Charlotte Takes Her First Female Sub

On Saturday, I want to go into town to buy all the essentials; especially shoes. Christian Louboutin black patent pumps to be exact. I tend to like to pump wear during these pumps. He’s so sexy to me and increased my orgasms.

I think increased deserves every woman, intense orgasms, especially me.

Shopping is an activity that you like, I like to dress sexy and leg from shop to shop. While doing this, I notice that I get more than my share of attention from men of all ages. Recently I started young women check me, the same way I expect a man to do to notice. She looked at me from head to toe, embarrassed not even a little bit, if they are caught.

They say usually something nice to me, like "Hello Sexy", "Hot Stuff Hi" or "Hello Sweet Cheeks." First, it would be a shock or scare me, but now I roll with him. It’s flattering. As they say, when you receive the consequences and face.

My name is Charlotte, I am 5 ‘6 ", thirty-five, long black hair shoulder length, brown eyes, 34b, athletic tennis playing long legs 4-5 days a week at the club, and an ass that makes men mad. I enjoy dancing, cycling and working with my trainer at the gym. My husband got laid me the most amazing woman he had ever seen appreciation, but it is biased or trying.

Today I’m wearing a black satin shirt pencil my ass shows a cream silk blouse, pure black push-up bra, garter with silk stockings, a pure black gstring and a pair of Jimmy Choo taupe pumps. I am confident, strong, sexy and in control.

I go specifically for Neiman Marcus, my shoe shop of choice. Great choice and the retailers offer the best service. I go through endless screens of shoes to admire picking shoes, trying whether style costumes of the mine to decide.

Suddenly I hear a little voice.

"Can I help you find something madame?" She said.

I turned to find his voice and noted that this is a young woman. She stood very close to me. Its proximity sends a shiver through my body.

I feel excited and I do not know why. This girl has a great will for them. She stands at me as if I’m the only woman in the world.

I feel both flattered and excited, and she said to me, hardly.

His sexual energy envelop me and think, "That could be fun." It is brown with beautiful brown eyes doe, about 5’7 ", 115 pounds. It was in his work clothes, a sexy figure has a light gray suit jacket amble part, hidden united in the coverage under a white blouse. Her skirt fits perfectly a tight little ass, ass I spank a sudden urge!

I said, "Hi Emily, how are you today?"

With a shocked look on her face, she said: "Hello I know you.?"

I reply: "No, my dear, but there is a possibility that we can get to know each other very well."

She stammered: "But know like you my name?"

With a broad smile, I answer: "I can read my dear Is not that why they let wear name tags.?"

Emily meets a little embarrassed: "Yes Ma’am".

A little annoyed by the reference Ma’am I say. "No longer with the Ma’am My name is Charlotte and I would like to 7 in a size to try these shoes..

Emily said: ". I’ll get it, it will take me just a minute, Mom … wife Charlotte."

I smile and say, "I’m sitting here waiting for expensive"

Charlotte takes her first female sub

Emily is back in a couple of boxes and knelt on one knee to my feet. I take this treatment. It allows me my shoes and her hand lingers on my feet too long to remove a little. She seems nervous or excited, I can not decide. She rubs my lower black before slipping on the new shoes do to smooth like for me to try.

Emily is almost caress my feet, and it is certainly increased. His face is red and I see her nipples tighten.

My pulse is high, and I decided to disclose my right leg to lift high enough up my skirt. She looks me in black gstring and my little tuft of hair. I watch as Emily his lips involuntarily leaking red.

I feel my pussy tingle.

After Emily plays with his feet for 10 minutes, I finally the new pumps on both feet, and decides to take it for a test drive. I struts, front and rear, which raises each mirror. I can actually feel his eyes burning a hole in my ass, legs and feet. She is really excited and Emily sitting on one of the chairs, footwear sales people to help you put on the shoes, use. It is marked with envy in my direction.

I just go where they sat and turn graciously; his face is the same level as my ass. I’m on me rejects the belt on my shoe moving my ass to fix only inches from his face, I heard her sigh.

do standing up again so I lose balance and fall back towards Emily. She raises her hands quickly and help against my ass to me to obtain my balance. I’m just on my own, his hands still passed on my back … it feels like several minutes. So I address him by name, saying: "Emily, please now remove your hands from my butt!"

Turn the beets and embarrassed, Emily said, ".. Please forgive me Woman Charlotte I’m lost in the moment, and I’m really sorry Please forgive me."

His body language was interesting; very small and fragile, a very submissive attitude down, appears. I had many subordinates in my life, but never a woman. This could be interesting.

I say: "You are awarded please stand up now and me another pair of shoes, I would try the red.."

She jumps to her feet and headed quickly for the back room. I realize that a little tight body, she hides under her costume work. When she comes back, I sit directly from her chair, she is sitting in front of me, straddling the chair.

Her skirt moves over his legs to give me a good look at her white panties.

I say "Emily these shoes take my feet and help me with the red."

She replies: "Woman Charlotte".

I decide a little more aggressive, to be with him, but the controls instead of issuing queries.

Speaking more seriously, I say "My right foot is a little cramp, massage for me." Emily compliance.

With a happy look in his eyes and a smile on her face, Emily works both hands on my right foot, my whole foot sweeps; my ankles to my toes. She lifts my leg over my foot is close to his face and my wet pussy exposed fixed to his eyes. I’m wet and start as much as to enjoy them.

I move my foot and pressed against her face; She sighed heavily and rubbed my foot on his face. It feels so good whore, my nipples through my blouse were poking and I realize how I was parched.

I turn to him and say: "Suck my toes now" Emily is literally washed in accordance with my request My right toes in her hot mouth and feel like the heaven I know his lashing tongue to appreciate, but mostly I’m .. like the feeling of control I’m working on my new little toy.

I lift your left foot and place it on the position where they sat, my foot was inches from your pussy wearing pantyhose. I can literally feel the warmth of her love hole.

I speak as I looked him straight in the eye, "to push forward my love, and get a little closer to me." She did what she was told. I like it. Her pussy is in contact with my left foot.

It is very humid and I’m sure his juices cover my toes storage. Emily riding my foot really hard left, desperately trying to get my big toe in his hot little hole. I speak and eventually break his trance.

"Emily," I said. "Let’s change the feet, so that my left foot massage," I have changed the position of the foot, right foot goes between her legs and my left foot close to his face I can see her wet cum. on my toes …

I said, "be a treasure and lick your juice on my toes."

She replied, "Yes Ms. Charlotte as you want."

Emily is itself familiar as she licks her own juices on my toes. She made love to my feet, a look of pure pleasure on her face. Although I enjoy the feeling, and I am very happy to have this on, they need to be in a different place and time. I decided to push the envelope and to see how to respond obediently my future animal to my requests.

break My words of his trance, "Emily. Emily!"

Frightened, she my toes and doe eyes to let me wait licking stopped watching talking for me. I think they waited awhile to test if they dare to break the silence. Emily remains calm. This is a very good sign.

I prefer that they only speak when spoken to.

I said, "Emily, you go into the back room and take your jacket and bra, then put your shirt back on and choose a pair of red stilettos Hurry now, you leave.."

She gets up and goes into the back room. Suddenly she would be expected back, much faster than me. She stands before me apart just inches. They took his jacket and bra. Her breasts looked delicious!

aureolas round Nice and hard nipples pointing to the sky. She chose a pair of Louboutin heels, similar to the one I was wearing. They make their legs look so long and beautiful. I out and stroke her thigh reach all the way up and under her skirt.

Emily sighed deeply!

I speak, "Hit a few poses for me. Imagine that you model for me." She did as she was told. She looked amazing. "Now for me to walk down and back, heel toe.

Come on! "Her ass swayed under her skirt, mesmerizing to watch, escape except here and there. Not bad.

"Dear, you have to practice going my heels, it’s terrible how you move. You’re not crush grapes. You must learn to" glide and spacer.

Keep your eyes down, Emily replied. "But Mrs. Charlotte but".

I ask: "Yes, what?"

She replies, "But I have no shoes with this high a heel How can I practice for you.?"

A little annoyed, I say: "Well, you do now I’m going to buy two pairs, black and red for me for you I hope you are paid on a commission basis…"

His face radiates with a smile ear to ear. She seems really grateful for the gift. I hate to admit it, but it makes me feel good inside.

"Emily," I said, ‘what time you got to work today? "

She says: "In 45 minutes, I’m going to do."

I say, "Great, take my groceries and meet me about 50 minutes before my black limousine parked there and the name of my driver’s James Wait for me in the limo to understand..?" Emily nodded, "I have a few others. bring objects up before I go home. Waving his hand, I go in the direction of the shopping center, "Ta-Ta for now."

The ability to take my first female sub has a spring in my step and moisture in my panties. I continue my next steps to go in the mall mentally calculating. It forms a smile on my face I see a Hollywood Store Friedrich straight.

Frankly, Fredericks is the shop for the best quality lingerie, but they have some sluttiest outfits sell can even imagine.

I decide to buy a few things for small Emily – a bra half a cup of black push-up is her young breasts, a leopard patterns accentuate gstring red that is barely large enough to cover this cat, and a black pair of downwardly thigh high black appeared and matching garter. It’s funny. My heart is racing like a child on Christmas morning.

Emily is my gift to myself, and I can not wait to open the.

Charlotte takes her first female sub

Before leaving Fredericks I get into my pocket and get my Ben Wa balls and insert them quickly into my hungry pussy. Meow. This feels so good.

I’m excited back to the saloon and see how my plan is developed with Emily.

I have the car, and James quickly runs to open my door, while inside are valuable Emily is. I go to the back of the limo and sat down in the middle of the back seat. The seat of the Queen is the way I would like to refer to it.

I said, "Hello my dear, thank you to help my packages."

Emily easy answers with his eyes down: "I am pleased, Mrs Charlotte Thank you for giving me a ride back to my apartment.."

I said, "There is no problem Please tell me about yourself, I’m interested in hearing your story.."

Emily told me the following story. She is 22 years old, the youngest of three children, his parents and siblings of the city live on a street three hours. Emily moved to the big city for nine months she lives alone, college classes at night visit, it has a small, third floor studio in a relatively safe area.

They survived, but barely. His work at Neiman Marcus covers all costs, but leaves little money to have fun; as dinner or dancing in a club. It feels a little homesick because she has not made true friends and this city can be a cold and lonely place.

I ask: "What is a friend you are a very pretty young woman guys you should times to ask on the day?."

Emily glances, then looks like she said. "I’m not in boys I’ve never been I prefer women, beautiful, mature women, demanding … how Mrs..

Charlotte. Today was not the first time that I saw you at Neiman, but today was the first time that I had the courage to talk to you. "

A little stunned by his words, I said with excitement in his voice: "Well, things will improve, because I’m your new best friend."

She turns to me for a moment with a big smile and said: ". I think I like it"

I am encouraged and decided to take the next step to see by testing Emily, how far I can take it from his obvious enthusiasm. I said, "My feet are a little sore from all the walking today Can you sit on the floor for me in front of me and Massage.?"

Emily my feet eagerly moved on the floor of the limo kneeling, she said: "Mrs. Charlotte, it would be my absolute pleasure."

Charlotte takes her first female sub

Emily does not lose any time to remove my right shoe first, then the left. He rested my left foot on the thigh and massage begans my right foot. She clearly has a thing for feet.

Slowly from my heel, squeezing, rubbing and brushing, so that it is deliberately, and with a passion. I close my eyes and put my head a little sigh escapes my lips back. Emily works the ball of my foot and toes as she lifts my thighs.

To make things easier, I get my ass slightly off the seat and pull my skirt my mid-thigh. I know that my wet pants are plain view, but I do not really. I am curious if Emily could see no visible traces of Ben Wa balls.

Baby took in the street and is convinced fu …

His hands working their magic, and my lower body is the pulsating massage enthusiasts feet, my mouth was dry, and all I can feel is the sweet smell of my pussy. Then it comes back. I feel hot mouth of Emily on my toes.

Hot and humid, suck my toes and massage the rest of my foot. Simply heavenly!

I tell myself at the moment to stay, I’m wife Charlotte, and I am in control. But, I must admit that I do not think my body to respond to a massage erotic feet in this way. My body is tense, my nipples are like rocks and my pussy is to be as affected.

has drawn experience from my toes by a true professional creates excitement through my body, which is hard to describe. Aaahhhh fuck, it feels so damn good.

I lean back against the seat, eyes closed, hanging ass over the edge of the seat. My skirt is packed around my hip and my leg and the right foot in the air when I get a tongue lashing for this sexy girl. Emily has spent a clear view of my skirt my wet panties transparent in my dripping wet pussy.

I open my eyes and leans slightly forward and say. "Favorite Emily, that feels so wonderful, you know, of course, how to give a foot massage I want you with the massage continues now through the work on the calves and thighs. "

She replied, "Not willing wife Charlotte" It moves forward his body in the middle of my legs apart to position ..

Emily gently massaged my legs, feeling his hands against my stockings as she caresses, greenhouse and rubbed my legs is exquisite. I look at her; and it is flush on his face with excitement. His jacket was gone and her skirt above her waist, are exposed her panties and I can see little brown strands of hair growing on the side.

I prolonged the inevitable long enough.

I’ll be with my right hand and grabbed Emily by the back of the neck. I pulled him to me and she likes to come forward. Your red lips ready to experience our first kiss. But they have to wait.

I hold out until our faces draw and touch my lips next to his ear. My breath on his neck and ear made her release a deep groan. Your skin is so soft, I do not the soft touch of another woman has the feeling, and it’s really delicious.

I speak of a whispered voice, "Emily Love, I want my pussy just like your with, want to deal understood to deal with?" Play always plays against Emily nods friction sexual thrust caused by my body. I press him on the ground and to move his face excited in my pussy.

Emily movedher face position leans forward slowly and give my panties wet with a sweet kiss. Then it moves slightly back to my inner thigh focusing on the tension between the tip to stroke my floor and the bottom of my pants and kiss. Emily takes to give me soft kisses, firm strokes and licks her tongue wet time. My body tensed and tingling with impatience, she finally makes her next train.

Emily slips my gstring aside and begins with a long fresh lick my lips and stopping at my swollen clit. Soft and delicate she flicks her tongue against me.

The projection factor was for it to go up on my clit and ready forward. She wrapped my clitoris in his mouth, take little soft sucks until I groaned again. She bravely took a small pinch of it with his teeth, what to jump me, her eyes looked at me and smiled. I think "Damn, this girl knows how to please a woman."

Sexual assault continues as Emily a smooth, rhythmic movements over a long period maintains. It increases the speed and the pressure on my lips and my clitoris. I appreciate the raw, animal attack without the stubble on his face feel. I think that I can learn to appreciate the sweetness and familiarity of a woman.

It is the chain of Ben Wa balls buried in my burning pussy. Emily pulls the rope, and then pushes the balls back to me, still attracts and pushes back, while his face doesn&# 39; t beat faster. His fingers and Ben Wa created an incredible friction in my sugar walls. I quickly approached the first orgasm I experienced woman.

She never misses a beat, her perfect appearance, when she meets all sensitive places with his talented tongue as an instrument of love.

I cried, "You fucking do not stop. Keep doing what you are doing! I’m so close."

I balk wild, arched back, trying to ride his face at the finish line. I look at his body in rhythm moving with mine, her expert mouth with a sensual massage. I grabbed with both hands down, grabbed his neck and to draw closer it.

I am willing to provide my little bitch hungry for sperm.

I called again: "Oh my god YES Ahhhh!" My juice floods over me and Emily did her best to drink it all. This was the best oral sex that I know in my life.

I feel completely satisfied and incredibly exhilarated. I open my eyes and look at Emily, his face wearing my pussy juice proud. She smiles and seems more comfortable as she knelt in front of me.

She said: "Will it to Mrs. Charlotte"?

Feel happy and sexually by, I see, and said: ". What is Emily you need a little practice, but I think I can work with you."

Smiling brightly Emily said, "Thank you Mrs. Charlotte If you ask me patience I promise to do better for you…"

my new sub female Admire, I say: "I’m sure you like The next time my expectations are higher Let’s go home now, so you can rest…"

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Charlotte is the service of a young woman

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