Celebrity Big Brother’s Marissa Jaret Winokur Reveals ALL THE SECRETS!!

Mature Amateur

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  1. Marissa and Ross play the card were fat we can’t win anything we had to kick Shannon out. Those 2 fatt asses won challenges too. Those 2 are expert in lying and manipulate people. Marissa and Ross perfect liars

  2. I want Perez and Heidi and Spencer on next Celebrity Big Brother! And they need to let everyone go outside when they want (and have alcohol), like on Bug Brother UK. Seems so inhumane to lock them up inside the entire time snd no sunlight – WTF CBS??? How can they be so cruel?

  3. So all that annoying talk you done was just for the show The LIKE LIKE LIKE 20xs in EVERY sentence!! I’m relieved you don’t talk like that in real life bc your voice was the Most Annoying voice in the HISTORY of All of B.B. ! Kudos on the win!

  4. I love Marissa! I actually was rooting for her since the day the cast was announced. But she does say “like” a lot. I want someone to watch the entire video and tally how many times she said “like”

  5. You have changed Perez. When I first started watching you on here I thought "Wait was he that bad back in the day?" And then I thought "Yep he was..he's changed a lot!"

  6. I’m sorry but Ross played Big Brother the way it should be played y should it be different because there’s celebrities? Perez you woulda been great in that house! BUT …..la cagaste con CBS

  7. And yet Ross was chosen by the viewers that he was their favorite player and thats what counts more to me than what these fake celebrities think, especially Omarosa. What a smart cookie she thinks she is, but her ppl dont like her one bit and these ppl in it 2, give or take a few. I would love to see this show, with members of the Trump family. Ex wives, 1 of his sons or daughters, his former playmates and God knows who else he screwed, literly or figuratively and you have one explosive Big Brother, like we have now in the United States of Amerkca😉

  8. Uugghh i hated her and Ross in that house. Shes a 50 year old walley girl, please stop acting like that. And why did her and Ross never use the gym in that house???

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