Can You Build Your OWN Mechanical Keyboard??

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  1. I did my own keyboard with a custum PCB (which was the most expensive part btw) for abaut 150 bucks including taxes! You can find Keyboard Firmware for pretty much every suitable micro controller these days so you dont even have to programm them yourself.

  2. I'd love to see more, an hour to put together is less than my first custom PC build was, and custom keyboards seem to be an extension of that customisation. I wouldn't spend $350 on that tiny thing, but it could certainly be fun to go into the "down-and-dirty DIY" in the name of customisation. Though I'm coming to love my numpad and media keys, I don't think I could give them up.

  3. Did Anthony work at a Bestbuy in Newfoundland Canada at some point, I swear he looks and sounds like a guy from Geek Squad who knew far too much to be destined in that static job.

  4. How about a history of the Keyboard? Layouts, switches, styles… I mean — you have History of the Mouse. And wouldn't that be the natural progression anyways?  Just saying..

  5. I'm sorry, but this keyboard is total garbage and a complete waste of money.

    If anyone wants a mechanical kb, just go buy a Logitech, or Corsair, or Razer, or….whatever other brand you can think of. They're all better than the one in this video.

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