Are “Gaming” Parts ACTUALLY Faster?? – Final Answer

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  1. Its just more powerful computer parts, and which one you choose. If you pick a 500 dollar computer instead 1000+… and say the 500 is faster… I don't know what you're are thinking… Plus some people use them asides from gaming like video editing and animating.

  2. Not sure if this is a recent development or I've only just noticed it (after watching your videos for years), but I like having the staff credits at the end of the video! It's nice to see who did what and give them credit.

  3. A problem I have is that I want a powerful laptop with great specs but without the annoying gaming designs. I don't want my keyboard to light up red or any other color but white and some laptops have red or other bright colors around the body and even the lid. I would say this whole gaming name tag thing is just marketing but one thing I like is for some parts such as the gpu they get enhanced cooling.

  4. When the laymen starts to research his PT build he types in "gaming graphics cards". So they are already predisposed to look for that. I think its just that simple. Too bad GPUs are stupid inflated right now.

  5. Asked msi for another bios for my gpu, cause fans always at least 40% no matter how cold the gpu is. Was told by msi that if i wanted something with lower fan speed or even stop fans when not needed, i should have gotten the gaming version.

  6. The only thing that will make your pc/laptop a "Gaming" device is the graphics card,the core,ram and the cpu.Other so called "Gaming" things are useless.,but the gaming glasses are a whole different story.The reason why gaming stuff are so popular,let's say the gaming mouse.Most gaming mouse has glowing neon lights and people just seem to like that and they don't think twice about it because it just looks good

  7. I still have old graphics cards like the Nvidia Geforce 4 MX440 8xAGP, though I don't have a computer for it 🙁
    I kinda wanna get some old stuff like a 2400+ Athlon, but then is there a PSU for anything that old anymore?

  8. lol here i am with that NZXT phantom 410 case with 8 gb ram, i5 7400 and the only gaming thing i have is my Gpu which is msi 1070 8gb gaming x and am happy. No RGB distracting light except for the gpu, but hey it's the only gaming part in the case lol. oh it also has a blue dim fan light.

  9. I been looking at getting a new computer for gaming, but it seems that over the past 5-6 years stuff has become like WAY more expensive than before?

    I used to be able to buy a above average gaming rig for about 900-1000 euros. Now a above average rig costs 1800-2000 euros.

    What has happened in the past 5-6 years that has caused this massive price increase?

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