Fallen Angel

December was in Southern Africa aim for the last few days it seemed to always get hot hotter. Stirred No breeze the atmosphere and the heat from the ground rail in the waves rise.

It was about 10:00 and Friday I had stretched Beens for the last hour on the deck chair. The welding FORMED Water beads on my forehead and my body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat. I had we adapted to shade my eyes from the glare and a small two-piece white bikini qui tanned pair of dark sunglasses my skin to perfection.

I have never revealed anything so obsessed and my father would probably Had he known-have burned purpose This knowledge alone was that HAD Beens enough to convince me to get it.

I had bought a few days just before and had worn it every day since. It was just too hot longer attract And there was no one else to see me.

My father was a minister and forming was his annual trip to far from rural communities as a part of a Christmas campaign. I should have gone with target I wanted a break, so I did only at the last minute to be sick to get out of it.

Now sitting alone with the high fences and heat for the company that I wish I had had gone.

Damn this heat, I thought as I atteint for the cooler box and pulled out a cider. I wasn&# 39; t may drink alcohol goal Papi wasn&# 39; t to and I was tired of the angel to be all the time.

I was almost 19-although I looked younger. I wasn&# 39; t very tall and thin and was quiet Perhaps what punished my age lies. People had always told me I was beautiful, but pretty boring was a compliment, I wanted to be It would be nice sexy golden goal, if your father is the pastor, sexy is the last thing people say to me. My breasts were quite small to a 32B.

Overlooking em down I wish they were bigger, bigger guys liked didn&# 39; t they?

I opened the tiny strings on the neck, leaving the small triangles of fabric falling off my breasts. I kept the cider contre my neck then she pushed my chest entre over my breasts, over my stomach and thighs my entre. It left a trail of water droplets cold and wet tissue at my crotch.

It felt so good. If only Dad could see me now I thought giggle me.

I held the bottle trapped entre my thigh slowly and to move from. It felt good, I thought. It was cool, but my heated flesh also contre otherwise, the harder I pressed the better felt, and I just wanted to get back the feeling. I squeezed the bottle firmly at the juncture entre my thighs and then I felt it, that tiny thrill of joy. I Brought the cider to his lips and drank the last of the now warm liquid.

Put the bottle aside, I pressed my finger back to my pussy. Did I say pussy? Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!

I laughed out loud, I had never used that word, and I felt nothing but evil to say it. Could a word really bad?

The fabric felt soft and was still wet under my fingers, the tips touching reviews aim other thrill of excitement through my body feels. I kept my fingers it easy column Tracing ask my fingers, why I had never done before. My father had it drilled into me at an early age, as I never except for the purpose of cleaning touch shoulds and shoulds that I Sex has never been the devil fornication, or I would like my mother forming a whore.

Needless my mother to tell us long ago.

I atteint reviews yet for cider, it was my fourth and it was only 10:30 It was intended to make me sleepy already. I put the bottle contre my left breast. It was so hot que la cold was a relief welcomed.

I stretched my right arm high above my head, arching my body and stretching my legs. The idea of ​​hand-to Bikini Bottom cam unbidden in my opinion slipped. Only once, I thought.

I’ve never shaved there and only a fine fluff of baby soft hair covered my hill. My skin felt hot and a little damp and my fingers, the hidden folds of the skin Explorer tingled and my body was getting hotter I tried to concentrate particularly on an area, because every time I I touched a little jerk joy feel. It felt like a small pearl at the top right of the folds and the faster I touched it along remained the feeling. It felt like I was building something.

Increased pressure and I quickened my pace.

Did someone say my name? I wondered dulled my senses rail, then I heard it again: "Leah" I Snatched my hand from my shelves and DID hurry my tip. Was my face red. I felt flustered as I grabbed a towel and stood up.

I could not see anyone around, and I felt a little dizzy, the heat or the alcohol, I thought.

"Leah, I can have a word with you?" It was the creepy old man next door. How much had he seen? I wondered, not looking directly _him_ and glad that I still have the shadow we had I wrapped the towel tightly around me.

"Yes Mr. Tate?" I replied, though I was only a few feet from _him_.

He smiled his teeth yellow and chipped. "How are you my dear? Is your dad around?"

"No Mr. Tate, he’s on Church business," I said my eyes fixed on the fence in front of me.

"Well, that explains why you enjoy outside of the sun itself," he chuckled wiped a big hand on the forehead and then his hand on the dirty vest drying He had there.

I looked sharply at _him_. He had goal Obviously seen me what he wanted. "Can I help you, Mr. Tate? As soon as possible," I asked wanted to escape into the house.

"Call me went Tiny, my friends and I had a few beers goal you have then the cable and now the ice to the end," he said his hands on two men waving –Other I had not noticed before. Tiny was a giant of a man with a huge belly, his face was broad goal and brown tanned or dirt, it was hard to tell. His two friends looked about fifty target more well kempt as to be _him_, was clean-shaven and go bald l’autre had more than a day growth of hair on his face, both men were great and all three wore shorts and T-shirts ,

"Do you have ice honey?"

I was embarrassment red was looking away, I answered: "Yes I do, I’ll get you some."

"No do not bother themselves we almost there", and that he had disappeared.

Shion Fallen Angel Magic – Vol.04

Oh no, I thought THE _him_ here was the last thing I wanted.

My head felt heavy and my legs a little unsure when I was in the house Walked, removing my shadow, as my eyes adjusted to the light. I was ushered straight into the kitchen doorbell When the insistent as he pressed a finger at him. I ran to the door and stumbled ouvert only so would stop the noise.

"Oh there you are honey," he said ou ordinary frame push through the door. His friends followed close behind _him_.

They all smiled as they walked me, my neck to be red again began. "I just get the ice, I’m just a minute," I turn to go back to the kitchen.

"Take your time baby," he said, and continued to sit on the couch and turned on the television.

I was almost finished, the ice in a bucket for _him_ empting When he behind me action until I almost jumped. "You do not mind if we do the game you can see?" I looked uncertain. "Come on, you have to be all by yourself alone and you can-a drink with us here, we do not bite, if you want us to." He said has its own Lachenwitz. He seemed harmless enough, I thought.

His friends were already made their layers comfortable and had helped themselves. From the bar to glasses A bottle of cheap whiskey was on the small side table. I turned around to achieve than on foot, if Tiny called me out expires, "Where you go Baby"

Fallen angels can # 039; t stop fucking MJ-3-04

"I have to change and maybe lie down, I have a big headache," I said _him_, my words a little slurred.

"It is to think too hot about putting on more clothes, in fact, that from that towel take to think shoulds. Take a seat sugar and sit down with us. I know that here Joe really good at massaging is, let _him_ on the neck and shoulders of his magic work "Tiny said, his hand and pulled me to the couch he occupied.

I did not feel safe destination no objection, as the man named Joe spoke moved behind me and put his hands on my shoulders.The all people in a glass hand had. "Can I have a glass?" I question, Tiny, try try to sound mature. Tiny placed a glass in his hand and told me to drink it all at once. The alcohol was cold in my hand and smelled really strong. I Brought to my lips and drank it, it tasted a little sweet and was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I immediately felt the heat moving time as the liquid over my body, not that I needed to feel hot. Tiny refilled my glass silently as the man named Joe worked on my neck. I closed my eyes and gave in the feelings of relaxation.

I groaned a little, this guy really knew his stuff.

to see I felt the pressure on my thighs and crotchless half-closed eyes Tiny&# 39; s large paw of a hand on my thigh exposed. I shifted slightly destination had no objections, INSTEAD I closed my eyes my head again leaning back as Joe, worked his hands on my shoulders. "Feels good to do to girls, right?" asked Tiny question began as to his own hand move and my thighs. I knew I Told _him_ shoulds-have to stop and all ’em target for the first time out of my life, I have things I never felt before. I groaned again my answer.

Tiny Brought my glass to his lips and I ouvert my mouth and poured the liquid as before. "That’s a good girl," he said, he has moved it away.

"You must be hot feeling," he said as he opened the towel and dropped it on my pages. I never said word eyes gave me just closed. I can not describe how I felt then as I was not there, as I drifted on the waves of euphoria along.

I felt Tiny hands on my thigh again, this time a little higher my legs pulled apart a little. Joe hands had to move to Started. He was now half over me, his warm breath on my neck and sweet, his hands first Caressed my arms and then took on the way to my breasts.

I ouvert my eyes just in time ang Tiny wave of his friend to see before his mouth close over my nipples exposed. My bikini top was not a rock on the back of my neck and the twin white triangles of fabric was attached to the smooth flat belly. stroking tiny hands were now slowly at my womanhood through my bikini bottom. His friend ang moved in front of me and got on his knees, opening me up when he entre my legs got down. I was in the sensation So many hands touching squeezing and stroking me lost.

Tiny clamped his teeth on my nipples and I cried a little, l’autre guys just laughed.

Tiny thick fingers loosed the pains on both sides of my bikini and the guy ouvert my legs in front of me ‘wider, my womanhood exposes _him_. He took a deep breath and smelled me. "It’s been a long time since I had some young pussy", he pulled Said’ve my legs over his shoulders his hands on the rounded globes of my ass as he makes his first taste Nahm. I took a sharp intake of breath at this first contact waves of pleasure shot through my body.

Joe had aussi now sucking on my chest and try try tiny to stuff l’autre in the mouth.

"Hey Mike reviews some that pussy save for us," Joe said he got my hand on his manhood exposed Places. It was hard and felt great considering it was the first that I have seen or felt in my life. It was strange, because even if it is hard aussi it felt like warm velvet in my hand to feel. "Here stroke my dick Babe" Tiny Said, his hairy tail attachment in my free hand. Tiny felt a bit short-circuit much thicker and he be aussi Seemed a little wet, I could a sticky substance contre my hand feel as I do. Up and down the cured meat

I’ve never seen a dick and now I have two in hand bin sweeps, while a third man lick my pussy.

Mike pulled his tongue out of the top of my slot at the bottom, licking and nibbling on my thigh His whiskered cheek rubbed as I could push the hair on his chin feel and tickle my sensitive pussy as he eagerly sucked on my clit. I could release the tension in me the feeling as before. I could imagine his tongue inside feel stabbing, he moved his hand on my clit and squeezed his fingers entre and suddenly I found what I was looking for as wave after wave of shuddering pleasure washed over me. I screamed it from the intensity. "You like that do not you girls," Tiny Said slipping two de son thick fingers into my open mouth.

Mike sat down to suck in all my moisture to drink.

"Let’s take this to the bedroom," one of the men suggéré and lifted me up as if I Weighed nothing. They are down at the first available bedroom she wore found qui just so happens to be my father and threw myself on the bed. Before I had my breath catch tiny could with me there, I pull to the edge and turn on me.

He pulled me to my knees, my ass in the air. "You are going to love this girl," he said spread my ass cheeks and spat into it. He worked with his finger a, both injured in my tight sphincter and into my pussy. I screamed attempt try goal to move away Mike was in front of me.

He was naked, a slim profit-haired man, with a slight pot belly, but nothing compared to Tiny&# 39; s rounded shape. A dark triangle of hair surrounding his cock qui much bigger than Joe Sah&# 39; s and almost purple in color.

He pulled my head down cured meats à son and I got my first smell of cock. It smelled pungent and musky. Tiny really worked his finger in and out of my ass and pussy goal as he tried in a second push I cried. I had my mouth hardly ouvert When Mike in his cock shoved. He pushed it in deep Bringing tears to the eyes, with words of encouragement as he pumped his hand on my head and moan his hard rod in and out of my mouth.

I was pumped with his thick fingers feel his cock snake in the neck the whole time Tiny my ass and pussy faster to stop every now and then a bit more spit in my ass as he worked his fingers in deeper.

I could see Joe out of the corner of his eye, stroking his cock as he watched his cock Mike in my mouth pumps. The urge to bite it big goal I had resisted, INSTEAD I began to feel and taste of this strange new object entre enjoy my lips. I Could-even feel my hips again try rocking try Tiny bury&# 39; s finger deeper.

I felt the weight on the bed change.

Now Tiny foot on the edge of the bed Rested I felt the company spongy head de son tail beat my ass a few times, before he moved to the entrance of my wet slit with a massive push he entered me, my virginity en ce que lost first stroke , I screamed it purpose as muffled sobs cam like my mouth was still crammed with Mike Hahn. Tiny Hat beat faster target not skip more in me to pump his big cock in me pushing hard and fast rock my slender frame forward with each stroke when he impaled me.

I still felt sore target as he moved I got wetter and build the tingle of joy Began in me.

Joe squeezed my tits now, when he struck to stroke his cock continued, moving his hands over my skin, down my back and then look at my pussy as Tiny my clit out in me. I felt the veins on Mike’s cock swell as he won at driving. He was pushing his cock down her throat so deep I thought I would choke on it and then suddenly stiffened his body and he held my head on his cock tight as he emptied my mouth. I felt, rather than the warm thick liquid tasted like it slipped my throat.

to let Tiny made a guttural sound as he cam and curled up on the bed.

I had not yet cum and when I was hungry again, that burst of joy to feel. When Mike Moved Tiny and Tiny Joe Zog&# 39; s website, he asked me, qui I turn my legs willingly opening was _him_, his long tail twitching as he my legs Stood entre he took my leg over his shoulder and slid into me, urging me Worked with long, slow and deep shock. I groaned loudly every time he pushed into me.

His fingers with it ouvert on the lips of my pussy my clit exposure and the narrow tunnel he was in and out of the movement. My hands gripped the sheets as I moaned my need and joy loud.

"Yes, like you, that you do not let me hear you say it, Joe say how much you like his tail," said Joe his voice low and deep as he pumped into me.

"Mmmm, I love it. I love doing me what you" I whispered my voice low and hoarse back, my eyes heavy with lust. I was almost there, I could feel the pleasure building inside me. "Faster Faster"I cried, I could not believe it was me that working things to say. Joe laughed obliged Its purpose, to ram faster and harder by hard rod in me. I closed my eyes the electrifying thrill of joy wash left by me in the lurch.

Joe sat down move, and pull me from my orgasm and then just when I thought he was finished, he pulled me out of his tail was long hard piece of meat covered in creamy juices. He Brought His cock to my lips parted and slid it into my open mouth, I sucked it _him_ now as well as his taste my juices.

I felt Reviews another location on the mine to I was too tired to care, I opened my eyes not even until I felt the cock that was now trying to trying to enter my ass. I had Beens suck Joe nice and slow, but now I also he cried in me pushed me on his tail to make suffocate. I tried to pull the door off Mike HAD noticed me. I could see the tip de son cock feel my ass and I gasped with bread.

He pushed a little more in the pump stopped then started his tail slowly back and forth, crowding deeper and deeper into me, the bread was unbearable. I was not sucking on Joe INSTEAD he used his mouth as he pushes his cock in the back of my throat and again fallen out. I had gagged the third time when he finally his release, his seed filled my mouth and spill the sides down. Mike was all the way in me now and the bread was like a dull pain when he drove into me with each thrust grunt.

Joe kissed my lips, move his tongue in my mouth and pull at my.

I was so tired and Mike was still pounding into me when I was asleep exhausted fell. When I woke up, finally, the room was dark and I was alone. My headache was back and my lips felt swollen and dry. I did not know how long I sleep Beens.

The muscles in my leg felt sore when I got off the bed naked and went into the bathroom. As the water began to fill the tub, all that I had previously formed cams done floods. Had the really beens me?

I maybe ashamed Sex was really angry because I had enjoyed every minute of it. What would Dad now think of me, I wondered as I stepped into the warm soothing water …

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