Booting Windows from an SD CARD???

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  1. Linus… I have used windows to go with External Hard drives, SD cards, and USB drives… Its pretty difficult with External HDD's but I used Diskpart and DISM. I easily have done it 5 times. I'm surprised. well… my friends call me the "Workaround King" for a reason.

  2. With Linux, you even don't need to ask this. Edit: Several Linux systems run on way smaller sd cards on a way less powerful raspberry pi 3. You can even play games with emulators on it. It runs perfectly somooth. Now compare this with Windows.

  3. Ninite?, Talk about installing Junkware,… I can't see a point to this video apart from posting useless videos for even more Ad-revenue,… talk about being monotonous,… You are getting worse, LTT.

  4. i have used windows on the go and it works fine (i mean really fine) off of a usb 2.0 drive as windows on the go loads the operating system on the RAM (atleast all the essential files and generic drivers) like many other on the go linux os
    it runs the same way the app DriveDroid works on mobile phones.
    direct windows install will always be a bad experience if you run it on a usb device cause windows process data in real time from the usb device therefore increasing latency for general tasks
    running game was fine because of the same reason as while runing any game all essential files are loaded on the RAM

  5. NO… All you need is the damn Driver on a different storage like a sata or usb 2.0 and load it during installation to show the drive and partition it etc… OR just clone a SSD windows install with Aronis etc…

  6. first pc i buildt got a 40gb hdd, 8 gig ram, 8mb gpu, 233mhz intel pentium mmx cpu. and i overclocked it to 266mhz. it wouldn't boot at 300mhz. it also ran pretty hot and would slow down when i did anything remotely demanding.

  7. An un-activated install of windows 10 is not "illegitimate" it's perfectly legal to run it like that. In fact many tech enthusiasts run Win10 unregistered because buying new licences for every new bit of hardware gets fucking when all you need to do is run a benchmark for something they are using short term. That said, even long term use of un-activated Windows 10 is legal, not piracy, and the install of the OS will run indefinitely and get updates. Unlike past versions of Widows that only ran for 30 days un-activated. You simply won't get tech support from MS, and many personalization features are disabled.

  8. How well do these sort of 'zany' 'SSD on the cheap' ideas stack up against something like a traditional HDD w/Optane Acceleration, both in terms of cost and actual performance/viability?

  9. plz tell me..i want to build i5 8400 budget only allows gtx 1050ti 4gb max nothing more than tht..will it bottleneck? also since 8400 is non clockable why should i buy z370..b360 came will it affect my performance if i use b360? i knw z370 hav more ports but dnt really need me

  10. Linus, did you try the following before installing windows-to-go?
    Boot the Windows Installer.

    Press Shift + F10; a command prompt windows will pop up.

    Type 'diskpart' and press enter.

    Type 'list disk' and press enter.

    Look for the SD in the list.
    You should see a disk number identifying it.
    Now type 'select disk x' ; x being the number identifying your SSD. and press enter.

    Type 'clean' and press enter; This will write a blank MBR.

    In some cases a hdd/shdd/ssd/m2/sd won´t be recognized by the installer so you have to manually select it.

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