not touch it while still gently her whole breast massaged by hand.

"Oh, gawd, John hold, to do that!" Apparently I had woken them. I pestered That Boob for a few minutes, then switched to a autre l ‘. Meanwhile, she began a little to complain about, and had atteint was down and squeezed my manhood.

It was two o’clock in the morning, and I really wanted to just get out and go back to sleep. I was not sure what she was thinking, I aim said to her, "Roll over on your other side." She rolled over and I slipped back to contre them "spooning" they.

I atteint down and my cock entre her legs out, and let the headrest on her labia. She moaned a little more, and lifted it a little the upper leg. That was all the invitation I needed, so I pushed my hips forward and felt my cock enter her warm pussy.

En ce que position Could I get in maybe three or four inches just want enough was to be very pleasant.

I put my arm around her and covered one of her breasts, as I rocked my hips back and forth slowly, a few centimeters into and out penetrating. Every few strokes I pulled out further, so I was just able to leave the head of my cock feel her wet pussy.

"Oh, that feels good when you do that!" she exclaimed, qui told me that we both really enjoyed the feeling.

I kept the slow rocking for six or eight minutes, occasionally go from her breast to let my hand move down her pubic mound and caress gently massage her clitoris. When you moan, I would move my hand back on her chest press.

"Are you close to Cumming?" she asked me.

"Yes I&# 39; m over there."

"Don&# 39; t. , , donation&# 39; t stop. , , just. , , hold. , , go," she breathed. Then she began to pull her pussy on my cock, has slow and gentle, unmistakable goal squeeze. It feels to me over the edge.

"Oh, gawd, I&# 39; m Cumming. , , ummmmph," I groaned as my cock spurted Several shots of hot cum in her. She kept squeezing, and I slowed the rocking motion.

"Keep it up!" she exclaimed. I immediately picked up the pace time and wondered how long to stay Such intense orgasm, I hard by year.

"Yes, gift&# 39; t. , , Stop!" she moaned again, bucking her hips began and start with my arm around her and in her tail, I could feel an orgasm run through her body.

She had several waves of orgasmic contractions content that is each for ten or fifteen seconds, then the orgasm began to fade. They finally released her pussy muscles so that my cock slide. I rocked my hips it running again, since it was still rock hard.

We lay there, with his back to me, my cock inside her, slowly the sexual feeling fade left in the night down. And again we slept around each swallowed.


A beam of bright Las Vegas sun through a gap in the curtains coming awakened me. I was alone in bed. I looked at the clock – it is after eight o’clock in the morning was.

I stood up and looked around. Ginger was nowhere in sight, and her clothes were gone from around the tub where I had taken her last night.

There was made a pot of coffee, and I saw a piece of paper in the coffee cup; It has been found:

"I need to catch my plane to Cincinnati, so I went back to my room ready to make. I&# 39; ll fall through check after I. About 9:00.


"P.S. Thanks – it was great!

"P.P.S. I left something in your luggage."

I went to my luggage on and the top Lifted – You had me from last night left her panties. Christ, only ’em see, and I was getting a hardon! Apparently she took the lubricant and condoms with her – she&# 39; ll be prepared when ratings comes another opportunity.

So, I think the fling was over. At least we have both and can stay on well if we have terms Collaborate

I had one more day at the fair, so I poured a cup of coffee, a couple of dresses created, and started the shower. Half an hour later I was ready to head out, I turned to wait for the tube target to let Ginger fall of.



Right at nine there was a knock at the door. Ginger Cam in, pulling her luggage behind her. I closed the door, turned around, and we time immediately dropped into a warm embrace. After a long embrace, we moved back and locked lips.

It shoulds-have-been a farewell kiss, targeting the last twelve hours or so it made a lot more passionate, long kiss and welcome.

Finally we broke it off. "Ginger, why don&# 39; t you to stay another day. You make me horny as hell, and I didn&# 39; t enough of you last night."

"I&# 39; d like to, John, but my flight in an hour, and my mother waiting for me this afternoon."

"To change your flight, and call your mother and tell her you want to see more of Las Vegas, because you don&# 39; t get here often."

"Changing flights costs money, John, and the company isn&# 39; t pay for my trip."

"I&# 39; ll for something it pay cost you exchange your ticket, we want&# 39; ve got to take advantage of this – who knows if it ever happen again?"

"Let me call my mom, and I&# 39; ll see if they&# 39; s OK with him."


Ginger pulled her cell phone from her mother to call, and I grabbed the bucket and let it fill, so they could have some privacy. When I returned a few minutes later, she had just finished her call.


"Mom is OK with him – she says that I take advantage of the circumstances to take to see shoulds more of the city."

"With "situation&# 39; you didn&# 39; t you tell me, is not it?"

"Now, of course, John, I tell my mother anything! In addition to the city to see, Thinks Mom I the advantage as well take to lick pussy! Gosh, you can be sure, paranoid, you know! Either that, or you think I&# 39; m as really stupid, like, "Hey Mama, I, like, got by ugly, like a married man last night – cool right ?!&# 39; "

"Sorry, I think that was a pretty stupid question. Aim to beat us, have as something for men, you know. Call and get your flight Then We changed&# 39; ll our day card."

"Ok, but we&# 39; re going our evening on the map, not our day. They have a fair to expect, and I want ratings to see something of the city."

Ginger Saw the airline phone number changed in hotel Room service directory on and gave her Expired and got their flight. It took only a few minutes, even though I knew that it would cost Ginger when something pulled out with a credit card to give her the agent number.

After hanging up, to Ginger turned to me. "You owe me a hundred and fifty dollars, big spender."

"No problem. I&# 39; ll get some cash early next week."

"that&# 39; ll be fine. Now, before we talk about this later, I have to finish what I came for this morning here."

"Oh, what&# 39; s this?"

"Well, I wanted to give you a blowjob to remember me as I aim&# 39; m, one more day to stay, we&# 39; ll call it a preview of what I intend to do you later. Well, how ’bout you lay on the bed?"

Who was I to argue? I lay down on the bed on his back, and Ginger crawled and knelt over me, my lower legs spread. She rubbed her hands on my thighs and rubbed a hand over my crotch, feel my growing hardon.

"Well, looks like at least Big John is willing to cooperate," She said with a grin. You atteint up and began to unbutton her blouse, not very slow, but not in a hurry either. After the last key pulled it out and open their arms him, and threw them on the bed.

Then she opened the clasp on her bra forehead and went out and threw that aside.

"Are you sure-have beautiful breasts," I had to say. She grabbed ’em with her hands and began massaging em. Then, one at a time, she lifted her breasts and licked and sucked her own nipple while her eyes to keep me.

Man, oh man, I was getting all sexy woman playing with her own tits observe Worked!

"You like?" She said one of her hands with my cock grab through my pants. I groaned in response, so she continued "I think you do. If we had more time, I&# 39; d let fuck my tits, or anywhere ’em. Don&# 39; t guys love to do?"

"mmmm," I moaned as she massaged my cock with one hand while massaging her breast with the other, "Oh, I hate it when a woman makes me to do that," I said, half grinning and half moaning with pleasure.

"Well, let&# 39; s leave this bad boy get a respite," She said, as they have unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I lifted my hips and my pants and skivvies in one go dragged down. "You will surely get hard for an old man!" teased me.

I didn&# 39; t answering trouble she had taken my cock in one hand and gently stroked it was and with her hand on my balls manipulating nec, she caresses, roll pulling on em, em in the hand.

"Oh, God, that feels good," I couldn&# 39; t stop me from murmuring.

"Well, well, I&# 39; to think s hurry, I waste my time!" she said. Next she leaned forward and put one of her big breasts on my cock, then its left and right shoulder began to pull to make her breasts through brush and caress my genitals. It was a wonderful feeling, soft, warm, and incredibly erotic.

After a few minutes of teasing, she lowered her mouth and began to lick the base of my cock. I could her hot breath, feel and desperately wanted them to take my cock in her mouth. Instead, they used to lift a hand slightly, and began to lick and on the sides. My shaft

"Mmmm. , , mmmmm. , , , mmmm" I moaned in pleasure she lost vomit. She let go of me and went down to lick my balls. She would lick a sucking it into his mouth and massaging her tongue, you let it go and do to la même l’autre.

I was in heaven felt it as well.

I finally managed to tell her, "This feels so good. , , mmmmm. , , I could cum just from what you&# 39; re doing on my balls."

"We don&# 39; t want that!" she exclaimed, sitting up again, and grab my rock hard penis with his hand. "I&# 39; go down on you now, and I want you in my mouth cum. Then you want to swallow or spit me?"

I couldn&# 39; t believe this woman! Absolutely Call uninhibited about what we do, and the earthy things that come with it. I swear, they could probably just me cum talk to me dirty!

I finally answered. "It feels good in the mouth cum, Purchasing Gift&# 39; t care if you spit or swallow. Just don&# 39; off t mouth I to&# 39; m done."

"I will!" She said and leaned back down. She was still holding my cock in his hand, and began to lick at the bottom of the shaft. When they got to the head, circled her tongue around a few times, driving me with the feeling crazy.

I moaned so much I think they I could close Email Cumming was so they ouvert her mouth and took her lips entre my asshole. They slowly began to head up and down, just as I like it – not much undertow want up and down the shaft slowly lips.

There was no way I now long it would take. Within 30 seconds I could probably feel the orgasm coming on. I groaned again, and my cock began streams of sperm injected into the mouth. Three, four, five intense waves of pleasure engulfed me, and then finally subsided.

Ginger was her word true and just kept her head up and down slowly, waiting for me from the clouds to come back.

to drip from her mouth and on my cock and her hands Reviews another fifteen seconds or so, Ginger pulled her head, and my sperm. She stroked me a few more times, all smeared via semen. "Oh, that was great, John. Thanks for letting me pleasure you in this way."

If I hadn&# 39; t Beens half dazed with pleasure and the sight of their game in the Mass, I-have could come up with some smartass remark. All I actually managed to WAS "Oh, that was great. , , Thanks!"

After relaxing for a few minutes, Ginger got up, went to the sink to get a towel, and threw it to me. She took her bra out of bed and made mad I had a good look as she put it on and tucked Those magnificent breasts back into her prison. She put her coat back on and buttoned it up.

I sat up and began to check the chaos wiping as they went to the sink back her makeup and hair.

"So, what time you will be on your show again this afternoon?" She asked.

"The show closes at four-thirty, and the shuttle ride back about half an hour, so about five or so. But I can leave earlier if you want."

"No, shoulds be fine. it&# 39; s almost ten right now, so I&# 39; ll have reviews here to visit six hours or so, qui is not too much time some of the casinos and shops nearby."

"OK. Here&# 39; s the extra room key, and here’s some money for lunch, and maybe a souvenir or two," I told her $ 60 Giving, qui Most of the cash was I had. "Just don&# 39; t it gamble!"

"I bet almost never with my own money, I&# 39; Go m sure to get it with you!"

"Ok, you see five," I said, pulling for a kiss her close. She kissed me again, with enough passion that I could not return during the day waiting.


Another long day at the fair, a goal to focus on the task, all the booths to visit I early by a little got. I caught one of the shuttle nozzle and ended back at the hotel about four forty o&# 39; Clock.

In Spite of being on the show so focused, I have admitted that I had a few thousand thought of Ginger During the day time. I’ve never seen a woman so comfortable with their sexuality, and I must say, makes it sour for a fun time.

As something of a pessimist, I ask aussi, met when they enjoyed it as much as I, and I vowed to make sure as best as I could to give when the commotion started up again.

I took the elevator to the room and opened the door. , ,

*** End ***

A boss has an erotic encounter with a subordinate in Las Vegas.

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