Duran Duran – Save A Prayer

Mature Amateur

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  1. Do someone know where they recorded this videoclip? Seems to be Thailand but I really want to know exactly where, specially when they reach the top of the mountain with a low grass field… Amazing!!!

  2. Since childhood I've always heard this and others 80's music because of my mom and today with 22y sometimes I get very proud of this fact, few off my friends have the same taste off this kinda music and just don't understand and don't feel the vibe as I do… For sure I born in a wrong era, I really feel the mystic

  3. In 1982' I was age 19, and went on my only ever cross country(Kanada)road trip, and all by Greyhound bus lines. I had the newly invented Sony Walkman(Tm) and 1x CD only, this CD, as it was my #1 fave and in hindsight the #1 CD of all the 1980's.

  4. I was in my early teens, and life was good. I didn't realize how good, until the years ticked by. This is a beautiful song, that represents what music used to be. I can't listen to any of the garbage out today, no matter what genre. I was/am a fan of 80s "hair metal" for the most part, but I could listen to just about anything that came on the radio back then. When I hear these songs today, it always makes me smile. I miss those days, really bad. No internet, no computers, no cell phones. People actually interacted with each other. It's a sad world we live in today.

  5. ~ 🇮🇲 ~

    Still great even "popped-up" and "punked-down" 😟

    Only been "online" these past 5 years and since then discovered so many of these early videos!
    In fact, growing-up taping off the radio – trannies with miniature white-earpieces – onto cassettes, or Top of the Pops on the telly, including ambient noise (telling everyone to keep quiet / shush ! – in Irish, sorry for spelling, " Shish Shish N Do Na Vell " 😎)

    Great track – loving the minor chords – when DD were rocking post-punk & "new romantics" eh ? 😉

    ~ 🇮🇲 ~

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