“Bad” Fursuits & Amateur Makers [The Bottle Ep18]

Mature Amateur

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  1. I really want to make my own fur suit but I'm scared … I don't make any money because I'm only 13 and idk how expensive materials are. His video did inspire me though Thanks Pocari

  2. One 'The Bottle" I may like to see personally for myself and maybe other is… Suppliers for say 'Carpets' πŸ˜‰ I know i am intending to look up something i feel may fit my position….but it is always cool to year from a 'FUROINE'(Heroine) πŸ˜‰ Yes i am as i said intending to make my own suit… even if not perfect… its something to start with. Call me crazy but i feel it would be cool to know for people that may not… as i am already partly debating on some thing… but you may have some better insight πŸ™‚

  3. I mentioned in another comment like 10 minutes ago about scams(not sure where it falls in your timeline at this moment but i am intending to make my suit myself as i feel my creativity in art and writing is good enough… why not learn something new… even if it doesn't fall in the highest regard… I hope i would still have hope in one of my Favorite Youtuber/Furries Pocari Roo XD. If i ever get to a point i feel… happy with… I would wanna show you BLSK the ___ yeah… not much detail yet… half of it is money(maybe finally ok with that) and time(dodgy) to do something special for me(even a few… coworkers have knowledge I am a furry, Only 1 jokes about it but i think the respect shows through) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Plus up to … a couple thousand USA dollars i have heard it may cost feels very steep for something… I would love to have but i wonder if my high ability"?" may be all i need(plus I think my mom may be a huge supporter in the long run even though i think i shocked her little over a year ago with the statement "I may make a Fur Suit" She is my world most of the time(currently)….sigh…

  4. So the fursuit I just made was my first one. It was made out of felt and cardboard. That’s it! It looked cringe so I’m remaking it now! Now it’s gonna be made out of foam, furry cloth, plastic canvas and more. Yea…………

  5. I want to get a suit made by someone who isn't completely blown up in the community 😊 I won't go by price, i will go by quality. My only concern is the detail for my fursona's markings on her face. Few few people have even drawn it right

  6. I'm going to start making my fur suit as soon as my fur and foam is delivered. I am so nervous because i know exactly how i want it but I'm afraid it will not turn out the same way. i have researched different tutorials, step by step instructions and advice until my face has turned blue but i know that i will not know how it will turn out until i actually give it a go…i hope i can make it work and it turns out as cute as i plan for it.

  7. I'm only about 12 now almost 13 but I've been wonder what age my parents would be ok with it they're very supportive but I don't know when to come out

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