Barry White – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby.

Mature Amateur

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  1. Allah if you have not done so already please bring Barry White Spirit back to live on this planet Earth again. His voice was as an angel. the researchers at found out that president Barack Obama mother came from the 1st black person enslaved for life in america during the Colonial period,his name was John Punch,and President Barack Obama was John Punch 11th great-grand-son. Black women please DON'T believe the media and the world that you are ugly,as you ARE NOT you are beautiful,so please tell these men of other races that I am not the White Standard of Beauty so please go get a pure White and therefore, White woman to go with and marry. You ARE NOT going to Marry me and Exterminate my and our Black race.

  2. This song came out in 1974 and as of today it has 38.3 million views could you imagine just think about it if we had YouTube in 1974 how many views would this song would have had at that time UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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