Big Mature Buck commits – Wisconsin November Rut Hunt

Mature Amateur

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  1. Sniikers, this was when I was sponsored by Hoyt filming with my previous production company, I now hunt with Whitetail Journey on the Sportsman Channel and we are a Mathews Sponsored show, this was my last hunt before using my Z7 which I love! Haha you are right, wish I had my mathews then…

  2. Yes it happens these animals react amazingly fast to the sound of your bow string and they drop quite a bit. It's tough but it's always better to aim lower not higher to compensate for this some.

  3. @specfever yeah if you watch the slow motion you will see that my arrow should have tucked right behind the shoulder but the buck ducks almost a foot and a half and back at the shot of 25 yards… tough break but it happens on old mature deer sometimes. Will be many more opportunities but you never forget the ones that get away from ya. Thanks man

  4. I just read an article on this issue in Bowhunting magazine earlier this year. The writer spoke of how you miss but you didn't at the same time. In other words, your aim was great, but the buck 'ducks' at the sound of the bowstring causing the target to drop – hence your arrow to go high.

    You did hit this buck with the arrow though, right?

  5. @ghhunter870 thanks brother, yeah it happens, had missed or maimed a big boy in almost 7 years and then this big dog ducked it at 25 yards…. i had time to range it and everything before he hit that point. he was headed for a big community scrape on the hogs back funnel we were sitting. had trail cam pics of him as well

  6. This is the same thing that happened to me on a 150 class 4 by 4 last year. It still haunts me every day. Try not to beat yourself up to bad it happens to everyone!!!

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