Cardi B Pregnant! Fifth Harmony OVER! And…

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  1. Usually when a member from boy/girl band leaving the 4 remaining last for one more album and after everyone goes solo. That's what happened with 1D and that's what's happening now with Fifth.

  2. Gag me. Good luck taking away our 2nd amendment right. That isn’t an republican thing. It is an American thing. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in our country and yesterday off-duty police officer was shot in broad daylight in the head. They have the highest murder rate in our country. You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. You sit there and report on celebrity news. Stay in your fucking lane.

  3. Another Australian here. I was in high school in 1996 when the Port Arthur Massacre happened – before Columbine.

    I have zero love for the Prime Minister at the time, a conservative who is very anti-immigration and all about cutting business tax – BUT – his moral courage in following through with the Ganges to gun laws was the single greatest piece of legislation we passed.

    There has never been a massacre since.

  4. If you look at Camila's and Taylor's tour dates side by side, they're aligned in a way which makes it look like on Camila's off days/weeks she could be opening up for Taylor

  5. I commend you on giving a moment to speak on the Florida incident (to also shut up the haters, lets be honest) & I can only speak for myself BUT I feel a lot of people are gravitated towards the fluff to block out the noise for just a moment and you make it light and fluffy as does reality tv for me. I enjoy it because Its fun, amusing, entertaining. I like seeing or hearing about this different world that I can’t relate to on most levels. Anywhoo a little rant but NEVER change! You bring light love and laughs to me always and I never want that to change! I definitely love your serious vulnerable bits too because its intimate and real but keep shining and doin your thang! I love that you are unapologetically YOU and serve it straight and from the heart. xx

  6. I’m AUSTRALIAN we have only had one Major massacre and that was a think over 20 years ago in Tasmania and it was in a cafe after that our. Prime Minister did a weapons buyback program and since then we have nowhere as near as much gun crime as America. You can’t even compare!! yes we had one shooting at Lindt cafe where two people died but never a school shooting and you know the thought of even having someone walking around with a gun on them is just so foreign and stupid to be honest. I’m not speaking for Australians but my fellow Australians that I know it’s just something that is very foreign to us and yes I’m gonna have some people on here that might go all it’s all psy op thing to get the guns away the fact of the matter is something needs to be done but the problem is your population is so big and I don’t know the statistics for sure but I did see in a program that there is more guns in America then people so it would be a huge operation to do a buyback program and the culture there in some states like Texas you carry a gun on you it’s your constitutional right😤 but I’m glad I was born here because it’s just becoming a normal thing now to hear about mass massacres in America it doesn’t end. How does the American media try to filter through all the shootings that are happening in homes and robberies as well?? they probably just don’t even bother putting them on the news networks because it’s fricking shootings all the time this is a very touchy debate in America because of a constitution that was written when there were no semi automatic automatic weapons.If only not all but some of the gun lovers can get through there fucking heads the constitution was not written with the founding fathers thinking 🤔 there were going to be the weapon s of mass destruction that you have today.My heart goes out to all of the families and God bless all of those souls that were lost in the shooting and all of the other shootings how many more people have to die.Im sorry but in my opinion this problem is never gonna get solved until the Constitution is changed or the NRA wakes up and has a good look at there stupid organisation because I know it’s powerful and has alot of supporters and the Government needs to step up I don’t think it’s going to happen while your under a republican leadership!!! seriously the next election you would have to Vote a major majority democratic congress,senate and president to get reform moving and even bills changed.🇦🇺💖😪

  7. I’m from Australia and I’m so glad that we don’t have gun’s. I’m glad that guns are not part of our culture. I’ve never seen a gun in my life and if someone I knew had a gun that would be shocking. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those kids. Peace ❤️

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