Farewell To Debauchery

Farewell Debauchery

Daily kisses, naughty exchange, Bad jaunts
Escalating risk and sensual flaunts

A planned debaucherous and dirty Rendezvous
A hell of a steamy journey We have hand in hand

A common theme Brought us together
A hedonistic tendencies and love of leather

We were in sync and two of a kind
With boundless imagination and a common dark dirty mind

We shared details of everyday life and all our intimate Struggles
Her humor cheered me and made them just so damn adorable

Daily affirmations of pleasure, reinforced our confidence War
My naughty gestures and your sharp wit were hardly holstered

Amazing Gape Full Scene – Mercedes Debauchery

We have tried to challenge intertwined our destiny and change
galore struggle against fate together, we were happy and hopeful

Common feelings led to love, vulnerable we b est devenu
Sharp sensitivity of jump REPLACED The Began soon Wain

So much for you was intrusted, I thought you my last girlfriend
A real love Grew between us that you simply could not understand

It seems conflicts and guilt were the many products of your lies
A single set slipped, led to the destruction of our relations

She had a tender heart, this distance exploited Exponentially

A solid friendship that seemed real, in fact just another mistake

So many misunderstandings, hurt feelings soon blossomed
Commitment to each other was once strong, now in one corner it crouched

Suddenly a change of heart, it gives such excitement
They questioned my value, my purity, my devotion and cruel MOST

I was convinced I could be open, your goal jealousy not to be Proved tame
Game over, no one can win in this cruel and wicked game

The devil now had a conscience, how convenient for _him_
Leaving me alone on the platform, how we drove whim

Nobody Puts to stop the consequential tactfully
Instead, stubbornness and pride was believed to be happy and used

Avoid my love had left me so confused and angry
For this reason, with you in my mind, I committed not follow anything

In fact, you would fire my fuel, but not in the way you want

a choice that I did not make a formal decision to expropriate you, showcased

Regardless, the damage is
An insignificant spot you had become

Only a speck of dirt on the windshield glass
Easily removed with a quick wipe&# 39; s pass

Evisceration of an acid tongue, my only contact you deserve
Wash away our memories, feels like the best kind of cleansing

Your beautiful rose HAD withered and is now covered in prickly thorns

The beautiful is it a distant memory, as nothing more than amateur porn

Reflection and silence the safest place for me to go
They were offended, and whipped with your old boyfriend in tow bread

They called me selfish, hurtful and calculated
To give you targeted my love, only proof of affinity

I lived in the moment and did not care to look ahead

Imminent release of our bonds, would do no good to plead-have

She rushed through the frozen pond, and felt the sting of the icy reality
She pulled my body in and complains it, in a frantic attempt to drown me

My lungs filled with empty promises and in my Tornado est devenu a gentle breeze
Pushing me to destroy all we had built, my heart target no choice freeze

My head under water, your lack of compassion HAD never indicated to
Held my breath and I looked into his eyes, a desperate search for any semblance of reason

You Climbed the pond from my body for media
Migration intact, you have not seen a new invisible cohort

Threw the role of protector to the side,
behind the purpose of a mentor Links

The importance of trust and honesty, DID so many times we repeat
Your action Proved Neither honored your self-destruction was complete

Today I turn back to you, in the love and silent shame postponement
A once promising Dom involved with now and only has to master his own lonely bread

On my back, going forward, the only page that you know
Your debt will not be a consequence, has been struggling and common woe

Connect businesses with the many other have-that I left behind
A jovial group mimed their songs of strength, only in reality

Never to be my king, I consider myself lucky shoulds
Only a fool or a fool, you could have given a run for your money

rinsed Our memories, no I have pain along

Healed quickly, only a hard lesson remains

A lesson that a dominant first real man second I fight for qui
With a lot of reflection, now I have learned to get the order right

Thanks for your time, it was not a total waste
Estimating a true gentlemen, now holds the greatest weight

Farewell to the dream close and a sensual reality
Farewell to the dream of true love and tender corruption

Farewell to the dream of pleasure realized and inhibition reversed
Farewell to you, my dear, my darling debaucherous One

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If nec than Lushstories.com written notes found all attached with this, it has-been published without my permission.

Farewell to you, my dear, my darling debaucherous One

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