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  1. Horizontal app navigation is cool, I remember using that style back with Windows Phone. One button navigation is not cool at all though. That is the main reason iPhones suck so badly. I don't want to have to reach all the way across the screen every time I want to go back a page in an app.

  2. please stop with the terrible jokes.
    they are dead bad, and your face has no charisma to sell them.
    be the nerd, tell it quickly and gtfo

  3. Quick reply (replying directly from the notification) was actually already implemented in Android Nougat. And it was actually already possible to show images in notifications but the app developer had to implement it. The screenshot-from-power-menu feature was also already available in Oreo.

  4. I really hope that the iPhone x home gesture is an option, I love the triangle, square circle. I do not like that gesture at all! I love Android, but come on, that's obvious copying. Also I don't like how they moved the time. I don't like how they change it!

  5. Still no way to stop apps from connecting to the internet in Android P? Display notch and getting rid of the 3 buttons at the bottom in favor of a slider is STUPID.

  6. hi !! i have a question
    so ihave this phonecable coming out from wall at my room which is a phone cable and i plug it on modems back (vdsl) and it sometimes stops working like internet goes off for few seconds or gets so lagy and high ping, my friend told me that the cables inside wall must be damaged, so i wantto get a new cable and make a new line from phone box at outside of door to my room for modem.
    so the thing im wondering here is that which cable i should use normal phone cable + rj11 jak or should i use cat6 cable and put rj11 on it instead of rj45, leght of cable will be around 15 meter and few meter of it will be on outside of house cus my room is at second floor and phone box is at below
    (i live in forest so we dont have fiber here yet i have 16mbps internet)

    question 1: cable cat6 make internet faster or isit same with phone cable
    question 2 does heat and cold effect these cables ? if so prbly cat 6 better cus its thicker and have more protection to weather
    what should i do guys ???
    thanks for help

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