Eminem – Walk On Water (Official Video) ft. Beyoncé

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  1. Awesome. This is actually my first time hearing this song. Lol. I kept hearing about it…the good, the bad. So I knew what to expect. But it was cool. Video is dope though.

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  3. Gosh I remember going to his concert! Damn. My dad used to be a big fan of him in 1998. He stopped listening to him when he stopped to rap for a long time. So I guess I’m the new fan. 2018. 😂 gotta keep the tradition

  4. I believe if he had released this music video when the single was first released..they would've looked and listened to the words and took the initial reaction a lot more positively

  5. Eminem Albums Ranked

    1-The Eminem Show
    Not a single bad song. Not only Eminem’s best album but one of the best albums of all time.

    Great album not every one liked Eminem’s new approach to music but I enjoyed it.

    3-The Slim Shady LP
    Eminem’s funniest album, still kind of miss his old style back when he didn’t give a fuck but, what can you do?

    4-The Marshal Mathers LP
    Stan is among the best hip-hop songs of all time, really god album most people say this was slims peak.

    Everyone else seams to dislike his newest album. Except from untouchable which is one of the worst fucking songs I’ve ever heard and a few others I’m enjoying the new album and features that it comes with.

    The accents get a little annoying but when he starts acting more serious (beautiful & careful what you wish for, ect..) the songs get a lot better.

    7-Marshal Mathers LP 2
    This album was more rehashing the old slim more that anything. Rap god and headlights were the best of this album.

    8-Bad Meets Evil
    Not all that bad, it’s got a some pretty good tracks like lighters & fast lane but only 5 keeps out of the whole album. Doesn’t seam like they had much to rap about causing some pretty boring songs.

    Bad album. Only songs I listen to from it are toy soldier and mocking bird.

    Not very good music infinite (song) is OK but Eminem didn’t really have a style at this point and was mimicking other artists.

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