CLIP: President Obama’s Anger Translator (C-SPAN)

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  1. People,. This is really how angry the real Barack Obama really is. I know, You all are to scarred to say or do anything. He would love to still be the president and don't any of you forget that please.

  2. You're laughing, but this man is a fucking Reptilian !!!!! WTF
    2:00 Devil attack
    + look at the tongue move left 2:21
    2:43 look athe woman's eye changing and the hand behind of her eye what Lady Gaga always has done.

    Fucking Devil (Reptilians) is controling our world.

    Indentificate them. Share LOVE on the world. We are stronger.

  3. Jan..2018, Trump is president, Global Warming was a sham…California almost burnt down, and we are going into a mini ice age according to some scientists. A lot has happened in less than a decade. Hillary did raise and grab up a lot of money, and land, and uranium (she messed up) is fun to see these video posts and watch things evolve!

  4. Amazing how Obama can say "hold on to your little white butts" and nobody accused him of being racist. Imagine if Trump says anything like that, they media will be talking about it for months.

  5. Adversarial my ass! The press kissed his ass on almost everything; the race baiting, Benghazi, Iran, using the IRS to target opposition, using the justice department to do likewise. This guy has some nerve.

  6. This wasn't Obama's idea; he was told to do this. When the media has your back you get much credit and you are deemed 'cool'. But he was a phenomenal POLITICIAN, IOW just another culo!

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