Floatplane Alpha Launch Date SET!! – WAN Show Feb. 23 2018

Mature Amateur

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  1. The "Reaper" Savage Jerky will blow your brains out, its too hot, not humanly possible to eat, but it does clear out the sinuses and germs, wow too hot and burns ; the Maple Bacon Jerky is a good flavor

  2. So is floatplane going to be a service where multiple content creators can host or just LMG? If so do you pay a subscription to every creator, or one to the entire website and the money is distributed, like Netflix I guess?

  3. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to convince 100 people to marry and divorce you. I have yet to convince anyone to marry me, and I'm 27, educated, fit, and not a 'complete' asshat most of the time. I'd get (VERY optimistically) maybe one every 5-10 years in my prime, with them spacing out more over time. Just not worth the effort. Might as well stick with the first one I can convince.

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