Christina Aguilera – Hurt (Main Video)

Mature Amateur

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  1. This song reminds me of my dead grandma.she was shot in her 20's and has been in the nursing home.but shes in a better place no we didn't blame her for anything

  2. So basically the story is (for the ppl that don’t get it yet), The girl is living in fame and luxury in the circus. When she was little she had memories of her and her father going to one and just good memories in general. She The later decided that she wanted to perform in the circus which was her dream career, but she got so swept away with the fame, that she forgot all about her father who she was really close too. Then she got a telegraph what I personally think was bad news abt her father. But then again, she got so up in fame that she forgot abt him and the once she saw him, she realized she couldn’t have another chance

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  4. I heard this song on a video that someone used this song for their video. These lyrics I had to play over & over I had a feeling this was Christina's voice but the strange part is every single time I would play this song? I kept thinking about my Dad who had just passed away not long ago of brain cancer and I remember looking at him in his eyes while saying to my Dad, I was leaving in the morning to go back to VA. He was shocked and said to me "You're leaving?"
    (While he was lying there dying hopelessly in the hospital.) I knew it would be the last time I'd ever see him again when he looked right into my eyes with his bloodshot red eyes. it was the way he stared at me I just knew there and then I wouldn't see him again and he knew as well. This was killing me inside and I kept my trembling lips and tears that wanted to scream out in pain for him but I kept smiling and said: "Dad Your going to be just fine." I meant for Heaven… He did dye right before Christmas. I was in MA. for 19 day's staying with Mom. She was also dying of cancer but she didn't know she had it at the time. But I loved my Dad more than anything! He loved me so much I could go to him anytime to talk and he was always there for me listening to every word I ever said since I was a little girl. GOD, I MISS HIM! So all this time listening to this beautiful song? I always kept tearing up thinking about my own dad. Ironically it's about her own dad. (That's what I'm getting out of this beautiful video) That's what the killer is for me when I just saw this video for the first time today! Just now March 18, 2018. God Bless You. (I miss you so much Daddy RiP Mom & Dad)

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