Done In The Haunted House, Part 1

Tina worked in our data processing division. Always saw line and the total pro who was devoted to her work. Some of their staff called her a cold fish, I always felt the purpose they read her wrong.

There always seemed to the Sámi time that we had our lunch Tried I break the ice by starting a conversation and she answered. After a few weeks of polite conversation in the canteen I was finally the courage to ask her, and she accepted.

I discovered that soon under her quiet and reserved exterior beat the heart of a vampire / goth lover. When I think back on the amateur course and the haunted house projects we have had many long talks about vampires in general and we started was previously regularly.

While from the old house Composed of a local restaurant one evening we return, which was used as our haunted house. I showed it to her and to my surprise, she expressed a desire to see inside.

I explained that it had-for Winter boarded and secured and would probably open me half an hour just to get it. As of December, I would explain it cold in this house was just a shell, no running water or heat.

"You have no idea what to do thesis, puts me"Said, She in a breathy whisper.

Feel a tuning fork in my heart for her statement that I promis The next weekend, I would open it for them and give them inside a ride.

So on Thursday that weekend I was in the house after work and went through the long and tedious process of opening.

The power was still to keep the active alarm, so I didn&# 39; t-have to fumble in the dark. I made sour were the halls away was free of obstacles and I-even an old candlesticks as a prop room and put it in Dracula room.

After work on Friday I ran in the house and all disabled alarm.I then filled the candelabra with some recently purchased this tall candles. Then I minor employment secure the house before I then ran home to shower and change and Tina get reservations for our dinner.

House said from the restaurant down that I we up to anything the house would be closer and I pulled into the driveway of the old manor.

"Now, are you ready?", I asked.

Her eyes were wide, and her breathing was difficult, as they managed a soft hiss"Yes",

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I let them wait in the car while I opened it again, turned on the running lights, sound effects and read your candles.

I led the door behind us within seal, and started on a journey to take. Now Despite the lack of players in the rooms, qui were in the red and blue running lights and bathed the occasional flash, she was always very excited

It belongs to the sound effects of chains, moaning, steps, pipe organ music, and my story of what the room was and what she saw under operating conditions.

We wound our way through the house in the Dracula room ends.

The walls were done in a castle wall motif, complete with French windows and a sky-poster bed. The candles flickered in the candlesticks on the wall long shadow cast andTina the space Walked Seemingly mesmerized, as she listened to the music.

Then she turned and walked over to me with what I thought reviews Was another question.

When I surprised my shoulders Tina put her arms around slowly and put her hot lips on mine and gently Slipped into my mouth with his tongue.

"This is what I wanted to do last week," she whispered in my ear as she broke the kiss.

She drew the bed their way while maintain touching eyes as she slowly removed her long overcoat lets it slip her shoulders. It showed a black satin bra, panties and a black satin garter belt, qui held black thigh highs folded.

I can only assume that while waiting for me to unlock the house she had her dress doffed and put them in the car. I went to her and took her in my arms again and kisses placed in her ears, neck attach to their full red lips against my mouth.

Our kiss est devenu more entense as my hands over her satin lingerie grazed.

The following buldge in my pants est devenu more noticable and I rubbed it against the crotch of her satin panties.

" Have your here Dracula cape?" She asked.

"it&# 39; s in the car," I answered.

"Please go get it"You groaned.

I almost tore the door off its hinges in my haste to get outside. Upon my return, they offered me just taking off the cloak and carry. The sudden feeling of cold satin contre my warm skin caused me to get harder than I had-been in a long time.

A moan escaped her lips as she was enveloped in the cold Sami silky cloth as I placed gently on it.

It caused her nipples to root on their bra cups, making the heat from her satin covered hills come.

We continued until I take our passionate kisses could not, and I slowly slid her panties so I could insert by rigid cock in her dripping sex.

"Bite Me first, first bite me" she moaned.

So I lowered my lips to her neck and bit her gently as I in it. Pushed

Rub the sensations and sounds of their nylon clad legs and down my back through my satin sheath were made about my love expectations.We by the eerie sound effects for about an hour Accompagné, and Toccata and Fugue in D minor played on the organ, she moans sometimes overpowered the background noise.

"Fick faster me, Dracula," she asked, and I quickened my pace.

"I&# 39; will cum, bite me again," she moaned.

Again I lowered my lips to her neck and bit it gently. She clamped her leg Closer on my back and we both had a thunderous orgasm.

Since we the cold finally came to us to keep our bodies drove back, and we decided it was time to go. I remedied and went through the long process of sealing the house while she waited in the car.

She was shaking all the way home, although I do not suspect from the cold.

She kissed my neck, ears, hands and lips; What am almost on the street more than once slip off. After her apartment showered together we achieved and hinder it love. While we enjoyed wine Then they asked for a return visit to the house, and I agreed.

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They promis that next time it would all be about me.

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