Asian Amateur bantamweight bodybuilder- 28 weeks out practice posing

Mature Amateur

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  1. holy shit! its like looking in a mirror,literally from the neck down we have the same body type and skin colour, I lol'd so hard when I saw this!
    5'9 155, but I don't work out often, you're inspirational =] this is motivation now that I know I'm not far off, from getting my "otter mode" body :< cut cut cut lean lean lean lean here I come! didn't think I could ever have a natural body, till I saw this vid.

  2. @kevinvongratsavai well, sorry. i get so much jealousy/hating from the people around me and it is really annoying me.. i always train/help people get in shape but all they wanna do are compare/compete with me.. well, good luck though. Bodybuilding is a part of my life. So i really appreciate and look up to those who shares the same passion as me.

  3. @kevinvongratsavai well, at least i have more success than u. I have a good fan base/ pretty females. i have the looks/body, well, that's what people always told me. I dont hate on no one unless they tryna hate on me. I have a bodybuilding team with 50 members, i been in online model website, im currently a model, what else do u need to know? thanks. So get your fact straight, homie.

  4. @kevinvongratsavai well, im at 140lbs and my show in march, i will be competing at 143lbs or under.. so i dont really need to bulk up much.. but im hoping to gain at least 2 more pounds before the show though.

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