Beach Bums

Two ladies have very different opinions on what are considered acceptable wear beach and trying to force their views on the introduction of abusing its position as the beach bodyguard.

This is a real (albeit somewhat lightheartedly) conversation Email entre two friends. Only the names-have-been changed to protect the guilty.

************************************************** ****

Dear Meg,

I&# 39; ve Beens more about what you think&# 39; ve told me about your love of the belt and I thought I’d better warn you something.

I work on the weekends as a volunteer beach lifeguard. I can be anywhere in the country to a public beach and my job is to see that people are sent securely and aussi enforce acceptable behavior. This includes maintenance and, if necessary, enforce the public beach dress code.

If you shoulds lucky to be on my beach I When&# 39; m in service, you could in a lot of trouble if you were wearing a thong bikini gold thong bottom one-piece swimsuit.

Not that I would mind; Actually, I love fest to see, rounded bare ass like yours, and I would. For a while as you watch parade up and down and show off your gorgeous body End Then I would approach you and introduce myself. You’d Realize immediately, because I always carry me a tight stretch swimsuit with my name on it.

it&# 39; s at least a size too small, so that it clings to spill over the top for all my curves and my big tits strengths.

I would tell you that belts are not allowed on the beach, because they bring the other reviews bathers embarrassed and I want to warn you that I would not allow you to wear a thong on the beach again, when I saw you. I would photograph a record in case I was needed to identify later so I could prove that you were not properly tightened. I usually take three shots: one turn in full length from the front and taken one from behind with the perpetrator Reviews standing and another from behind, while forward clasped her hands her ankles and her feet spread wide apart.

The last shot lasts the longest, as I do I make mad to get a good view.

Then I would understand, hold the sides of the thong bottoms and drag it to the hips up to see if your pussy hill is still covered when the material entre close your legs stretched. Aussi I would see my hand under the straps of the bikini top slide, how close they are and when they loose I&# 39; d em untie and re-tie ’em much narrower.

If I had thought that your bikini top to sheer I&# 39; carried out on a pair of individual tests. At first I&# 39; d splashing seen from my sports bottle over your breasts, whether the material was transparent when wet. Then I have&# 39; d brush the back of my ankle over your nipples to build make em to see if they protrude too obvious from the curve of your breasts.

If your bikini failed’any my tests I&# 39; d immediately expel from my beach and warn you that you would be punished if I saw you wearing the swimsuit Sami again. Then I would just for women lifeguard station on site, where I&# 39; d based and I will&# 39; d explain que la door has a lock on the inside and: has a bed and a chair, the priority to put victims while they recover are revived gold.

For now, Meg, I&# 39; ll you can imagine what I could mete out punishment to you the next time my beach violate the code of conduct.

Are you planning to go to the beach soon? The weather&# 39; s going to be very warm this weekend.


************************************************** ****


I’ll go to the beach when the weather is good, and I will wear a tiny thong bikini triangle

How would you let me ignore rules to punish beach?


************************************************** ****


You really are a very bad girl! I think you have-most blatantly revealing and provocative bikini deliberately chosen you damage could be found in your bedroom drawer to disregard only the rules and make your body in the public spectacle. Look at how you trigger your nipples, which is thought nearly transparent fabric.

Look at how your pussy-gash can be easily seen by the Tanga Delta. And see how small it is! I shudder to think how it looks from behind, I try Certainly `is tomorrow at the beach close-up photos take you, strictly to use as proof of course.

I think you are trying to try to provoke me to put me to the test to see how I will respond! Well, Meg, your attitude is totally unacceptable, so is your bikini. It will take me at least tomorrow to to decide exactly what will be your punishment, if I see you on the beach.

Goal I can now que le bed and meat in the bodyguard disclose stations have wrist and ankle strap fastened, because sometimes in such distress We swimmers and bathers, or suffer seizures and convulsions that we have to hold back for their own safety. I think that restrictions thesis Required tomorrow will be as a share of the punishment. I think aussi that you wish your bikini briefs more your bum cheeks covered, you give some protection.

And you want that you hadn May&# 39; t provoke me and humiliated by a scarce those tarty and shameful wearing swimsuit.

I&39 #; ll see tomorrow on the beach; Be recevoir punishment prepares you earn (and a bit more if the fancy takes me).

Emma (lifeguards and zealous advocate of public decency).

************************************************** ****


Decided I now punishment Such licentious and slutty bikini for wearing on the beach:

First I’m going to wrap it in a survival &# 39; room&# 39; Blanket for modesty&# 39; s sake and in my lifeguard station where I’ll leave for at least an hour in the sweltering conditions I sweat my complete inspection beach. Upon my return, I will peel the cover off and see how much you’re sweating to lose your body.

Next I&# 39; ll you outside where everyone can see, and suddenly emerge under the cold shower, so your bikini totally transparent and her nipples erect massive.

Back at the station, I&# 39; ll the door and blame strictly for my rules, you break to stop wearing skimpy The herb&# 39; s bikini again, I&# 39; ll each strap is cut, so useless that it falls to the ground and leaves you completely naked.

How do you excuse refuses stubbornly, I&# 39; ll force you to sit down and I humiliate your arms and legs to the armchair strapping, are so you vulnerably exposed me. I&# 39; ll for more incriminating evidence, the search through shoulder bag and find your cell phone. I can tell a lot about a person by their phone book list of contacts; I&# 39; ll browse your list and find that almost without exception your friends & Contacts are all female.

That always makes me smile.

At the bottom of the bag I&# 39; ll find something that makes me smile more – Pager. I flick the switch, and it begins to hum …


to move On the way I squirm and fight like I keep it near your nipples, and they jump to full, hard erection again. Goal I can give you to touch the causeless joy ’em? No, I INSTEAD strip out of my swimsuit and play it on my own nipples INSTEAD!

This really makes you contre your borders to fight until I shock you into silent submission by the top of your own, very personal vibrator along my labia rub when I lie back on the bed rest. I groan and Buck as I open then quickly stab push your toys in my vagina at my swollen clit, time to bring me immediately to orgasm, I&# 39; ve longed ever since I first saw you on the beach.

If I was I considerate&# 39; You d have a orgasm your own Great, but no, I grab from only your towel around you and you do not warn again in a revealing thong bikini back to my beach. I wonder away as you walk if you again might come back.

You have been warned.


************************************************** ****


Although you punished me and warn more Fittingly next time I dress came to the beach, on my skin, the warm sun felt today too much of a temptation so I had no choice but a bikini with a thong to wear me back want.

I think it is for every beach is very acceptable. Don&# 39; You t?


************************************************** ****

Meg, no, this is completely unacceptable!

You are a very bad lady. If you come back wearing on my beach string bikini that I&# 39; ll have to believe that you actually punished enjoy. Well, that couldn&# 39; t be true.

Do you enjoy being punished?

I&# 39; thinking ll-have next time something else, I do, and if I&# 39; ll tell you what punishment I have planned, so it may be a deterrent to you.

Meg, I think the best thing you can do is a lot more of your free time to spend hauling although the Internet looking at pictures on the bikini online stores and try something better to find suitable. Or take the consequences!

Emma, ​​your overzealous lifeguard.

************************************************** ****


I&# 39; afraid I have no ang style bikini available to me so I have no choice but to target ’em to wear. How to be punished for the enjoyment, and I think I need top sessions in the lifeguard hut further before I can come to a conclusion.


theSandfly Horny Naked Beach Bums!

************************************************** ****


To aren&# 39; t sure if you enjoy my beach resort Punishments? I just wonder how far you&# 39; ll push me before&# 39; re really pissed; I hope you don&# 39; t regret what you-have said. I&# 39; m pretty strict rules about my beach; I-standards to protect public decency.

wear your excuses not other, more modest bikini, DAS is pretty blade and me this suggests that you want to be actually punished some more. And yes, you’re going Several more meetings to have the lifeguard hut before cum-even, let alone come to a conclusion.

Well, the weather forecast looks good for the next week so I expect you on the sand, to see, to that round featuring sexy bum you out and push 34C large breasts without concern for the effect you&# 39; ll have a rating for the other bathers. they&# 39; ll probably swimming in the sea and leg back to the beach, dripping wet in your now transparent thong thong bikini bottom.

I&# 39; ll be waiting for you, Meg.

At first I&# 39; ll take more photos of you en ce que apologize for a bikini happen to wear, so I hope you&# 39; ve Beens Practice touch your toes. Then I have&# 39; ll take you to my beach resort, this time I&# 39; ll tie your wrists together with a rescue rope. I&# 39; ll, so you have to stand-stretched This loop over the top of the fresh-water shower faucet with hands high above his head, can not protect themselves.

I&# 39; ll in wide letter writing on the wall behind you: &# 39; THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO RULE BREAKERS&# 39; and invites members of the public to take turns, the control valve at pressures so that you are soaked with cold water repeatedly This is for your breasts and belly trickle to your step. Who knows the power of water can also drag-your skimpy bikini bottoms your shaved pussy hill to the amused audience suspends.

Then when I decided you-have-sufficiently afflicted I&# 39; ll be you untie from the shower and take it in my station &# 39; Interviewed&# 39; While I qui&# 39; ll to tie the rope to the rafters over the head. To make sour you can&# 39; t the bikini wearing Sami again target not to cut the skin smooth, I&# 39; ll the tissue with a diver Slash&# 39; s knife, where it tries in vain your breasts and hide I&# 39; ll tear them apart to expose her nipples. No doubt you are already hard and erect as you enjoy the thrill of humiliation and forced impending punishment.

I&# 39; ll aussi cut a long right in the middle of the small tissue triangle slot which barely covered your mounds and tear them apart, so your pussy is naked and exposed me (and probably spread wide open and oozing self-lubricating due to your obvious heightened state of arousal) ,

If I&# 39; ve your personal data taken down and checked my notes I em contre&# 39; ll realize you a repeat offender are, rekindle my anger and my passionate zeal alike. I&# 39; ll give ample opportunity to regret and apologize purpose&# 39; s unlikely that you&# 39; ll so I Cooperate&# 39; You ll have to spank.

First, while you are still tied to the rafters, I&# 39; ll manage multiple blows with a long bamboo tube normally used to carry a flag at the children&# 39; s sandcastles competition. If you scream, I&# 39; ll cut your Bikini Bottom from you and stuff ’em in your mouth silent protests, despite the fact that you&# 39; ll probably the taste of salt water mixed with your full pussy juice.

If you are still unrepentant, I&# 39; untie you ll and lay face down on a broad, solid inflatable beach ball I That for competitions use on the sand and I&# 39; ll the rope passed around the ankles, so you can also&# 39; t descend. Now I have&# 39; ll be ble bare butt cheeks turned to spank high and invitingly in the air. 1 – 2 – 3 ….. 1 – 2 – 3 …..

1 – 2 – 3 I&# 39; ll so hard I encourage hand slaps down count on your redness meat. ALTHOUGH I never let I would&# 39; ll find this incredibly exciting and my labia are spread wide my legs so my tight swim suit entre is icts working way deeply entre my labia and my aching rasp contre clitoris.

Unable to resist Me in the satisfaction and bring selfish way to orgasm as I can remember, I have&# 39; ll go to where you can see me and slowly move out of my tight suit and puts me then to ask. Reaching the wall behind me, I&# 39; Select ll what might you look like a modern policeman&# 39; s truncheon. It has an ebony shaft to 02:11" Diameter and 12" ribbed along with a short circuit, extension at one end. This is approximately 2" In diameter and 5" long and is fixed at an angle to the shaft by hand. I&# 39; ll aussi take on what might seem like a bridle for ponies the beach look, consisting of leather straps and steel loops & Buckles.

they&# 39; ll as their use be confused until I go crouch and gradually, they facilitate cautious short, stubby end of &# 39; truncheon&# 39; lubricated then wrap in my vagina the &# 39; bridle&# 39; around my hips and thighs by instead entre the fearsome black object my thighs to keep. It will be only when I stand straight, tall and threatening that you&# 39; ll see the huge strap-on phallus proud upward from the base protruding from my belly.

Can you hear your protests to make&# 39; ll have to succumb no choice target my twists, as I stand behind you and press the tip of the tool contre your vaginal soft opening. I&# 39; ll notice how your pussy opens me fast as a measure of your joy when I push the expansion of my sex deep in the pussy.

1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, more and more, now more than 6 inch disappeared. Slowly I&# 39; ll build a rhythm, gradually more push in your tunnel can accommodate up to my stomach loudly contre your bum cheeks slaps. Faster and faster I&# 39; ll your pussy as leather straps tight sweater contre my flesh and upper portion of the phallus wanders pumps over my clitoris.

If I, that you feel, try your clitoris trying to climax against the inflated ball I press&# 39; ll a rolled towel under the sink slip Pussy touch impossible. Holding on the strap halter neck bikini top of the kidneys, as I&# 39; ll ride to a climax, of course, not your me how your nipples repeatedly exposed Press against the ball, but they do not arouse Sufficiently to deliver an orgasm.

If I&# 39; ve come as often as I I choose&# 39; ll push my tool out of you and shoot, upload them aromatic, sparkling juices from the long wave to leak, you just contaminated.

You are free to leave now, is back with a warning not to my beach, if you are more dressed suitable.

Do you think this punishment would have the desired effect, or are you coming back?


Lifeguards and administerer fair and reasonable terms.

************************************************** ****


You may fine-to you hard Appeared My goal&# 39; afraid it will not be a deterrent to me, as I love the sun on my body to feel and get a tan with minimal tan lines. Therefore, I will tomorrow carry Reviews another of my skimpy bikinis.

I&# 39; m just glad that corporal punishment and could leave no trace. Maybe I’m starting to enjoy my punishment.


************************************************** ****


Sorry I&# 39; m not likely down to the beach for the next couple of days. This objective does not mean you can, what do you like how I&# 39; ll be questions when I ask, ask,&# 39; m next service and&# 39; ll still when you are punished&# 39; ve beens bad. Be very careful what you wear, won&# 39; t you.

I&# 39; ll your tan lines the next time we meet I review&# 39; ll know if you&# 39; ve Beens your flesh exposed again.

You have been warned.


************************************************** ****


I&# 39; m really don&# 39; t think a verbal warning to stop me at all. Told you I have mentioned in my last email I will wear, what and how you have otherwise be in the service, then I do it carte blanche, as I please. My tan lines quite minimal I feel.

Meg xxx

************************************************** ****

To: National Lifeguard Agency

By: Emma

Date: July 20, 2005

Subject: beach patrols

Dear Patricia,

I am, as you will remember, a free beach lifeguard attached to organizing prudish known (personally responsible for maintaining the Decency everywhere) and I have recently stretch of beach from the double beens working points locally projecting Known as Hardas right down past the Rocks Navel base to Prominent Mound.

That I to report, ignore standards have been slipping-and some bathers the basic rules of beach behavior. In particular I have to do with a woman quite Severely only known as Meg me. She has a total disregard ang beach users and has no respect for authority. She regularly contributes the smallest, most is revealing and often completely transparent bikinis I have ever had the pleasure of eyes set on and despite repeated warnings she continued her mature, rounded and voluptuous body to flaunt.

Their specialty is tight panties that her butt cheeks get naked and exposed, and I have many photographs that I stay at home as evidence that they hardly cover her cunt.

I have them punished, she has for the public humiliation in the shower (one of my favorites) Transmitted light punishment and beatings and-also a good hard pussy fuck with the longest strap I had at the time with me, but still it holds ever almost nothing wear to the beach come back.

So now I am to report that I have to manage a much harsher penalty.

I found Meg along the sand alone in a secluded part of the beach walk. She was wearing a tiny bikini triangle top that barely covered her areola. Her breasts swelled at the edges, her deep cleavage was obvious and her nipples erect and thrust forward coated peaks near transparent material.

They wore matching thong bottoms, which is almost goal her vulva covered clear I could see that was shaved her hills bare. When she bent forward, the cord had again totally in her butt-crack disappeared and I was able to the pink, puckered edge of her ass hole to see how it wrapped around the self thong bikini.

I was angry! I had been warned so many times their goal keeps bikinis so tiny thesis I transmits it towed behind a few rocks reviews to begin another round of punishments.

At first I photographed them in different positions demeaning aim only to play rail, together to enjoy the attention. So next I found 4 piece of driftwood, which I forced into the sand, forming a heavy stone to 2 meters square about 2 meters. to find some discarded coarse fishing,&# 39; s rope washed up by the sea I Meg bound&# 39; s ankles and wrists and put her face in the sand, I tied the rope firmly to the driftwood stakes.

Was the sun now high in the sky, so I for a few hours to roast them spread among ict hot exit beams. Your big butt rose up and invitingly in the warm summer air and she did look like …

Sorry, back to my postponement. If I could see that was always sore and reddened her skin with sunburn, I triggered the goal stakes then tied her wrists together behind her back and her ankles bound together with not more than 30 cm free movement. Pulling her to her feet, the soles of here qui sore from the hot sun, I walked her the half mile back to the lifeguard station, Meg In small, limited steps under the heat of the sun.

I sometimes drink their drink of water, aussi allows the water to flow her body, qui, unfortunately her bikini made transparent again.

they in the lifeguard hut push, I cursed and tried to get them to apologize and repent, aims to no avail. Unfortunately I had to punish her more, so I pushed her on the bed face down and rest assured their arms and legs with leather straps at each end. Your bum cheeks were already fiery red of the sun&# 39; s rays and redder than I rained hard hand-slaps on her bare Grew, burnt ass. Her ass was bright crimson from the combination of their sunburn and my spanking, the pain of an accentuation l’autre.

Each stroke has satisfactory &# 39; crack&# 39; Sound and Meg groaned into the mattress, her body doubled over and against the bed of her pussy mound grinding. They seemed to enjoy my punishment, so I had to change tack. I untied her ankles out of bed and tied her legs to two poles, to keep one of her feet apart and together reviews easily another to force the knees so that they "could not be further apart&# 39; t squeeze her pussy.

Then I let her wrists out of bed and hit ropes em down to her ankles and pulled her body arched em so backward in a crescent shape.

A bamboo cane, I slapped her ass, the back and the back of her legs, so to weep, but not to plead with me to stop. Incensed, I pulled out of bed and made her kneel on the floor, arching her shoulders against the wall and her body backwards, however unpleasant leg muscles Tightened, flattened her belly, as the pushed forward Teaches and her breasts strains. Her nipples were clearly hard and upright, so I untied her bikini top, they threw aside and grabbed her breasts roughly.

I pinched and pulled her nipples, em hard to leave then pressed suddenly go, so they groan. Several times I repeated this goal without success, so I leaned down and bit ’em hard, suck’ em in my mouth until thick and bloated this goal were only made it extremely moan More! Female dog.

I hit em-even with the cane that end, they only caused obscene grow long and hard and a lighter shade fiery red pink so I punished them by tying coarse ropes around her breasts, em tight so flushed her breasts pull.

No remorse was Pending, so I hit her stomach and the inside of her thighs with the cane repeatedly make her soft flesh glow red and angry. It seemed to me that she might enjoy this treatment, as much as they could be about so stopped to orgasm, I move out of my swimsuit and my clit furiously frigged before her, to tease and humiliate them. I screamed obscenities at her and just made it to the climax before.

Nude Beach – Big Boobs and Big Bums HD – cuteca …

So, um, I won, did not&# 39; t I! The bitch is unlikely to me again to take them now know how gravement take over my job.

in a day&# 39; s work.




I am at the time having a good time on the beach. I love showing my body in my wicked weasel from tiny panties. One of the lifeguards doesn&# 39; t like them and keeps me but to punish wear ’em.

My back and bottom is all sunburned by-one of their punishments, so I will have-even to my sunburn until today. She thinks that I won&# 39; t return partner after the last time I order gift&# 39; t think they realized that I enjoy punished and that there is no punishment That She could give that would myself from showing off discourages the beach.

Maybe I’ll see you there.


Two ladies have very different opinions about what can be considered acceptable wear beach

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