FORGOTTEN Ancient Mysteries That You Can’t Solve

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  1. Look closely at number one, there's three, also as to red haired giants, Google images of giant handprint burnt to wall of cave and once again the Smithsonian went in, looked around and everything disappeared

    The famous clujan Mihai Wittenberger decided to unravel the artefact's mystery at any price.

    The first intuition of the historian was that the object is a piece of a plane. It led to this conclusion that it was made of aluminum and could not reach such a depth, on the same level as the soil layers tens of thousands of years ago, than if it had fallen from a very high height.

    He photographed the object from all angles and sent it to airline manufacturers from the country and abroad.

    The first to respond were the Russians from IAK, they suggested that the piece could be from a Messerschmitt landing train (German WWII hunting plane).

    He then sent the confirmation photos to Germany from where the answer came out clearly and clearly: it is a front plate extractor for the Messerschmitt ME 262, a piece of the landing gear in charge of rolling the wheel during the flight.

    The plaque was most likely broken off because there was no reported crash in the area and no more remains in the fuselage were found.

    This seems to end a story that for nearly 30 years has fueled the minds of thousands of readers.

  3. 12. Hoax
    11. Yes, and we know this because Romans did trade with Asia. And knew of it very well.
    10. Older Statues (Like this) from China have been discovered.
    9. I do not know enough on this subject.
    8. I do not know enough on this subject.
    7. Hanging Garden very likely did exist, evidence suggest this from a couple sources, that are not related to each other.
    6. Very likely his tomb (As is accepted now) was simply a plain tomb. We believe this because they didn't want it looted (Body) or destroyed. Seems likely we shall never discover it because a great tomb doesn't exist. There is a belief they may have even burned his body.
    5. Unlikely. though there were large Humans throughout history. Though not to that size. For example, Americans and Europeans are much taller and built than most Asians. If we go forward 1K or 100K years and someone saw writings of this era they assume there were giants.

    4.I do not know enough on this subject.
    3. This isn't unsolved. They were transported (We even have some evidence how.) The fact they are damaged is also known, they were damaged by another later to try and erase history of the past person. This was very common in Egypt and many sites suffered this throughout its history. And remember, most people's idea of building like a few years scale. Egyptian's saw building as a scale of a generation or more. So what you see probably was done by many generations of peoples.
    2. Though strange, it is natural.
    1. This is now considered Natural, strange as that sounds.

  4. Woh hey now. What's with this defeatist "you can solve this" attitude?

    Why you got to put us down like that man? That's it I'm going to solve these mysteries and prove you being American eye. You will rue the day you doubted me! You will rue!!!!!

  5. Number 5 talks about giants mating with humans. While it sounds weird, the Bible talks about something similar, with the "sons of God" coming to earth and marrying human women. Greek mytology have cyclops, and norse mythology have the jotun, or ice giants. While I don't think either of these stories are real, there are a ton of similarities like this in mythologies and religions all over the world. For instance, there is a Great Flood in tons of religions and mythologies, including the Bible. This tells me that while all the stories are fake, they could be based on reality.

    So who knows? Maybe there really were giants on earth at some point in the past. If you dare study religions and mythologies as historical stories rather than, well, religious and mythology stories, there are many disturbing similarities in most of them. Makes me wonder if it's all just stories, or if there is something more too it than that.

  6. Scientists know the reason for most of these sites. The scientists do not like the reasons and therefore ignore those as conspiracies or elaborate hoaxes. Truth is not always scientific.

  7. Again the first one is the tooth off a bucket used by an excavator. It was obviously lost while digging! It's not that difficult to figure out, what is difficult is how come it's a supposed mystery.

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