DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

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  1. What's it good for? If you happen to have a bunch of micro sd cards hanging around. Like, stuff you removed from old phones and tablets.

    On the other hand, you can kinda do the same thing with your old USB drives and a USB hub. They don't even have to all be the same size.

  2. go old school on it. take the first 30% of the drive and partishion it for the install of windows and the rest as the slower part. this way you are only using the faster part of the drive. now I no people will say that only worked back in the days when drives had to read from the outer or inner of the disk on the platter. well have you ever tried it with a sd card or a ssd drive it still works just not as much.

  3. This is what you get when you take "way back when" and try and try to make it "now". Retro doesn't work on windows 10. I still have a couple of the CF1 adapters and 16Mb cards somewhere upstairs.
    Your puzzlement is in part down to the lack of wool on that young back.

    Modern Windows won't easily install and run on a portable drive (at least not without a lot of fiddling). Back in the day we took the equivalent kit and created and installed heavily cut down versions of windows 3.11, 95, 98 or XP on an 8 or 16Mb compact flash card reduced as far as you could (because they were expensive) using something like 98lite or XPlite. That in turn was used to run the MAME arcade emulator which gave access to the old TaTo versions of space invaders, asteroids etc. There was a whole cottage industry of people building Arcade machines which sold for silly money.

    The machine took ages to boot (as did all the other kit) crashed regularly (as did all the other kit) and people just got on with it – it was after all the only game in town! They were happy days when a PC could cost £2000+

  4. ssd are not as fast if your using a high tech motherboard the root drive will destroy it self and blow your prosseser and that make a read and write error like starting it up you will load up if a command prompt and you will be stuck in recovery mode

  5. what a load of CROCk…. a 1tb ssd form amazon 220 bucks 10 kingston 128gb mini sd also from amazon 340 bucks plus price for silly sd thingy ma jig = loads of dosh,
    lets do the sums .. ERM SSD cheaper DUH! why do people waste Youtube data storage with crap like this. oh OH i know why cus we like attention …

  6. In eBay there are similar adapters that accept just one normal size SD card. I use SD cards nearly daily since 2002 and I never had a problem. Of course these adapter with SD cards is inferior to typical SSD drives. But SD cards are by far more reliable to rotational disks. It is a good choice for a cheap upgrade of an older PC.

  7. Dünya'nın çoğunluğu bu zibidi tiplere insan gözüyle bakıyor..1 dakika bile dayanamadım sesine durdurdum hemen ..birde böyle bok ve kemik torbasının 5 milyon abonesi var..vay bu dünyanın haline…sikeyim senin tanıtacağın SSD yi … şerefsiz.

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