Apartment Mayhem Part 2

Apartment Mayhem Part 2

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The author hopes that you enjoy it, and if you have or have had have particularly Stud Want designed to see how let you know when senator59@yahoo.com _him_.

Part 2

Connie loved her new digs; she loved the apartment, the rent, the short drive, but most of all she loved the sex. It was non-stop. In three weeks she had sex with several men; Sometimes alone, and sometimes in a group with HS men and women, and she had her first lesbian experience and liked it very much.

It was definitely true that a woman could eat a pussy like nobody could. They tingled at the thought, not exactly happens again.

She sat at work at her desk and went through the motions of their work their opinion it was fine that night. Tonight was the quarterly Bacchanal, and she could not wait. Reviews The other residents had her some of the past events tells of reviews and if half as erotic This was, she was, she would certainly all night Cumming.

It was a good thing, it was Friday, and they would recover the weekend.

She got home at 18:00 and headed for the shower. She shaves her legs and pussy and then we could have white pair to show tight shorts without underwear and tight T-shirt with her prominent nipples qui, were hardening as she could on her makeup. She’s fragrance perfume used as wear latex in the right places with a strong dose of all around her clean shaven pussy.

The clock seemed to move slowly to 20.00 It was time at last year. There was a knock on her door, and she knew it was Jill, her neighbor. Since the movement, and Jill had many shared confidences and counter information on who was the best lover, had the biggest dick, sperm could ‘make em fast, etc. It was great to have a friend like Jill.

Connie sometimes wondered what it would be like Jill goal had the issue never discussed Beens make.

"Hello, are you ready?" Asked Jill as Connie opened the door.

"Is the Pope Catholic?" Replied Connie. "I can&# 39; t wait to feel a nice stiff prick filling my honeypot."

"Well, tonight we&# 39; re in for something special. has word one of the guys has built a special "fuck table" and I can&# 39; t wait."

"What&# 39; s a fucking table?"

"I Beats, everything I heard, it was there maximum enjoyment for all so&# 39; m all for it. leave&# 39; s go!"

The girls went over to the rec room and special were not the first. The place was jumping really had to be with a lot of wine, smoke and bongs. Connie and Jill both took a pair of hits was filled wine bong and immediately got buzz.

Was asking about Connie, when the going got action when the light dimmed, soft music and someone we dance you asked cam.

He was tall and muscular and _him_ She had not met before. He pulled her in close and your body fused together. Hmmmm, she thought, he feels wonderful.

She could his cock through his shorts feeling when it started to harden. "My name is Tony," he whispered in her era. I always like to be with a woman on a first name, I have to fuck in front of you and Connie are not, right?"

She could talk when they feel their contre Its hardness hardly. Pushed it to her pubis and she could feel wet. God, she wanted this cock. "Yes I&# 39; m Connie, target we can go somewhere and just uh, enjoy Ourselves?"

"No, not yet, the night is young …" decompressed his shorts and he freed his penis, she took her left hand and slowly wrapped around his cock icts length, circumference and heat to enjoy. She felt it swell to ict&# 39; full hardness in his hand and wanted to suck goal he covered her mouth with his. His tongue her dream comes soon a dance of love and desire Began entre em. Her heart raced as he slid his hand on the front of her shorts search of her pussy.

His fingers stroked her clit and she moaned softly, "Ohhh, that feels so good …",

He ground his hips into her and she could feel to become wet. He pulled her shorts out of his hand and his Placed wet finger into her mouth. She loved the taste of pussy, especially their own.

She undid her shorts and let em fall to the ground _him_ full access to her sex to give. He pulled her shirt over her head and she danced naked with _him_. He lowered his face to her breasts and sucked hard on her nipples.

Romane Bohringer in L Appartement – Part 01

He bit ’em hard, they did not target&# 39; t mind, was hot and he was going to do anything that they do.

They undid the belt and dropped his pants to the floor. It’s like she was wearing under anything, and she danced with his erect prick Halfway to achieve their flat stomach. You atteint down and pressed his cock so entre It was her legacy. She wanted to rub it feel contre her pussy and clitoris, as he continued to suck and bite on her tits. The soft, slow music improved the effect erotic His having tail, it was not to mention her sensational sucking that he was there to do her breasts.

She could feel comfortable to build the beginnings of a small orgasm beginning within her, and she did not care. She wanted to cum and she wanted without fucked to cum. That would be a first for them.

The pressure of his shaft contre her labia and clitoris was exquisite. She pressed her thighs against the friction de son tail move and her body was blessed with flooded orgasm. She felt it roll through her body and the flow of it dripping from her hot pussy on his cock.

He felt her body shiver and raised it with his arms under the legs and pushed her onto his throbbing cock. He was incredibly strong, as he heaved her _him_ it to fuck her in the air.

"Hey everyone, look, Tony&# 39; s damn Connie in the air …." shouted one of the uninvolved party goers.

Connie, although they lost in the confusion of her orgasm end and the feeling of thrusting hardness Tony&# 39; s cock in her hot cunt, est devenu aware of a tongue her asshole mounting. It licked around the rim and then stiff probed her anus. She clung to Tony and gasped as her tongue Pushed icts way into her. It was hot, wet and incredibly.

She had never been tongue in her ass before. to let felt fingers on her rectum probe and relaxed her sphincter ’em input MOST objective of its internal parts win It was not a well-lubricated finger target tail fuck by her virgin ass Pushed and Began her from behind.

Your friends burst into shouts "Way to go. Connie, Tony go, go, hey, Robbie, fuck her ass, oh man, that’s great, fuck the bitch, make her cum, c&# 39; My Robbie make her ass dripping with your cum, you, Tony, this burden shoot right into her. Cheryl wants to drink the sperm as it is poured from her."

Cheryl positioned itself among the legacy of Tony and wait, mouth wide open as was Robbie his load of hot cum shoot deep into Connie&# 39; s ass as he rammed his cock as deep as he could. Connie grunted with the strain de son pushed back and pushed it _him_ when they shoot the hot silvery load deeply felt in her. Suddenly Tony broke his sperm as His cock to year enormous size Within Connie and his white, hot man juice spat _him_ extended, as if shot from a gun. He pumped harder and harder with the weight of her small body burden than current injected de son cum filled her pussy.

Every man&# 39; s river oozed from ict hole and ran to Cheryl down while sipping When she hit her face drops. Robbie pulled and pushed his limp shit covered cock in Cheryl&# 39; s mouth _him_ dry lick.

When he pulled her his limp prick, now Tony Connie and lowered her pussy on Cheryl Positioned directly&# 39; s mouth. Connie slumped forward target Cheryl felt&# 39; s tongue give, and forced them to Tony&# 39; s cum out of her pussy in Cheryl&# 39; s waiting mouth. Cheryl drank all Connie they have begun another orgasm could Reviews and shuddered as the waves hit them ate as Cheryl her cunt.

God, it felt so good.

Connie rolled Cheryl, exhausted from the More "O&# 39; s" The had just met.

Someone in the crowd said, "It’s time for the damn table." "Yes, they can set up."

Connie sat up and noticed that everyone was naked, and most men pat were great erections. Some looked as if they had already shot their initial loads and persuasion were, their flaccid cocks with the help of some zealous women back to life. God. They thought it was a full-blown orgy.


Four well hung men. By a padded table in the middle of the room It resembled a vague table gynecologist goal Examine was much plush. It looked as if a woman would lie down and kick back with her legs spread easily to allow damn.

Then the head restraint is adjustable Appeared so cold, they reject a dick to swallow back and finally there is a generous opening her ass be right Appeared would be where, so she could have a good ass fucking and received.

Connie&# 39; s spirit overgrown with lustful thoughts.

Dangerous Sex Games (2005 Full Movie)

"Tonight ict Damenwahl. So we will draw one lucky residents&# 39; s name out of the hat, and it is their partner or partners bring Who is who will be their men at the table."

He atteint in a hat and pulled out a piece of paper and read, "The lucky lady lives in the apartment 419, it will make me known?"

"OMYGOD that&# 39; s me"Shouted, a dark-haired girl for obvious reasons Expired Raven called.

"OK! Lucky One, you have the choice of all-men you join here. now isn&# 39; t there anyone you-dreamed, uh, lusting over the unruly mob of horny guys?"

"Um, that now only I look around and see what looks, uh, feels good ……..", Raven moving through the crowd of young men and gently stroking each cock as it was presented to her. "Yes, it will do well thesis"And they led three men at the table. Raven was about five feet six, had long wavy black hair fell below her shoulders, thus, perky tits 34 B, and an ass to die. She was deeply tanned as her tits and ass were milky white.

Her nipples were made Looked like two rather small and hard, brown pebbles.

Two of the guys picked it up, kissed it and placed it gently on the deep, soft table while a third is Placed entre les leg stirrups and stroking his cock in full force. He was uncut and Connie had never seen an uncut dick before. Connie&# 39; s eyes as wide smooth Grew ict, slipped wet head from the foreskin and he was proud of all eleven inches de son throbbing manhood for all ladies to watch the display.

There were several ohhs and ahhs, and a few, "Hey, I need some of it!",

Raven rubbing her pussy and Said, "C&# 39; My Studley, fuck this pussy, give me some meat comes that it only slid in very slowly, so I can enjoy all there."

He rubbed his wet cock head over her clitoris and labia and she moaned with pleasure. "Oh Yes,&# 39; s it right there, you rock the man in the boat … mmmmmmmm …."And he put the tip glistening cock in her dripping pussy. He slowly pushed his long cock in her and she squirmed as he entered it. She wanted cock she wanted to be stuffed she was going to cum. "Oh yeah baby&# 39; s so good, give me some more" and he pushed more in it, "that&# 39; s it, That pig stuck deep into my cunt, oh yeah, time to fuck baby, give it all to me …", He pushed in the rest, and she cried out, "OH YES YES YES, fuck me BABY, fuck me …..!" And he began a steady staccato of long and short dashes in them while keeping their knees. The music played softly in the background and dimmed the light, while a blue spot light low on the torque Focused fucking today.

Your hips moved to meet His thrusts and he increased the pace. to rub your hands Began her clit while her head on the headrest recevoir moved back the tail of the second young man.

As the lights of the action darkened Began as a couple groping each other and with the sound of wet lips hardened taps it was very obvious. Most couples were strongly embedded in the ground and in a form of sex Reviews another gold and the crescendo of moans of participants employed the music began to drown while muted ecstasy and lust filled the room. What no one knew (except the apartment manager) Was that eight different video cameras with low light capability Entire were the event taping.

Connie felt a solid tail contre propel her back and she turned to this great blond woman with a huge black dildo on her waist strapped to see. The woman said to her: "Are you bi?"

"I don&# 39; t know" Was her answer.

"Well, I’m attracted to you and would love to lick your pussy and then fuck. Are you in?"

The look on her face as she slipped was ouvert on the floor and her legs Connie&# 39; s response. Your new found lover was an expert in eating pussy and Connie writhed in orgasm within minutes.

"Oh God, your tongue is to die, oh yes, fuck me with your tongue, oh yeah, my cunt sucking … ohhhhhhhhhh ……" Connie slowly sank to his knees and fell on his back then have their new found female lovers Brought them to the brink of orgasm repeatedly just to stop before could release Connie. wanted your body in fire and release later this bitch Kept bring them just close enough makes them beg for more. "Oh, oh, oh, please let me cum! they&# 39; re killing me, please, oh please ….",

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And then the woman sucked hard on Connie hurt clitoris and the rush hit her like a train. Her body arched off the floor, and she screamed, "Yessssssss, yes, yes, I&# 39; M CUMMMMIIINNNGGGGGG …..", She felt from the toes to the head, the feeling was magical, wonderful, erotic and exhausting.

Your body Entire shook with convulsive pleasure.

Jill Connie Heard&# 39; s screaming and thought why the little bitch! Here I die to make it with her and some full stranger chowing on her sweet pussy. Well, I think I&# 39; ll just join the fun.

Jill noticed a box with all different spells "toy" so took a vibrant, strap on dildo and made her way through the mass of couples to Connie and her bitch girlfriend copulation.

"OK you two hot sluts" She said, "Are you ready for some real action?" Connie saw Jill and her eyes wide as she strapped her shock foot long dildo her waist watching Grew. Connie spread her legs and said: "Oh Jill, I&# 39; ve been looking for so long, please fuck me ..",

"Wait a minute girlfriend, I was here first, you can have their after-I&# 39; m ready .."And let the tall woman on her knees and rammed the black dildo she wore to Connie&# 39; s pussy. Connie was an audible gasp when the black, plastic rammed home and then she wrapped her legs around her attacker and began to fuck her for all she was worth.

Jill was hot that damn pair watched so Decided to join in and sat down on Connie&# 39; s face with her wet pussy up to Connie&# 39; s panting mouth. Surprised by this, Connie wrapped air and then began to eat some of Jill&# 39; s pussy at a feverish pace. She did as she got in her mouth cum on the pitch black dildo Jill. The tall woman held a relentless attack on Connie&# 39; s hurt cunt, they cry, "C&# 39; s my bitch, cum for me, I want to hear you scream for more …", The aim was not to drown in Jill since Connie&# 39; s flow and pussy eagerly swallowing all you could.

Instead, it puts the woman&# 39; s hip thrusts with thrusts of their own Maximum clitoral touch and feel the beginnings Could Reviews another orgasm starting in her pussy to build deep.

Jill was in erotic feeling lost in her pussy felt. Connie was fucking her tongue and expertly Suddenly Jill was the waves of ecstasy wash over them none Rock and be held back. Her body trembled as she her pussy in Connie floor&At the same mouth and Connie Fast; # 39&# 39; s body in the full strength of Reviews another crashing climax arched upwards.

"Ah, good bitch, cum for me, yes,&# 39; s so good isn&# 39; t it? "

Meanwhile Raven was to get the fucking of her life. At least ten men had fucked her and the sperm flowed out of her pussy and dripping from all over her body. Five boys had her throat gagging cum down and now she was’ve Reviews another tap icts way to her waiting mouth found. "leave&# 39; s give a moment guys, they&# 39; s worn a little now", Said the one "table" Makers.

They gave Raven a recovery of Continual care and screwing was directed to the others in the room. The scene had only a description: a Roman orgy. Everyone was naked, and all were engaged in some form of sex store Raven at this point. Guys were pulling from spraying everywhere their burdens their tight pussies and cocks.

Women were scrambling to catch the cum as it shot out cocks her, not caring whose tail was spitting, lost someone to eat just in the throes of lust and desire&# 39; s cum. eat women today in various positions and sixty nine reach mutual orgasms. Bodies were everywhere, fuck, fucking, sucking, eating, slurping, and other sexual verb that was possible.

Connie was now ready for some old-fashioned fucking, looking for a big cock to suck to life. She walked across the room and then saw _him_ them. He was tall. About six two-goal had the biggest cock she had ever seen.

He stood about, was a very shapely and well obviously fucked blond and aiming his cock was in her face and stroked it, so that he would cum. He began to stroke faster and crouched over the blonde and avocation His cock directly to the open mouth. He threw back his head and grunted loudly as the tip de son cock erupted in a river of silver that in the immediately passed Blonde cum shot&# 39; s mouth. He continued to pump his cock forcing more cum out of his balls around the Blonde&# 39; s body. Connie was fascinated by the pulsating stream of silvery cum as Poured from his huge cock all over the blonde.

Her mouth was full, her face was covered and her hands were all rubbing all the time moaning in sexual desire over her body ..

She went to _him_ when he stood up and said: "Come. With Stud, I need something from the tail of you"

"Sorry honey, I shot only one goal massive load donated&# 39; t be good again for at least an hour."

"I don&# 39; t think so baby, let plain old Connie working on for a while." She took _him_ by the hand and led _him_ to a secluded place in the room where the pillows were thick and not covered with copulating couples. "Just lie down and let me work on you," COMMANDED Connie.

The bolt (named Ricky) DID have bidden. He reached Pouting on the pillows and Connie got his legs entre and went to work. She stroked his balls in her hands and notice that was his tail somewhat tumescent even after-Cumming. You love the look of his long, thick and very veined cock and Desired phrasal adverb hard knew objective that was all to cum. She lowered her head à son ball bag and gently sucked a de son balls in his mouth.

She knew caused the exquisite bread this as she rolled around the spherical jewel on her tongue. She Did le même l’autre and for a small groan escaped his lips. Oh, she thought, I&# 39; m an on _him_ influence already.

that&# 39; s good. You knew she quickly if could _him_ difficult get it that much would take along your pussy ache with desire and humidity entre was to spread her legs fast.

She held his cock in her hands very slightly so that she could feel the slightest sensation and lowered her face so she could lick his shaft. She started on the top just where His cock uttered his groin and gently licked and laved _him_. She could see the pussy of blonde and his own dried cum taste on _him_.

She let her tongue and lips up and down the soft length of _him_. She breathed the end de son cock head in her mouth and started seriously, while at the time to suck Sami used her fingers to probe his ass.

She felt the beat de son pulse of his cock in her mouth begin to speed up, when she used her index finger in his ass. She began begun to explore his ass His reacts stand on. Since she knew had-been for the care of the school that she was where his prostate and began to massage the walnut-sized gland.

His moaning louder now est devenu and his cock was ict reaching full length. She tried throat aim _him_ He was too big, so a finger held her in his ass while stroking his cock with l’autre. Her hand was a blur as they tore _him_ off and sucked harder and harder on his massive stitch.

They soon felt super hard to get his cock start and knew now was the time to fuck, _him_. She pulled her finger out of his ass and spread _him_ with the top pf His tail just at the entrance to their pain, steamy cunt. They fell so His cock head in her and she was called out "Oh yes, there are icts.

Oh, yes, c&# 39; My baby ict time for me to go to heaven .." And she pushed his cock down She was buried deep in. His cock filled her pussy completely. Never had a man&# 39; s cock so deep inside her.

She began turning to her hips slowly and lift _him_ Something just feel this man to enjoy&# 39; s tail every inch of her, stretched her pussy walls to the limit to felt filling it soooooo good!

They increased the pace of their slide, every inch _him_ feeling and all want Could he give. He reacted Art meting downward thrusts in with her until station abuts de son possess. Their bodies were in perfect sexual union and their worrying thought only one thing, desire and orgasm.

Faster and faster they fucked each other and shortly they could begin the trembling feeling in her and knew she had to have simultaneous orgasm, so they _him_ low and Said bent "Baby, I&# 39; m ready, I want to cum and I want you in me cum, are you ready?" Her answer was a soft moan and grunt, so they _him_ deep kissing, sucking his tongue into her mouth and fucked _him_ harder, her body ached for release icts and then, there it was. She felt his cockhead swell in her, and he began to pump his hot, sweet charge into the body as he shudders in convulsive as wave after wave shook carnal lust consumed her. It was amazing; His body reacted instinctively to her and his cock smoothly thrust into and out and with each beat de son racing heart, more hot white cum jets filled her tight cunt.

Every nerve ending in her fired and she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm crashed in her.

They fell out and lay next _him_ _him_, her body was still shaking in a slight tremors have spilled his sperm out of her pussy. She was vaguely aware of someone spreading her legs and then someone realized to her pussy lapping and enjoyed the semen slowly seeped from her. The feeling was incredible how her pussy was on fire and this tongue and mouth they brought up close again to orgasm.

She moaned, "Oh please, please stop, I can&# 39; t, no …." The aim is to mouth sat ict ministrations to her well fucked pussy and soon she could hold back no skirt as she wrapped her whole pussy in a sweet sentence of lips and tongue, and again the waves she felt beat, not quite as intense, purpose just wonderful. She was multi-orgasmic and loved it.

She pushed her hips against his mouth that you promote more, the food and suddenly found Reviews another pussy is lowered on her face. Lost in she had sexual excesses no control over her body, she ate the pussy we had fallen her face starved rats and spread her legs wide to accept the tongue, which had their own steamy pussy impaling. Her head was empty when it reviews another series of orgasms began, she could not control themselves or their feelings. Lust HAD call to completely overcome their minds and bodies.

Her body shook with spasms Each climactic wave met here reeled her mind, she was useless and completely on autopilot. My body reacted Each and her energy drained stimulus.

Finally, after-hours, such as what the orgasm rail they rested. They lay on the ground softened, in a dream state, not want to wake up.

She felt someone her shoulder, and shake ouvert her eyes. She smiled at Jill, dreamy and mouthed, "What?",

"Connie. It’s time to go, everyone except Rabe and left us, and it can only HAS Beens fucked senseless and probably&# 39; t walk. C&# 39; mon, let me help you up, here you can get in your clothes?"

"I think so, give me your hand."

Jill helped her dress and slowly left the room. Connie looked over at Raven and was a little shocked. She lay on the damn table, legs spread, eyes closed, mouth open. She was covered in cum, some still wet, covered from head to toe.

It dripped from her pussy and ass. Wow, she thought, that was really something. Maybe next month, I&# 39; ll get directed to the table.

She still had not had enough.

End of Part. 2

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