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They say "Patience is a virtue." Maybe, but I was born with a little patience. The time is something you never go back, and I hate to lose my. That is why I smile when I see them. I press my thighs together, trying to tame me.

I&# 39; m to obtain in such a hurry, what I want. I like a good hunt occasionally, but not before the date.

"Sheesh … Yes, they are cute, is not it?", I guess me. The lovely couple looking that I decided to put my claws in it happened almost half an hour. They were sipping their drinks and talk privately.

Undoubtedly came to find something special you here.

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I have this and much more in tonight sense for them. I finished the last of my cherry crush before the cherry from his staff harvest. "Here goes nothing, I tell myself that I stand and head toward them. The two drinks that I had left tonight me a little more comfortable, and dare I say, a lot bolder.

This does not mean something I do all the time.

The wonderful thing about the Plaza Kensington&# 39; Fetish House is that it is not out of the norm is to have this kind of conversation. It’s a fetish club, after all. Like me, they must be members of, and that makes the conversation much easier for me.

My corset suddenly seems to feel a little tighter. It causes my breasts, the tips a little more to rise, so that my face red with heat. My fingers clutch my grip, my ankles the only outward sign of my excitement whitening.

"Good evening. Can I join you?", I ask, what precisely once both more and confirmed that I chose the right pair. In fact, I have. "A drink, perhaps … to me, of course."

"Sure, have a seat," the man with whom I am the next deals. It has perfect white teeth, thick lips and with an accent that could make me crazy with lust. He pulls the chair for me and I glide with ease.

"Thanks," I said with a smile. At that moment one of the operations steps to our table. I turn to the small, blonde. "Can we get another round, please?" She gives me a curt nod and smile as I look at his feet.

After she left, the two men gave me an embarrassed smile. Obviously, they are not used to a woman to join them and offers to buy them drinks. Who has not spoken, shy of the two seems to be. He has a dark complexion, with piercing blue eyes and a pointed nose.

Both are well dressed and look in to be good, as it presents itself.


The waitress came with our drinks quickly and leaves. Once it does, I finally break the awkward silence that was lingering between the three of us.

"I’ll give you two thousand US dollars each, if you see let me make love", I start. I can with my idea to be feeling stir early heat of my cock. "Do not worry not for me to participate. That will not happen. I just want to see two in bed, making love with another."

The men look at me, then to another, and when I come back to me&# 39; d lost my mind. They are amazed, as I think anyone would be by such an offer. I’m not just alleviate this, either.

But as I said, I’m not wasting time. It is much too precious, and I’m going to Busch not to hit, not when I know what I want.

"I … we, well …" one begins to say something, but I cut her I lift a finger.

"I have a room upstairs here. If you decide to say yes, we would do it to save us the trouble of going to one of our homes. I allow you for the night to keep the room as soon as we finished are. There is no contained in this agreement. "

"May we ask why you have to watch two men having sex?" The shy voice.

"Frankly, it’s one of the things I always wanted to testify. I am a woman. It is something I can never be a part of, not matter how I try," I laugh.

I like to be a woman, but the male body I’m fascinated. It could be the fact just that I did not, I can not understand as well as I am a female body. I am having a lot of men in my time, but I’m still curious about how men with men are.

"You can not mean that obtained by watching porn?" The other application with a humorous tone in his voice.

"Have you seen porn?" I asked. "It is so wrong. Even the amateur stuff is sticky. See if you do not want there." I smiled, hoping they will.

"We got two thousand dollars a piece, plus a free room for the night in Kensington, just to make love to another? How can not say that? It’s what we do later anyway at home one.

For your viewing pleasure

We aren&# 39; T used to have an audience, but I am sure that we will not be disturbed by this "The one with the bright blue eyes jokes .." Besides, what’s your name? I’m Ryder who Jayce here. "

"You, my friend, can call me Madame X," I announced, before taking the last sip of my drink. "I’ll boys meet up. I’m in room 1408. Everything is exchanged and treated privately, if you do not mind," I smiled.

So I slid a key card on the table and head for the lobby. I do not know if they will come, but I have a feeling they have. I can finally see something that I never pass away and the minutes, I begin my sexual desire to feel grown deeper.


"Everything all set in your room, Madame X" Mindy, one of many employees said I know here. However, Mindy has a special place in my heart. Her long, dark and thin construction are a lot like me, and like me they seem to be very in touch with his own sexuality. it’s like I was his age.

I am far from being much older, but when I think about how I was, it seems I am.

"Thank you, Mindy. You are a doll." I you go, I go to the elevators.

Once on top, I make doubly sure that things are in place, as Mindy had said they were. Of course, she’s right, and I settled down in the chair in the corner of the room. It is at the perfect angle for the bed, good distance between you and in bed I do not want to make them feel as if I’m sitting right on top of them while they are doomed.

This does not mean that I want.

After five minutes I hear the key card to beep when it slides through the lock. The couple enters the room and I said nothing. This is about them, not me.

I want it to be as natural as possible. You remember me, offering both me a smile. I return the favor, but is silent.

The air in the room controlled to hum softly in the background. Bedside lamps are the only lights that are left in the room. I did not want to feel as if they were a series of porn. It is also important for me to be as natural as possible to see.

It helps to get away from me, to keep their attention.

Jayce Ryder runs to him and gently began to kiss. Her lips greeted with little resistance, quickly turned into a passionate, deep, loving kiss. Each removing clothes from the other side.

The intimacy involved even banal act is amazing. sweet caresses and floating keys divided each element falls.

Ryder helps his partner on his boxers as he moved into the knee down. The magnificent view of his dark complexion is erotic and sensual. My breathing is regular, but my body is stiff with anticipation. The way he kisses her belly, just below his navel, on the pavement of soft fur of his treasure hunt to achieve before his cock …

It’s exhilarating.

Trailing his lips together with the tail at the top, there is a shot of Ryder tease, take before his semi-erect member in her mouth. Jayce groaned, one hand in the Ryder slip&# 39; black hair, he began his hips swinging as the tree grows more difficult. I can see it thicken when he leaves Ryder&Mouth; #. 39

For your viewing pleasure

Light dance against her skin, her shadow in some areas, but the highlight in others. Ryder is now sucking and suckling on Jayce&Tail like a dog in heat; # 39. He brings his mouth along the entire tree as Jayce him begins to pump.

Each thrust and long travel in the back of his throat, made her gag.

A number of saliva forms and begins to drool down Ryder&# 39; Chin because wavering, as he is forced on the shaft of her lover to suck deeply. Flash memory every time I went in the same position by my own mind. My body is extremely sensitive, and while I do my best not to grind in my chair, I can not help it.

It rushed through my nerve endings like an explosion fire waves.

At this time tears Jayce Ryder his cock and brings him to his feet before kissing passionately.

"My good little sucker. You are not able to get to his knees, but I want more than I am tonight," groaned Jayce.

"You know I’m there for you, always, my love," Ryder breathing, a hoarse voice snags with the wish of his tremors.

The two men then to the bed and Jayce is on her back, spread her legs wide. Light washed over him. I am able to every curve of their picks, the beautiful V that so many women love a man, and of course had his tail at attention to see.

Ryder moves down and starts kissing and nibbling Jayce&Thigh before moving her asshole; # 39. His tongue found her with ease and in him buzzing. Jayce grinds against her as Ryder him with a finger probes. I can again hear slurping and licking him.

This time it is not last as long.

Moving up to the knees, he leans forward and kisses Ryder, rolling her hips against his body. Both men is groaning with the feeling bruises when his cock head Jayce&Fold Hole # 39 ;. It glides smoothly and the room was silent for such a long time until they complain both.

They move together, their dance begin, that they know so well. You can tell lovers together for a while, had to move with such grace.

When I decided I wanted to be like two men to see that I thought in my wildest dreams, it would be so sexy. It is not finished, and I am not disappointed. I ask the desire to touch me while I see, but I can not.

I will not do that because I’m afraid it would spoil what they do.

Instead, I get my clutch and get my cigarette holder. The spark of my Zippo is quiet. He did not even seem bothered. I take a deep breath and take my first train before my lighter putting away. The smoke ring, I exhale circles up to the ceiling, my eyes are still glued to the men in front of me.

I need the distraction to my hands and will continue to do.

Ryder Jayce&Hahn, slowly stroking in a firm grip as they moved their own member and of him; # 39. He jerks his cock with the same rhythm as he fucks. Jayce&# 39; Legs were shaking, stretching their toes and, like him, to moan pants in passion.

It’s dripping a pre-cum from the head of Jayce&# 39; Hahn, it is lit in soft light. Ryder slipped from the embrace of her lovers, to look down and take Jayce&The member in her mouth; # 39. It just sucks the head, it again jerking. Jayce screaming, bucking his hips Ryder&Mouth; #. 39

I can say he did it by the way, it was unintentional, that makes me shudder. It’s a nice fucking view.

Ryder continued for several heartbeats to suck on it before sliding back and kiss. Their tongues swirling together so Jayce taste of his own being through their shared kiss. Ryder holds the back of his head, holding it close and suck deeply on his tongue. A low rumbling growls one of them, but I can not say by whom.

some sort of rule it is, I know that much, and it excites me even more.

With a quick movement Jayce is now up and turns to Ryder. Ryder does not stop, it moves with grace. He lifts her ass in what honor almost appears, he reminds me of me when I move a man to take me from behind. Men and women are so similar in many ways, but so different in others. It grows in the space warmer, even with the controlled air, I want to take off my clothes.

I resist the urge, as I have all night.

Jayce spits in his hand before sliding along its axis, lubricated with a thick coat before it begins to grow in Ryder. He grabs her hips and began rough and hard to kiss her, as I only saw one of them make it through the evening. It’s exotic looking.

I’ve seen a lot in my life, but this tops them all. To see a man Another delightful, take him for his own pleasure, but do not deny his partner equal happiness.

Jayce&# 39; s dive into the tight ring of her lovers ass repeatedly. He took the hard Ryder and leans back, want as much as the donor. Both men are moaning and gasping, now hold.

Ryder jerks his cock with the same brutality that Jayce&# 39; s fuck her from behind. Jayce opens wide, split in two, as he plunges into his lover.

My pants are now soaked and I can feel in heat sinking. Now I’m the bitch? I am, after all, the only woman in the room.

Twist hard little pebbles and my body touching my nipple pain. My breathing is irregular I watch, transfixed at what happened to me.

I light another cigarette, taking a drag of my support. The smell of my Marlboro, mixed with their heady scent of sex is divine. I can not even feel a touch of my own sex ratio in the air.


One of them grumble, I think it’s Jayce, but I’m not sure. The pace slows down for a second, imitates only for a while Jayce, closer and continues to fight harder. If his body stiffened this time, I know it’s coming.

He and Ryder both groaning together.

The room is silent except for their love boiler noise. Both take a deep breath once Jayce collapses on the bed Everyone has their own little sounds each, after orgasm. I sit there for a while, but not too long. I dig into my clutch from a money clip.

He holds five thousand dollars. I think that they really won two each plus a small bonus.

I quietly slipped on the table near where I sit and go out of the room. It is to them today, and I have nothing to say. It was not part of the transaction. They did exactly as I asked and now they can reap the rewards.

I am satisfied with what I was looking for.


In the elevator, I send a text Mindy.

Backroom Fetish, only staff milled about. It’s almost four in the morning and no one is usually in the club now. Club bar closed there for a while, and the private dining room does not open until six.

The girl behind the counter gave me a smile and the groom on a chair slumped half asleep beside her.

"Oh, Madame X, there you are," Mindy called me.

His voice woke the groom. He sits upright, as if he had not slept. I give him a smile, only it’s his secret to make sure you know me.

"Yes, Mindy, I’m here. You do?" I ask.

"I know," she smiled. "Of course, we would never want to disappoint such a client. Here the disc. No one else saw it and there are no other copies, Madame."

"Thank you, darlin ‘. I knew I can count on you, and make sure you say hello to me Hank."

For your viewing pleasure

Mindy blushed a deep shade of purple. "You are welcome," she replied with an embarrassed smile.

I&# 39; m tempered as I moved into the softness of butter my beamer&Leather seats; # 39. I can not go home, wait and see again the event’s night and this time to do what I want, while you …

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