APA US Amateur Championships Finals at Strokers Billiards

Mature Amateur

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  1. I have been watching pros all the time so I'm spoiled now. This is like watching a high school girls basketball game. I don't think 8 ball should ever be played on a 9 foot table either it's too easy. The pockets are so big you could play with 16 basketballs on the table. You could draw lines and play real football on it. I heard that after this match they are going to fill the table with water and have a college swim meet.

  2. Hey, woah! A forum where people can see me. I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my friends Daniel Streggers from Garungie Billiards down in Iowa City, also Brittany Koenig, Johnson Barelli, Gui Montague, Sprock Shiner, Hailey Favroe, Dustin Jingler from Guccismith Billiards, Kelli Slayer from Grouchland Billiards. What a great crowd, hey hit them up if you roll through town what a great place. Also a shoutout to my friends Fae Martin from Conguelli Billiard Hall in Austin, TX.

  3. Brian Parks is not a PRO ,,,lol !!!!!! If he thinks he is by winning APA then we have problems. he never plays at Derby or anywhere but local rooms in California!!!! APA champion!!!lol

  4. 15:13, why not play the safe using the seven and go to the top or top left cushion? That two was a terrible shot.

    6-2, Dan was shooting incredibly harder than he needed to be.

    I am hoping to sign up for it this year here in Fort Collins, CO though (10/11 in BCA). I just can't stand people that do that stupid shit with their cue before they shoot. Good for Brian though.

  5. These commentators are funny, paraphrased:

    statement: I think all babies come out ugly
    response:  Let's stick to pool

    Do you think the 5 goes between those two balls?
    Maybe if it goes on a diet.


  6. serious question:keep in mind i fairly new to pool. for 8 ball is it always ball in hand after you scratch? a lot of people play the scratch behind the head spot. do these rules vary from person to person, or from like tournament play vs bar 8 ball pool?

  7. Actual letter sent to APA headquarters [with no response received]:

    Mr. Gooch,

    Frankly I don't believe that there is an 'Equalizer' handicap system. If that were true then it would be used in our local league. Please see the following:
    LOCAL BYLAWS for area 432:

    8. The league operator (and no one else) has the authority to adjust skill levels.

    If only the league operator has the authority to adjust skill levels then where is the 'Equalizer' handicap system?

    I & most of the players here in Central Ohio are convinced that the 'Equalizer' is a myth. We have seen no evidence of any handicap system whatsoever. The skill levels assigned here are completely out of whack. Great players playing as an SL4 or SL5 & poor players playing as an SL6.

    Case in point, why did Monty & Jennifer White (a married couple) both go up 1 skill level this session & yet they have only won only 29% & 33% respectively of their matches this session? I am not keeping records here, this is from our 'top gun' list (a copy of which is enclosed).

    Half of Monty White's team went up 1 skill level within a 2 week period (4 players out of 8). It was the talk of our division. Monty's team won the tri-cup championship & $1000.00 just previous to half of their team's handicaps going up. Coincidence? No mathematical formula, however secret, causes a player to go up a skill level when they are losing matches. The odds of half of a team going up 1 skill level within a 2 week period are so high as to be preposterous.

    As far as keeping records, my eyesight is not so good anymore but my mind is sharp as a tack. I have no problem remembering that I had not won a single match against anyone for 6 months straight. In addition I had no problem whatsoever in remembering that I had lost match after match to SL6's & had only won a game or 2 to their 5. The paper I sent to you previously in addition to my letter is our 'top gun' list available to the public on the APA of Central Ohio website.

    Back to statistics, for any player to lose every single match in a 6 month period (& most of those badly) & for his/her skill level not to change is mathematically impossible, no matter what 'top secret' handicapping system is used.

    I may as well quit the APA. I've been told outright that no team will have me now, I am a pariah. Perhaps that is the intention of all this…I wonder. I do know that pool league night is no longer fun (if that matters to anyone, probably doesn't).

    In closing I want to say that I do sort of wish my memory was failing as well as my eyesight. That way I could forget the constant taunts from opposing players, the mocking comments from the opposing teams, the personal feelings of foolishness after losing match after match, plus the disappointing looks I've gotten from my own teammates after letting them down week after week.


    P.S. I would also like to know why my team was directed to play at Doug's this past wednesday May 2nd. Just a couple of weeks ago an APA player was stabbed there & by a member of the Doug's '8 & out' home team. I want to play pool, not be murdered. I heard about it through another source (thank God) & did not go. Why weren't we warned about this place (Doug's) & why weren't we told about the '8 & out' team member who stabbed the APA player on the opposing team. We were to play this very team & was the perpetrator of this crime going to be there, ready to stab another victim?

  8. 49:15 ….why not play a safe behind the 4 ball? very questionable choice to try and pocket the 7 ball. a safe would help take care of the 5 and 1 ball. why do apa players always think of running out? not a smart way to play

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