Cruel Pregnancy Prank

Mature Amateur

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  1. hey linus I'm 15 and me and my dad had owned for a long time (with his last copy of his chiled hood pitchers)and the harddrive worked (with windows 7 on it ) and then I pluged another hard drive in with Linux (centos 7) to copy all the files at once but when I restarted the pc the hardrive would not read and all it does it beep so I looked it up and took it apart and the arms where not stuck and moved as should and did more reseach but nothing helped. another problem is that I don't have the money to pay the pros for the pitchures back any tips or who to go to if you have $10

    sorry I'm posting on other channles that are yours I really need the pitchures

  2. Meet Colton, a successful bigwig at Linus Media Group. When a prank gets the best of him, he decides to fight back. But what Colton's about to find out, is that getting even isn't easy.

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