Dave And Sugar Ch 1

This morning I could not in this solitude, empty, wear to be the bed. went with my husband, I had no reason to stay in bed, if you know what I mean. I am a very sexual person consider, and I’m still excited. However, I did not feel like playing alone this time me. I stood up, not to change, the trouble I went into the pit, and connected to my computer.

I decided to answer a few emails, friends and family know to be that I had to deal with things a day well, at a time. Email perked my interest; he was on one of my erotic stories site, my friend Dave.

He was a close friend of mine for over two years. We have often written another, and the subject was everything from how my day was about sex. In this particular e-mail, he told me how sorry he was to hear about my problems of the people and the future divorce. He asked if he could call me after everything I could probably now take the shoulder of a good friend. Of course I have, you can never have enough friends.

But what he wrote next to me, kicking and shaking with desire. He called me late at night at 10:30, when he knew that I would be in bed

Mmm, that sounded like he had a sexy twisted plane, or I was reading between the lines straight. Oh hell no, I’m excited and need the voice of a sexy man to me a good feeling, let alone take my opinion my difficulties. I have in the past, phone sex, but stop when I got married, it is not the real thing right it seemed to sit in the next room.

I spend fantasizing the day that Dave and I talk. Did I cry my heart? Or … I undress and masturbate, oooh that’s always fun because I play with myself happy.

It was ten o’clock, and I could no longer bear the excitement. I changed one of my short sexy babydolls and climbed into bed I then took a magazine with sex letters in it and began to read. Yes, it was not hard to get in the mood.

I had to be fucked, and I wanted now!

The phone rang, and I almost fell the magazine. I thought for a moment about what to say, more nervous that a teenager the first time she spoke to her dream boy.

I picked it up and said: "Good Morning."

A man with a Cajun accent spoke Sex. "Hello Kandy This is Dave, how do you baby?"

"I’m better, it is difficult to deal with my husband left me so and ask for a divorce. However, I’ll leave the analysis to death and trying to figure out why. I just wish I could stop on the bastard cry. "

. "Baby, do not forget a very sexy voice, how about we man with me and play, I also follow you’ll take to paradise is my house in a small town, and isolated in this way. If I want, I can take off and sit naked here in my backyard, day or night. sugar so I have something in hand that you want, it is long and difficult, and it takes the touch of a sexy woman. "

"Mmm, sounds like something sexy have in mind. Something I’d like to do, but you are too far away for me. To enjoy as I like you here to have in bed with me, I have a long hard fuck , amongst other things. "

"Yes, I bet you do. You are on the phone you do not play?"

"I have in the past, but also with regard to my husband, but hell, it is no longer there, so why not."

"Yes, now, if you carry something away. I only know your pussy needs attention, am I right?"

"When the baby long hard cock, he straightened up and called me to touch!"

"Now your phone on speaker set, if you and your fingers touch your nipples and clitoris can let you going … I want you to describe all evil details how you roll, pinching and teasing you feel really good baby, it will disappear your problems, I do now. "

I put the phone on speaker and placed them near me, then put a large towel under my pussy so I would not get wet the bed I knew I would get wet. I was stroking my fingers and shakes my first big tits, as I sighed.

"Do I have a towel under my ass, so I do not soak the bed and before you ask, yes, I much. Ooooh baby I love touching, biting sucking and even my nipples. Damn, I want are Gush fingers."

"Oh shit, like me I want to have a tit woman who squirts and gushes especially in my mouth. In each hand, kiss, lick, nibble and suck them until they were harder and red."

"I’ll be there in ten minutes, because I like a titty-man."

My fingers slid deeper into my pussy want it since anyone was really too long, touched me. I am already soaked, and my hard clit. I loved talking on the phone, it was so exciting.

A sexy, deep male voice turns me; I gave my number to anyone. It had to be, someone I have known for some time.

"I hate to be alone, but I think you know what I need baby."

Dave Old Man Fucks A 18-year-old bitch

"You have reason I would experience on the road honey. I would have buried my face in your pussy now."

My clit throbbed, my mind raced with a thousand thoughts, what we would do if he lived so close. "What would you do if I lie next to you now baby?"

"I know exactly what I would do. I would hug you from head to toe slowly, tingling all wet to leave your big beautiful body track. Since my big hands would explore every corner … you start."

"Oh my God," I shouted. "Honey, you know how much fun I would have, if you look at me now. "

My pussy and nipples tingled as I imagined for him to do a striptease. I hung up the phone on my chest my nipples disc in the mouth suggesting suck and groaned. I phone to my lips back when a sexy sweet voice to speak: "Oh Dave, you know how to make your voice swell and harden me nipple."

He gasped, "Oh Baby kiss, I want my lips on her nipples! I bet your pussy is wet! I like to eat a pussy, my tongue around your clitoris snapped while circling until you ask me to stop. I’m not good; I&# 39; ll just go on until I lick the underside of sweet honey! "

I groaned when I was shaking all over. "Oh yessssss, hold the baby, and I know I will enjoy. I&# 39; m not just rub my clit, sucking and biting but this too hard nips. If this were your hands and mouth, mine would on that cock of yours, as I like sucking dick. Yes baby, I swallow the load so delicious, no fun if you do not. "

"Do you have baby toys? God is my cock is so damn hard!"

I could tell by his voice that he was stroking his cock. My pussy was on fire with the desire, and I thought, "Where is a real hard dick when I need a",

"Yes, I do, as it seems, and feels like a real dick, it just vibrates. I slip into my pussy now. Listen sloshing in and out of my pussy? Ooooh it feels so damn good!"

"Oooh yes, put the phone next to your hot hole doll and let me hear how you are wet."

I do not hesitate to do what he asked, finally, I had not so much fun in ages had. I knew the buzzing vibrator and wet my pussy more would attract. I did it for a few minutes, then pulled the phone so I can hear him speak.

"Ooooh baby I like the way your pussy rings. Shit, I wish I was there! I stroked my cock slowly up and down and squeeze my balls.

Play with yourself honey; Let me hear how excited your body will. Kandy fuck me! "

I slid the toy in my hot hole hard and deep, like the fingers of the other hand tantalized my clitoris. I like to fuck me and let a man hear wet sounds, because I knew he was on his tail to his right ear. I cooed with my sexy voice, tell him every detail of what I was doing.

I knew my obscene sounds he would blow his load.

"Dave, we might want to actually do it, my clitoris Please is so damn hard! Put the phone close to your cock I want you to listen to your hand up, slide and down your tree. MMMM I love that her baby ! I am enjoying over here "

"Oh Sweet Kandy, your sexy voice makes me mad. I want your lips suck my dick! Baby Oh-my-God, make me cum!"

As I hear, I see my lips wrapped around his cock, suck deeply, flicking my tongue around the head and down the shaft. I like the sweetness and tart Präejakulat and jism.

I screamed into the phone. "I want to go and pull down my pussy hard on your throbbing cock Dave, fuck me, oh yes, ram your cock in me I love the way he feels Harder, baby!. I do not stop my hard clit oh baby … I enjoy! "rubbing

"Yes, oh Kandy I am so hard fucking, so close to cumming! Fuck me honey, riding my hard cock!" Suddenly I heard him scream: "Fuck, Aaaaaaah, yyeeesss I oooooooh&# 39; t hold back any longer. I’m cumming! "

Dave And Sugar Ch 1

I’m lost in a track rub my clit feverishly I fucked my hole with the toy. When I heard him cum, stiffened my body and I shouted, "Oh, honey, I’m cumming baby, I wish we were really fucking".

"I’m baby, you need a man you give a good hard fucking now to erase the memories of my husband. In addition, Doll, if you ever should have the wall we meet. You make me so hot, and my cock was sometimes not so hard.

Sometimes I ejaculate problems but to pet the love of hell my dick anyway, especially when I’m hot, sexy, big, beautiful gal on the other end of the phone.

"Thanks for the compliment, and I have family down your way, they want to see me. If I do that, I’ll look at you because you make me so damn hot, and I can not resist ‘want to fuck with you and play. baby voice electrifies my whole body, and I want to enjoy again and again.

Dave And Sugar Ch 1

I wish you goodbye my clit me how to make, come baby, "I gasped.

We continued the conversation, as each of us to breathe heavily into the phone. Then he said: "Kandy, I wish I rubbed my milked cock all over your nipples and then between your breasts sliding and when he approaches lips suck the head My head is so sensitive, I can enjoy little one with him. play. "

"Ooooh God, I love to do when a man with my breasts plays like my fingers or my pussy have, and I enjoy it more difficult!"

"Well guess it just back to enjoy. I’m not done with you all play, I would like to pass a few times to climax before."

I was shaking hard and purrs, "I know, five or six times in one hour cum I know your sexy Cajun accent is to make me come often.."

He groaned, and I knew he was still stroking his cock. I imagined my nips and boobs rub, coating with its sweet nectar. He sends me over the edge.

"Oooh fuck, I’m cumming!"

When I again I say my voice, "Dave, you make me so damn excited. I wish you lived closer to me. We could talk, hug, fuck, and play more often … and not on the phone. "

Dave And Sugar Ch 1

"Oh, I do, Kandy … I love how you If this does not bother to call me cum, I’ll probably call every night Honey."

"Mmmm, I would, after all, no one is here to tell me either, and I like that kind of fun."

"Leaving Okay, now I want you to fuck a little more time before we get a good night. Then I want you to sleep naked, and call me when you wake up,&# 39; s say at 09.30, my cock is so hard in the morning, he needs that a woman does not make a peep. "

"It sucks, but hell I’ll play with you, and you suck dry."

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A man with a Cajun accent spoke Sex. "Hello Kandy This is Dave, how do you baby?"

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