Ashley – Part I, The Bet


I have-been wanted an anonymous reader of the product on this site for a long time and really try and be a contributor. But I’m afraid my imagination is not as developed as many of the really good writers here. So in the last few months I write very a story that is pretty autobiographical. It’s probably not as good as gold as an adult MOST entries here.

It aims to have taken up benefits.

A few notes … ang first it was so long since I broke it into four parts, so people do not get bored. Secondly, I have no idea how to write dialogue, so forgive my way to work this week. Finally, this is my first attempt to write something, so I would know much about any feedback, positive and negative appreciate that both readers can give me.

I am interested in constructive criticism of the history and writing.

And finally, if you take the time to read through all of them, thank you very much. Finally, I will share all the comments with Ashley. Here goes …

I am 38 years old and have-married to my wife for 13 years Ashley. I love them very much purpose, I have to say that when it comes to sex it is a real prude. She was a strict Catholic upbringing and based on the collected-she’s always been very modest and superficial when it comes to sex.

Head Trip Part 5 of 7-Kaitlyn Ashley, TT Boy, B …

Until the following EU-lieu le, no matter how hard I tried over the years to bring them out of their shell, it just did not work.

To you I had never seen her naked a better idea completely Call. She always insisted on change in the bathroom and when we have sex, the lights had to be turned off. Also at the beach or pool you always wore a full piece suit with a skirt. So all insights I had here over the years were, and there, shaded look at their chest or back end, usually concealed by clothing, towels and blankets. In some ways, it has kept things mysterious and interesting.

to be Sami target at the time, the guy I am, it’s driven me nuts because I’m a very visual person.

To compensate for this, over the years I have taken to visiting strip clubs occasionally. I would never intentionally cheat Ashley there is something to see a live naked woman that I really enjoy. And because it would not satisfy that need, that’s kind of how I’ve compensated.

I aussi a secret connoisseur of online porn. I really enjoy the amateur sites where regular women either Gold show are caught unaware. For some reason it is much more interesting for me to see models as "perfect" Put professionally. I think I’d rather see a natural woman with what imperfections can have. To be honest I thought-even had a secret camera set up and try to get images from Ashley … but I could not be so sneaky bring like.

So my curiosity about my wife was unbearable.

In every respect, and Ashley-performance is quite normal and a great woman. As it turned out could not-have we children so she kept a good figure, has at least as much as I can see. She has brown hair, brown eyes and wears glasses all the time. She has a very pretty face, and it lights up a room whenever she is smiling.

She’s about 5’6 "and I would suspect weighs about 125 pounds purpose Mind you, that’s just a guess, as she would never tell me she has a very nice ground -.. That’s what attracted me to her first . I can not get enough to watch her when she wears pants Closer. her legs are shapely and I think she likes to show off a little it, if you are wearing dresses … that I see, enjoy as well.

Her breasts are not wide target based on contact; I can tell you that they are solid (okay, I checked her bra and the size is 33B). You up nicely on the chest goal then again, it really BH would have been her, the media as far as I could personally say good provision.

Without children we-have-to each other great friends. We talk about all sorts of things. She shows interest in my work, we follow sports and together both love nature.

They not only works part-time target cares it around the house and cooking fantastic meals. Besides her an idiosyncrasy, I really could not ask for a better wife … why I tolerated it.

Ashley est very competitive. Often-we harmless betting each other about all sorts of things just to make life a little more interesting. I do not know-even remember how it started, but over the years we have-have bet on everything from the weather to sports and politics (she was a big Hillary supporter). We have bet even a so stupid thing as to whether the next person out of a restaurant is a pair would be a man, a woman or a group. Most of the time the bets just for fun.

Purpose occasionally we-have bet with the things of real value in the game. I’ll give you an example.

A few years ago we started our vacation schedule. I wanted to go to Las Vegas and (do not ask me why) Ashley wanted to Minnesota and the Mall of America to go. For some reason we could not have a common base and the discussions went on for a week, see. Finally Ashley suggéré the problem down to a bet.

I was pretty cautious because I had no interest in the Mall of America. So I told her I would only agree to see-what the bet WAR.

For two weeks we suggéré us with different bets to see both of us reasons to reject the other proposals. I cam finally acceptable to a position that both of us had. It was the 2002 Super Bowl, the Patriots vs. the Rams.

Ashley grew up in New England and was thrilled by the patriots who were big underdogs. As I recall, they had never won the Super Bowl and the Rams were the heavy favorite. Although not a Rams fan, I thought it was a sucker bet, give her 7 points even when Ash it Agreed. Of course, to my chagrin lost the Rams.

Ashley was thrilled. I tried my best to get out of it purpose She was relentless. Not only we were I would-have put a good face on it and do not complain or some error or problem on the trip.

So I Swallowed my pride to the Mall of America went and made the best of it (by the way, it was unbearable!).

Since then we have had with betting stakes were few things more items we can not usually agree. The worst was a bet on a local election that led to me that to replace their car. Now they Ging eventually need a replacement, target of my bill it was at least two years too early.

I won a few along the way also (I have a beautiful Seiko watch to prove it) the purpose and the holiday were the two great as always.

That is until this past year. Ashley HAD Beens presses on to move to a larger and more modern house. We have lived in the house since we were married Sami.

It was originally a fixer upper that I it worked extensively over the years. It is very comfortable and now I like it here. I also have a lot of sweat equity in it, and I am proud of all the work I’ve done. Ashley purpose wanted to live with larger homes in an upscale neighborhood. I flatly refused, especially with the economy the way it has been.

Although we could move it afford it, I knew we would aussi get the value for our house never, that I felt it was worth. Ashley purpose Kept pounding away freely and it began to get angry. When they offert bet finally I got an idea ….

Before I wanted to accept it take some time to ensure I optimized my idea. I knew instinctively I que la along Waited, the more anticipation dignity in Ashley and build the more happiness they would agree. And I did not take the opportunity that they were simply decided not to bet – I had more sure to make I had the right bet. While I was thinking and planning I caught a lucky break. Because a foreclosure, loved a house that Ashley cam on the market and they est devenu hectic That would someone else.

So I decided the time was right, my suggestion was to make.

One evening a glass of wine, I told her is at stake, I would agree. I told her that if she lost they have to accept the following measures. Firstly, I would see from now on her naked in full light and it was regularly.

Meant this change in the bedroom and Sexually lights when I question the. Secondly, I would be allowed to take digital pictures of her naked, to do with what I wanted, as long as I did not reveal publicly. And finally, to make room for all the years I had not seen her, she’d go with me agree to a hotel and leave to prove myself in public areas pictures take naked from her that she was about this phobia.

If we try to do it when things were quiet, and they could not be seen, they have had to endure this purpose, whatever unfolds.

After I explain the stakes (with Ashley blush and shook it all the time the head) they simply stated that this is absolutely not in question. That was a personal matter for them and there was no way they would agree to it. We just need to find Alleged to bet otherwise.

I laughed and said that when it comes to superior cam time, my house and crafts for sale, thesis were the stakes I was only on the chat ready but I was her husband. A few tears slipped from her eyes and she stood from the table, unfinished wine. She did not speak for the rest of the night to me.

Of course, I wondered if I had my hand overplayed.

After two days on tiptoe they run around at work Expired called me to ask me if I had changed my mind. I explained that this is their me welded to be significant because the house was new to her and that I not changed my mind in any case … I was not even about. The phone was silent for what seemed like 5 minutes. Then in a quiet voice, she told me that had put Beens an offer on the house and I would please, please reconsider?

I told her again I would not, and the conversation ended abruptly.

That night at dinner I said, they rejected HAD Beens que la offer from the bank. The aim of the real estate agent said it was their two parts ang interested Who’d probably both in the next couple of days offers. I shrugged my shoulders just to the message. After a long pause she asked what it was would we bet it would be if they actually voted to make the conditions.

Then I knew I had a stroke of luck.

The bet is clearly needed a quick one to be, because the results were needed in time to deal with the house. As it turned out, was the next evening Game 7 of the playoff series entre Ashleys .beloved Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox won the World Cup with a long history of success and the rays had never Been in the play-offs.

Ashley suggéré bets on Game 7. I agreed because it was simply getting to the inserts I AGREE, was a victory of the kind proposed – I thought that, even if I lost, did not move was a disaster, and now I had the theme of Ashley ouvert up opportunities for the future modesty.

The next night We Were glued to the TV. The Red Sox jumped to a quick lead with a home run in the first. the gods were smiling at the end goal because gained on me the rays and the bet was over.

Ashley sat pale and shaken. I honestly believe that she thought there was no way they have made a habit of exciting the Red Sox could be lost, had to come from behind wins.

In a shaky voice she asked if because it used to so late and she needed to the idea, may a few days, they have-before they would begin to pay off the bet? Smile told her I that for sure the pictures and the hotel could wait. Purpose I had known for 15 years, and long to see That Waited naked, and I did not want to wait any longer.

I have to give her credit, because they then swallowed hard, got up and headed into the bedroom.

I followed her in and watched as she pulled the shade and a nightgown got out. She had we turned just next to the lamp, and she moaned loudly as I turned on the overhead light qui much added to the room. Then she started to blush heavily undressing.

I do not think she noticed because she was so aware of yourself, goal I was sporting year as hard erection than I ever had in my life.

She began by slipping her shoes and then hurls her little socks off one half football. Then looked at me nervous she unbuttoned her jeans, slid em her legs and stepped out of ’em. She stood in her top and panties and then asked if they could stop. I only said three words to her …

Mall of America.

These words she heard paused and then I reminded her that she had you been with me, attitude was as important as compliance …

She sighed heavily again, gave me a wan smile and pulled her top. She wore a modest BH her breast covered. Purpose I only had eyes for her stomach and navel I qui in the darkness many times over the years had never seen Caressed goal.

I saw her face and she blushed bright red. So I gave her a genuine smile and in return they atteint behind her and loosened her bra. Then leaned forward, she jerked the straps from her shoulders. For a minute she held the cup over her breasts and then the bra and topless Stood is slipped there. I stared qui stabbed from her breast with just a hint of sag at her breasts.

There we very broad purpose they were not beautiful, crowned by medium brown nipples centered qui goods upright. If anything her blush only deepened.

She stood for a minute or two and then clear the courage workup they bend over her panties Slipped her legs and straightened up. I saw her legs entre and for the first time ever, I saw her pussy. She got to be so sure, all I really saw was the top of their truncated Busch modest.

Purpose It was more than I had previously seen in the light, and it was nice.

I looked at her naked body, as if I were a blind man who had received the gift of sight for the first time. It was true in a way, because for our entire marriage, I only knew her body by touch. She was a feast for the eyes.

She started to reach for her nightdress, and I have a hand was stopped. I asked, so I turn around they could see again. Somewhat reluctantly and slowly she obeyed. Was she back Virtually flawless. Your skin smooth and touchable looked like it Have you ever felt.

I saw the little mole under the left shoulder blade that I had known only by touch. Her back tapered at her waist and then flared in her beautiful bottom. Her cheeks were symmetrically rounded.

My eyes followed the column entre em down, down, and maybe it was my imagination, I thought I aspire a small tuft of hair could see … but I could not be certain before she turned back and snatched her nightgown.

I quickly came across the room, took her in my arms and kissed her. Then they collect on, I put her on the bed and switched off her lamp. I walked across the room, turned on the overhead.

Then in a darkened room, I got into bed and made love to her gently. ALTHOUGH I was embarrassed and shocked to know of what they had just done, they excited more than I ever her and making love was simply seen incredible.

Part I of a four hand story about my wife

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