ASUS’ Gaming Phone Looks AWESOME!

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  1. You know this would be a great product if they developed it in 2019 when we actually have 5G arm based chips this is the same reason I had no interest in the Razer phone. It seems dumb to be releasing new phones right now with 5G this close.

  2. I would love it but not the 90hz screen part. I'd prefer if it could be locked at 60 so that way the experience between my phone & PC is the same. No I don't want to upgrade my PC to a 90Hz display & capable GPU as well, that'd just make the upgrade cost every few years all that more expensive which I can't afford.

  3. Hmm…Interesting.

    But I've decided that I get a new phone when I can unlock on the screen. Only one phone allows for it atm I guess but it'll be standards soon enough xD.

    However, something like this Asus phone will make it hard to keep my money I think xD. It has a massive battery, good screen, forward facing speakers AND higher refresh rate. All I want tbh. The camera I bet is good enough. Honestly no camera is bad anymore, they all get the job done. So I don't even care about that part anymore.

    Had my mobile service provider sold the Razer Phone (locked to them for another 12 months) I would've bought one tbh. Or any other company for that matter.

    But sadly it was exclusive to another provider here in Sweden and I can't switch like I said. And I didn't want to import one either…

    I guess my need to upgrade my PC for BF5 may be the only reason I don't buy something like this Asus phone xD. Even though I can't unlock through the screen tbh. It has all features I value highly, just like the Razer Phone.

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