Black Rod – Part 2

She stepped out of bed and Brought the glass of wine with her. She took a big gulp of it and then, without swallowing, she took my cock back into his mouth and swirled the wine around my mushroom qui made loud smacking sounds through the room. She sucked and then took a sip of wine reviews yet out of the glass and the DID again equal.

Monica repeated this until all the wine was finished from her glass.

Monica looked up and said, "How was the lover Did you like it"

I looked up and nodded. Monica bent to the ground and took the peanut butter, it was the way with bits in it and Monica Said, "I forgot the spoon. It does not matter."

She took some out with a pair of fingers. She smeared it on my dick she emptied half the glass on my dick. She licked her fingers clean and then grabbed my cock.

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and I felt time instantly coarse bits in the spread. She looked at me and said, "I bet that feels good, does not it"

Monica kissed the head of my cock and began to suck, she slowly started to stroke my shaft. It felt great, new feeling, that was incredible, watching me as she ran away. She saw I enjoyed it and it Tightened her grip and increased the speed. Bloody hell, it felt great.

I thought I would soon cum. I was surprised that I enjoyed. It was certainly amazing.

Monica continued to fondle and suck on my head I thought would explode qui. I was the Monica surprised that could feel aussi. Monica Slows and had let my cock. She licked the shaft clean Then she said: "I knew you were about to cum and believe me, I want to cum you, I’ll tell you aim when the condition."

Fuck Liz was an absolute dream, and they had the closest fuckin ‘cunt always, strive as Monica, well, I was wrong about Monica. Monica rail to be an experienced woman Hahn male world. Monica Knew taps; she came to grips very quickly lead to obtain, or is it the fact that all valves to be treated?

I did not care at this point; I wanted to continue Monica working on my tail, I wanted to treat my cock Monica No matter how they wanted. As far as I was concerned at that point they bitten Could Have gone, chewed it up, and spit it out. I had the world in Monica and I loved it.

Let us put this in perspective, I was not drunk or so Inebriated that I went to go to them; I was in another world, the world Monica, qui I was getting used and enjoyed at this point in time. I was more than happy to let her handle my cock; Not only was I doing on their bulky thighs with my tongue entre.

Monica had my cock clean then bent again licked down and grabbed the jar of honey. She grabbed my cock and held her upright she poured honey on my cock; it trickled so slowly it was a comfort when it hit my dick-head. Monica emptied the glass on my cock.

She rubbed it in as Cast from, and she rubbed my balls with honey to. Looked at me and Monica said: "I’ve never fucked a black stiff, sticky tail."

She sucked my cock-head and said. "You taste so sweet I you like you have never-before cum cum sour to make"

Monica poured out the rest of the glass and tossed it aside. Then she climbed on me and said: ".. Let’s see if you can hold back from cumming in my pussy I bet I can make you cum in twenty minutes"

I looked at her, and she must have read my face, as it was said that they could not. So she said: "If you can take longer than 20 minutes, I’ll never bother you again, aim, if I you in twenty minutes cum, then here, I’m going to be, and it like a rash, for a long time . "

I thought, fuck, what was this woman, how? I had to have the biggest in the world is the power. Goal that I thought I could do it, I’ve fucked before and lasted quite for some time. Whether it was 20 minutes, I did not know.

It was a test; I had to win. I knew I could longer than that in most situations.

Monica stood up and straddled over me, she winked as she lowers. She got low enough to pack my sticky cock and led them into himself, as it is decreased held. You did not do it with my dick-head in their trap; she went down to take me everything.

It felt very, very slippery.

Monica licked her hand and fingers of my cock is held and said: "Your cock as sweet as honey tastes", and smiled at me.

She looked at the clock and said, "Okay lover, 20 Minutes can fuck."

I looked at her as she launched herself up and down. She was not as tight, sour goal feel like a pussy on my cock. Monica started much faster to move, she came with a big bang smack down our legs together and an audible slapping from the honey to our genitals.

Monica looked back at her watch and said: ". I’ll tell you what, Locke, the split is 20 minutes At you a break, ten in my pussy and then ten to my fuckin ‘ass, you up for the back?"

I did not really want her ass; I did not want her pussy first. And because I took so long, you answering she said. "Well I’m glad you like a little donkey"

Their massive breasts dangled before my face and opportunities we scrapped along both sides of my cheeks. I thought what the hell, and stuck my tongue out to lick her nipples. In qui Monica got excited and said: "Go ahead lovers, grab and suck.

No need, gently. Sucking and make ’em bleed, &# 39; s because I will bleed your cock like hell ".

Monica was quite adamant when she continued to fuck my cock. I have a boob job with both hands grip and began to suck her nipple and she cried, "I said harshly Suck me hard, I want to feel it.."

Then, as I sucked harder, Monica Fast cam to a halt on my cock and closed her eyes when she said: "Ahh fuck, that’s beautiful lover, my first orgasm always feels the best."

She shuddered and then began to fuck again. I was moving to and fuck Tempted, but my plan was that they can fuck me so I could get rid longer take from her.

I moved from a boob job to other reviews, I sucked her nipples, I flipped her nipples with my tongue and got ’em wet. It must have beens reviews yet three or four minutes, when Monica stopped their rapid advances on my cock and cam down with a big punch it down with a big bang slowly Then up rose back. That did it several times, as she said: "Cumming again lovers, ahh."

I was not sure why, goal ace it by her orgasm I went with one hand go their breast surgery can and hit her on the nipple. This is only added fuel as Monica Said to fire them, "Bastard. You fuckin ‘bastard, I love that. Ahh, other now, do it now."

I held l’autre Boob and gave it a pat on, Monica shuddered again, her whole body wobbled over me as her orgasm overtook her and she let me. She said, "Fuckin ‘tail, that’s your ten in it, well done."

Monica rose slowly up and away from me, there was a Slurpee tone as my cock moved. It is my balls and took grabbed reviews some of the honey, which was on ’em, rubbing his ass crack with him, she smeared all over. She turned around and I could see her big broad back.

She put one leg over me and atteint for my cock, she tried to find her ass hole with my dick-head, target failed in several attempts. She turned her head and said: ". Lover, you will-have to help me"

I knew I did not get away with it, so grabbed my cock in his hand as Monica grabbed her ass cheeks, one of her hands in each, and parted em. What the fuck. A horrible sight I saw her ass-hole, saw all shone with the wet and sticky honey.

She had maneuvered into position and started her ass on my cock lower. I put my big mushroom-head on her ass hole. Monica must have felt and pushed me back.

I myself kept stable, as it lowered. It was tight, fuck you was narrow. I rubbed my head on her mushroom-covered honey pussy to get some lubricant, and then went back to her ass hole.

This time I pushed her ass with a greater urgency and went in a few inches. Monica gasped and pulled; Was my dick-head out again. Monica looked back at me and said: ". Your big black cock is not as easy as you might think in a white ass hole"

Monica turned around and said: "Nice and simple, let us in the time is ticking."

When she came back, again I and my dick in there Pushed It was another, this time a little further, three inches or so. Monica gasped again, this time target they stayed there and said, "Oh my fuckin ‘fuck, I hope that’s all in you"

She looked back at me and I shook my head. She closed her eyes and said, "Fuck, there’s more?"

I pressed a little more, it was a narrow entrance and Monica, was trying to pull away. If she wanted it in her ass hole, I was there and it was not always clear. These evaluations was the first time that I had buggered woman. And although it HAH-end I was to be used to it and awakened only a few minutes.

I grabbed her hips Enormous, grabbed great handfuls of her skin, and Brought it back to me. I slowly saw my cock disappear into this white hole.

It felt completely different than a pussy. In a pussy I can feel my whole cock Being gripped along icts total length. Goal in Monica’s ass, was the narrowest bit of the input, their anal sphincter. The ounce past, the rest was inside a fairly loose fit.

It was like a tight rubber band up and down my shaft. The feeling was so different purpose also satisfying to be in.

I pulled her ass and out slowly my cock. God it felt great. Monica Kept panting and pulling her hair, when she said: "God, you’re so damn big you split open my ass.."

We fucked like that for about five minutes when Monica Said, "I know that you are your time waiting, try try to drag it out."

Then she started much faster moving and cried. "I’m going to make you cum you bastard"

She was right, I felt like I was going to explode, I aim to keep. I liked this fucking bit, goal I knew I wanted to not play with Monica.

We both fucked forcefully, it was amazing. I could see Monica massively as it glowed with small beads of sweat ran. I thought I would not make it and Monica had won when she turned and Said: "You fucking cunt, you now have fucked me 28 minutes."

I was the winner, oh yeah. At this bit of news, I felt like a king and began at the fastest pace to fuck and I could, was not in fear of Cumming. God it felt great.

All I could hear from Monica was, "Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming …"

Monica shook and fell forward, released a loud bang from my cock from Monica ass hole. She turned around and saw my cock. Then she grabbed a corner of the sheets and cleaned my cock. She did very quickly, then straddled me and got my cock in her pussy.

They ground her pussy hard on my groin and said, ". You May have won-lover, this goal still is to me today And now you’d better not cum until I want to cum."

They ground and skidded on me, and then she moved in fast movements ALLOWING my mushroom head to slide a few inches above her G-spot. As I mentioned before, my cock: has a pronounced curvature allows Monica qui, to make the best use of it. I struck again her nipples.

She loved it, I could from her expression say it. Her breasts shook like jelly, I could see they were red and her nipples were so stiff and proud. Monica drove me harder when she said: "Oh my fuck, I’m cumming I’m cumming.."

It fell to a halt as she shuddered, shook her whole body. I struck again her nipples. She gritted her teeth, eyes ouvert, and looked at me with anger.

I would not let them have control; I began to fuck her as I packed the meat on the hips and drove as fast as I could in and out of her. She had another quick orgasm Reviews.

She grabbed my face with his hands both anger and cam "Come lover, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Her eyes fixed on me, as she moved her pussy fucking hectic rhythm aussi. I was so close, I had to go and let said. "It’s me, I’m going to cum"

Said Monica: "I told you, not yet."

They dismounted at me and said: ". Stand up to the top"

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We have places Monica atteint She exchanged to grip the tube of cream. It splashed on her breasts and into her cleavage and said: ". Rooster lovers there"

I put my cock entre cream her massive breasts covered. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed my cock. I pulled my cock rapidly through the Cream plowing and my mushroom tip sticking out.

Monica stuck out his tongue to lick my dick-end; she licked the cream that I have moved back and forth.

I felt the loss of sensation on my cock and I felt this was not going to cum. I helped Monica to squeeze her breasts Closer. I went faster and faster. Monica felt aussi that I needed a firmer.

They allowed me to carry on her chest condemned for a few minutes, then she grabbed my cock in his hand.

She grabbed my shaft with one hand and my dick-head with l’autre. They pumped my cock hard and fast, her fists together then pulled apart Cam. The cream stuttered everywhere, I was back in the vicinity. I said, "Oh, here it comes."

Monica ouvert mouth, took my head in my shaft and wanked harder. I blew my burdens in Monica’s mouth and swallowed them in abundance, they shot out of sprint spurt. You wanked my bay had blown my last load after-I; she milked me dry.

Then she realized: "Your love Stick tastes wonderful."

She let go of my cock, and I slipped when she grabbed my face to kiss me. She kissed me passionately for a while and then said, "Thank you. Lover, I am glad that I have a black guy fucked I wanted to have only in my life a fuck with a black man."

She kissed me again and said: ". I hope you’re not too disappointed that you do not re-fucks me"

I shook my head and said, "So you want me only once wanted all the time"

Monica covered my face with his hands and said: ". I’m sorry lover, you were great I have a big fucking I’m happy, goal yes, it was.."

I would ask, it would not kill me, I needed to know, to be sure, "Did you think Liz was l’autre round tag above you came …."

Laughed and Monica said: "No, I thought you your damn" sister "You remember?"

I was glad that they did not know about Liz and me, I thought goal shoulds to tell her that I was not incest, "I do not fucking my sister, and indeed I do not have-a sister."

Monica grinned and easily beat my face and said: ". I know you damn ‘fool’

I lay back and stared at the ceiling and asked, "Do you think Elizabeth would be interested in me?"

Monica giggled and shook her head when she said: ". No honey, I’m angry, it is in boys her age"

I wondered still wonder why they did not think Liz was interested in me. So I had to ask: "Why do not I’m upset them in the Sami black guys as you have to be interested in?."

Replied Monica: "I just know you call it a woman’s intuition Leave it there and look, you have it as a friend…"

If they knew how wrong only she was. No way on earth I was going to order them or their intuition, and I shoulds leave it there. I was quite happy Monica that no suspicions about Liz had, and me.

We both cleaned and, as I back my shorts to put on, Monica cam up to me and grabbed my cock and said, ". One last taste lovers"

She bent down and sucked my cock for a minute slack, then rose again and said: "Thanks for a really nice experience, good fuck, I suppose I’ll remember for some time to it, I’m sure.. What a black man to do, probably not all black men I’m sure. I’m lucky, very lucky. "

Monica got dressed and I saw her and watched her leave in her car. I ran up the stairs back, deprived, as fast as I could, and threw all my clothes in the laundry with all linens and things hinder along. Then I had to get straight into the shower.

I washed and cleaned me away from all the crap you had all smeared over me. I threw all the food from the trash.

The next day I was in the garden in Mrs. Frost garden. Simon drove by and said, "Hi Rod, I’m from the north to Scotland for a few days, you may want to keep in mind how Liz Monica is aussi away for a weekend with their class, camping somewhere."

I went and asked for a son, "Sure Yes, it’s time to go home?"

Simon said: "No, she’s at school, you know!"

I shook my head and said: ". Oh yes, of course, sorry I forgot what day it is"

Then Simon held a set of keys and Said: "I know you have spare parts to my house, you can give thesis aim to Liz She forgot ‘to take em, thank you?."

Then he went away and I went to tend to the garden again. Mrs. Frost is an older lady in her seventies, she came out with a glass of water and we chatted for a while.

It was almost at the end of the day, around 04:00 when I heard shouting Liz voice: "Afternoon Mr. Gärtner afternoon Mrs. Frost.."

I turned around and smiled: "Hi Liz, you’ve had in the school have a good day?"

Liz looked at the floor and said: ". No, it was boring as usual"

Said Mrs. Frost, "Hello young lady, it’s a nice party was last week, and I just wanted to thank you for the invitation."

Smiled and Liz said, "You’re very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself."

Mrs. Frost leaned over to Liz and whispered: ". In fact, I have, and I think I have had too many a glass"

Liz giggled and said: "As long as you had a good time, that’s what counts."

Then Liz turned to me and asked, "Can I see you on a job I have to take care of the later"

I said, "Sure Yes, your father for the key to the left, he went off to work."

Looked confused and Liz said, "I do not think it to work tomorrow!"

Then she grinned and asked, "Did he say when he returns?"

I said, "He mentioned a few days."

Smiled and Liz said, "I’ll call later _him_ Do you have a hand need here.?"

"No, it’s okay. I have finished for the day."

Liz saw in her school uniform very appealing, as she said: "Okay, then I’ll see you later I have to go and mow the lawn, Brazilian style." Then it will be skipped home.

As Liz asked Mrs. Frost left me: "What does that mean they mow the lawn Brazilian style?"

I shook my head and smiled at me and Mrs. Frost said. "Young women and their modern language Who can say?"

It was about seven when the doorbell series it was Liz. She was wearing tight shiny blue hot pants and a very short white cotton top, showing her midriff. My face was radiant when I focus on the biggest grin and my cock almost directly at first glance could help me Stood.

I said, "Hi Liz, on the application, but have you anything to eat.?"

Liz came in and started her sneakers when I closed the door behind him. She said: "I have a few slices of pizza had, thank you."

As Liz went past me they really smell nice and fresh. It must be the same as have had a shower me. She turned around and grabbed me by the neck; she lowered her head and kissed me. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I stood there lifting her up off her feet.

She wrapped her legs around me and I held her ass. We kissed for a while; Was my cock pumped full of my zealous seeds ready to blow.

I rubbed her crotch contre my cock; I wanted them to feel that I was hard, she pressed her hips into me harder. I walked over to the foot of the stairs, where we broke our kiss. Liz I through and into my bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and peeled her hot pants, she had nothing underneath.

Her pussy was clean so I kissed her all over her body. Liz said, "Did you get my freshly mown land?"

Looked up and I smiled and said: "You’re so damn perfect."

from Liz I began to lick; She had really nice labia and a beautiful red bud of a clitoris. That was a pussy I could always eat, unlike Monica. Thank God, I’ll never see again-That.

Liz threw back his head and grabbed the back of his head and squeezed in Themselves I put my hands under her and grabbed her ass cheeks. Uploads her legs over my shoulders and squeezed her thigh. Her first orgasm fast cams. She pushed her hips and said, "Ahh fuck, God, you’re down there good."

Rating: had an orgasm that commented last for more than 30 seconds, they rail again. "Fuck buddy, I’ve been a few times frigged from me, because you made me a woman purpose I can never cum like you make me cum . I love it, do not stop, do not stop fucking. "

I continued, and I nibbled on her clit, I licked the entire length of her pussy. I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole try bosom their juices try to set apart the sweetest flavors, she was so sweet. Unlike Monica, I did not have to wear-no added sweeteners.

When I lick her pussy, Liz took her top and that was to remove an incentive for me as. I could not take it off fast enough, as I threw every point. I was naked and before Liz Stood. I stepped forward and Liz turned on his forehead; I picked her up, upside down and again began Pussy Liz to eat, as I stood. Liz took my cock and began to suck.

She stroked my cock with a clenched fist and a hard sucking on my mushroom. I was encouraged by and began to suck clit even harder on her.

Liz wrapped her legs straight and said, "Oh yes, they suck."

Rating: had an orgasm, and I could feel her trembling body and tremble. Liz let my cock and grabbed my ass. And it came out that she dug her nails in and said, "Fuck Yeah, yeah fuck.

Suck me you bastard. Oh my fucking God! "

I went to bed and threw them down. I jumped on the bed and flipped her on her back, Liz spread instinctively her legs wide and I pulled into the correct position. I crawled so that I was on it, and a hand placed either side of her head.

Liz is very small, so that her head was picked in line with my bottom. I pushed my cock two or three times to find their input, I was there. I fed my black banana. I urged her one inch by slow inch, and it was so tight.

I did not return, I fed my cock until I hit the end. Holy shit, they get Tightened her pussy a sense of me. Liz looked up and our eyes met. Both Liz and Said, smiling, "Welcome home."

In fact, I feel at home, and I was in the clear sky. Sheer joy flushed through my body, as I held my cock buried. Liz her pussy muscles pulsed and I was glad that I was a man. My cock felt like it was ever in increasing hardness. Liz moved her hands back on my ass.

She gently rubbed in small circles both cheeks then struck, the sound echoed through the room.

I moved slowly and then we started to fuck; Both of us met, push for push. Liz ran her hands up and down my back, then, when they return to my ass she got back would give a pat. We continued to fuck and it needs seven to eight minutes have-been.

When I saw Liz closed her eyes, she grabbed my ass and forced her down on her, qui stopped me from moving. I was deep into her as she is to me trembling and wrapped her legs, her arms to my back cam and she said: ". Fuckin ‘fuck’

Then they came in small convulsions and cried, "Cumming, Cumming," With each thrust.

She shook and trembled for a few minutes and then I began to withdraw and fuck her again. I loved Liz damn, they gave a reason my dick and not to remain fast hard cum.

We, continued for four or five minutes Reviews another when I thought I wonder if Liz would like it if I did what I did to Monica. I thought, well, while I’m here, let’s see.

So the next time I went I held in my cock head and just move two to three centimeters in and out, not fully penetrate. I almost felt her G-spot on my cock-head, so I concentrated only there; I knew I could a little pressure on them with the curve I had on my dick.

Liz raged, Holy Fuck Did they go wild. You turn Reduced thrusts her and her pussy ground; Applied more pressure they. She screamed: "You little fuckin ‘shit, how can you, do even that.

Not FUC … ahh. That feels sooo fuckin ‘beautiful. "

I wanted to keep it on the penis. So every now and then I felt when she was near, I would go to sleep, for a minute. Then come back to her place and it stimulated again. Liz from Worked what I was doing and said, "You’re a bastard, Rod.

Make you me pussy cum. Stop teasing me. "

I was on his back on the ground and stopped her, I saw her face, and it was an incredibly beautiful sight. Your face, eyes squeezed shut and her mouth open as she moved her head slightly from side slowly back and forth.

First, her hips pushed hard on me go deep, moving her hands on my ass and she dug her fingers hard. Her eyes were open and she cried. "Holy shit Ohh my fuck, damn you wanker ‘."

I pulled hard goal drove slowly back, and I kept a steady rhythm and cried with each of my thrusts Liz, "Fuck."

I held her orgasm for a good two minutes walk at least. Then Liz pushed me away and said, ". Fuck out to get fuckin ‘hell out"

She grabbed her pussy and rolled onto her forehead. Her whole body shook with violent convulsions on and expires. She stayed for a few minutes shaking, and then was still for a while. I put a hand on her back and slowly ran her body down. I started on her shoulders, slowly, gently in the middle of her back, then on the crevice her lower back, I atteint her ass cheek, I gently squeezed Then the tight strongly carried down to the top of her thighs.

On the back of her knee and her shapely muscle Wade. my hand back on all the way to her shoulder again I pressed her calf gently and then ran.

Liz ouvert her eyes and said softly, "That was fuckin ‘amazing."

I tried funny and asked are: "What My massaging"

Liz gave a chuckle and said, ".. No, my orgasm That was the shocking most amazing deep body Ficker, mind blowing orgasm ever"

Smiled and I said: ". I am glad that I could help"

Liz grin widened and said, "That’s a nice fucking tool you have there and I look forward to more than a few of them, believe me."

Liz stood up and pushed me on my back, they mounted me and just as quickly in her got my cock and began to me nice to drive slowly. You would get me in a deep and how our snouts places she would grind me a couple times before they rose again and cam down.

She put her hands on my chest and we fucked for a while, while I groped her breasts and squeezed her nipples. I loved their tightness; her pussy was only the completely amazing pussy I fucked until now had. In order not to be modest goal that I have quite a few women fucked in my time.

Not being married, a man gives freedom of choice, I think.

Back to Liz, we had to go-for about ten minutes and Liz had gone through reviews another orgasm. After this last she held my cock in her deep, they come not only her pussy on my snout floor, she pushed her hips back and forth. Another five minutes later, she said: "Oh yes, here it is again Thank God, yes, yes, yes.."

They ground hard, her hips slowly walked back and stumbled forward, her body shaking. I wanted soon to blow; I felt I had a great burden had to blow. I said, "I am Liz Cumming."

Liz jumped and grabbed my cock; she wanked me hard rubbed my cock with the palm of the hand HS with one hand and with the tip. It felt incredible, I wanted to blow, I pushed my hips up and Liz knew I wanted to cum, she pointed straight up and my cock jerked me with both hands.

I blew a fountain –literally a massive fountain– my sperm a long strand was at least three feet in the air, no fuckin ‘kidding. Liz continued to pump me and got reviews yet furnace blasts as the first of my cock. Then she stopped and cam pumping her head; she squeezed my shaft with both hands.

A firm grip on my shaft and her teeth dug into me just under my big head.

She elicits more sperm, and I felt I blew reviews two or three explosions in the neck. Liz swallowed everything, while her eyes were fixed on me.

When she was finished, she came up not let down to me to touch our bodies, then she kissed me. And we kissed, as they on my sperm splattered body subsided. She rubbed her belly and breasts all over his body and said, "I hope as earth-shattering, that was for you as it was for me the past", and kissed me again.

I was devastated. Holy fuckin ‘shit, HAD Liz exhausted me. I had never ever been so fucked and milked.

My Life with Liz had just started and I thought she was the one to kill me.

It was midnight and as we both lay on my bed. Liz slept and I tingled with a glow all over and with a massive smile on my face. My sperm Both of us covered.

And at the thought of what we had done 20 minutes before my cock began to rise. I thought I let Liz shoulds sleep for a while and I also drove off.

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Something woke me up, not sure what. I looked at my clock and sixteen It was three. I heard Liz snoring softly and my dick was fully erect. She had her arm over my body qui I rolled off; She was on the left side.

I ever so slowly rolled onto her back, her legs just were of starched, her left arm was by her side and her right arm over her body.

I pulled his right arm slowly, so that it was from their side also. I just wanted her legs area easy target, before I did that I saw Liz fabulous body. Her face, her face was well one of pure beauty.

Goods laid her breasts, her nipples Stood proud. Your amazing flat stomach muscle defined. Your broad hips were the tops of her firm thighs and horse riding cock, qui lead down to her butt clenched calves.

Fuckin ‘hell, Elisabeth whole body was a pure fucking sex.

I wanted to fuck this girl, I wanted to make them scream and I wanted them to call my name, while her orgasms. I wanted them to have my seed in her sweet young pussy. I wanted to fuck my cock as it was their only wish.

I wanted to fuck Elizabeth.

I moved closer, not wanting to wake her, so I pulled on it, without touching anywhere. I put my arms, so angry I did not touch her. Was my dick hard, it had been harder never.

I did not want to prod only on my dick, so I located her pussy very softly with your fingers. I pulled my cock to this heavenly place. I said a little prayer in my head and then dipped my cock in Elizabeth.

I slowly and steadily in my cock implanted all the way, as I saw Elizabeth’s face. She smiled so sweet, her body never Moved goal, her arms still. Oh my fucking God, it felt so fucking great. Her pussy was still as strong as I wanted, but still lubricated so amazing.

I was once more in the best place in the world; Was my cock back into the sky.

I’m sure I do not know what women want’m pissed goal every man a tight pussy wants and a willing tight body; young mature gold, could not give a shit. The only thing that I want a woman hope whoever it is, can make, is damn orgasm and em-have an earth-shattering experience. I wanted that man for Elizabeth to be.

I moved as slowly as I was then come when I came back, Liz has target not open his eyes wrapped her legs and arms around me. I was, as they ouvert fully in the eye and said: "Good morning."

I said, "Liz Sorry, I did not wake you, but my cock got hard and painful If I fuck you.."

I need to think an idiot-end I could fuck wakes up without her. The goal that I was relieved Liz was not upset with me. Liz clung to me as I fucked her slowly and gently.

After a while I concentrated my cock head on her G-spot, I knew Liz that loved and I wanted them to give exactly what they wanted. Liz groaned: "Oh fuck, fuck you really good I-also can not do it for me.."

We fucked and fucked; I scrubbed her body and her orgasm contre could see building in her face. We both moved in sexual harmony, our bodies moving pleasure to each other.

I kept my strokes unyielding and hopefully increases the pleasure for Liz. She said, "Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming."

shook your body and she clung to Closer, she pushed her hips and buried my cock in her pussy good. She took my cock-head low and the growing body experience away from their G-spot cramps.

Liz HAD incredibly strong thighs and calves. You could take me for some time before I allowed to withdraw from her beautiful pussy. I could feel her pussy walls as they crushed and pounded on my dick.

Liz Said, "Fuck, that was nice. You’re so deep in you I can feel in my cunt every inch."

Smiled and I kissed Liz’s forehead and asked, "Are you okay down there?"

Liz gave a quick Tighter squeeze with her legs and exhausted, "Fuckin ‘hell, you’re cock is so hard. Are you all right?"

I kissed her again and said: ". I love your pussy Liz, you’re the perfect fit for me"

Then Liz question: "Do you want me?"

I replied: "No matter how you want from me is fine."

Liz made them determined to go to the touch and fell back on the bed, as she said: "I have done enough riding, you can contact me here just to fuck?"

That I did not mind, so I began my cock in and out of Liz move. I fucked her in a steady pace and she fucked me back. Liz gave While soft moans from.

We had-for twenty to thirty minutes damn reviews. Liz had three more orgasms and each is, they drew me in. Her pussy pounded on my cock until her orgasm subsided and her body does not tremble.

If I went cum, I-need would go a bit faster.

Liz noticed that I picked up the pace and asked, "Did you cum want"

I looked down at her beautiful face and said: ". Only if you want"

Liz said, "Okay for a second take your dick out.?"

I was a little confused, she wanted me or something to blow. Liz atteint down and grabbed my cock; She had my shaft and half my dick-head. She kept a firm grip on to it and then wanked me hard.

I felt like getting my dick getting hotter. She rubbed her wet hand on her tit and she said, "Okay, fuck Me"

My cock felt really hot and I began to push in and out slowly; Voted Liz my every thrust. We fucked and we fucked. Hard and fast for long periods and Slows on occasions when Liz reviewed had an orgasm.

I loved Liz give an orgasm, I loved to see her face whenever she reviewed had an orgasm. Her face lit as it twisted and grimaced in the most wonderful way would then return a happy smile. Liz groaned, cursed and complimented my cock throughout the fucking.

Liz After a long time said, "I thought you would have God an hour ago cum half!"

I started Liz at my fastest pace to fuck and I said: ". I’m close, almost there"

When could that I feel Liz moved her hips so hard hit We Both our groins together. Three minutes later, Liz HAD Reviews another orgasm goal I not so that have been slow aussi was there.

I let her know Liz: "I’m cumming."

Liz screamed as they up their hips thrust: "Thank fuck for cum in me cum in me cum in me.."

We both thrashed about and I buried my cock deep into this girl I had taken in a woman. I blew a load in Liz, then retreated back into their shattered for my second load. It hurt to such a goal cum It was fantastic, bread, a pure ecstasy. And it hurt ALTHOUGH my cock-head I could not wait for my next explosion that explode in Liz’s pussy.

I unloaded five or six times in Liz body.

I gave it everything I had and I fucked her slowly for a few minutes, my cock Softened. I could hear in and out the smacking sound of my cock.

Liz gasped and managed to say almost "You Could we have gone along, I know that was a fucking target."

I slipped out and lay down next to Liz we both gasped our chest heaved up and down is not reliable for several minutes to speak. When Liz was ble to say something that she compliments me again. "You really can fuck"

I did not know what to say, but a kind of compliment back, a true drinking, "You’ve got a great body Liz and I could all day and all night fuck given the opportunity."

Liz looked over at me and said: "Do you think it will be me many opportunities."

We lay there and Liz Then all of a sudden with a sad expression on her face it looked down. I asked: "What’s going on What’s going on?"

Looked up and Liz said, "I have a confession to make Please do not be angry with me."

I did not know what she had done, said Gold, Gold, something to confess to me about. So the obvious questions of me, "Confession? What do you mean?"

Liz looked so depressed when she said: "If you made me a woman I had sex with someone after school at my driving class.."

Hey, who was I to stop her having sex with reviews of other man, I said, "Liz, you do not have-to tell me you can have sex with men, nes, if you want It does not make me happy.. you have your own life goal to live. "

Then they cheered a little and said: ". It will not happen again"

I was pleased objective question ". Okay, do you want to tell me about it Its fine if you do not"

Liz sat up and walked beside me in a yoga position her legs on the bed. I could see my cum as they dripped from her pussy and she said: ". I want to tell you want you really want to know?"

I was not sure I wanted to, I thought Liz aim to tell me so hot Sah it must in some way an admission for them to be a terrain. So I said, "I am here ready to listen if you want to tell me."

She took my hand and sandwiched it entre her two hands, she began her story then: "Well, you have to fuck me the first time, I was so happy, and the next day I wanted to be fucked again And you know we. did that. Then I went back the next day to school and felt very empty. "

I really did not know how she must have felt, I target needed to calm Somehow Liz and I said. "I’m angry all the young ladies have to go through what you had felt Just try it time and I’m mad things work out for you. "

Liz rubbed my hand and sat down with her story.

"Well, I said, I was very unhappy and could not concentrate at school. Later this weekend at my riding Then there was a new horse in the stable come. A man named Jim Brought the horse. Jim is a great piece of a man.

I have seen _him_. He is about 26 years old and all muscles. "

I was losing interest, so I tried it and said to hurry, "So you had sex with Jim"

Liz got excited and said: "Who told this story and yes, it was Jim Anyway, I had to-that …?."

Liz put a hand on my limp dick and ran his hand up and down a few times and then continued. "I all people could do ASSUMED what your cock DID Knew I Jim was interested in me, and he, I fought has-been for quite a while destination have off _him_. purpose I leave that day _him_ have-what he wanted because I thought that I wanted it too. When he finished what he had to do … let They make it easy to get me. "

I saw Liz and said, "Please do, I can not wait."

Liz was very keen on me, saying to say: ". We ended up round the back of the house is the holder a small shed qui has Sometimes he stays overnight in"

Liz lifted my hand and kissed it and said, "Yeah, well, we were there and it was all my clothes are not interested in exiting, he pulled my panties, left very roughly drop his trousers, and received from his tail and when he his. tail got out I saw that he, like you was not so great. I was already hard to see, and he was aussi His cock ALTHOUGH looked nice, about six inches of mOST and Disappointingly was thin. I was almost unhappy and then to the right there. "

I squeezed Liz’s hand and said: "You have no-longer have to say, that’s fine."

Liz pushed back and said: "No, I’ll tell you, because I want you to know in a way it was all your fault."

I asked: "What do you mean my fault?"

All kind of excited Liz said, "Well, if you had not-have fucked me with this thing …" She patted my dick, then on through "… I never knew that it was what fucked want to be. so you gave sort me of a hunger for him. "

Liz is by and said, "I’ll fuck _him_ me, he was like was in the process, and he fucked me for about two minutes and sprayed over three shots of semen."

I said, "He was probably very excited and tell you, yes."

Liz continued that, "All he said was: &# 39; s fucking beautiful babes&# 39 ;, put his pants back on and went. He did not consider my feelings; He never gave me an orgasm. He thought only of himself. "

A tear fell from Liz in her eyes and she said: "I shoulds-never let _him_ do it."

I got up and hugged her, I was a bit angry and I asked Liz ", do not fret, not all men are like Jim."

Liz said, "I hope not, it was what I thought I wanted, but not what I expected.."

As we hugged, Liz’s hand had found icts way to my cock and stroked it gently. I was to be reawakened. I glanced over at the clock for some reason Said and to her, "Liz, you have to be in school to understand it today?&# 39; s seven thirty. "

Liz said: "Yes, but not until this afternoon."

My cock got harder even that of after hearing. We were covered in our sexual Both sweat and my cum. Was also the bed cum all over my body, I Liz question: "Have you refreshed for the school to get ready, you can use my bathroom?."

Liz Said, "Thank you, I would like, if you’re first goal ble … I want this cock in my cunt again."

I was absolutely fucking exhausted. ALTHOUGH my cock-May-were with the desire and the desire for an unconditional longing filled glory a young woman screaming for the production, my body said shit I need some sleep, I shit must rest. Oh young again.

But in my heart I wanted Liz, I wanted Liz body, I wanted Liz pussy and mainly I wanted to be my dick in paradise, and I knew called paradise had expired Liz.

I could not let Liz know that my body was exhausted it. Just looking in the eyes as she my eager cock hero, my body felt rejuvenated.

As we look at each other Liz Said continued, "God you’re back hard, it is normal for a man to get up and ready so fast?"

I could only answer for myself, when I said: "I do not know about elsewhere men do it for me; you make me want to fuck and fuck and fuck … you.."

Liz body was just so fit, she was quite amazing, and I felt like I had won the lottery. My heart pumped again, and I thought it would come out of my chest. Liz stroking my cock, as she approached and kissed me, we began to kiss each other with an open mouth.

I felt energy level increase my body and I wanted to fuck Liz was well and truly satisfied and called my name in a raw anger.

I rolled on to his back and Liz wanted to get at the top, order Liz Said, "Can you dog with me?"

I loved this position so I was not would argue. We Exchanged places and she stretched her pert, fit, firm butt. She leaned against the head board and parted her legs. Oh my god, holy fucking shit, it was my opening to the sky. I thought my cock could not get leave, it bite only was doomed.

I could see a bit of my prior deposition as it dripped out and rode the thigh down.

I came closer and joined Liz, only a couple of inches. As Liz dropped her head, she moaned and said, ".. I love it when the Enter key, it feels like you open wide apart and I have fist stuck in there"

I slowly above Pushed and felt in a very nice warm resisting her pussy qui felt absolutely not to penetrate this world up. I did not want to "like a train Go to" I have my time Finally atteint and full penetration.

Liz turned her head and said: "That I be going in felt, I thought it was would never stop You’re so damn big ‘.."

Her pussy throbbed so beautiful on my dick I reluctant to pull out. A few seconds after gates, I withdraw and fucked Liz slow. I knew she slowly fucked enjoyed Being.

I kept my cock in and out of the drive; a few times that I have for a while accelerating Slows Target down then back.

After ten minutes, Liz moaned and writhed around her ass and she said: ". I’m here, oh God, I’m here"

We, the continued and continued. It had Beens half an hour and Liz We had another top three orgasms. On her next orgasm Liz was louder, and she said: "Oh yeah, fuck yeah, harder, fuck me harder."

I picked up the pace as Liz had asked. I had a grip on her wide hips and I saw my cock in and out to go from Liz. Your rosy pink pussy lips pressed to my ebony wave their outer lips moved with my cock, and I could see her inner lips tightly qui so clinging, moved with my shaft.

Oh my God, it was fantastic. No matter how many times I say it feels great.

I could see Liz again, as with welding gloss glittered qui it covered, I let go her hips and rubbed back when I made my way to her breasts. I grabbed a hand and squeezed into the EM; I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. Liz Said, "Harder, twist my nipples fear not."

That was all she had to say Liz. I love it, absolutely love, squeezing the nipple. Liz DID have pert nipples hard; It was a pity that I could not, you ’em to suck at this moment. Target I squeeze, pinch and twist those nipples so hard.

I loved the fact that not Complain Liz she was for more than just the question.

We had-for more than 45 minutes damn Liz said: ". I know that you can fuck forever, goal I have to go to school soon"

I once again taken the pace and I fucked hard Liz. I let go her nipples and grabbed her hips again and went all out. I fucked her so hard that I could see over her ass, they go back waves. I had gone hard and fast for about 5 minutes and Liz had gone through umpteen orgasms.

I could feel her juices running along my balls and down my thigh.

I pulled back my cock qui a "Pop" made as of obligation freely. I flipped over Liz on her forehead; I grabbed her legs parted and picked em up in the air. I pulled my cock forward to her pussy and my goal.

I guided my cock to the entrance soaking wet and I pushed softly, the inevitable gasp of Liz, I prevailed.

I pushed deep all the way to the end and limited there for a few pleasant pulsating second. Then I pulled myself until I felt Liz site. I saw her face, than I knew it is and I was there. From the look on her face

She bit her lower lip and closed his eyes; she felt her own breasts and twisted her nipples.

I had a hold her ankles and pulled her legs as far apart as I could get to fuck ’em and I started Liz. I drove with oversized cock head over her body for a few minutes and then that was it for Liz. She shouted, "Holy fuck fuck Oh my fucking God, I’m Cumming..

Fuck, Oh fuck. Yes, yesss … Rod, stop, stop, Rod! "

Liz screamed my name so loud, I was the proudest man alive, and I felt my cock-head hot. I was blowing near me. I was lost at the moment for a second when I heard Liz when she was called: "Fuckin ‘hell Rod, damn hell." move your hips thrust up to my cock-head away from her seat and drove deeper into her pussy. shook your body and shuddered.

I let her legs and grabbed her ass with both hands and raised high, so I was on my knees and held her upright, as I fucked her hard.

Liz wrapped her legs around my waist and we fucked for along than I thought I could go for. Liz must I go for a while have realized Ging goal together, I think they could not. She let her legs fall around my waist, lifted her body and pushed me onto the bed, which in turn the loudest "pop" from our clutch.

Liz was very hectic, as she cried: "Rod, you bastard I’ll cum; I’m going to run you dry.."

I was flat on his back, put my big black banana stiff as hell and want to release. Liz took my cock with both hands and caressed me in a rage. She shouted, "Cum you bastard, cum."

She lowered her mouth and took in my dick-head. She sucked hard and stroking my shaft as hard. I was close, so close.

Liz kept sucking and worked with only their hands, one hand at the base of my cock Kept and L’autre up and down frantically. God it felt so good. Three minutes later I said, "I’m Liz."

Liz grabbed stroked harder and faster. I blew, Fucking Hell ‘I blew. Just like before long never high to finish cum strands of two to three meters in the air. Liz watched as they removed my blood, three bouts then oven.

Her hand never Slowed. I grabbed her by the wrist and slowing to stop them. Liz said. "This is for me damn pointless, you fuckin ‘cunt How do you like it?"

Was my cock back ached in a beautiful state. Oh God, it hurt; Were my balls drained and only little water equivalent of cum dripping out. I had to hold her wrist with great force to stop them. Finally DID Liz to stop and released my cock from her heels.

Abdomen, chest, balls, cock, everywhere, everywhere cum: I was again bathed in my sperm.

Liz crawled. She slid her body over mine. She made sure that they smeared the sperm, it was also coated. They came and we kissed, passionate first how long lost lusty lover, little pecks Slows eyes open. All the while my cock was between us and Liz massaged with her belly.

I had my hands on her rock hard ass cheeks qui I groped and squeezed it.

I nibbled on her earlobe and Liz whispered in my ear: ". My cunt a little sore feeling, I hope I can go right in school"

We place Both there and Liz drifted off to sleep. I let her sleep for half an hour and then was nearly eleven. I had to wake her so she could take a shower and get ready for school.

Liz went this afternoon to school, I tended the neighbor’s garden.

Liz missed her classes in the evenings riding their choice; Said that she would tell her father that they do not feel well.

We usually had a good fuck as she got home, and then we would eat our dinner. It would usually Liz, giving a blow job started me while we watched television.

Would this out on the couch at the end with me Liz food. Then we would go in all positions of spells for a lot together sitting up. We slept exhausted if we had to regain strength, especially me in small dots.

We had three Fick fired evenings and nights before Simon returned home. We sat in Quickies, goal is always been times when Simon was away for long trips. That was what Liz and I waited.

Monica returned their camping trip after school with her and, although she would kiss me politely, groping my cock on the odd occasion and be naughty with me, she kept her word and did not ask me to fuck her again. We have better friends than before. And the best hand was that she really did not know or suspect Liz and me.

Liz and I knew I never be lovers, although we loved each other in mutual sense. One day Liz Would anyone they find with happy love and can be. Until that day comes purpose Liz and I enjoy it together and our great fuck sessions.

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